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Plumbing Installation And Repair

August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair toilet with his hands

With the sale of plumbing accessories "last generation" of modern building materials, as well as radically new technological solutions of interior decoration, for many there is a desire to transform their housing .And in order to better understand how to mount these or other finishing materials, it is best to start with the smallest room in the apartment - bathrooms.

Repair toilet with his hands

repair the toilet with his hands

Remon reflux ualeta own hands produce quite realistic, if you know where to start this process, any materials that can be used, and how to carry out the installation of various components of this particular room.

Starting repairs in the room, it is necessary to provide that, if you plan to completely replace all the plumbing and pipe layout, not only to clean the walls and ceiling, the have to spend crews work will cost too expensive - is why it makes sense to try their hand at the role of the builder and designer.


Article Contents

  • 1 Preparations
    • 1.1 Tools
    • 1.2 Dismantling of old plumbing devices
    • 1.3 Surface cleaning of old coatings
    • 1.4 Primer and waterproofing
  • 2 Replacement of pipes
  • 3 Installation ducts for pipes
  • 4 finishing the ceiling, walls, floor
    • 4.1 tiles
    • 4.2 Video: budget transformation toiletwith the help of ceramic tiles
    • 4.3 panels PVC
    • 4.4 Video: example of wall decoration panels PVC
    • 4.5 Washable wallpaper
  • 5 plumbing installation
    • 5.1 WC
    • 5.2 Sink
    • 5.3 Video: example of a major overhaul bathrooms

As with any construction work, Remon reflux ualeta begins with the preparation tool , material procurement, dismantling of old plumbing accessories, cleaning of surfaces of walls,floor, ceiling.


Post need with tools, as they are needed for the preparatory work, and for most repairs.From building tools you need to have:

  • Screwdriver with a set of bits or, in extreme cases, a set of screwdrivers - for the dismantling of the old accessories, fixed on the walls, and then for the new installation.
  • Punch - to remove concrete plinths, if any, and the old tile from the walls, and floor.In the future, it will need to drill holes.
  • Gas key - will need for loosening and tightening the threaded connections during removal and installation of sinks, toilets and pipes.
  • brushes and rollers - for applying primers and brushable waterproofing materials.
  • toothed trowel - for applying the adhesive to the tile surface.
  • If metal pipes will be changed to plastic, you will need to prepare the machine for their welding and a special cutter.
  • Roulette and collapsible meter - to conduct the necessary measurements and markings.
  • Building level and plumb - to control vertical and horizontal accuracy when finishing works, installation of plumbing.
  • Other metalwork and carpentry tools - a hammer, chisels, files, chisels, saws and others - as and when they need to.

Dismantling of old plumbing devices

When will be on hand all the necessary tools, you can begin to work on dismantling.

  • first step to be taken, will overlap with cold and hot water from a central water pipe system.Cranes must be completely closed.
  • Next, is dismantling plumbing - sinks , if it is installed in the toilet and the toilet.

necessary to consider the point that, if during the repair of the family is not going to leave the apartment, without the toilet to do is very difficult, so shoot it is recommended in the last instance, and removal spending temporarily, only for the daily conduct of work,and then install and connect to the sewer back.This process is repeated as long as no repair to be completed, and a new toilet is installed in place of the old one.Troublesome, but nothing helped.

can do otherwise - not touch the toilet until until comes time to replace the pipe.True, all well have to go back to the first option - for one day to do all the operations are unlikely to succeed .

Sink Removing

- After ka to to vartira will off from the water supply system, you need to open all the taps and make sure that the water in the pipes is left.In addition, the need to drain the tank of the toilet, otherwise it can all would be on the floor.

To be able to properly assemble and install the sink , you need to know its structure

To be able to properly dismantle and install the sink, you need to know its device

- Sinks mounted on brackets, fixed on the wall.Some of the models have a decorative pedestal, which closes the drain to the sewer construction and water supply pipes.Optional pedestal serves as a support for the cup.Therefore, dismantling shells begin with removal of this particular element.The pedestal must be fastened to the floor, so the first thing to do is unscrew the mount.

