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August 12, 2017 18:06

Grilles on radiators

As you know, not in every home or apartment equipped with modern battery with an elegant look.Unfortunately, some of the old type radiators can complicate efforts to sustain hosts room in some certain style.To help may come decorative lattice or screens.

Grilles on radiators

Grilles for heating

decorative radiators Similar bars on radiators, if they are wisely chosen, must not violate the harmony updated room design.On the contrary, they can be a great addition to the overall design and effective means to camouflage unsightly appearance of old batteries.

Decorative grilles or screens can be done independently, choosing the material and suitable for curtains and wallpaper color.It is possible to order an exclusive sample of the workshop, and as the easiest option - buy ready-made screens in hardware or furniture showroom (store).

to choose the right or make your own lattice , we can not forget about the main thing - about the functional purpose of the radiator.Battery set for heating and grille should not become an obstacle to efficient heat transfer in the room.Many landlords refuse the installation of these decorative elements due fear that they will trap heat and heating cost «a lot of money."

Common sense in such arguments, of course.However, I must say, that quite possible choose or make a grille , which will perfectly mask battery while not, that closes and contrary ,its configuration and arrangement of parts will increase even flow of heat into the room.

To purchase the correct grille , you need to understand the principle of radiator work and some laws of Thermal Physics.

The principle of operation of the radiator and the requirements of the screen ( lattice )

Article Contents

  • 1 principle radiator operation and requirements for the screen (lattice)
    • 1.1 combination of physicsand design
    • 1.2 Video: decorative screens for battery heating
    • 1.3 heat-shielding wall
    • 1.4 Effectively working grille
  • 2 Types gratings
    • 2.1 Main gratinG
    • 2.2 Variations in material manufacturing
    • 2.3 Video: A variety of screens and grilles for radiators

How does the standard heating radiator?When heated

battery transmits heat into the room in two ways: using a heated air stream - this is called a convention process, as well as by direct heat radiation in the infrared range.

These two ways of transferring heat energy can be changed by priority and efficiency, depending on the ratio of the coolant temperature and the room in the room, on the specific design of the battery and the external factors - the presence of interference and etc .

example, cast-iron battery is not very strong heat cold room for the most part by means of a convention.But with the release of the heating system to the maximum, when the coolant is heated to 70- five degrees or more, the room is heat mainly through infrared radiation.

modern aluminum radiators are working on the same principle, but they have the ability to be more flexible to adapt to the impact of external factors.For example, if the heat comes into the room with difficulty (this can happen, if battery blackout curtains closed), the heat flows in the battery move closer to the front plane of the outer sections.In this case, the radiator goes to work in the heat radiation mode.

In any case, the radiator to be most effective operation, it is necessary to provide both the heat transfer capability.For example, in radiators converter must be installed lattice , without the upper horizontal panel.It is necessary for the free circulation of heated air.

You can never overlap the path for convection air currents

can never overlap the path for convection air currents

If the screen is set, it must be selected such that will ensure the free circulation of heated air flows and direct the passage of infrared radiation.These conditions can be met only in that case , if it is on the front display panel will be sufficiently large hole (at least 50% of the total area) and the free space above the radiator - for convection currents.

In addition, there are other conditions that must be met in order to achieve the most efficient heat transfer.

combination of physics and design

to selected grille or screen does not interfere with the radiator to function properly, you need to provide still a couple of points:

have external cladding material should have good thermal conductivity, to infrared radiation does not remainin an enclosed space, and effectively transferred into the room.

inner part lattice or screen shall be painted dark color.This provides good heat absorption and its further transfer.The outer side can be of any color, the one that best fit to interior design - it does not affect the efficiency of heating . but the inside of the cover is recommended dark brown or black paint.

Video: Decorative screens for radiators

Heat-shielding wall

heat dissipation can be significantly reduced of , that a lot of thermal energy is spent on absolutely unnecessary Industrial heating inExternal Expansion in walls at fixing them radiators. To direct heat in the side of the room, on the wall behind the radiator fixed reflective screen.This auxiliary element is typically made of coiled foam insulation with a mandatory foil surface.The shiny side of the screen is attached to the side rooms - this "mirror" will effectively redirect the outgoing heat from the battery to the side premises.

On the wall behind the radiator it is advisable to place thermo- foil screen from the heat insulator

On the wall behind the radiator it is advisable to place thermo-foil screen from the heat insulator

Sometimes before installing the heat sink on the wall fixed foam, also having a reflective layer, and only then mounted battery.This option will help to keep warm and save a lot of money for energy consumption.

Effectively working grille

order not to err in the choice or the manufacture grating or screen, you need to consider some points.

  • Very bad option screen is a solid panel that is above and below over the entire surface or very small holes.
A bad option - small holes limit convective flow

Unsuccessful option - small holes limit convective flow

They will not be able to provide the necessary circulation of heated air masses, even if the inner surface of the grating be covered black paint.In this case, have to spend large amounts of fuel for heating rooms and means - followed by high costs.

