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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bedroom interior with two types of wallpaper

Create exclusive interior bedrooms with two types of wallpaper - this is the best variation nt sd elat this room cozy and interesting design.When owners instigate repairs, primarily it seems not the alignment of walls, ceiling and floor space, and the end result is a beautifully decorated surfaces.

Bedroom interior with two types of wallpaper

bedroom interior with wallpaper two kinds

course, to the wallpaper looked like it was intended, it is necessary to carry out more work.And it starts with the fact that you need to perform at least rough sketch of the interior, which wanted to get .You can also use ready-made development of professional designers - them in abundance can be found on the Internet, but many prefer exclusive.Therefore , conceiving grandiose changes in the apartment, usually browse photos already implemented projects, including choosing your favorite decorations, and then use them when you make your own bedroom.

It should be remembered that, developing sketch, will be required to comply with certain rules rela

ting to the combination of shades and the distribution of different wallpapers in certain areas.Otherwise, you can get a tasteless trimmed room in which simply will not be comfortable.

types of modern wallpaper

Article Contents

  • 1 types of modern wallpaper
    • 1.1 Video: a wide range of contemporary wallpaper
  • 2 Reasons to use two or more kinds of wallpaper in the design
  • 3 distribution diagrams of light and dark tones
  • 4 methods for combining different types of wallpaper
    • 4.1 use of two or three types of wallpaper
    • 4.2 Secrets of the choice of wallpaper colors and shades
    • 4.3 Somedesign techniques using different types of wallpaper
  • 5 finishes bedrooms two kinds of wallpaper
    • 5.1 Video: design decisions on registration bedroom wallpaper

earlier in the shops you could find only paper wallpaper with faded drawings, today made a great many different types of finishing material, which are made on different bases and have a wide range of textured coatings and drawings.

So, from an assortment of specialty stores, you can choose:

  • Paper wallpaper with a much higher quality than before.They are produced by new technologies with fade resistant inks and applying sophisticated original drawings.
The quality of modern paper wallpaper is much higher than the old models

quality modern paper wallpaper is much higher than the old models

  • Fleece wallpaper usually have bright colors, but always made with textured patterns.This type of finishing material is "breathable", does not swell when in contact with moisture and is suitable for coloring. And , qualitatively pasted wallpaper withstand up to 7 ÷ 10 layers of paint , ie permitted them many times to repaint in a different color.
Non-woven wallpaper lend themselves to repeated dyeing

Non-woven wallpaper lend themselves to repeated dyeing

They are also useful in that by buying a kind of wallpaper, separate sections finishing bedroom can be painted in different colors, that is, to combine the shades drawn up by his own sketch.

  • Vinyl wallpaper is washable and can have a variety of patterns and colors.It should be noted that for the bedroom are not suitable for all vinyl wallpaper, as it is made to "breathe" and airtight finishing material.
Vinyl wallpaper - not afraid of wet cleaning

Vinyl wallpaper - not afraid of wet cleaning

better yet use them for rooms that require constant wet cleaning.On sale you can find wallpaper with thin vinyl coated them color a picture or thick - with a pronounced relief, which is also highlighted by different colors.

  • Textile wallpaper can be made from both natural and synthetic material.For example, they are manufactured from flax, silk, jute or felt.
The disadvantage of natural textile wallpaper is only their high price

natural disadvantage of textile wallpaper is only their high price

disadvantage of natural finishing material is its high price compared to other types of wallpaper.

  • Liquid wallpaper - the material is made of cellulose fibers and is applied to the wall with a spatula.Since it is made in different colors, combine them will be fairly easy.In addition, the wall with the "liquid wallpaper" you can create a variety of ornamental patterns.This finishing material makes the wall warm to the touch and gives her texture of .
Decoration is well suited liquid wallpaper , which have a pronounced texture

Decoration well suited liquid wallpaper, which have a pronounced texture

If desired, not be easy to replace the cover of the walls for a new, as "liquid wallpaper" you can easily clean off the spatula.

