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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make arch of the drywall

Since large-scale cosmetic or major repairs to a complete change of interior, owners often want to bring to life the many interior design ideas.One of them could be the conversion of a conventional rectangular door opening in the arch.If you understand how to make arch of the drywall, it is quite possible to spend it installation and independently.

How to make arch of the drywall

How to make arch of the drywall

Arch is able to affect on structure all interior design solutions, and additional decorative overlay certain style zadas reflux he design the entire premises.

examining detailed installation instructions arches in the preparatory in Make all necessary materials and tools , it can be made from a rectangular door opening arch just one day.

It should be noted that the arch performed on the same technology, can transform not only opening the door , but also wider aisles that divide larger space into zones.

Materials and tools for the manufacture and installation arch

Article Contents

  • 1 Materials and tools for making and arch mounting
  • 2 Removing the yardsticks and preparation of design elements
  • 3 Mounting frame bases arch
    • 3.1 metal frame in galvanized profile
    • 3.2 assembling wooden frame arches
    • 3.3 Conducting cable
  • 4 Fabrication and installation of the bottom gypsum panel arch
    • 4.1 Video: simple by arch made of plasterboard
    • 4.2 Video: making bend drywall arch
  • 5 arch trim
    • 5.1 Video: monumental arch with columns

to lead boreddoor opening to a new state and get a neat aesthetic arch, you must prepare the following materials:

  • plasterboard sheets plasterboard thickness of 9 ÷ 12 mm.
Sheets of plasterboard

Sheets of drywall

  • galvanized metal profiles or wooden beams for manufacturing frame.
  • Metal perforated angle to strengthen joints drywall planes.This process is quite suitable and fiberglass mesh.
Perforated plastic profile for the finishing of corners

Perforated plastic profile for finishing corners

  • Screws for fixing plasterboard and perforated corners on metal profiles.
  • gypsum-based putty - rough (starting) and finishing.

to carry out installation work must be available the following tools:

  • Electric jig saw and drill.
  • line, square building, measuring tape and a pencil.
  • sander or metal scissors.
  • screwdriver.
  • Building knife.
  • Roller with metal spikes .
  • flexible strap, which helps create a smooth arch shape.
  • Spatula and grater to work with putty.
  • Sponge, water container, thick soft cloth (you can use an old towel).

Removing the yardsticks and preparation of design elements

  • Before start manufacturing arched elements necessary to carry out measurements opening, where the arch will be installed.Measure the width and the desired distance vertically from the top down on the side walls of the opening .From these parameters will depend on how will rounded arch.

In addition, it is necessary, starting from the thickness of the plasterboard, determine the depth of installation, since it needs to be fixed on the same level with the plane of the wall - it must sink deep into the door opening .

  • From the corners of the door opening need to retreat deep into the distance, which is equal to the thickness of the drywall and make the appropriate markup, drew a line installation frame profiles.
  • As for radiation parameters opening size by polishers or scissors metal cut pieces of metal profile - two for securing horizontally and four - for fixing on the side walls of the door opening.They are placed on the previously marked lines, leaving room for drywall.
Straight sections in the rectangular doorway

Straight sections in the rectangular doorway

  • If the walls opening made of brick and built of concrete in them with a drill (perforator) right through the metal profile in the wall of drilled holes, where clog plastic dowels,in which will be screwed fixing screws.
Typically, profiles are attached to the main wall plugs

Typically profiles are attached to the main wall plugs

This design element - frame, are mounted plasterboard details.

  • next step on the previously obtained dimensions are marked and cut two panels of drywall.They must accurately enter opening doors between walls.
  • Further, these panels must be raschertit, then cut them out two arched parts.In this case, you need to act very precisely, so as to make the wrong arc layout, you can easily get ugly skewed to the side of the arch.
  • curvilinear "path» cut , that is, an arcuate portion of the arch itself can be marked in different ways, and they are all equally accessible.

first method

Marking is performed as follows:

- first panel is placed on a flat surface.

Pre- marking plasterboard panel

preliminary marking the plasterboard panel

- Then, on top of the horizontal and vertical on both sides is marked thickness of the metal profile, already enshrined in opening on the walls.Usually, it is 50 mm.These points are drawn straight lines parallel to the edges of the panels;

- Next, on plasterboard panels need to find the middle, and divide the surface into two equal parts by drawing a vertical line.The intersection of this line with the lower edge of the panel will be the center of the circle.

- To draw a semicircle taken pencil and non-elastic cord segment, which is bound to the pencil so, to it rotates freely in the loop.

Самодельный "циркуль" наносит необходимую дугу арки

Homemade "compass" does the necessary arc arch

screwed screw in the center of the circle.Then it is attached cord, so that the sharpened pencil lead falls on the intersection point of the lines held prior , parallel to the left and right edges of the lower-edged panels.It turns out a kind of compass that can plot a circle in the desired this case diameter.

- Next, on held «compass» marking lines semicircle cut jigsaw.

Cutting arc jigsaw

Cutting arc jigsaw

On the second panel layout can be transferred simply by copying the first one.

second way

For the second method markup arch arc line need a flexible plastic strip, a pencil and two pairs of hands.

As mark out the arc through the flexible plastic rail

So mark out an arc using the flexible plastic slats

- First you need to determine what will be at the height of the curved part of the arc at the highest point.To this end, the bar is applied in opening doors between fixed on it profiles.One end of the strap must be applied to bottom edge profile enshrined on side left wall opening , the highest its point on the curve should cover the middle point horizontally fixed Profile and third point touch strips will the lower edge of the profile on the right wall.

