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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installing a toilet bowl with his hands

dealt in installation technology toilet, you can save money on plumbing services and do the work most efficiently.The toilet can be mounted in the traditional way or the more modern method - with the installation.In the second case, the cistern is concealed in the wall, which favorably affect the interior space.

Installing a toilet bowl with his hands

Installing the toilet with his hands

you are offered instructions for performing each of these installation options.

Types toilets

Types of toilets

Types toilets

discharge system

drain system

Types toilets H h h1 L l l1 B b
With tselnootlitoy shelf mm 370 and 400 320 and 350 150 at least 605 (by agreement of the consumer and the manufacturer is permitted to make toilets length 575 mm) 330 435 340 and 360 260
Without tselnootlitoy shelves, uh 370 and 400 320 and 350 150 460 330 435 340 and 360 260
children 335 285 130 405 280 380 290 210
Toilet bowl with shelf tselnootlitoy

Toilet with tselnootlitoy shelf

set for

article Contents

    • 0.1 set for
  • 1 Disassemble the old toilet
  • 2 Preparing for installation
  • 3 to install a conventional bowl
    • 3.1 Video - Installing toilets CD with the release of the wall
  • 4 Installing a toilet with concealed cistern
    • 4.1 Mount wall toilet on the installation
    • 4.2 Video - How to install a hanging toilet to install Geberit Doufix
    • 4.3 Video - Installation of suspended toilet
    • 4.4 Install floor model
    • 4.5 Video - Installation of ladders toilet with concealed cistern
    • 4.6 Video - Installation of the toilet with his hands
  1. Punch.
  2. Roulette.
  3. wrench.
  4. sewer pipe.
  5. flexible hose.
  6. FUM tape.
  7. Fasteners.
  8. sealant.

In the case of the installation of the toilet installation, itemized list will expand appropriately set.All need to buy in any store the sanitary.

Disassemble the old toilet

Removing the toilet

Dismantling toilet

first step .Cover the water flow and merge with all of the liquid tank.

Cover the water

closes the water

second step .Turn off the hose through which the tank is connected to the water supply.

disconnect the hose

Disconnect the hose

third step. unscrew fasteners tank.If they are rusty, armed with a screwdriver or spanner.Presses the bolt head of the selected tool and unscrew the nut with a wrench.If you can not, pre-soaked in kerosene nut.Remove the tank.

fourth step. Disassemble fixing the toilet.

fifth step .Disconnect the discharge of sewage from the toilet.

Gofra easily removed

Gofra easily removed

in houses of old building plum usually attached with a cement wash.For its destruction using a hammer and chisel.We need Chipped cement and gently shake the toilet bowl in hand.Draining should crank and become loose.Cant product, giving the remnants of water merge into drains.

Removing the toilet

Dismantling toilet

Weaken the seal , if any,

weaken the seal, if any

If the toilet had a release on the floor , clean the wax ring

If the toilet had a release on the floor, you need to clean off the wax ring

sixth step. Close sewer hole wood or other suitable stopper.

At the time of stop up the hole with a cloth works

for the duration of stop up the hole with a cloth

Important!Sewer gases are not the most pleasant smell.However, they are poisonous and flammable.Be sure to consider this point in the process.

Removing the toilet

Dismantling toilet

Preparing for installation

Base for installing the toilet should be smooth.There are several scenarios, namely:

  • if the floor is tiled and has no differences by level, any preliminary measures for the equalization of the base does not hold;
  • if the floor is tiled with tiles and is not even, the toilet set via Chopik.For this drilled hole in the floor, they become clogged by Chopik level, and then secured to the toilet bowl by means of screws Chopik;
  • if the planned replacement of tiles, dismantle the old liner and fill the new screed, if the old has differences in the level;
  • if the toilet is installed in a new home or apartment without any decoration, fill the screed, and laid tile.

pay attention to the pipes.Sewer cleanse the debris and various deposits on tap set-off valve (if previously it was absent) for the water supply to the tank ceiling.

