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Plumbing Installation And Repair

August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of bathroom with their hands

Sooner or later there comes a time when the delay repairs in the bathroom has no way as a tile or wallpaper on the walls lost their appearance or, even worse, started keep up with the surface, and metal pipesrusted.The desire to transform the bathroom becomes stronger than the increasingly notice on sale the most modern materials, which are able to transform the unsightly shabby room in a neat room "euro" class.

Repair of bathroom with their hands

Repair of bathroom with their hands

Repair of bathroom with their hands - is quite massive, but still quite feasible event, if you follow instructions and perform all kinds of work in stages.Given that, that repair materials are expensive , as practice shows, that the cost of doing the work will cost , least , at half the price of materials is to make their own strength and to save quite a decent amount.

General sequence works

Article Contents

  • 1 General sequence works
  • 2 repair and purchase planning necessary
    • 2.1 Preparation of preliminary design
    • 2.2 Pipes Bath
    • 2.3 tiles
    • 2.4 PVC panels
    • 2.5 Tools
  • 3 room preparation and repair work
    • 3.1 dismantling plumbing
    • 3.2 surface cleaning
    • 3.3 The keying Stroebe and installing pipes
    • 3.4 electrical wiring
    • 3.5 Processing walls
    • 3.6 floor Waterproofing
    • 3.7 «warm floor" in the bathroom
    • 3.8 Alignment walls
    • 3.9 Install furring
  • 4 finishing
    • 4.1 ceiling
    • 4.2 Paul
    • 4.3 Video: tile way of using plastic clamps
    • 4.4 Decorating the walls
    • 4.5 Video: Repair in the bathroom using PVC
    • 4.6 panels Completion - installation of plumbing
    • 4.7 Video: Repair in the bathroom - a guide for beginners

If you decide to perform the repairs in the bathroom, we must firstjust to clarify the sequence in which construction works are:

  • Post , probably you need a plan.You can make a sketch of the room and display it in what I would like to receive at the end of renovated to include all the circuit planned to install sanitary ware and accessories.

In this issue must take into account the fact that the old tub can be replaced by a new one, but there is an option and simply update it using acrylic tab.In addition, if the area of ​​the room is quite small, but it want to make more space, you can instead of a standard bath shower set complete with corner hip bath.

This trial reckoning will decide about the scale of the work was started, with repair and finishing technology, with the amount of materials needed, with approximate timing of the scheduled volume .Of course, in the course of work in the general plan probably will be made certain changes.This will largely depend on the condition of the floor, walls, ceiling, pipes, and to see all this "beauty", it is necessary to dismantle the old.

  • Thus, the next step can proceed to remove the old finish and dismantling of your old, useless plumbing.

On this stage bath in any case necessary to remove and take away from this room, so that it does not become a hindrance for the repair and finishing works.

  • After the dismantling of the premises must be cleaned of debris.After cleaning, you need to conduct an audit of the walls and floor to ensure its status (for example, to understand the need for complete replacement cover or the ability to restrict the repair of loose or delaminated areas, cracks, crevices and etc .) All that is not inspires confidence, is subject tocompulsory removal.
  • measurements premises then carried out, and on the basis of their calculation is conducted and the list of required materials, consumables, tools, accessories.

Further, the listing, which should include plumbing tools, pipe with all the accessories, materials for building and finishing works, you need to go to a specialized shop.Do not forget at the same time, finishing materials that usually get with a small reserve - about 15 % .

  • being repaired (if necessary) the surfaces of walls, floor, ceiling.
  • lay new water and sewerage networks.Why, you may need cutting Stroebe and their subsequent incorporation after pipe installation.
  • If you plan summarizing the points of power (installation of sockets), for them doing a similar manipulation recess Stroebe , laying cable in corrugated pipe and subsequent incorporation.
  • Work is on dgotovke on walls and floor finishing works - plastering waterproofing, Shpatlevanie, screed and etc .On the same point, you can consider the question of placement of ventilation ducts, installation of decorative boxes, which will help hide the pipework.
  • Next consistently performed work on decorating the room.The usual order - from top to bottom, ie the ceiling walls → → floor.In some cases, you can change this order, for example, the installation of a suspended ceiling → laying ceramic tiles on the floor → wall decoration wallpaper washable or plastic lining.
  • next important step is plumbing fitting with the appropriate sealing of all nodes and junctions, connection of home appliances (washing machine, shower and etc .).
  • Finally, finally, mounted and hung in places all the typical bathroom accessories - mirrors, racks, cabinets, shelves and etc .

Even just a list of works - very impressive.And will now be acquainted with the above points closer.

Planning for repairs and purchase of necessary

Preparation of preliminary design sketch

bathroom is best done in color to visually assess what needs to happen. If not yet still accurate picture tiles, which must be installed on to walls, it is possible to sketch a rough pattern, or at least its color and if shades more - their distribution onby displaced.

Without preliminary sketch work will be difficult

without preliminary sketch work will be difficult

Of course, once you plan to install all the plumbing for large items - bath, washbasin, toilet (combined with location WC).It is possible that there place to shower.Sometimes, in the bathroom have a washing machine (it is justified quiet when in the room there is good ventilation, preventing accumulation of moisture).All this is also applied to the circuit.

should decide on the location of the points of illumination in the room - ceiling . possibly local district in the mirror.This is important in terms of interior design and installation works - here need eyeliner cables.

Immediately below "virtually" are arranged and hung all the little things without which it can not do any one bathroom.

