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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a gas column

Probably, all known common expression for a long time: « my house - my fortress."It can, of course, to put the most different meaning.But when viewed from the consumer point of view, from the point of caring and thrifty host, it can be perceived as the desire for the greatest possible autonomy, independence from public utilities with their unpredictable vagaries of changes in the conditions of service provision, the increase in tariffs, failures in the supply of,maintenance work, repairs, accidents and the like.

How to choose a gas column

How to choose a gas column

no secret that not only owners of private houses, but also the owners of apartments in high-rise buildings in recent years have increasingly set their own independent home heating and hot water supply.About heating boilers - in a separate publication, but this article will focus on how to choose a gas column, not to have problems with the software their farms with hot water.

But even before it will problems, in fact, the choice of these dev

ices, it is necessary, at least briefly, to get acquainted with their base unit.It is necessary, first of all, to try to dispel a number of fairly common prejudices that have formed in the collective consciousness in relation to the speaker a long time, I sat there very durable and are difficult to «neutralize» .

device geyser and its benefits

Article Contents

  • 1 device gas heater and its advantages
    • 1.1 Video: general arrangement typical gas water heating
  • column
  • 2 Modern gas column - whether to be afraid of?
  • 3 What else to consider when choosing the column
    • 3.1 Power geyser
    • 3.2 number of "degrees of protection»
    • 3.3 column management
    • 3.4 combustion chamber and chimney
    • 3.5 Manufacturers columns
    • 3.6 Video: geyser «Electrolux nanoPlus»
    • 3.7 Video: exchange of views on the gas column "Neva Lux 6014»

order not to make a mistake with the choice of the heating device, it is necessaryalthough to understand about his device. Despite the fact that the range of modern geysers - big enough in their work and apply common principles of the internal structure and functionality.

Scheme - the approximate structure of a typical modern flow gas heater.Of course, the specific models from different manufacturers can have their own characteristics, but only in matters of layout and ensure ease of use.

Common types of devices geyser

general types of devices

geyser 1 - hood, closed metal walls, volume , of which one way or another evacuating combustion gases. Maybe completely sealed or related atmosphere ( conventional, chimney or bezdymohodnyh columns).

2 - copper heat exchanger.The pipe system with the "jacket", which takes direct effect of the flame of gas burners.Here goes, heated running water.

3 - Ignition sensor. Gives control signal for the opening of the total gas solenoid valve only if running the ignition fuse.

4 - the ignition fuse. Maybe different principle of action - for this will be discussed below.

5 - gas burner, or rather, a few lines of gas burners, providing 0 their uniform heating of the water in the heat exchanger.

6 - water unit, which includes, inter alia, the connection fitting cold water main ( poses 9.), Helical water flow regulator ( poses 9, not all models.), And the drain valve ( pos 10, also -. optional, not on all columns).

Водяной клапан - "лягушка"

Water valve - "Frog»

main element of water is always a node so-called "frog» .

The membrane transmits water pressure on the gas valve stem

membrane give the water pressure on the plunger of the gas valve

In fact - it is a working cylinder, volume is divided into two parts by a flexible membrane.

two halves "frog" linked fitting a certain diameter.The idea is that when opening the water through a column of expense pressure difference in the two parts of the "frog" diaphragm flexes up and pushes the rod, which is connected to a spring-loaded gas valve, opening it.Once the flow of water stopped (hydrant is closed) under the membrane pressure falls, the valve returns to its original position, and a gas burner, respectively, immediately extinguished.

11 - in the scheme - unit with micro switches (optional).

12 - Gas unit with hose connecting the gas hose (pos. 13).Here is the spring-loaded gas valve associated rod (rod) with a water knot.

14 - in this column - electronic unit that controls the heater operation.In simple inexpensive speakers can simply be omitted.Pos.8 - battery compartment (batteries) required to generate the ignition pulse on pilot light.

15 - connect fitting to the line parsing hot water.

16 - mechanical regulator, switches modes, control levels of water flow and the gas supply.In today's column can be completely replaced on the electronics unit, the transfer of control signals through a push-button or the touch control panel.

17 and 18 - a cascade of sensors work column.The specific "content" can be different - it will be mentioned later in this article.

As already mentioned, in any model may be its features, but the basic principle structure all early remains united.

Wiring the speakers to the water pipe, regardless of its model is the same for all - it is shown on on below.

Typical wiring diagram of the gas column

Typical wiring diagram of the gas column

So, when you open the hot water on tap water pumping through the column begins to flow from the cold water line.The pressure of the water flow opens the gas supply valve, which causes the ignition of burners (the mechanism of ignition - just below).The energy of the burning gas is converted into hot water - and mixers of the "hot» cranes flowing water is the correct temperature.

In this - one of the main advantages of the gas column - it works only in a time when hot water is needed, all the rest of the time being in "standby" or off.Owners of the house (apartment) use hot water only when necessary, and at the same time does not depend on the work of boiler.

second major advantage - it is, of course, operating costs.So far, more on natural gas cost, no other energy can not catch up.

Shortcomings in the column, of course, also available, and considerable.

  • Independently set it will not be possible - require coordination with relevant organizations, drawing up and approval of the project (unless, of course, the house was not previously equipped with such water heaters).
  • column operation, even in the most modern of its version, still requires all residents compliance certain safety rules.Reserve
  • heated water is not created , unlike an electric or gas boiler.
  • Initial installation columns can be associated with very large-scale work to ensure the removal of combustion products or to create a forced ventilation.

should note that geysers designers managed to solve most of the "chronic problems" gas flowing water heaters. Nevertheless , some bias in certain number of people to them remained.Therefore, in the next section of the article will try to take a closer look modern speakers is in the light of the persistent myths about their danger or inconvenience.

