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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to change a faucet in the kitchen

kitchen faucet is among the most heavily used sanitary equipment.Anyone, even the best quality similar device over time requires a certain service - replacing leaky or dripping cartridge close-Books cranes.However happens and so that he comes into disrepair Korpu with a mesitelya - from the constant exposure to water begin irreversible processes of surface erosion, "eaten" thread nests in for valves or cartridge erased chrome finish.And if a product - from the low-quality silumin, it is quite possible complete destruction of the body with the appearance of cracks and chipping fragments.

How to change a faucet in the kitchen

How to change the mixer in the kitchen

Maybe not such a fatal situation - just owners decided to renovate the interior of the kitchen, and without having to install new, modern plumbing in this matter, too, can not do. How to choose a kitchen mixer was discussed in a special article of our portal.Now it will about how to change the mixer in the kitchen by yourself, without having to call a spe


This process , although and very responsible, but still quite affordable for the ordinary householder.

What will it take for

Article Contents

  • 1 What will it take for
    • 1.1 Video: how to pick up really high quality hoses
  • 2 old mixer removal and preparation works
  • 3 Installing a new faucet
    • 3.1 A. Installing mixer with hook nut
    • 3.2 B. Installation with mounting studs on the mixer
    • 3.3 Video: mixer assembly with fastening heels
    • 3.4 connect the mixer to the water supply
    • 3.5 Video: Connect the mixer to stiff podvodke

The work on replacing the faucet should immediately prepare the required accessories, accessories, tools, consumables.

  • presume that the mixer has acquired .However, necessarily need to check whether there is sufficient length of flexible hoses, which are included.Typically those that are in the set have only 300 mm, which can be insufficient.Furthermore, if the mixer is not a "brand-name" the quality of the hoses in metallic braid usually leaves much to be desired, and they should be immediately replaced.
Hoses that are included in the kit may be short

hoses included in the kit may be short

the selection and acquisition of such tubes be sure to pay attention to the fact that their length of nozzle (otherwise it is often called needle) should be different - it facilitate assemblyas the hexagon-key will not interfere with each other.

Also, you need to choose the right type of threaded connection to the water pipe.This applies to the diameter and type of the threaded portion ( "Dad" or "Mom").Most often, of course, used hoses "mother" and nut ½ inch - for direct connection to a corresponding pipe.Nevertheless, variations are possible, for example, if you use a comb collector or ball valve with release of "Mama".

When choosing a flexible hose paying attention to the type and diameter of the threaded portion

When choosing flexible hoses pay attention to the type and diameter of the threaded portion

Hoses should not be placed in tension, in the tightness, but do not buy them, and with a very large margin length.When pressure drops (opening and closing the tap) they twitch, vibrate, and this causes rapid wear of the rubber tube, placed under the steel braid .She begins to fray and can soon leak.

Schematically - device braided flexible hose

Schematically - flexible hose device braided

more durable and reliable in this respect - corrugated stainless steel hoses.

They, of course, more expensive, and mount them a bit more complicated.But in these hoses excellent rigidity - they will keep imparted to them during the installation bend.

Corrugated stainless steel hoses are difficult to install, but it is more reliable in operation

corrugated stainless steel hoses are difficult to install, but it is more reliable in operation

Some artists prefer to do bet flexible hoses, making eyeliner water to the mixer of the composition pipe.To do this you must purchase komple kt piece Utsera with fittings for metal-base.

Fittings (needles ) with fittings for metal-base

Fittings (needles) with fittings for metal-base

This eyeliner, of course, also difficult in execution than with flexible hoses, but only once by mounting such a pipe, for the site can continue to not worry.

Mixer with a rigid -plastic liner

mixer with rigid liner metalloplastovoy

Video: how to pick up really high quality hoses

  • Of the tools needed to work:

- wrenches.Guaranteed need to key in the 22 × 10 and 24. Very often mounting nuts on the studs require a key to 11. If the mixer is attached to the sink nut large diameter, it is best to prepare a wrench.

- screwdrivers with straight and shaped tip.

- Pliers.

- In some cases, can not do without a pipe wrench.

