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August 12, 2017 18:06

Raised fireplace with his hands

presence of a fireplace in the room makes the surroundings more warm and cozy.If for any reason you can not or do not want to equip a real fireplace with fire, and all its attendant attributes, consider the design of the raised fireplace.

Raised fireplace with his hands

Raised fireplace with his hands

To realize this ideas you can use many different materials.At the same time with the implementation of all the activities you will be able to cope on their own.Check out the features of the available solutions, read the instructions and get to work.

Raised fireplace with his hands

Raised fireplace with his hands

From what we can make a decorative fireplace?

Article Contents

  • 1 From what we can make a decorative fireplace?
    • 1.1 Brick
    • 1.2 chipboard
    • 1.3 Polyurethane
    • 1.4 Plasterboard
  • 2 Raised fireplace made of plasterboard: phased assembly instructions
    • 2.1 first stage - preparationtools and materials
    • 2.2 second phase - installation of the frame
    • 2.3 third stage - frame cladding with plasterboard
    • 2.4 Video - Making false fireplace
    • 2.5 fourth stage - finishing
    • 2.6 Video - Raised fireplace with his hands

craftsmen invented many options execution false fireplaces.We offer an overview of the most popular ones.


Decorative brick fireplace

decorative fireplace brick

This material allows you to bring your design ornamental design for the appearance of this Ohnište.Raised fireplace is laid out from a decorative facing bricks under unravel.

With the implementation of this action can handle anyone who at least once faced with carrying out masonry work.However, it is necessary beforehand to make sure that the existing floor can support the weight of the finished structure, especially if it will have a large size.

Beautifully laid out brick decorative portal does not require any additional finishing.For its decoration is best to use a massive wooden shelf - a combination of a very good and attractive.


draw sketches

Draw sketches

Cooking DSP to work

Cooking chipboard to work

Details false fireplace

false fireplace Details

Putting the fireplace , fasten parts with screws

Putting fireplace, fastening parts screws

Fireplace is almost ready

Fireplace almost ready

Fireplace is almost ready

fireplace almost ready

Fireplace stones foam building blocks and cover with a lid

stones fireplace foam building blocks and cover with a lid

Plates with laminated floors and other similar materials are ideal for the decoration of false fireplaces.

To design was neat and attractive appearance, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for the work ahead.Preparation is to create a drawing with all dimensions of future false fireplace.According to this figure can be ordered cut plates in a specialized company or the do it yourself if you have the required skills.

can be replaced by an analogue of the budget If you wish to save laminated boards - chipboard.After assembly design, you can decorate it to your liking.


Polyurethane décor

Polyurethane décor

Polyurethane is used mainly for decoration of ready-made designs.However, if you want all kinds of moldings, trims and half can be glued directly to the wall.This design will not look like a full-fledged fire, but the special decorating techniques allow profitable beat the portal, making it look like a present Ohnište.

Raised fireplace

Raised fireplace

For example, you can attach to the rear of the "firing" of the fireplace mirror.This technique depth of "furnace" will increase.To heighten the effect of the portal can be fixed wooden shelf, styled fireplace.


gypsum plasterboard


Decorative fireplace with his hands

Decorative fireplace with his hands

This material is most often used for decoration of false fireplaces.Plasterboard is characterized by the utmost simplicity of assembly and goes well with a wide range of finishing.From the sheet material can execute spatial forms of virtually any complexity.The cost of drywall makes it accessible to a wide range of customers.

design of sheets requires mandatory finishing.But this is rather an advantage of the material, rather than the lack of - with time trim can be changed without dismantling, with himself decorative portal.

Beautiful fireplace in plaster

beautiful fireplace made of plasterboard with an unusual finish plaster

Raised fireplace made of plasterboard: phased assembly instructions

Instruction on self-registration of false fire will be considered on an example of a sheet of drywall.

first stage - preparation of tools and materials

Tools and materials for work

Tools and materials for

Start with a set of training for work.First of all, you need a drywall itself.In choosing the material guided by the characteristics of the selected finish lining.If the scheduled finish tiles, better to buy a water-resistant gypsum board modification.

Next purchase rack and rail profiles.frame the fireplace will be collected from them.

kinds of guides for plasterboard

kinds of guides for plasterboard



buy screws for fastening the frame elements.Recommended Fastener length -. 1.4-1.6 cm You also need to buy a self-tapping screws with countersunk screws to fix the sheets.In addition, you will need to purchase a dowel-nails for fastening profiles floor and walls.

Types of Screws for profiles

Types screws for

profiles further guided by the characteristics of the selected finishing.If you are going to paste over wallpaper or paint the portal it, get a primer and putty.If false fireplace will be faced with tiles, buy a tile adhesive and grout for joints.

required amount of materials are selected individually depending on the size of the future of the decorative fireplace.The design of the drywall can have a variety of sizes.When choosing a particular option be guided by the available space and personal preference.