Video: general arrangement typical gas water heating column

Modern gas column - whether to be afraid of?

interesting feature geysers - they, wittingly or unwittingly, can even change the demand, and therefore - and the price on the secondary housing market. Realtors will not lie - often one of the main issues during the initial examination of the proposals is to connect the house to the centralized hot water supply and, therefore, the presence or absence of gas water heating column.

characteristic that the unity of views in this matter.Of course, people, exhausted still childhood the old Soviet columns with their whims, noise, unsightly appearance, with a constant "pressure" on the part of the senior on the strict rules of use and dangers of violation, and will not hear of acquisitionapartments with gas water heaters.

Memories of this column can be someone and scare

Memories of this column can be someone and scare

However, there is also the opposite category - people who are already familiar with the fickle public utilities, with inflated tariffs and pay- counters on hot water , ( and , to wait for the first drops of hot water , often need to shed at least 3 ÷ 5 minutes cold as circulation circuits in many multistory buildings simply cut off).And so experienced yet, on the contrary, more than satisfied housing the column.However, many prefer to combine both possibilities and - this is the most sensible approach.

What are the main "myths" about the geysers are still living, scaring off potential buyers of such equipment?

1. Column - very difficult to manage, requires self-ignition of matches and constant monitoring.

Let's deal.

Well, firstly, the control requires any equipment, regardless of the complexity.No one blames the gas stove with its open flame, or faucet in the bathroom, which was also necessary to ensure that he eventually returned no leakage.

Secondly, the ignition of the matches can be found only on those "rarities» still Soviet system.Maybe somewhere else they and released, however, all, without exception, modern, worthy of mention model fueled differently.

- The simplest, "imperfect" column equipped with modern pezorozzhigom.Before using it is necessary to light the fuse-igniter by pressing the corresponding button, while turning the control knob to the appropriate position.Even such a scheme is already considered "obsolete" is used less and gives way to other principles of ignition.

- A popular Electrical ignition .The starting point of water triggered sensor which gives signal to elektrozapalnik.At the same time it opens a channel of limited gas supply to the torch and produces a spark to ignite it.Energy comes to sparking or established power batteries (usually - 1.5 or 3 volts), or from the mains.

- More one modern method is the system « NidroPower ».In the cold water supply pipe in the column is built hydraulic impeller .When certain pressure fluid (usually - about 0,3 - 0, 5 bar ) impeller induces electrical charges sufficient to generate a spark for ignition -pilot flare that then give the fire a total gas burner.

Modern electronic igniter gas column

Modern electronic igniter gas column

read all this for a long time - and in fact the automatic ignition of the flame at the start of water takes place in a matter of seconds.

So, in today's column is no particular human intervention (except for pre-opening gas valve) is required: let the hot water - and enjoy it.

By the way, you can immediately answer on possible overgrown - but why do need pilot burner (torch), it really can not give right to the basic ignition?

No!As long as the torch does not warm up the sensor does not work Solenoid valve gas starter.That very small amount, which is taken at the time of start-up on the wick, no danger for people is not - it is easily released into the ventilation.But if suddenly the column accidentally extinguished, the sensor is cooled, the gas flow will be blocked - the solenoid valve closes the pipe completely.

2. It is widely believed that the column is a highly explosive device.

What can explode there?When it comes of gas, it is just as dangerous in this respect than an ordinary gas stove.Similarly, provided that there is no leak, the ventilation in normal, explosive gas concentrations take nowhere.

If we talk about the probability of an explosion of superheated volume of water, the boiler in this respect, perhaps even more dangerous.In the same column, when it flow principle of action, such conditions for an explosion - much less. Especially because any (even the old and imperfect) is always at least two milestone "defense" of which in same mentioned: solenoid valve, which not allow self-ignition of the burner, andwater valve- "frog", the gas shut-off when there is no water flow.

3. In some ways similar to the second point of concern: the explosion, and can not be, but gas leak lead to poisoning and sad end.

refute possible, leading all the same arguments that the two paragraphs set out above.And we can only still time to add: degrees of protection in ordinary gas stove - is much smaller and the likelihood to prevent a stove or oven gas leakage in residential premises - much higher. Nevertheless , more afraid in this regard, for some reason, gas columns, although it is quite illogical.

4. More one very stable, but it is not clear prejudice - say, a geyser completely ruin the interior of the kitchen.

Probably column , rather, is a jewel of a kitchen interior

Probably column, rather, is a jewel of a kitchen ineera

probably say that can only one with the imagination does not "wear off" the image of the old, stuck rust ancient column with metal pipes running to her.

Another example , when a column by no means spoils the appearance of the kitchen

another example, when the speaker well, does not spoil the look of the kitchen

accuse modern gas water heaters in unaesthetic - all like that show similar complaints to the refrigerator, microwave, extractor hood, oven and tons.n .Gas water heaters is the best fit in obstanov ku ku hni, occupy very little space, and, at times, give themselves to the general interior background only by the presence of chimney pipe.(And that - not always).

What still consider when choosing speakers

Thus, we arrive at a consensus: to be afraid of the gas column - no need to, they should be reliable and safe assistants in the household.So, it should be a closer look at the criteria that should be considered when choosing this device at a shop.

Power geyser

Under this option lies the ability of the gas column to heat a certain amount of water per unit of time to the desired temperature. general diversity of these devices can be divided into three classes:

Gas low-power speakers.Face value does not exceed 19 kW and is able to cater for such a water heater is only one point of consumption at the same time.

to the column medium power devices are rated from 20 to 28 kW.