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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repairs in the building with his own hands

Buying a new apartment - a joyous occasion for everyone.Especially nice to get into the ownership of flats in which no one had lived previously.As a general rule, apartments in new buildings do not have any repairs.owners gaze presents a wall without any decoration, electrical wiring and plumbing pipes.To transform the room with bare walls in a cozy and comfortable space for life, you need to make some effort in phases by performing a series of important events.

Repairs in the building with his own hands

Repair in new building with their hands

recommendations before the start of repair

Article Contents

  • 1 recommendations before the start of repair
  • 2 Prepare surfaces for finishing
  • 3 Installation of plumbing,doors and glass
  • 4 finishing surfaces
  • 5 Repair ceiling
  • 6 Installing electrical
  • 7 Construction floors
    • 7.1 Video - Repair in a new building with their hands
It looks like just from built apartment

it looks just the structure of the apartment

Bare walls - full scope for action

bare walls - full scope for activity

Do not buy expensive building and finishing mat

erials for the repair of the first in a new building.The building will shrink within a few years, under the influence of which can finish substantially deformed and even completely destroyed.For this reason, experts recommend to give preference to low-maintenance, and plastic materials.

Brand new high-rise buildings a few years will shrink

Brand new flats a few years will shrink

Carefully plan repairs.Optionally, make a lot of drawings detailing the variety and size of important nuances.It will be fairly simple sketches.Consider whether you will carry out alterations to the apartment, what materials do you think best fit into the interior space, which must be installed lighting fixtures and sockets, etc.

Remember: literacy training before starting work will save money, time and energy in the future.

Prepare surfaces for finishing

Repair building is best to start with a rough surface preparation.Align the ceiling and walls.To carry out these activities, you will need spatulas, ironing board and rules of different sizes.Pre-clean the surface from dirt and dust.Alignment is performed using an ordinary plaster mixture.Guidelines for the preparation and use of compositions are usually given directly on the packaging.

Plaster walls on beacons

plaster walls on beacons

Pounces on a marking solution

sprinkles solution for marking

Set the lighthouse

Set lighthouse

Another lighthouse

Another lighthouse

Making the layout , stretch the thread - orientation and set a few lighthouses

Doing layout, stretch the thread-orientation and set a few lighthouses

We spread a brand new solution to the wall of your apartment

sketching out a solution on the new wall of your apartment

aligns plaster

aligns plaster

overwrites irregularities

clobbered irregularities

remove the beacons

Harvesting beacons

Overwrites groove solution

clobbered groove solution

Before plastering the wall is necessary to impregnate the primer.It will provide a better and more secure bond with the surface of the plaster.

If the thickness of the plaster layer will be more than 3 cm is recommended to perform the work in two stages.At the first stage the surface simply aligned on the second as they need to be carefully ironed.

first layer apply the mixture with a trowel.Carefully flatten the plaster and let it dry completely.Put the dried layer of plaster primer, let it dry and then apply a second coat of plaster.Procedure for the application remains the same, but this layer is necessary to level the maximum quality.Periodically check the evenness laying plaster using a spirit level.

The layout of pipes in the building

layout of pipes in the building

Installation of sanitary equipment - a rather complicated stage repair of an apartment

Plumbing installation - quite difficult stage repair of an apartment

Installing shell

Sink Installation

After drying surfaces can proceed to the finish decorating the walls and ceiling.However, it is recommended to install the sanitary devices and mount (replaced) windows and doors, if necessary, to further prevent damage to the finish trim.

Installation of plumbing, doors and glass

Rough wall preparation has already been done, so in the future, new doorframes and windows will not be soiled with plaster and putty.If you have a door, remove them with a box, becauseNew paintings usually come with their own boxes.

Plumbing installation can also be performed in-house.Domestic users often give preference to toilet bowls with horizontal outlet.Installing such a toilet is reduced to the physical connection to the sewer pipe.The legs are usually fixedly bolted to the floor.Typically, complete with a toilet is on the installation instructions, so any problems with it not occur.

Installation scheme toilet

Installation scheme toilet

Installation scheme toilet

Installation scheme toilet

Hygienic shower

Hygienic shower

Installing plumbing fixtures remaining at the discretion of the owner.