To install a conventional bowl

Installing a toilet Floor Type Compact or Monoblock

Install toilet Floor Type Compact or Monoblock

Drawing toilet installation

drawing installation toilet

As a rule, the sale of a toilet bowl and tank are disconnected.Interior fittings barrel often already assembled, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

first step. Put the bowl in his place and make marks at the points of attachment.



Marks on the floor

Marks on the floor Wizard

second step. Remove the toilet and drill mounting holes at the marked locations.

Drilling holes in the tiles under the dowels

Drilling holes in the tiles under the dowels

third step. clog the dowels into the mounting holes.

fourth step. Set the bowl.Insert fasteners through special seals.Tighten the is not necessary to pull too much - can damage or attachment, or even the toilet.Pull up to ensure rigid attachment to the surface of sanitary ware.Top close fasteners plugs.

tighten the screws

tighten the screws

Close the cap

closure cap

Make sure the toilet is on the level

Make sure the toilet is on the level of

fifth step. Mount cover and seat.they assy usually comes with a toilet, so a separate stop at this event will not.

sixth step. Connect the toilet to the sewer.The procedure depends on how you are connecting the toilet issue.

Put corrugation .Compound corrugated sewer pipe to coat with sealant.On the issue of corrugated stretch the toilet without additional seals

Put corrugation.Compound corrugated sewer pipe to coat with sealant.On the issue of toilet corrugated stretch the without additional seals

Video - Installing toilets CD with the release of the wall

If the issue is to the wall, working as:

  • check whether the toilet issue coincides with the sewer pipe.If everything is OK, connect via-seal cuff.In the presence of the same displacement, use the corrugation;
  • process the ends of the connecting element with silicone sealant and are connecting the toilet to the sewer;
  • fasten sanitary product to the floor.

    Sealing joint toilet with floor covering

    sealing seam with toilet flooring

If the issue of settling the floor, do the following:

  • set on the floor, at the exit site of the drain pipe, screw flange with a clamp;
  • see in the center of the flange hole.Sewage pipe should enter into it;






    Install a wax seal

    Set wax seal

  • set toilet.Cuff screw flange should enter the toilet discharge mouth.Cranks up the cuff, providing full lock;
  • sealing compound with a special silicone composition.

    put the toilet

    Put toilet

Tip:If the connection with the toilet drain pipe corrugation is performed using from most of the sealing can be dispensed with, sinceconstruction of the transition of the hose itself is able to provide a sufficiently tight fit.

seventh step. you are installing the tank.Flushing mechanisms are typically sold already assembled.If the mechanism is disassembled, assemble it to the manufacturer's instructions (assembly order for different models may differ slightly).

Lubricate the ring tank sealant

lubricate ring tank sealant

Connecting cistern

Connecting cistern

Mount tank

Fixing tank

Tighten bolts of a tank

Tighten tank

Close the lid

Close the lid

Take the gasket from the kit and install it in the openingwater in our toilet.In the gasket set the tank and fasten the bolts.

Fasteners so it's best to install:

  • twirl first bolt so that the tank is twisted toward him about 1.5-2 cm;
  • presses his hand raised edge of the tank and tighten the second bolt.

    The scheme of installation and connection of the toilet tank

    scheme of installation and connection of the toilet tank

eighth step. We connect the tank to the water supply using a flexible hose.Turn on the water supply and check the quality of the system.If somewhere digs slightly tightens the nuts.The level of filling a tank with water is adjustable by sliding the float below or above.

Connect the water supply hose

Connect the water supply hose

Several times give a tank filled and the water is drained.If all goes well, we take the toilet in permanent operation.

Installing a toilet with concealed cistern

Installing a toilet with concealed cistern

Installing a toilet with concealed cistern

modern version of the installation.Use a special wall installation, in which the hidden mechanism of the tank.As a result, there are only referring to the toilet bowl and drain button.