- Furthermore, under the sink con water tank, as when removing a siphon its amount can spilled on the floor.

- err, you can curl up with a glass siphon cumulative, and it accumulated in water is drained into the prepared container .After that, the glass-settler can be again set in place, as will be dismantled entire drain system.To do this, unscrew the nut, ustanovlenanuyu bottom shell, with the help of which held siphon and drain pipe.Unscrew the nut easily manually if it turn out counterclockwise, supporting a glass siphon.

- Next, the siphon tube is removed from the segment to which it is installed, together with a hose, water dispersion in the sewer drain.Then, all disabled system from the shell is removed from the socket sewer.The hole in the socket sewer pipes need to close the lid or plug cloth, rolled a gag - to on displaced by not spread an unpleasant smell of sewage.

All this must be removed

All this must be removed

- The next stage of water supply hoses are disconnected, supplying water to the mixer.For dismantling need to use gas or adjustable wrench (in some cases more convenient to use a set of carob keys - usually all plumbing connections in the bathroom or the toilet - range from 19 to 30 ).

- then sink can be removed.If you plan to install after the repair the same bowl with the same mixer, then it is left bolted to the bowl, and with it carried out of the toilet facilities.

Dismantling toilet

finished with a sink, move to dismantle the toilet and cistern.

Removing the toilet requires increased accuracy

Removing the toilet requires increased accuracy

- When removing the toilet water should be blocked from the tank and lowered water - this warning in the event that if the process of its removal will occur in the next day, after removal of the shell.

- Next, from the tank and reflux Pipes water pipeline water supply hose is disconnected.

- then the tank is removed from the bracket, if it mounted on the wall and removed from the toilet.If it is installed on the toilet platform, then unscrewed the appropriate bolts and tank removed.

- Now it is possible to remove the toilet outlet "corrugation" (or other connecting tube) that goes down the drain.Her removed from the bowl and pulled out of the socket sewer pipes.This element of the system is recommended to immediately throw away, and set a new toilet for installation.

- The next step is removal of the toilet.To do this, be turned out of the holes bolts (sometimes - the bolts or studs), which he was fixed to the floor.Anchorages unscrewed with a wrench or screwdriver , depending on the type of fasteners.

- If you previously installed the toilet without the use of cement , only with screws and sealant, it is necessary to try to shake it gently and remove from the place.If it is installed on a concrete solution, it is not so easy to knock him from the place, and in this case, 99 times out of 100 without replacing the toilet in the new is not enough.Old that. likely, das reflux reschinu or split, immediately sent to the scrap.

- If you plan to install after the repair successfully filmed on the toilet seat, it is temporarily taken out of the room bathrooms, so it does not interfere in the work.

Surface cleaning of old coatings

Whichever finishing material for the walls and the floor is chosen, the old paint must be removed, as during his many years of service is certainly steeped in a variety of scents, which can stay in the room and afterrepair, which is highly undesirable.

The second reason that the surface must be cleaned - e that the , that the walls can not be qualitatively primed and means , decorative trim or adhesive her not be enough adhesion the wall.Finishing material will begin to flake off over time, and have again to make repairs.

Removing the old tiles

Removing old tiles

  • Old ceramic tile is convenient to shoot perforator installing chisel-blade flat shape.
Cleaning the walls of the ink with a hair dryer ...

cleaning the walls of the ink with a hair dryer ...