- On the last point of contact with the profile on the bar annotation - it will determine the length of the arc itself, which will determine the cut-away portion curved.

- Next, the same thing is done to the drywall panel, wherein the same as in the first embodiment, the edges already noted by 50 mm.One of the artists holding the bar so as to combine with lines its beginning and make a mark, and the second draws on it the border of arch semicircle.

- then marked portion is sawed jigsaw.

third option

third option is tailor- hard cardboard in size, with doors removed, the arch portion of the template.You can also mark with the help of a homemade "compass" of the string and pencil.

- Ready template is applied to the panel of plasterboard, outline its outline in pencil and then cut out the removed part of a jigsaw.

- Template will not allow to make a mistake and be perfectly flat semicircle.

next step is prepared a metal profile frame for curved parts, which will be fixed lower part of the cut drywall panels.To cut right along the length of the segment profile, it is possible to use the most flexible bar, which is a mark of the arc length, forming an arched vault.

Preparation of metal profile bending

Preparing metal profile bending

need to prepare two such profile section.Next to them with scissors or metal polishers makes an incision through which it will be easy to bend in an arc profile with the desired radius of curvature.

Cropped profile should easily bend to fit the curvature radius

Undercut profile should easily be bent to the desired radius of curvature

necessary emphasize , that if the arch will have a small thickness, it is sometimes quite a wide metal profile with made on it cuts tofix on it two panels on both sides.The profile must be recessed inward arches on the thickness of the used gypsum board, as later lower arch strap will be attached it to this curved frame members.

remaining elements will be cut in the course of carrying out installation work - usually with them any special difficulties arise.

Mounting frame bases arch

metal frame in galvanized profile

  • Mounting arch begins with the installation of drywall elements carved with semicircles that fixed in the door opening on bolted in it metal profiles.
Mounting of arch parts on the frame

Securing arch parts on the frame

For fixing drywall use special screws and screwdriver .

These elements are fixed on both sides of the door opening .

  • Further, the inside of the carved arch opening screwed notched and bent metal profile.At work, you need one hand to hold the profile, pressing it flat on the form of an arch.
Installing a curved profile on the lower arch trimmings

Installing a curved profile of the bottom-edged arch

This part is screwed to one side first, and then - to second.

  • frame will not have adequate stiffness and design stage, if not installed between the metal arched elements are perpendicular to the profile segments.They tie plasterboard wall arches together.These jumpers are installed at several places of the arch structure.
The cross design details give the required rigidity

Cross design details give the required rigidity

to secure the jumpers on the profile used screws with wide hats and sharper nose.

assembling wooden frame arches

If the manufacturer of the frame metal profile seemed too complex process, it is possible to mount it from the tree.

  • To do this, you need to prepare bars measuring 20 × 20 mm - for mounting on drywall , and 30 × 30 mm - for mounting on the wall opening .
  • Further, drywall is marked on the arch, sawed, and then on the inner surface of the element screwed wooden blocks with the ends located on on lukrugu.
Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to make a wooden frame

Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to make a wooden frame

  • The edges of parts left free space of 30 mm in size, which will take the bars installed in the door opening .
  • Walls Door opening are marked in the same way as when attaching a metal profile, but instead on the markup fixed bars 30 × 30 mm
  • then prepared arched panel is applied to its «regular place" and is screwed in opening , to set it in wooden bars.

can proceed in another way - secure the bars on the edges of the drywall, and then the finished panel stasis bolted to the wall.But in this case, work is not very convenient, especially when secured second panel with arch, as it will be difficult to climb between two arched elements hand with screwdriver .

Conducting cable

Before moving on to the construction and installation of the bottom of the arch wire electric cable, if opening provided illumination.

If you allow the arch lights , the power wires should be announced in advance to the desired location

If provided arch lights, the power wires should be announced in advance to the desired location

contact tip of the cable are fixed to metal profiles about the place where electric spot lights to be installed.It is best if the cable is enclosed in a plastic corrugated pipe - to avoid accidental damage to the insulation on the sharp edge of the galvanized profiles.When prepared

lower band drywall is installed, it will close all perfectly unsightly wires.

Production and installation of gypsum panels lower arch

When the frame and the front of the arch will be installed, you can proceed to the manufacture of the lower strip, which will close all the unsightly frame.

first tape measure the total length of the arcuate bend the arch width and the distance between installed arched carcass parts.

dimensions are transferred to the drywall, and from the sawed rectangular strip of the required dimensions.

Next, a plaster strip to bend the arch, however, material hard and brittle, so it can be easily broken, damaging the part. To proce ss etc. Oshel smoothly, you can use two methods for bending the material:

1. Prepared item is marked along its entire length in the transverse strips 50 mm wide.

Marking the drywall strip

marking strips of drywall

  • Next on marked lines made cuts, about half the depth of the drywall.
  • then gently bent piece and immediately, without delay, fastened to a metal profile, which is inside the arch.
Making an incision in the desired radius of curvature of the sheet

Making an incision in the desired radius of curvature of the sheet

Video: simple in execution of Arch drywall

2. second method of bending drywall, in principle, even easier first,but will take some more time, as have to wait to material took shape.

first for plasterboard strip firmly traversed spiked roller, which pierces her sharp spikes the top layer of cardboard.