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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of acrylic bathtubs with their hands

Repair in the bathroom near the end, wiring sewer and water pipes ready, lined with tiles, remains to establish the plumbing?The easiest way to install their own hands acrylic bathtub with hydromassage or without it.Moreover, acrylic - a very durable and pleasant to the touch material that is easy to clean for a long time, long keeps warm and is a viable alternative to steel and cast iron.

Installation of acrylic bathtubs with their hands

Installation of acrylic bathtubs with their hands

How to choose a suitable bath?To begin to make the room measurements and determine whether it is more convenient to install the classic rectangular model or prefer a compact but more expensive corner bath.

Installation of acrylic bathtubs with their hands

Installation of acrylic bathtubs with their hands

Also, when choosing should pay attention to the country and the company producing sanitary ware.High-quality acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and has a thickness of 5-8 mm.Deck Mounted check the number of reinforcing layers.In such high-quality bath several layers, from low-grade - is very small.Save

on quality can not be, because there is a great risk that cheap thin bath not stand water pressure or temperature and burst.

Installation of acrylic bathtubs with their hands

Installation of acrylic bathtubs with their hands

Good acrylic bathtubs are odorless differ smooth surface and at the bottom there is no bumps and dents.It is advisable to buy a bath with a set of fasteners and siphon ideally suited for a specific model of sanitary ware.

Acrylic tub

Acrylic bath

Video -How to choose acrylic bathtub

Article Contents

    • 0.1 Video -How to choose acrylic bathtub
  • 1 Set rectangular bath on the factory frame
  • 2 install bath on the bricks
    • 2.1 install bath on a solid brick substrate
    • 2.2 set acrylic bathtub on brick supports
    • 2.3 Video - Installation of acrylic bathtubs combined method
    • 2.4 Video - How to install acrylicbath yourself
    • 2.5 Video - Put the acrylic bathtub with his hands

T Table 1. Some embodiments of acrylic baths and their value

Manufacturer Country size (DhShhG), see Description model Options Approximate cost, rubles
Aquanet Russian 160h100h49 Corner asymmetric.Jamaica drain and overflow and frame 20,000
Vidima Bulgaria 140h70h40 rectangular.Sirius set legs and fasteners (3 000) 10,700
Cersanit Poland 150h150h45 Angle symmetrical universal.CERSANIA (Set of feet and front panel + 4 000) 17,500
Appollo China 150h75h42 with rectangular holes for handles.TS-1502Q frame, front panel, handles and feet (+ 5 900 rubles) 8900
Triton Russian 170h96h50 Asymmetric, hydromassage.Milena front panel (+3 000) 50,500
Compare baths

baths Compare

Acrylic bath can be installed in one of four ways:

  • metal frame at the factory;
  • on wooden blocks;
  • on bricks or concrete blocks;
  • using both frame and bricks.

    Combined installation bath

    Combined installation bath

last option is admissible in the case where the height of the legs does not allow to install a sewer layout.Wooden same elements use is undesirable, since timber is deformed by moisture.

Attention!If you plan to install a hot tub, pre-mount the electrical wiring and install the outlet.

Set rectangular bath on the factory frame

Acrylic bath Cersanit

Acrylic bath Cersanit

Acrylic bathtub with frame

Acrylic bath with frame

Step 1. have purchased a bath and factory skeleton print and spread on a clean floor, after having spread a soft clothor cardboard.The set of fasteners you find short and long metal profiles, screws, feet and covers for them (thrust bearings), dowels, bolts, washers, nuts, rack.Depending on the number of parts may be different, for example, there is more reinforced frame metal sheets or bath immediately comes with all-welded frame.

Mounting kit

Mounting Kit

Usually fixture already drilled holes and inserted dowel.This eliminates the need to mark the drill holes and independently.

Acrylic bathtubs are mostly installed not only on the frame, and locked at the line of contiguity to the wall with metal hooks, hangers.

If there is no complete drain valves, it must be purchased, taking into account the height of the legs, and comparing it to the size of the siphon.

For necessarily need screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers.Also, do not forget the silicone-based sealant, bubble level, measuring tape and a pencil.

Step 2. start with the frame assembly and legs.Overturn a bath without removing the protective film from the inside surface.We provide easy access to any of the sides of the bowl.

