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August 12, 2017 18:06

Renovated kitchen with his hands

Sooner or later, there comes when apartment owners are starting to think about the close overhaul, alteration, upgrade your kitchen.Someone just tired of the old dilapidated walls, ceiling, furniture worn out.Someone does not suit too small, in his opinion, the functionality of the room.Someone wants to optimize the maximum cramped space.In any case - good repair kitchen translates into quite a large-scale and costly.

Renovated kitchen with his hands

Repair kitchen with his hands

In addition to that you have to acquire a lot of building materials of good quality, to select a new furniture and kitchen devices to conduct or update communication, very significant part of the costs should be zaplanirova on to laborspecialists.Is it possible to save on it, repaired the kitchen with his hands?

To take such a bold decision, you need to very clearly represent the volume of work with which to face.The purpose of this article - to give the reader the concept of specificity of repairs in the kitchen, everything about the

nuances of this room, with calculation, to be able to realistically assess their strength and capabilities before so as to take up a job.

The same kitchen so special?

Article Contents

  • 1 The same kitchen so special?
  • 2 What to be done?
  • 3 Primary activities
    • 3.1 rank cuisine general condition
    • 3.2 Conducting measurements
    • 3.3 Kitchen layout Planning
    • 3.4 Video: some interesting ideas for a small kitchen
  • 4 Conducting repairs
    • 4.1 surface cleaning
    • 4.2 Pre-floor preparation and ceiling
    • 4.3 communications Laying
    • 4.4 Ventilation in the kitchen
  • 5 Installation of doors and windows and finishing work
    • 5.1 Windows and doors
    • 5.2 ceiling
    • 5.3 Walls
    • 5.4 Finish floor
    • 5.5 Video: transformation of a small kitchen

kitchen almost always has a special "status "as compared to the other rooms apartments, and the requirements for its equipment and decoration are special.

  • In the kitchen, the mistress spend very much a part of life.So, you need to create this for maximum comfort.It should be warm, good lighting is required, it should prevent drafts.
  • Cooking should be carried out in conditions of the greatest possible purity.So, we need to make sure that the premises meet the accepted health standards.Kitchen Cleaning takes place almost after each use, and therefore should not cause undue hardship.
Regular cleaning the kitchen should not cause any difficulties

Regular cleaning the kitchen should not cause any difficulties

  • The kitchen should be laid all the necessary communications - electricity, hot and cold water, sewerage, gas pipeline (if the house is supplied with gas), wiring required power.
  • used for cooking foods often leave oily, greasy traces can be sufficiently chemically aggressive.This danger is not only in direct contact with such substances on the floor surface and adjacent to the work areas of the walls - you can not ignore the abundant evaporation inherent in the thermal preparation of food. So, from such exposure is not fully insured even the ceiling.Materials for finishing the surfaces of all rooms and the kitchen furniture should be chosen such that they are not afraid of such impacts and easily laundered.
All surfaces in the kitchen should be easy to wash off the fat from the raid

All surfaces in the kitchen should be easy to wash off the fat plaque

  • However kitchen - a room with high humidity - it is also necessary to take into account when choosing finishing materials.Like it or not, no one can be safe in the kitchen and so on spill liquid on the floor - hence the increased demands on the waterproofing.
  • To minimize the negative effects of evaporation and keep the kitchen comfortable atmosphere, tubal do without ventilation system and (or) stand-alone air purification.
Mandatory food item - effective ventilation

Mandatory food item - effective ventilated areas

  • modern kitchen full of appliances, without which many housewives can not imagine his life.It requires thoughtful placement of instruments and their correct connection, with regard operating rules of safety.
  • Needless kitchen room and accommodation are all it necessary elements must be thought out to the smallest detail - owners should be as convenient to use its intended purpose.
  • Another important point - in the majority of families the kitchen is not only room for cooking.Usually, this kind of "family club", where the mass is achieved pressing internal issues and which hosts "gatherings" with the closest relatives and friends.This means that should on opportunities be provided a cozy corner where you can comfortably accommodate.And the whole kitchen decoration should be such, that pleasing to the eye, and to would not be ashamed to take visitors there.
In the end , the kitchen should be a beautiful and comfortable

In the end, the kitchen should be a beautiful and comfortable

And is , about than mentioned above, is required to organize, often in conditions of very limited in floor space, which is not particularly"run away."So the problem is very simple.

What is to be done?

Actually, the renovation of the kitchen can be divided into multiple stages, each of which is important in its own way, but most of all - is a must, with certain variations.Suffice it to list the steps to make it clear how the scale is a common task.So "on the way to the finish line" will have the following:

  • Liberation premises - usually required to spend the full amount , otherwise difficult to carry out measurements and layout.
  • Checking the status of the walls, ceiling, floor, windows and doors, communications and etc .
  • a thorough measurements.
  • scheduling large stationary kitchen and household appliances.
  • Preselection kitchen furniture - and size, and functionality.Drafting its placement.
  • Thorough cleaning of all surfaces of the room.
  • Repairs (renovation) of the base surface of the floor.
  • similar operation - revision of the status and basic repair of the ceiling.
  • repair or installation of new communications, appropriate drafting.
  • Check ventilation conditions possible - amendments to its design.
  • replacement or thorough restoration of windows and doors.
  • Finishing work towards top-down : ceiling, walls and flooring finish installing baseboards.
  • installation and suspension of stationary equipment, furniture and lighting.
  • Connection and testing of all systems.

