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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fireplace made ​​of cardboard with their hands

Fireplace is always associated with the coziness and comfort, so , even living in an apartment high-rise building, people often dream of creating such an original corner in one of the rooms.Fireplace made of cardboard with their hands, made with love and precision, can be replaced in the interior of a real fireplace, fully to bear in this style of room.

Fireplace made ​​of cardboard with their hands

Fireplace made of cardboard with their hands

necessary to say at once that nothing particularly difficult in the manufacture of decor element is not present, and it can perform not only the man who has skills in construction, but also the owner of the apartment. Especially since the work is not laborious and requires no special tools and tools.Maximum, that need for process - a fantasy with external design fireplace that easily can vary due to the fact, that available in our guest large range polyurethane decorative elements imitating stucco, columns and otherdecorations.If a sketch of the fire will be developed independently,

and decorative items will be correctly matched to him, the construction itself can get absolutely original and exclusive.

Preparing to create the fireplace

Article Contents

  • 1 Preparing to create the fireplace
    • 1.1 planning future fire
    • 1.2 production materials and tools necessary
  • 2 process of making fire
    • 2.1 trim option
    • 2.2 Video: how to create a near-wall fireplace cardboard
    • 2.3 Corner fireplace
    • 2.4 Decorative wood
    • 2.5 Video: tips for creating a decorative homemadefireplace

planning future fire

Before get to work, you must do a number of preparatory activities, without which it would be impossible to produce an original interior decoration.

  • To start the installation location is determined by the future fireplace.Usually empty selected wall angle for him or where it fits perfectly, in contrast to the bulky items of furniture.In addition, the fireplace can be the perfect cover for unsightly corners.
  • Further, the future is determined by the size of the decorative structures, which is calculated directly on the installation site.
For convenience in the work at hand you need to have a drawing with dimensions

For convenience in the work at hand need to be dimensioned drawing

  • next step is drawing up a sketch of the future product, which is required to put down all the dimensions - a carefully prepared drawing will not be distracted by measurementsalready in operation.It is also recommended to make a drawing of the fireplace in the completed form, preferably - in color, that is, with all the alleged decorative elements that give it completeness.This figure will immediately decide on the acquisition of all the necessary details and finishing materials. Optional accurately draw in each of the elements of decor - will suffice to determine their location and determine the approximate size.

When choosing a finish for the look of the fireplace should be borne in mind that this element of the interior must be very carefully decorate.We come to visit friends, even the suspicion should arise that the basic material for the manufacture of fireplace served as ordinary corrugated cardboard.

production materials and tools necessary

next problem to be solved in the process of preparation for work - is the selection of suitable materials.

For require simple materials and tools

For require simple materials and tools

  • for body will need to get a big box of corrugated cardboard, which are usually packed in large household appliances - TVs or refrigerators.Since the boxes are usually after unpacking most buyers simply throws, the basic material can generally get all nothing.Therefore, if you think about this hack , it makes sense to turn to a friend or neighbor with a request to send a package in case of acquisition of such equipment.

More one embodiment production boxes can be "on duty" in the shop of home appliances.It is possible to agree with the buyer on the refrigerator so that it is not in a hurry to dispose of the packaging, as you free it from the hassle and take away her when she will no longer be needed.

In short, if the goal is, it is sure to be achieved, at desire to realize the developed projects.

  • Besides cardboard, you will need two kinds of glue - this polymer, type «Dragon" for bonding polystyrene decorative elements and PVA - for pasting cardboard corners using pieces of tissue paper.
  • can be used for pasting over paint a tape, which is easy to buy in any hardware store.
  • take a white water-based paint - for priming and painting the finished fireplace.
  • may need to clear aqueous varnish.
  • If the fireplace is colored, then the required color additives to the paint to give specific details crafts desired shade.In addition, you can buy a certain amount of acrylic paint (for gold, silver, bronze and etc .), If you think about any special decoration items.
  • Some home masters are liquid bulk wallpaper, to create on the surface of the future fireplace imitation marble chips or other materials.
  • purchased directly themselves decorative details - moldings is the desired length and the corners of them, columns and capitals, moldings and other elements.
To finish using the curly parts of polystyrene or polyurethane

used for finishing shaped parts from expanded polystyrene or polyurethane

  • to work will be needed and sponge brushes of different sizes, a long ruler and measuring tape, stationery tape, a pencil.At hand should always be clean, dry, soft cloth.
  • addition to the above, it may need other materials, if any drafting.Everything you need can be bought in stores and office construction products.

process of making fire

To be able to determine what is best fireplace suitable for a particular room, it is better to consider the two options of manufacturing processes fireplace - of wall and corner.

Decorative fireplace with his hands Searching for how to make a decorative fireplace with his hands?

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the step by step guide on how to make a decorative fireplace from the old cabinet with his own hands.In addition to this material is shown in detail the process of finishing the fireplace moldings and connecting stage LED strip!

trim option

trim fireplace is compact and does not clutter the room.In addition, the mantel, if you make it tough enough , may well serve as a support for decorative figurines, candles, vases or hours.

Decorative fireplace trim can be quite functional detail of the interior

trim decorative fireplace can be quite functional detail of the interior

First of all, you need to make room for the work, which will be free to spread out a large sheet of cardboard.Acting in accordance with the sketch, in compliance with the above on it sizes, spread out on cardboard (former box) are marked and are drawn all the details of the future fireplace.Through this process, we must remember that the folds of the box can also be used rationally and make them angles of fire.