  • Photo Wall Murals - this is the perfect variation nt to I to create a combined finish not only in the bedroom, but also in any of the rooms of the apartment or house.In specialty stores, you can find wallpapers for all tastes and topics, as well as easy to pick them under the general background of the previously executed finishes.
Do not lose popularity and high quality wallpapers

not lose popularity and high quality wallpapers

Produced wallpaper and other materials, but they are less well known and not so wide applicability, as they have a high enough price.This, for example, wallpaper from natural materials such as cane or cork, glass and others.

It should be noted that each of the presented kinds of finishing material has its advantages and disadvantages.However, this is a topic for another conversation, and in this publication all the attention will be focused on a possible design solutions, the combination of materials and colors for the decoration of the bedroom.

Video: a wide range of contemporary wallpaper

Reasons to use two or more kinds of wallpaper in the design

If conceived to combine the two samples of wallpaper in the bedroom, you need to be prepared for the fact that it would complicatework already at the stage of drafting.However, for the end result is to work hard and create your own exclusive design.In addition, the use of two types of wallpaper will not only help transform the room - it is able to perform and other important features that are hardly enforceable when a monochromatic finish.

  • Zoning bedroom.

Different kinds of wallpapers can help divide the room into two zones, since in practice it often happens that because of the lack of free space must be placed in the same room and the adult and children's bedroom.

Wallpapers of various types help to divide the room into zones

Wallpapers of various types help to divide the room into zones

Besides, sometimes in the lounge area and is removed for the workplace, while finishing his lighter wallpaper. Overall , decoration of the room should be harmonious, so you need to pick the wallpaper, well suited to color and textured pattern to each other.

  • visual extension of the bedroom space.

Unfortunately, not always has the bedroom area, which I would like to, but it is impossible to push the wall.Therefore resorted to the creation of the visual effect of "the expansion of space» - it can be achieved by applying two or more kinds of wallpaper.

Использование различных оттенков дает возможность "поиграть" с пространством помещения, визуально расширив или сузив его

Using different colors makes it possible to "play" with the space of the room, visually expanding or narrowing it

happen, by the way, and the reverse situation, when excessively large room to do a cozy and comfortable for a device in her bedroom.In this case, you can also use the wallpapers of different colors and patterns, which at constant overall dimensions of the room, visually make it more compact and cozy.

not very pleasant to be in excessively elongated room - it seems even narrower than it actually is, so more like a corridor.Using a trick with the wallpaper, you can try to fix this flaw and premises.To do this, more suitable light tones of the finishing material.

room with very high or low ceiling, too, can transform and make a visually comfortable to contain bedrooms.For example, if the ceiling is too low, it can be pasted wallpaper of one tone with calling them on the ceiling, on 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.They would like to smooth out the angle of the junction of two planes, and the room will seem higher fence.High ceiling visually reduced by using two kinds of wallpaper, which are interconnected below the junction of wall and ceiling 200 ÷ 500 mm.And , if wallpaper pasted ceiling, they can also lower on the wall.In addition, two kinds of wallpaper stykovanie often emphasize horizontal wide or medium for the band width.

  • Creating special mood

It is important to create in the bedroom special atmosphere that will have to rest in the evening hours, and promote good morning mood.To do this, the wallpaper on the walls should be quiet but not somber tones.Of course, the selected wallpaper should like all owners of the bedroom - this is necessary to achieve consensus.Especially it concerns of the wall, which will be located in front of the eyes at the time of going to sleep and waking hour.Better if it will be warm dull tones that are not optical stimuli, and they are "resting" look.

Bedroom - exactly what the room .where you want to create a very cozy atmosphere

Bedroom - exactly what the room.where you want to create a particularly cozy atmosphere

Do not use the bedroom designs in the style of « techno « or construction motives style "loft", for example, wallpaper, depicting the bare concrete or brick walls.They will never be able to lift your mood, and will act oppressively on the psyche.