- If installation will be carried out on a new sink, which has no holes, or on the table, need an electric drill with appropriate bits (usually 35 mm).

- To work in conditions with poor lighting , under the sink, likely need light - a flashlight.

  • From the materials may be required:

- Seals for threaded connections.They will be needed when there is a need for mounting on water pipe couplings, adapter, zapakovki fitting a metal-base and etc .Trust fum-tape not worth it - better to use conventional flax tow and sealing paste (type «Unipak» ) - a connection is guaranteed against leakage.

- If the installation of the mixer will be carried out with the temporary dismantling of cleaning, it is necessary to prepare a silicone sealant and, of course, a syringe for ease of application.

- may be situations where the old "become attached" threaded connections will not succumb to disassembly.To help in this case can pulvelizatorny universal cylinder lubricating composition «WD-40."

After everything is ready, you can proceed to further action.

Removing the old faucet and preparatory work

  • Before begin to work directly under the kitchen sink, it is necessary, first of all , disable supply and the cold and hot water.To do this, the valves overlap at the entrance to the apartment, or if it provides for a system of internal wiring - shut off the flow of water from the reservoir into the kitchen.Sometimes valves installed directly under the sink.Of course, it is theoretically possible to block only them.However, experience shows that when working in a confined space is not ruled out the chance of accidental opening of the ball valve awkward movement of the hand or elbow.To avoid such misunderstandings, better yet stop the water supply to the kitchen completely.
  • After valves are closed, open the valve on the mixer - it normalizes blood pressure in a pipe.Under the old section of the connection hoses must be replaced by a bowl or other container suitable dimensions.The hoses are braided, given the opportunity to enter the water remaining in the pipes.
  • Now you need to remove the old faucet. matter is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

- Firstly, to work in an uncomfortable position, in the very constrained space, lying on his back - very difficult, especially if sink embedded in the kitchen cupboard.

- Secondly, the "classic" layout mixer - between the wall and the sink bowl.In such a narrow niche wield wrench it is very difficult - there is no place for it and imposing the rotation.

- Third, almost certainly all connections from time to time and dampness podrzhaveli , «baked onto" and not so easy to succumb.

When removing the old faucet is quite possible to encounter here with this picture

When removing the old faucet is quite possible to encounter here with this picture

In numerous articles on the Internet mixer replace this step, sometimes described casual, type « screwdriver, unscrew and remove the pin mixer."Skilled craftsmen know the value of such claims - with a very high probability these most studs screwdriver not give in, rather - would cut rusted slot.So, you will need a key, but about the "convenience" of working with him in these conditions already mentioned.

What is the solution?If it is possible to remove the sink (and this possibility is, in the majority of cases), means fluctuate not necessary - and dismantling and subsequent installation of the mixer will be performed faster and much higher quality.Better to spend a very small amount for the purchase of the sealant and conduct simple enough action to remove washing and its subsequent installation in place - you end up with all will still be the winner.

If you remove the sink , the work will go much easier and faster

If you remove the sink, the work will go much faster and easier

  • To remove the washing, of course, need to disconnect it from sewage.You can take out a flexible corrugated hose of the sewer pipe, or that, perhaps, it is more convenient for the further work, simply unscrew the lock ring at the siphon and remove the "glass" with a sink drain pipe.
  • Now, the comfort, it is easy to remove exhaust its mixer . Depending on its design or gets out a large lock nut or stud.You may need to probryzgat these nodes «WD-40", so that they succumbed.There are situations when it does not help - then you have to apply drastic measures - cutting them off with a hacksaw or sander . Main in this case - does not damage the sink.

By cutting sander is sometimes necessary to resort and the old type mixer replacement, mounted on a rigid podvodke of steel pipes.

This old eyeliner sometimes lends itself to cutting only sander

This old eyeliner sometimes lends itself to cutting only sander

Disassemble sleeves corroded or covered with several layers of paint - is extremely difficult.Therefore, there is more profitable to simply cut from above the threaded portion.Next - on circumstances .If it is possible to release high-quality screw connection for further connection flexible hose - the question is simplified.If not, it seems, have still and tap Lerke.