  • Painted walls can be cleaned using a hairdryer and a building with a spatula or by polishers with round metal brush .
... And with a wire brush

... and using a wire brush

  • If the wall plaster was applied earlier, it first soaked with water and then removed using a spatula thickened ( having a thickness of 2.5÷ 3 mm).
Removing old plaster

Removing old plaster

  • wallpaper from the walls to remove the easiest way - they just like plaster, wet and need leave for a while, then re-moisturize and spatula to remove from surfaces.
Cleaning the walls of wallpaper

Cleaning the walls of wallpaper

  • clean the surface of the walls and ceiling, proceed to dismantle the flooring.

work can be carried out manually, using a chisel, or the same as the walls to remove the old coating using a punch.

Dismantling of floor tiling

Dismantling of floor tiling

After removing the old decorative coating, the surface should be well leveled, removing small remains of the captured material.If necessary, according to him still times traversed sander installed on it brushed metal .

Primer and waterproofing

After cleaning the walls and floor, take out the garbage, and then all surfaces Neaten brush , and finally dust is better to collect a powerful vacuum cleaner.

  • Next, you need to cover the surface of the antiseptic primer deep penetration, which will create excellent adhesion (adhesion) to be applied to the materials and preserve them from the walls of mold colonies.The primer is applied at least twice, and second time - only after the complete drying of the first.
Application of primer on the walls

Application of primer on the walls

  • After drying primer can move on to the floor waterproofing.Since the toilet are engineering communications - sewerage and running water, no one can rule out a variety of emergency situations.To avoid the risk of water leakage on the lower floors, high-quality waterproofing in the toilet, as well as in the bathroom, just needed.

There are many materials and methods seal the floor, but the most accessible for applications apartments - this surface waterproofing, which is first applied to the joints of the walls and floor strips width of 150 ÷ ​​180 mm.

  • Top still wet wash, at the junction of wall and floor surfaces fit waterproofing tape and a well-pressed - recessed.It further will prevent leakage from the joints in the case of contact with large amounts of water on the floor.
Bonding angles waterproofing tape space

Bonding corners premises waterproofing tape

  • After drying joints, waterproofing mass is applied to the entire floor and left to dry.If necessary, superimposed even one or two layers, each of which must dry thoroughly before being applied next.

After the waterproofing process, go to the dismantling and installation of pipes.

Replacement of pipes

If you start a major Remon reflux ualeta, of course, it is better to replace all the water pipes with new ones.Moreover, this process is necessary if the old system was operated for many years without repair.

It is advisable to immediately upgrade all the pipe routing

immediately desirable to upgrade the entire tube wiring

Replace better metal pipes with plastic or metal and plastic.But the first thing removed old.They have cut sander - then they can be twisted together using a pipe wrench.Only after dismantling the old wiring to the place it entry into the apartment, new materials will be installed a new, installed on the same or different, more convenient location.

If there is no concept of how to do this correctly, it is better to invite a specialist task.He will make the installation wiring diagram of all, given the location of the water meter , overlapping water taps and connections established with the riser pipe.

The best would be if the main water pipe - risers, passing through all the floors will be replaced completely in all entrance.Then all the apartment owners will have the opportunity at a convenient time for them to change the pipes in the apartment without problems connecting to the new riser pipes.

Pipes - it is also a system of valves , filters , water meters and collectors .

pipes - it is also a system of valves, filters, water meters and collectors.

quite difficult to wiring diagram, if it will have to fit water filters preliminary and deep cleaning and water meters .If these devices are not provided in the apartment, then the scheme is simple enough - instead of metal pipes, on also most place installed new plastic.

  • most simple to install - tee wiring pipes, so it often used in bathrooms apartments.
Tee distributing pipes in the apartment

tee distributing pipes in the apartment

1 - Spigot with fitting to connect the washing machine or toilet cistern.

2 - Pipes for hot and cold water fittings to connect the sink faucet.

3 - Pipes for hot and cold water connections for bath mixer.

4 - Taps (corners) for turning pipes in the right direction.

5 - tees that allow to make cuttings from the main pipe.

6 - Inverse valves, leak water in only one direction, preventing it flow back.

7 - counter hot water.