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August 12, 2017 18:06

Radiators any better

organizing in the house or apartment is renovated, in the list of activities which includes the replacement or modernization of the heating system, the owner will inevitably arise before the problem - battery heating which is better to choose to increase the comfort of living and it does not lose with of indoor design.

Radiators which is better ?

Radiators any better?

Previously, such a question is usually not raised at all - except iron batteries single model in the new houses were established only occasionally inefficient, poorly manufactured steel convectors.Today the situation is different - the radiator may vary significantly and manufacturing material, and characteristics, and exterior design.Naturally, I want to install in his apartment, the best of those, which allows selected for repair budget.

However, choosing these devices, keep in mind that not all of them may be suitable for the existing heating system.With a variety of performance, intended for a certain load and coolant, batteries can disappoi

nt any buyer of their low efficiency, or even simply not fit specifications.

In addition, in order to achieve proper efficiency heating , you need to calculate and set the desired number of sections in a radiator.Only Perform in in se conditions and necessarily adhering not installed, you can get the desired result.

Currently, the most common types of radiators are manufactured following radiators:

- steel, panel and tubular;

- cast iron, with both modern and retro design ;

- aluminum and aluminum anodized;

- bimetallic.

To correctly determine the choice, you need more to understand the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each type.For a start - a few "dry" numbers, which are not the least already can give an initial idea. Some parameters of various types of batteries - table:

TC Thurs Al BM AA
pressure maximum, (atmospheres)
- working 6-10 6-9 10-20 35 15-40
- crimping 9 -15 12-15 15-30 57 25-75
- destruction 18-25 20-25 30-50 75 100
Restriction on the pH (hydrogen ion exponent) 6,5-9 6,5-9 7-8 6,5-9 6,5-9
corrodibleunder the influence:
- oxygen yes no no yes no
- stray currents yes no yes yes no
- electrolytic couples weak no yes weak no
power section with h = 500 mm;Dt = 70 °, W 85 110 175-199 199 216,3
Warranty, years 1 10 3-10 3-10 30

Abbreviations in the table:

TC - tubular steel;

Thurs - iron;

Al - ordinary aluminum;

AA - anodized aluminum;

BM - bimetallic.

And now - for each type of detail.

Steel battery heating

Article Contents

  • 1 Steel radiators
    • 1.1 Panel steel radiators
    • 1.2 Tubular batteries
  • 2 Cast iron radiators
  • 3 Aluminum battery
    • 3.1 Aluminum battery with anodic oxidation
  • 4 Bimetallic battery
  • 5 Video: tips on choosing radiators
  • 6 Calculator radiators

steel radiators may vary as a result of their design, and by design decision.They need to be made in the form of panels or certain number of vertical pipes, joined together into a single battery pack.

Panel steel radiators

Each panel of the radiator is made of two metal sheets which give the desired shape by molding and joined by welding.Then, most of the models are equipment panels convector heat exchangers that contribute to the rapid heating of the air and create a thermal updraft.After connecting all the elements into a single structure, its dyed using a special technology.

Steel panel radiator

Steel panel radiator

to this kind of radiators served for a long time, the color must be uniform - this parameter is necessary to pay special attention to when buying.

panel radiators are designed for flow temperature of 85 ÷ 95 degrees, and the standard operating pressure in the central heating system (up to 10 atmospheres).

Строение панельного радиатора типа "22"

structure panel radiator type «22»

These batteries have its own classification, which is predetermined by the number of panels and the presence convector plate heat exchangers between them.Each type is expressed certain double-digit:

  • 10 type consists of only one panel;
  • 11 type - this is one panel, equipped one convector ;
  • 21 type - has two panels and one convector located between ;
  • 22 type - consists of two panels and two convectors ;
  • 33 type - has three convector, which are located between the three panels.

Serious differences between the models can be and general dimensions.It is understood that more panels, the thickness of the assembled structure itself, typically between 50 and 155 mm length .. such as a battery can vary from 400 to 3000 mm and height - usually , ranging from 200 to 900mm.

Panel batteries are manufactured with side and bottom connection - choice in this parameter is produced, depending on the passage of the heating pipes system preferences hosts .

The advantages of prefabricated panels include the following:

  • Easy installation.The battery has a one-piece construction, so it do not need to collect a number of elements.The panel is hung on fixed to the wall brackets and fittings are connected to the heating circuit pipes.
  • Because of the small solid steel sheet heating of the panel takes place almost immediately after the start of heating.It promotes good heat transfer from the surface and directed in the room, and the plate heat exchanger that provides to obtain the desired temperature of the air in room fast enough.
  • Compact size and neat appearance allows the panels to fit into any interior.
  • Operation panel battery in the autonomous heating system allows you to save on fuel, since the circuit is used to fill a relatively small amount of coolant.

The negative features of the panels include the following factors:

  • Metal panels have on their inner surface, directly in contact with the coolant, anti-corrosion coating, which can lead to rust rather quickly, the appearance of leaks and damage.This is especially true for central systems where the coolant is drained for the summer, opening "opportunities" for the corrosion processes.And the quality of the coolant is also not always conducive to the duration of trouble-free operation of devices.
  • If the batteries are installed in a central heating system, it will not turn out to avoid water hammer, which the panel can not stand.So take another and installing gearbox, equalizing pressure and receiving the brunt.