Designation cardboard Color (front / rear) marking color
GCR gray / gray blue
GKLO gray / pink red
gypsum plasterboard green / green blue
GKLVO green / green red

Sheets of plasterboard

Sheets of drywall

thickness Size Area Weight
12,5 mm 1200h2500 mm 3 m 28,9 kg
12,5 mm 1200h2700 mm 3,24 m 31,2 kg
12,5 mm 1200h3000 mm 3,6 m 34,7 kg

set of necessary tools includes:

  • screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • metal cutting shears;
  • level;
  • knife;
  • roulette.




second phase - installation of the frame

first step. Put on the walls and floor layout for the installation profiles.Work in accordance with the drawing.Tags place, taking into account the size of the selected chimney.

second step. Secure guides to the deposited lines.If you are fixing to the concrete surface, first apply the profile to the base, drill holes at the marked point, insert the dowels and after that attach the guide to them.

third step. Set rack in the guide.Secure products using self-tapping screws.

Types of mounting Profile for plasterboard

Types of mounting Profile for plasterboard

recommended to check the evenness of the wall with a plumb before mounting profiles.When deviations are detected, follow the fixation of the guide using direct hangers.These products will allow to carry out the installation of articles vertically.

frame assembly


first assemble the frame for the entire design, after - for the deepening of the portal under the "furnace".To make the base of the greater rigidity connect long horizontal profiles and vertical supports further webs.



If desired, you can give the Residual Fuel doorway curly shape.To do this, carefully cut through the stiffener mounting profile and bend your product in accordance with his ideas.



third stage - frame cladding with plasterboard

How to fasten drywall to profile

How to fasten drywall to profile

Mark the sheet size fireplace and carve out the necessary details.For cutting the material it's best to use an electric jigsaw.In the absence of such a simple wallpapering cut with a knife.In this case, you will need to first cut the cardboard layer on one side of the sheet, gently fracture the plate, and then cut a second layer of cardboard.

Sheets of drywall is attached with screws to the frame

Sheets of drywall is attached with screws to the frame

Secure trim elements on the frame.Self-tapping screws are screwed into the material so that their hats were a bit drowned.Recommended step placement of fasteners - 100-150 mm.

Sheets of drywall is attached with screws to the frame

Sheets of drywall is attached with screws to the frame

with fastening sheets should have no problems.Even without such an experience, you will be able to cope with the skin.Remember only that the drywall is a relatively fragile material, so try not to drop it and not push too hard on the screwdriver while screwing fasteners.

The seams between the sheets , the ends of the chimney , screws fixing points shpaklyuyut , and a decorative fireplace with his hands Plasterboard almost ready

seams between the sheets, the ends of the chimney, screws fixing points shpaklyuyut, and a decorative fireplace with his hands Plasterboard almost ready

Video - Making false fireplace

fourth stage - finishing

sheathingskeleton sheets of drywall, you will only perform finishing decoration design.Selecting finishes guided, first and foremost, on the particular design of the room as a whole.

Fireplace Drywall

Fireplace plasterboard

Most often facing false fireplaces plasterboard used artificial stone, decorative bricks and tiles.To fix the trim elements used as tile adhesive or liquid nails.When the lining with tiles of regular shape, placed them with the same gaps.For their design, use special plastic crosses.

finishes decorative fireplace

Option finishing decorative fireplace

finishing of brick or stone can hardly fit into the modern interior.In such a situation to finish the fireplace design is best used paint or decorative plaster. surface must be carefully pre-process putty embedded joints between the cladding elements and eliminating irregularities of any kind.After sealing of the surface is further stripped with sandpaper.

the rest, when you select finishing guided by their taste preferences.

At the end you will be left in the opening set "burner" electric fireplace or to decorate the space at its discretion.For example, instead of installing the heater, you can equip the furnace warm and soft lighting - perfect for a classical interior.A more recent and bold decision - design "furnace" with the multi-colored LED strip.

to decorate the back wall of the furnace can use a mirror.Attach it to the surface and the bottom of the furnace Put decorative logs or other material, for example, shells and pebbles.

The furnace is installed mirror

The furnace installed mirror

installing the furnace a few candles of various shapes and sizes, you will create in your fireplace real fire.

Decorating for the hearth

Decoration hearth

Ideas for registration of false fire set.You can use the proposed solutions or else come up with something on your own - all limited only by your imagination.

Successful work!

Fireplace from sea mines

Fireplace from sea mines

Raised fireplace with candles

Raised fireplace with candles

Videos - Raised fireplace with his hands