Driving - skeleton frame for the installation of a bath

Scheme-skeleton frame for the installation of bath

using long screws, connect the profiles.We rely on the instructions attached to the acrylic tub and matching holes in the longitudinal reinforcement defined in the transverse rails dowels.

assembled skeleton have the exact center of the bottom of the bath.

Installing your own bath

Installation bath yourself

Step 3. proceed to install the legs.Three things will install on the front edge of the tub, two - at the bottom of the cup and two more on the edge, which is adjacent to the wall.

start attach the rack to the profile and bath rim.Set the rack on a side, we are screwed in her first long stud, and stud - nut.The resulting pin with a rack inserted into the opening of the longitudinal metal profile.Fix the stud nut and lock nut.Top fasten plastic glides-support.

Similarly collect the remaining leg-support.Adjustable height legs, depending on the size of the decorative screen.Approximate height from floor to rim edge should be 60 cm.

For legs, arranged at the bottom of the bath, are short hairpin.Insert them into the holes of the transverse profiles, anchoring bolts and dimmed with plastic supports.

How to install acrylic bathtub

How to install acrylic bathtub

Mounting frame for bath

Mounting frame for bath

Step 4. Check-assembled frame bubble level.

Check the position of the bath

Check status baths

If necessary, a wrench to tighten bolts, aligning position.

Overturn bath .If necessary, adjust the position of the legs

Overturn bath.If necessary, adjust the position of the legs

Take the short screws and fastening struts with the bath rim.

Step 5. Overturn bath.Take the level and once again recheck horizontal ledges.Making slopes for better water drainage is not necessary.

Step 6. Now you can connect the siphon with overflow, based on the manufacturer's instructions.The general principle of connection audit siphons (binding) of the knee such as the following:

How to assemble the siphon

How to assemble the siphon

  • in the siphon for bath has two main parts - big and small (see figure.).On the detail of the "small part" of the first plastic nut dressing (on a site with external thread), then the rubber seal is blue;

    Siphon unassembled

    Siphon unassembled

  • piece "a small part" is inserted into the "large part" so that the external thread has entered into an internal thread.Tighten the screws all the way.Note that even with good swirling nuts, item "a small part" will be turned on its axis, this will place the corrugation in a convenient position for us;

    Connection details

    Connection details

  • details on "most" there is another plastic nut.We put in the nut rubber seal black.Take the part of the trap, which will be mounted under the tub opening.Connect a piece, twisting a nut;
    Connection details

    Connection details

    Connection details

    Connection details

  • take cover audits and combining it with a seal, is screwed to the lower opening parts "most" (overflow knee).If the siphon is clogged, clean it, it will be possible by unscrewing the cover of this audit;
  • in the bottom hole bath insert seal.Top (inside bath bowl) laid a grid of metal.Under the bottom of the bath puts the collected item.Insert the bolt into the hole and tighten the lattice so that the siphon under the bath bottom hole tightly to drain the bowl;
    Fixing the siphon to the bath

    Fixing the siphon to the bath

    Connecting corrugations

    Connecting ribbed

  • Do the same with the upper overflow hole, inserting the seal blue grid connecting them bolt.Putting a thin flexi hose lower part of the siphon and the upper opening of the overflow, putting the ends of the corrugations nuts with seals and screw them on the way these elements;
  • thick corrugation, which in the future will be connected to the sewage system, connect to a siphon, using the nut and the seal.

    Connecting corrugations

    Connecting ribbed

Note!Before final installation stage and screen bath can produce insulation with foam bottom of the bowl, causing her thin stream on the edge, and the bottom part of capturing the fixings for the purpose of additional fixation.

Step 7 .When the trap is assembled, and the bath is level, it remains to be done on the walls of the layout, drill the holes and fix the wall brackets or hooks, which will hold a bath.The edge of the bath dress on the hooks, and the free end of the large corrugated siphon inserted into the sewer hole.After docking, the place of the bath wall connection we put a strip of silicone sealant and fasten the baseboard or protective strip.

Fixing the wall brackets

Fixing the wall brackets

Note!To check the quality of the installation of the siphon and the correctness of the design installation, you should dial the full tub of cold water and wait a few hours.If leaks or imperfections will not be found, it can be drained, install a decorative screen, and use the bathroom.Otherwise you will have to disassemble, assemble all products in order to eliminate defects.