  • hide the flaws of the walls and ceiling of the room

Quite often, the walls and ceilings in the rooms are flaws on which we would like to get rid of.For example, the rough surface of the corners or under any circumstances, will not add aesthetics room, so they need to try to hide.The process of "masking" deficiencies can also facilitate wallpapers of different colors, pasted certain way.To wall roughness was less noticeable, it is better to choose a finishing material with a large chaotic pattern.Wallpapers thus should not be too thin, and it is better if they have a large embossed texture.

Wallpaper help hide visible defects walls and ceiling

Wallpaper help hide visible defects walls and ceiling

If necessary, create a visual flatness angles, the walls should be located at the junction, wallpaper paste of different colors.However, they do not dock at the corner, and in particular perfectly straight vertical line, which rascherchivayut on one of the walls, departing from the angle of 10 ÷ 15 mm.

In some cases ideal option to hide flaws on the walls can become wallpapers with large drawings.

  • Create Your accent.

Very often the center of the bedroom, eye-catching, make some room area.To do this, use the wallpaper with carpet patterns, which is glued to the wall behind the headboard.A great accent for the room and will Mural emitting certain zone.

Нередко интерьер спальни так и просит акцентированного "пятна"

often bedroom interior and asks accented "spots»

must say that emphasis also helps divert eyes from the imperfections of the walls in other portions of the surface, and if you find a good combination of several receptions , can be aesthetically transform the bedroom Concealed to behold in annoying flaws.

  • Reflection preferences and the nature of the bedroom of the owner.

in any interior always reflected the character of the owner and his predisposition, for example, to travel or to certain culture.So, someone draws a bedroom in an exotic, romantic or English style, while others prefer a classic or minimalist.

Interior bedroom often speaks about the character and preferences of owners

bedroom interior very often speaks about the character and preferences of owners

today to create any interior there are lots of possibilities, as in the shops you can find not only the wallpaper, are able to create comfort and the desired atmosphere, but also wallpapers with the image of the belovedthe country or place in which we would like to visit.Of course, to create the ideal of a particular style, but a few kinds of wallpapers require additional accessories that make the perfect interior.

distribution schemes dark and light tones

To determine the order of the effect should be achieved for a particular room, you need to get acquainted with the schemes of distribution of light on the walls and ceiling of the room, and only then choose the wallpaper.These schemes and interiors finished examples to help in the preparation of the sketch design bedrooms.

scheme view in the interior Description received effect
c1 k1 dark floors and light-colored walls - a combination you can safely assume that the traditional, "classical".
This color scheme helps to visually make the room wider and taller, as if pushing the space.This bedroom interior seems solid and reliable.
Here on the walls can be used wallpaper with different patterns and textures, as they do not affect the general impression, if they have a light tone and a well-chosen design.
s2 k2 In this case, a dark floor will give the interior a kind of "reliability" and that's very good.
However, the ceiling is too dark colors will visually appear much lower will "hang" above lying on the bed and create oppressive impression.
c3 K3 proposed variant are more suited for narrow rooms, because the side walls of light pushing the space width and the light color of the ceiling raises it high.
c4 K4 This scheme of distribution of light and dark tones in the room makes it visually lower the ceiling, and the room briefly, but "pushes" its width.
So this design, rather, is suitable for long and narrow room.
c5 K5 In this embodiment, the floor and walls are perceived as a single space, as are similar in tone color.Thanks
light background ceiling and back wall of the room, the room seems higher, "extendible" in the side of the wall, which has a lighter tone.
c6 k6 rear wall shortens dark room, but allows you to select furniture, mounted on its background.
You should know that if undertaken a design course, the room visually reduced.
Therefore, this finish is well suited for bedrooms with a large area.
c7 K7 This option reduces the processing room and make it higher and longer than the side walls of the light, so it is not suitable for processing narrow room.
If you apply it like design, we can only ensure that the bedroom would be like a car.
c8 r8 bright ceiling and floor make the room above and the dark walls and curtains create the impression of an enclosed space.
I must say that such a combination is not very suitable for bedrooms, as such interior can exert psychological pressure, not give the right for rest relaxation.
c9 k9 If no window in the room or draping his dark opaque curtains, bedroom, decorated in this way, will be similar to the "cave".