For more information on the manufacturing process, the characteristics and nuances of operation panel battery should go through links on the page of the portal.

Tubular batteries

Tubular steel batteries are composed of stacked sections that are fastened together by welding.The efficiency of this design will be at the proper level, if the battery is installed the required number of sections, the total heat capacity of its respective area of ​​the room.

The tubular steel radiator

tubular steel radiator

Tubular radiators can have a very wide variety of different designs, and this is one of those criteria, which directly influence the choice of this type of battery.In addition, the tubular batteries can be equipped with a special bracket for drying towels, which is very convenient, for example, for the kitchen, or the upper panel, which can serve as a seat or shelf to dry shoes.

They are produced in different sizes, the height varies from 200 and as much as up to 2000 mm, and the thickness is usually from 100 to 250 mm.The ordered length can be any, depending on heating need.These elements

heating system can withstand a pressure of 8 to 15 atmospheres.To prevent damage to the battery when hydroblows if they are installed in a central heating system, they are the same as panel will require the installation of the gearbox.

wall thickness of tubular steel radiators is only 1 ÷ 1,5 mm, so they quickly warm up and give off heat into the room.But the same factor can be attributed to design flaws, as thin steel easily susceptible to mechanical damage.

Unlike panel type , these batteries have a tube inner coating polymer protective films , which preserve them from exposure to corrosive environment of coolant and as a result - from the occurrence of corrosion, which significantly extends their service life.

Tubular radiators often have a very original design execution

Tubular radiators often have a very original design execution

The advantages of tubular steel panels include the variety designs in shape and color, the supply of radiators with additional elements, the original neat appearance.

serious deficiencies in this type of battery only two, but they are much more significant effect on home heating system, as already mentioned virtues:

  • low emissivity, which lead to high costs for energy.The batteries heat up quickly, but also cool down quickly, so boiler will be switched off at very little time.No additional heat exchanger, except the surface of the pipes themselves, making the active heat transfer area is quite small.This result suggests that the tubular batteries is unprofitable to establish an autonomous heating system.
  • However , to the vulnerable spot of such batteries include welded seams connecting - marked cases of the appearance of a leak them after water hammer.The conclusion is quite the opposite - install tubular batteries without gear only in self-heating.

In short, a lot of contradictions, and the need to think very carefully before purchasing these radiators.

Cast iron radiators

Although today made a large number of batteries of modern materials, have not been forgotten and cast iron elements of the heating system.They can be found in stores in transfigured form, decorated by contemporary interiors or under the strict "classics".In some cases, these radiators even play the role of decorative elements and able to set the tone for the design of the room.

Modern cast-iron batteries , made in retro - style , often the decoration of the room

Modern iron batteries, made in retro-style, often the decoration

room addition, modern cast iron batteries require periodic painting, as it was with the old "Soviet" model.In the sale, they come with a treated and painted surfaces, which have only occasionally to wipe or brush away with her dust.

Cast-iron batteries no longer need regular painting because of the quality resistant coating

Cast-iron batteries no longer need regular tinting through quality resistant coating

modern radiators made of cast iron can have different sizes, so they can be matched to any size of the room area.In addition, if the old battery to be sure to hang on the brackets, driven into the wall, but now you can buy options, which provided massive legs on which they are installed and secured to the floor in certain place for them.

Unlike all other kinds of batteries, cast iron have an important advantage - they will be equally effective in functioning as an autonomous and in the central heating system.The main thing that all the connections and pipe sections have been carried out correctly and safely - then cast iron elements will not be afraid of no hammering, no corrosion.

Despite the emergence of new variants batteries, cast iron, and continue to be popular because of its excellent heat capacity - property long time to keep warm.They have thick and massive walls which are heated for a long time, but by typing temperature progrevshis with disconnection of heat flow along the contour remain hot much longer time than radiators, made from other materials.This is due to the properties of cast iron - no wonder it is widely used for the manufacture of heating stoves and boilers, or individual parts for them.

In specialty stores, you can find both domestic and import options for cast iron radiators.Presents its products to countries such as Germany, Turkey, Spain and England, the Czech Republic and Italy - it on many characteristics compares favorably produced by domestic enterprises.

  • Import radiators have high-quality smooth or decorated with relief casting surface.
  • important functional feature is its high heat capacity, even at small sizes.For comparison, one can take volume traditional domestic battery, which is 1.3 liters, while the radiator is Czech production volume has only 0.8 liter, with the same heat transfer.Thus, the foreign version will be more compact and save a decent amount on the coolant and the boiler.
  • addition, unlike away from echestvennyh, imported batteries have a perfectly smooth inner surface, which prevents the formation of scale on the walls and significantly reduces the hydraulic resistance of the circulation of the coolant.
  • Since any radiators made of cast iron resistant to corrosion and can be used in heating Open type systems where the coolant gets large amount of dissolved air.
  • All cast-iron batteries are quite thick walls, which increases their resistance to possible abrasion.