Mount wall toilet on the installation

Video - How to Install a hanging toilet to install Geberit Doufix

first phase - installation of the frame

toilet installation system

installation system toilet

carry out the installation of a metal frame with mountingelements.To attach the frame of the tank.frame position is adjustable by means of brackets at the top and bottom screws.Frames are sold separately, have the same structure and are suitable for use in conjunction with any toilets.

assembled structure will have a height of about 1.3-1.4 meters. The width should be greater than the width of the tank.

second stage - hang tank

Installation is carried out with the following recommendations:

  • drain button is placed approximately meter distance from the floor;
  • between attachment sites stand a step equal to the distance between the eyelets of our toilet;
  • drain pipe must be situated at a height of about 220-230 mm;
  • wall hang the toilet at a distance of 400-430 mm from the floor.This averages.In general, guided by the growth of future users;
  • between the cistern and the wall stand a little more than 15-millimeter distance.

third stage - assemble the finished installation



Pre-check the evenness of the wall with a plumb line.When deviations are detected do the following:

  • anchoring plummet on the wall, retreated about 1.4-1.5 m up from the floor;
  • the point of contact with the floor plumb draw a line parallel to the wall;
  • retreat from the line distance required for rack mounting, and the devil has a single straight line.In it, we will strengthen the frame to the floor;
  • are putting the installation to the wall and outline the attachment points;



  • drill holes for fasteners;
  • fasten the support frame to the base, asking her to the desired height using the adjusting screws;

    Fixing metal frame

    Fixing metal frame

  • align the frame on a level;
  • fasten to the wall installation.

    toilet installation system

    installation system toilet

fourth stage - set the tank

first connect the tank.Draining can have upper and side outlets.Virtually all modern tanks models allow you to choose between the two options.

Important!When installing the toilet to install better to refrain from connecting the tank with a flexible hose.The toilet will last much longer than the hose.Do you want soon destroy the lining frame for a five-minute replacement of the hose?That's it!

to connect better to use plastic pipes.All necessary fasteners are usually come with the tank.Separately have to buy more only panel buttons to drain and then not always.

Approach to the sewer cistern

supply to sewage cistern

Putting issue of our toilets with sewerage.The most convenient way to do this with the help of the corrugations.Check the tightness of the structure.If all goes well, we close the water, temporarily disable the toilet from the sink and remove the bowl aside.

Important!To connect the tank to the toilet bowl and the water supply may vary depending on product model.We specify these issues in a separate manner and follow the manufacturer's manual.



fifth stage - is sheathed installation

To do this, use moisture-resistant gypsum board with a thickness of 10 mm.It is recommended to mount a double layer.Pre-do the following:

  • pins screwed into the frame for hanging the bowl (there are included);
  • close the drain hole plugs (also supplied) so that they are not clogged with dust and debris;
  • make the holes for the drywall studs, pipes and drain button.

is attached to the frame cladding sheets by means of special screws.Step fixing maintained at 30-40 cm. The construction will be of small size and weight, so some strict recommendations regarding the distance between the fasteners no.

Plasterboard stones tiles or trim other means at its discretion.

Tip:Before you start tiling boxes, set in the site of the future location of the drain plug and cuff buttons.Usually they are present in the kit.

Video - Installation of suspended toilet

sixth stage - set toilet

Installation of the toilet

Mounting toilet

For this conclusion bowl combine with sewer hole and hang the product on the pins (which we established in the previous stages of work).These actions can be performed in reverse order, as you prefer.Tighten the retaining nuts.

put the toilet

Put toilet

Important!Pre tiles, which will be in contact with the toilet bowl, you need to cover a layer of silicone sealant (instead it can be installed gasket).

can include water supply and to use the toilet for its intended purpose.

Install floor model

Squat toilet with concealed cistern

squat toilet with concealed cistern

Manual assembly installation remains the same.Changing only the order of the bowl assembly.Work in the following order.

What is the design of ladders toilet

What is the design of ladders toilet

Grohe Concealed cistern

Hidden tank Grohe

Built ( Hidden ) attachable to the toilet tank

Integrated (hidden) tank for toilet ladders

first step. Firmly secure the position of the knee.This will help the metal fasteners.

second step. Treat release toilet technical ointment.

third step.