Now it makes sense to consider these steps in more detail.However, not all will be drawn equally great attention to some of them - are simple and intuitive, does not require any special explanation, while others are associated with the process, which is very detailed and clearly itemized in special publications of our portal (relevant links will be reader offered).But certain specific issues require really gaze.

Primary activities

Assessment of the general state of the kitchen

Plan properly repair is impossible without a thorough revision of the state of the room - walls, ceiling, floor, communication.And to carry out such a deep check will be possible only after the kitchen will be completely liberated from furniture and equipment, as well as in most cases need to remove the old flooring.Ideally the repair is best done in an environment where the family is temporarily living elsewhere.If this is not possible, have to somehow get out of the situation - temporarily left in place old stove, water is in the bathroom, and only a small desktop can be moved where needed.

After the liberation of the kitchen is often open very ugly picture

After the liberation of the kitchen is often open very ugly picture

can then bude reflux briskly assess the condition of the premises - whether it makes sense to leave something in the initial state, or still required a more radical approach.It is necessary to tap the walls to determine the weak, unstable place.About flooring mentioned - in 99 cases out of 100 will require dismantling.It assesses the state of windows and doors - whether they deal with repairs and restoration, or easier to put new.The same applies to a radiator - perhaps older battery will not fit in the kitchen interior conceived concept.

Most often, the flooring needs to be replaced

The most common flooring needs replacing

necessary to evaluate the condition of water mains and sewerage systems - whether they are in need of replacement, transfer to another place, a full alteration in connection with the planned installation, for example, column or boiler.

be appreciated outlets location and condition.However, if the repair is carried out with the installation of new kitchen appliances, then, likely, wiring have power to alter by a corresponding increasing load.

After room cleared, will not be reflux ore to carry out detailed measurements of all parameters of the kitchen - to the smallest detail.It - necessary condition for further planning.

Conducting measurements

should be a piece of paper draw a least approximate plan kitchen, so you can carry it results directly during of measurements.Subsequently, the plan can (and should) be "civilize".

What parameters are subject to mandatory measurements:

  • length and width of the room.Gaugeable distance between the opposite walls, it is desirable not only along the walls perpendicular to them, but at several points.Take the time to fathom and diagonally to compare them - it helps to know exactly the right if the rectangle is at the bottom.If the room has a complicated form - with a niche or corridor part, this is also transferred to the plan with all dimensions
  • height from floor to flow.
  • location of windows and doors - their distance from the walls, the length and width, the direction of opening the valves to the window - sill height location.
  • Location heater (batteries) with reference to the wall on which it is posted, the passage of the riser and heating pipes, to which connected radiator.
  • The specific position of the gas riser, counter (if any) and the mounted pipe with a tap to connect a gas stove.
  • Location input water pipes and sewage systems.If you plan to transfer, in the scheme can then be desirable to note their position.
  • size and position of the ventilation vents.
  • exact location of the power outlet, the total light switch in the kitchen.
  • If the kitchen has other fixed elements (eg, on the mezzanine qq veryu and etc .), They are also applied to the scheme.

For the convenience of the reader is invited to an exemplary flowchart of the necessary measurements:

The scheme of measurements .Explanation - in the table below

scheme of measurement.Explanation - in the table below

Designation Scheme parameter
X length (width) of the room at the level of the cap of kitchen furniture
Y -to accommodate the level of tops
Z - at the level of the suspension of kitchen cabinets
Such measurements are necessary because not always these three values ​​are equal to each other, and this may cause some difficulties in placingfurniture, for example, if the room tapers upwards.Appropriate levels are shown by the following symbols:
- and - the height of the cap, usually 100 ÷ 150 mm;
- b - the height of countertops, 820 ÷ 870 mm;
- with - upper kitchen cabinets - 2100 mm
H total room height
D, G position of the gas riser relative angles at the top and at the level ofthe point of connection plates
V height of the ventilation vents.Immediately Gaugeable its size and position relative to the angle.
P position of the window relative to the angle of the room
U dimensions (length and height of the window)
Similar measurements are made for the door, not shown in the diagram
k and h height of the window opening and the sill height above the floor
W Location heating riser.Simultaneously Gaugeable position and dimensions of the battery (if needed) and its connection points.

After all the necessary measurements can move on to planning the kitchen accommodation.

Kitchen layout Planning

percent ss pl anirovaniya future kitchen will require hosts concentration of all his creative powers.Work is carried out with the expectation on long-term use without any additional rework, so hurry in this matter - absolutely not relevant .

Surely the owners already have some existing preferences for water kitchen furniture, refrigerator, gas or electric cooker or hob.So, it will be necessary to determine exactly whether the size range of cuisine, and how wise to organize the placement of objects in the room with the expectation on the most comfortable operation and into account existing rules.

How to approach planning from a practical point of view - everyone decides for themselves.People with artistic talent prefer to do sketches in color - so it is easier to imagine the future interior kitchen.

Performed in color sketch

Made in color sketch

For lovers of modern approach, if relevant skills, created a lot of computer applications, from a purely graphic programs (such as CorelDRAW) to this engineering the product range CAD, allowing to work including with3D-layouts.

For the simulation , there are many interesting computer applications

To simulate there are many interesting computer applications

can do another . From the packaging easy to glue a piece of cardboard mock-up room on a scale of, say, 1 : 10 ( 1 m real space = 10 cm on the model).In the same scale are cut from a piece of foam models of major appliances, which will be posted on on kitchen and furniture.

«Playing with blocks," that is moved around the "kitchen" items and hanging "cabinets" with the help of a piece of clay, it will be possible to come to an optimal layout.

What to consider:

  • gas riser is not subject to displacement.