Fireplace made of three components - is the foundation, which should be sufficiently rigid , fireplace portal and upper shelf.

basis fireplace

substrate must be rigid to the fireplace stood firmly on the floor, so to form the foundations necessary to strengthen the good.Strengthened the podium with additional inserts - ribs stiffness , which is fixed inside.

The rectangular base with stiffening ribs

rectangular base with ribs

ribs can be assembled into a lattice , and can be chaotic and glued to the bottom and the lid of the box.

Ribs can be chaotic and location

stiffeners can be chaotic and location

width of this part of the chimney must exceed the length and width of the fireplace portal at 80 ÷ 120 mm.Similarly, we can determine the into account the preferences of the master and the area in which the fireplace is installed.Make

basis in two ways:

  • carve out a box with walls, install or stuck on its bottom edges stiffness, glue PVA.
  • cut from cardboard two identical panels right size - it will and bottom surface of the substrate.At the bottom are attached and pressed ribs stiffness - they can be stuck on the glue or double-sided tape.

side surfaces of this design consist of flat strips, which are glued together from two or three layers of cardboard that will give extra rigidity basis.They are placed between the panels and is adhered to the masking tape.

doing stand - basis , should immediately consider how the portal will be fixed on the bottom of the structure, as sometimes it is fixed to the bottom of the Base.

The most common portal installed on the top surface of the base and then secured with tape.

Fireplace from a cardboard box from under the TV

Fireplace from a cardboard box from under the TV

Manufacturing portal

portal cut out of the box on lined with pre-lines and can also be manufactured in several ways: on the frame basis or a whole backwall.

first option

  • If the portal will be constructed on the basis of the carcass, the fireplace will have a tough design as frame walls are made of several layers of cardboard glued together.
  • To start made the front of the portal, to which will be attached the frame, making the whole piece tougher design.
Вырезание окна будущего "очага"

Cutting window of the future "hearth»

  • On cardboard should be marked out the window for a future outbreak.The upper part of the window cut stationery knife.Then the plane, which is marked as the window is divided in half.The resulting "flaps" are bent inwards - they become the inner side walls of the chamber.
Заготовка портала со сделанным проемом "очага"

Harvesting portal with made opening "hearth»

  • To make a ceiling hearth, made of cardboard cut out a rectangle whose length is equal to hearth width and width - width Interiorwalls.This rectangle of adhesive tape attached to the ceiling of the hearth place.

The result is a front part of the portal - it is necessary to strengthen the inside of the frame.

The inner frame can be reinforced cardboard crosspieces

inner frame can be reinforced cardboard crosspieces

Prefab panel sometimes made of solid cardboard boxes, which are glued together and dried under pressure.Then they are attached to the front of the portal and bonded together by adhesive or masking tape and PVA paper segments.

Another embodiment of manufacturing frame walls, which will make the fireplace lighter in weight - panel is not solid, and latticed walls.

on the rear surface cut windows for several shelves

on the back surface is cut out several windows for shelves

  • Then hard lattice of cardboard glued cardboard sheets in a single layer.
  • portal mounted on the base, the podium and secured using masking tape or PVA glue and paper.
  • After frame will be fully prepared and mounted based, it can be transformed by means of paint or gluing of paper, which will close all the unsightly connection.
The rear wall of the fireplace with shelves before finishing

rear wall of the fireplace with shelves before finishing

frame can play a role quite reliable shelves, which will serve as storage elements of needlework or other details, which do not use on a daily basis.

Shelves can be a convenient storage place for all small things

Shelves can be a convenient place to store any small things

If niche portal to be used as shelves, then the walls, and the frame of the portal should be hard , so they are also made of several layers cardboard glued togethera.

second option

second option is to make the portal easier than the first, as set out in the sketch on the size, going the usual box.In this case, the rear wall is integral and it can not be convenient to arrange shelves.

The second version of the portal - more simple , as is the usual hollow box

The second version of the portal - more simple, as is the usual hollow box

box glued and masking tape.

The front part of the portal is formed from cardboard strips, cut to size.It would take three or four bands, depending on whether the closed bottom part of the hearth by a few centimeters.

Оформление передней стенки портала "камина"

Making the front wall of the portal "fireplace»

Further, rectangular strips fastened to the sides of the box, and then - top and bottom between the side stripes, forming a chamber window.

next step ready to form the fireplace is attached to the marked place on the podium surface, first grab with glue and then firmly fixed masking tape or paper plates and glue PVA.

Installation mantelpiece

If you do not strengthen further the upper panel fabricated fireplace design, you can not put any decorative ornaments on her .Therefore it recommended to lay the mantelpiece.

Fireplace will look beautiful only if the top shelf

fireplace will look beautiful only if top-shelf

must be remembered that this element should not be heavier than the foundation of the fireplace, as the whole construction could fall.Weight mantel should be about the same as that of the podium or even a little less.

best to make the regiment of two or three glued together sheets of cardboard.For the top layer can be used not corrugated, and the usual dense material.

mantelpiece stick better on the polymer adhesive or "liquid nails» - so it will firmly planted on on frame structure or fireplace, arranged in the form box.

possible to use as a shelf plywood up to 10 mm thick or thin board made of wood lung.As an option - it is suitable panel laminate.


A very important step is the transformation of the finished design in almost "real" fireplace.This can be done different ways, as the appearance of the fireplace will look like wish to master.

first option

In this embodiment, the polyurethane decorative elements glued on cardboard immediately.Mantelpiece from the front and sides of the frame molding, having a width of 10 ÷ 12 mm.

Home decoration - bonding of decorative parts in relief

Home decoration - bonding of decorative parts in relief

  • thin molding divides the entire surface into separate zones, distinguished niche focus.