Step 8. Install a decorative screen.Fasteners-clips are included.First, the upper screwed attachment, then the opposite - lower.Decorative panel simply "snap" them.

Setting screen

screen Setting

Attach the plate to squeeze fitting pieces by setting a distance of 2 mm between the edge and the edge of the bath squeezing plate

Attach squeezing plate on mortgage elements by setting a distance of 2 mm between the edge of the bath and the edge of the squeezing plate

Install the mounting bracket of the screen

Set the screen mounting bracket

Attach the screen to the bracket

Attach the screen to the bracket

It is also possible to produce a framework for a decorative panel of wood or metal sheets.

Install bath on the bricks

No frame factory?No problem!We can set the acrylic bathtub on the bricks.This option is more reliable in comparison with the method of installing the bath in the framework of factory production.

support may be continuous or columnar appearance.

Install bath on a solid brick substrate

An example of an acrylic bath installation on brick

Installation example acrylic Vanny on brick

first step. Temporarily install the bath in place of its future installation and project basis in the drain hole.This will give us the opportunity to leave a gap in the substrate to connect the drain.

second step. spread the bricks on the whole area of ​​the base of the tank.The height was adjusted so that the bath rim towered above the floor no more than 600 mm.At the same time we take into account that we will still be present 2-3 cm cushion of polyurethane foam.

Bricks laid on a traditional mortar.

third step. Putting on the perimeter masonry frame of sheet of plywood.The height of the sheets must be greater than the thickness of the foam laying substrate.Do not forget to leave a drain hole empty.

fourth step. evenly zapenivaem surface of the substrate with polyurethane foam, without going beyond the framework of the border.On the foam immediately impose prefabricated plywood sheet.Use moisture-proof sheets 10 mm thick.

Zapenivaem bottom

Zapenivaem bottom

Install bath on brick

fifth step .Tightly clog drain acrylic baths.At this stage we prepare a liter of water and wooden supports for the regulation of the level of installation capacity.

sixth step. Pour water into the tank previously prepared and set on a bath at the construction level of the substrate.

seventh step. While polyurethane foam stiffened, adjustable flatness bath installation using props.As a result, water in the tank should be evenly distributed around the drain, and the display level "0".

eighth step.Sticking bath on a level, we fill it with water to about half the volume.Foam will not be able to raise the capacity and the bath itself will take the required slope under water weight.

ninth step .Give the foam to dry and remove the bath.If the edges of the container must be recessed into the wall, on the surface of pre outline the edge of the contour, and then make the wall recess for the edge of the tub.This will help us to the punch.If the groove arrangement is not provided (this is not recommended if the walls are made of blocks, gypsum board or other light material), at the lower cut just fix lumber impregnated with antiseptic, or the steel area.The support plate at the end of extra effort stops.

tenth step.Return our capacity to place and connect it to the sewer.Gaps between the container and blow out the foam bricks.Install decorative screen and plinth.

Example tubs installed on the bricks , tiles trim

Example tubs mounted on bricks, decorated with mosaics

Set acrylic bathtub on brick supports

Set acrylic bathtub on brick support

Set acrylic bathtub on brick supports

first step. make container in the bathroom.

second step. perform markup bases in the place of installation of brick pillars.The most correct option - the construction of the pillars closer to the edges of the acrylic bathtubs bending.If the capacity is a long, additional support may be raised and the middle.

third step. mark the place of masonry supports, proceed to the preparation of the cement slurry.We do not cook too much - we will put no more than 20 bricks, so the extra cost to us to anything.

fourth step. Getting clutch.Supports for the rear of the bath spread to a height of 190 mm, a pillar for the front edge of the container is being built on 170 mm.The height of the middle support, if needed, select on the situation, depending on the design of the installed bath.The difference in height of the pillars will provide facilities for the effective flow of water from the tank.

Laying bricks

Laying bricks

Laying bricks

Laying bricks

Important!Many acrylic baths modern sample initially have an inclined bottom to allow water to drain.If you have such a bath, all exhibit the level of support, focusing on the upper part.

fifth step. Give masonry overnight to dry and set the bath.Capacity set slowly, firmly pushing against the walls.The gaps between the bricks and fill the bath sealant.

If desired, you can further secure the bath to the wall with dowels and metal profiles.