  • order not to procrastinate, you must immediately conduct an audit of state appropriate in washing water pipes, in particular - of the threaded portions, which are planned to fasten hoses.In order that the gasket fits snugly against the hose-edged pipes, it must be evenly around the circumference, have no sharp edges or protruding , violation of the geometry of the corrosive effects.If in doubt - better than the "pack" at this point the screw extender factory production - this will ensure reliable with a hose connection.
Целесообразно "обновить" резьбу на трубах установкой подобных удлинителей

advisable to "update" thread on pipe installation such extensions

Installation is carried out on the tow, the fibers that are wrapped by the thread on the pipe in a clockwise direction, and then coat with sealing paste.Extension twist open-end wrench or gas up to the stop.

  • If desired, and the availability of funds, you can immediately install shut-off valves, if they were not previously.This will subsequently carry out any repair work in the kitchen, for example, in case of emergency, without turning off the general water home network.
  • In the event that planned to carry out water eyeliner plastic pipes, there smy sl Wed ase "pack" for steel pipes transition fittings.
  • If you plan to install a new faucet on the old washing, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the area around the mounting hole from the build-up of scale, accumulated dirt, rust and traces etc .Such cleaning is carried out with the front and on the underside.
  • In case plan to install a new sink, you must, of course, immediately try to buy one that already has a mounting hole.However, some models are not equipped with them, and have take appropriate measures.

If sink is made of stainless steel, is used for this special tool that cuts perfectly aligned holes in metal up to 1 mm thick.

The tool that allows you to cut a hole in the smooth stainless sink

tool that allows you to cut a hole in the smooth stainless sink

diameter pick , based on the model mixer.Thus, if it is mounted on the stud 28, it will be sufficient, or 32 mm.When fastening nut hole to necessary diameter of 35 mm.

The process of cutting holes - uncomplicated

process of cutting holes - uncomplicated

Using them is simple - drilled in the intended location hole 8 mm in diameter.The device is inserted into the bottom part of the cutting, twisted bolt so that the cutting edges firmly lay down the metal.Then, turning the bolt with a wrench, ensure the rotation of the blades along the circumference.

It is more difficult if the ceramic sink.To cut holes in this case require the diamond crown.But even its presence in the home arsenal does not guarantee success - such cleaning easily can be damaged if there is no experience of such work.

Council - and in fact, and in another case it is better still to turn to professionals.Usually, good plumbing showrooms selling necessarily prompt, where and how it can be done, and in some cases such a service can be provided even in place.

What crown allows easily cut the tap hole in the countertop

This will allow the crown easily cut the tap hole in the countertop

If the faucet will be installed on the countertop, then a hole drilled in it.You can use an electric drill with a crown - hole saw Ø 28 or 32 mm.Practice the right hole with such a tool in the panel of wood composite not make much effort.

Installing a new faucet

As has been repeatedly mentioned in the article, mixers models can vary the method of attachment to the surface of the sink or countertop.

Mixer with mounting hairpin

mixer with hairpin mount

  • Scheme represented a mixer, which is mounted on the threaded studs.In complexes reflux akogo product are themselves studs with brass nuts, thrust plate in a crescent shape with holes for studs and a rubber or polymer strip of the same configuration.
Sami studs with nuts , gaskets and pressure plate must be enclosed mixer

themselves studs with nuts, gaskets and pressure plate must be enclosed mixer

There are models of mixers, which use only one pin, but particularly resistant such construction will not differ (not excluded cranking around an axis), and better to buy two.

Sample installation diagram of the mixer on the studs

exemplary installation of the mixer in the hairpin circuit

This design provides reliable installation on surfaces up to a thickness of 30 ÷ 35 mm, which is especially important when installing on tabletop mixer.

  • Another option - at the bottom of the mixer has a cylindrical portion and a threaded nut, typically M 34.
Mixer with clamping nut

Mixer with clamping nut

Such models are more suitable for installation in metal cleaning.It is important that the bottom in the area of ​​the hole was not difficult topographical configuration - requires absolutely flat land, otherwise there will be reached a snug fit and reliable fixation.

installation of various types of mixers has its own characteristics.