Such detailed sketch yes Art etc. edstavlenie about how it will look the room, provide an opportunity to change something or to correct, because it is better to do it in the picture, before the start of work, than, after finishing repairs, disappointed in the resulting interior.

Based on a sketch drawn on the layout of the bath room, is calculated the number of necessary materials.

The list affixed to the needs of the number and the size can be sent to the store for the purchase of building materials.Acquiring necessary, it is necessary to get acquainted with the operating characteristics of the goods - do not skimp on the quality of finishing and plumbing, as cheap low-grade materials and products will serve a little time, losing a respectable appearance, or become a cause of minor and major accidents.

Pipes Bath

As a rule, require mandatory substitution old metal pipes installed decades ago and has long served their service life.It makes no sense to change them into steel - it is expensive and inconvenient in the delivery and installation, and also , by today's standards - not too reliable and . Especially since there are far more acceptable options - example polypropylene or plastic pipes.

Metal pipes - just for outdoor installation

Metal pipes - just for outdoor installation

should remember that metal pipes is only suitable for an open, not hidden in the wall water wiring as metal compression coupling fittings are quite vulnerable place where the pipe may eventually giveleakage.

Connected quality welding polypropylene can safely hide in Stroebe walls and close them by any of the decorative materials, because after joining the individual elements is formed virtually monolithic construction.A wide range of fittings for polypropylene water pipe - couplings, tees, joints, adapters, elbows, valves, and the like . - allows you to perform an installation of virtually any difficulty levels.

Polypropylene pipes can safely walling in the wall

Polypropylene pipes can safely walling the wall

And , special skills to perform such installation work is required.The only problem that may arise - is the need to have a special welding machine.If such in the "home arsenal" host not, you can use the services of construction salons stores or specialized companies that provide welding equipment PP rent.

For more information on selecting and installing polypropylene pipes can be found on on shem portal specifically devoted the subject article.


Choosing ceramic tiles - the question quite seriously , requiring account a number of criteria .To avoid repetition, the reader may refer to the publication in which the question classification tile lit enough.

Tile for the bathroom you need to choose the right

tile for the bathroom you need to choose the right

What still need to remember.

Ceramic tiles for the flooring surfaces and walls is divided by grade, which the manufacturer must be listed on the packaging.According to international standards, first grade marked in red, the second grade - blue, well, the third - green .

Varieties of ceramic tiles usually are signed by different colors

varieties of ceramic tile is usually signed by the different colors

  • Going through her first-class tiles may encounter 5% deviations from the norm, and it is considered to be quite acceptable phenomenon.
  • buying second grade tiles, defects can be detected by as much as 25% of the total amount of material.
  • Having solution to save money and buy the third with Hg Square itki, then do not be surprised if each tile in the party will have a certain degree of deviation from the prescribed standard.

tile necessarily take with a small margin.The paper does not exclude the occasional marriage during installation, tile bout.But to pick up the missing amount so as to completely match the color - sometimes becomes impossible.

for flooring is best to buy the tiles of granite or special floor tiled.These types of materials have a high strength and a rough surface, which is very important for the bathroom.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles

purchasing a few packs, it is imperative to check the lot number on every package.For greater certainty, you can get from each package for one - two tiles and ensure compliance shade and as a material.The identity of the tile size is checked by folding between a 2 ÷ 4 pairs of tiles.If the difference is less than one millimeter and color every detail corresponds to the party, the tiles can be taken.

choosing tiles for rooms with high humidity, it is necessary to pay attention to More one criterion - a presence on the glazed surface microcracks points or mikroradugi.Such flaws , although and seem insignificant, but quite serious from the hygienic point of view.Almost imperceptible crack will soon become a real problem - if they fall moisture and dirt, then clean the surface has not come out, and dampness will be a breeding ground for fungus.Therefore, the tiles having such undesirable defects should reject, and even better to go to another seller.

PVC panels

ПВХ-панели помогут "оживить" интерьер ванной

help "revive" PVC-panel interior bathroom

Very good option facing the ceiling and walls in the bathroom - decorative PVC panel.They, usually, made 2400 ÷ 3700 mm in length, width 125 ÷ 300 mm, and their thickness is from 8 to 12 mm.This is a convenient size for installation in a bathroom close the room.PVC panels are quite hygienic, and therefore demand for wall space with high humidity.Install panel usually crate of wooden slats or galvanized profiles, but perfectly smooth walls, they can be glued directly to the surface.

With smooth walls PVC panels can be mounted on the tile adhesive

When flat wall PVC panels can be mounted on the tile adhesive

Connection panels is the same as that of all types of linings - for expense of having tongue and groove locks.By sheathing material is fixed discreetly using screws or staples.

For mounting panels P BX etc. edusmotreny special profile elements - the inner and outer corners, starting and finishing trims and etc .


for repairs in the bathroom needed, perhaps, a full set of available homes and electric hand tools , like general, and with the construction characteristics.Depending on the type of finishing may require specialized tools and instruments.

So, for laying ceramic tiles need toothed spatula with varying tooth height - for the walls and floor, Tile with a diamond cutter (manual, by the type of glass cutter or machine-type) crown diamond drill or sverlo-Ballerina - to cut holes in the tiles to pass pipes.

Room preparation and repair work

dismantling plumbing

first thing you need to do - is removed and make from the room all the major sanitary ware and devices, domestic appliances.Of course, before this step is completely shut off the flow of hot and cold water.

The most dirty work step - dismantling of all old and decrepit

most dirty work step - dismantling of all old and dilapidated

  • So dismantled sink and washing machine.All captured and devices are removed from the bathroom.If the bathroom combined with a bath, the toilet is made dismantling.