Installation of acrylic bathtubs

Installation of acrylic bathtubs

Wiring sinks and baths to the pipelines of hot and cold water and sewage

finishing surfaces

Select the wallpaper for the room

Select the wallpaper for the room

In the early stages you leveled surfaceWe prepared them for finishing, so to carry out any additional preparations do not have to.

sticking wallpaper

Sticking wallpaper

For the walls in the living room, as a rule, used wallpaper.Finishing material for the ceiling independently choose.The first repair in building better limited to the usual plastering or painting, sincebuilding, as noted, will shrink as a result of which the finish can be destroyed.By the use of the more expensive options for finishing is better to address a few years after buying an apartment.

Walls can be painted

Walls can be painted

applying paint to the surface technology in several layers

paint application technology to the surface in several layers

Painting the wall , dream

painting the wall, dream

walls in the kitchen and the bathroom are issued on its discretion.Typically, finishing such facilities is carried out with the use of ceramic tiles.

In the bathroom on the wall and floor tiles put

on the bathroom wall and floor put tile

In the bathroom on the wall and floor tiles put

on the bathroom wall and floor put tile

How to put a tile

How to put a tile

Laying tiles on the wall with his hands

Laying tiles on the wall with his hands

Repair ceiling

selecting finishing the ceiling is repelled on your preferences and the available budget.Inexpensive finishing can be done using:

  • paint;
  • whitewash;
  • wallpaper;
  • foam tiles.
    Ceiling tiles from foam

    Ceiling tiles from foam

    How to glue the ceiling tile

    How to glue the ceiling tile

    How to glue the ceiling tile

    How to glue the ceiling tile

    Options gluing ceiling tiles

    Options gluing ceiling tiles

Before using any of these options for finishing the surface should bealign.The standard used for leveling putty and primers.
Among the more expensive and interesting options for decorating the ceiling should be made:

  • installation of drywall constructions.Please attach to the surfaces of the guide profiles, after which it fixed the drywall sheets.Using drywall can equip as a simple, single-stage, multi-tiered and complex shaped design.Also, this finish allows you to hide the wiring, ventilation system elements and other communications, which is very convenient;
  • improvement of stretch fabrics.PVC film is stretched and attached to a pre-mounted frame.Installation procedure is more complicated than in the case of drywall constructions, aswhen performing repair becomes necessary the use of special heat gun;
  • plastic hinged design.Also attached to the frame.The main advantages: ease of installation, high speed of assembly, low cost and beautiful appearance.
Driving stretch ceiling installation

Scheme mounting tension ceiling

scheme of the two-level ceiling of plasterboard

Installing electrical

Installation of electrical

Installing electrical

Typically, at the time just unfinished houses it has a harness, but nono electrical appliances, or else their quality leaves much to be desired.After finishing the ceiling and walls proceed with the installation of sockets, switches and light fixtures.Remember elementary precautions: work with the electrician only after blackout apartments.Places for installation of sockets and lighting, choose at its discretion.

Remember safety

aware of safety!

Construction floors

Repair building traditionally ends with the floor arrangement.As a rule, the state of the sexes in just handed over the houses is poor.If the house is built of concrete panels and apartments have been put in the draft, always follow the screed.

Cracks in screed ( new )

Cracks in screed (new)

Sealing cracks

Sealing cracks

Screed - a layer of concrete mix, pour over the sub-floor and needed to align the base.There are several varieties of this alignment.The most popular and easy for self-fulfillment is a wet screed.All work is reduced to eliminate irregularities and gaps using concrete solution.

The new building is enough to make a firm , level screed

The building is enough to make a firm, level screed

Before pouring screed bottom of the walls should be either masked off with tape edge.

Mounting tape

Mounting Tape

Let the screed dry completely, lay a topcoat of your choice and install baseboards.

Driving laminate stacking

scheme laying laminate

performance indicators purpose, the intensity of the load and laminate class testing technology
accommodations public areas
low average high low average high
21 22 23 31 32 33
abrasion resistance AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 3 AS 4 AS 5 Annex E
ustochivost to shock loading IC 1 IC 1 IC 1 IC 1 IC 2 IC3 Annex F
resistance to 4 spots (g.1 & amp; 2), 3 (g.. 3) 5 (g.1 & amp; 2), 4 (g 3) EN 438
thermal stability - 4 4 4 4 4 EN438
resistance to furniture legs - - without visible damage EN 424
resistance roller wheels furniture - - without visible damage EN 425
swelling ratio less than 20% less than 20% less than 18% less than 18% less than 18% less than 18% Annex G
linoleum flooring

flooring linoleum

Laying linoleum

laying linoleum

Flooring carpet

Flooring carpet

this basic reconstruction activities in new end.Furnishing and equipping the premises are at the discretion of the owner.

Successful work!

Video - Repair in a new building with their hands