  • Another, more than acceptable, but still not very effective option lattice - a broad frame made of wood that covers the battery around and has a front side grille of rails located far from each other.
Wooden lattice - a good thing , if it is not closed top shelf solid

wooden lattice - a good thing, if on top of it is not closed solid shelf

This option gives good heat only one hand - direct infrared radiation, but does not create an air curtain andcloses the cold air flow from the windows.

in respect of the design, this model looks good, as a tree is suitable for any interior.In addition, upper frame arrangement may be adapted for indoor plants.However, given the lack of circulation warm air - is not the best option lattice.

What convection grille leaves full freedom

Such a lattice leaves complete freedom convection

  • best option screen in all respects will grille , which simultaneously will guide warm air upward, blocking thus the path of the cold stream from the window, and means , from above grating must be either holes or slots directed.

Also, be very successful design, which provides aerodynamic visor .Especially it is convenient if the heat sink is hidden under a window air.Made of narrow strips of metal or cardboard, they are not so Article ck aplivatsya heated air from the top of the radiator, will forward it to the side of the room.

Yet another very effective supplement design - the so-called heat injector.Many warm air is collected in the space between the front wall and the screen itself radiator.If you set two directed blades, they will collect the accumulated warm weight and be directed to the side of the room a powerful stream.It is completely invisible when the radiator is working hardly at low temperatures.But once started strong heating of the coolant in the full "winter" mode, the effect of such an injector is impressive - the hot air flow becomes very tangible.

The figure shows grille screen , which practically fully satisfies all these requirements:

Схема работы "идеальной" решетки с дополнительными усовершенствованиями

Scheme of the "ideal" lattice with additional improvements

  • From the outside wall radiator is surrounded by thermal insulation layer foiledcoated ( A ).
  • the top of the wall and the window sill to the crop canopy mounted aerodynamic (B).
  • two blades form the top front of the heat injector ( In ).
  • front display panel is a grid structure (D) with large cells.

cold air (blue arrow key . 1), enters from the bottom, is heated, rises , not zastaivayas under a window air due to set the visor, is sent to the room (brown arrow key . 2 )

at high temperatures, heating in the course of entering the injector, bringing their significant contribution to the process of creating a directional flow of hot convection.

direct heat radiation shown by the dashed red arrows.Rays it aimed ago, reflected on the "mirror" of foil insulation and are redirected to the front part.

where heat rays or pass freely through grating holes in the room, or absorbed by the material lattice (as we know, it should be from the inside is painted in black color).If the material has a good thermal capacity and emissivity (eg, metal), the grille itself becomes a source of radiant heat , not only without reducing the effect of heating the room, but even exaggerating it.

Types gratings

Decorative lattice radiator divided into several groups based on the varieties of design and manufacture of materials.

way, there is still two important requirements grilles and screens that should not be overlooked:

  • Any radiators always create powerful convection currents of air.This means that the battery towards the cold air moving over the floor surface, entrains the dust and dirt particles (as if there were home clean all of the early escape).So, on the edges of the lattice or on the surface of the screen is sure to be over time accumulate dirt.Conclusion - The surface must be hygienic, easy to clean resist, including, if necessary, and the use of detergents.
  • addition to decorative functions, grille or screen is performed still and protective mission - cover sharp corners and edges radiators, reducing the likelihood of accidental injury ( especially if Domke in apartment or have children).Hence, the material should be strong enough to grille itself does not become a source of danger and desirable design without sharp corners or protruding parts.

Basic design gratings

split screen and grating on its special construction, the following main varieties:

  • Grille-box used in cases where it is necessary to close not only uglyview of the radiator, but penciled him the pipe.
A small tubular lattice

small box-like grille

  • mounted lattice , with the top cover.They are used to mask the batteries, which are not covered from above the sill and not recessed into a wall recess.
Hinged gratings - very easy to install

mounted lattice - very easy to install

  • mounted lattice without a lid is mounted on the battery, which are installed in a wall recess or under a window air.
Mounted grilles and screens without top cover

mounted grilles or screens without top cover

  • flat screens or intend lattice radiator, enshrined in a niche of the wall, or even just on the surface of the wall.
Flat screen , completely covering the radiator

flat screen, completely hiding the radiator

Variations in material manufacturing

lattices and screens are made from different materials, and to choose the one that suitable design and characteristics for a particular room, you need to consider each of them.It is very important to take into account the battery temperature of heating during the winter period, the material resistance to thermal extremes, and its environmental friendliness.

  • Metal lattice

Metal grille is often a panel made of perforated metal sheet with a variety of mosaic patterns of holes.This screen has a good heat dissipation, it is neat and elegant design.

Easily removable metal bars of different sizes

Easily removable metal bars of different sizes

also to this type of decorative arrays include the screen in a grid with cells of different shapes and sizes.

addition to simple modest options gratings , manufactured metal panels that cover the thermogram, simulating the texture of different woods.We also can not be said about the combination screens, where other materials are used together with the metal.

The box metal screen

box-shaped metal shield

Painting on metal panels are often applied with a powder coating that keeps the metal from rust and destruction of small "injury" in the form of scratches, and coating - from fading.

Metal decorative elements are easy to install and dismantle.Due to the variety, they can pick almost any interior.They have a fairly reasonable prices, and therefore such lattice are quite popular among the owners how their homes and city apartments.