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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of a water meter with their own hands

More relatively recently, 15 ÷ 20 years ago, almost the entire population of the country, which has a central water supply, everywhere paid the services for giving water in accordance with the established norms of consumption for each person living in the house or apartment.The corresponding proportion was conducted calculation and wastewater services (sewerage).

Installation of a water meter with their own hands

Installation of a water meter with his hands

Currently, most home owners have already used water meters.The installation of these devices accounting usually planned still under construction house and summing him utilities.In old houses water meters crashed into the existing wiring specialists profiled companies or the master plumbing service announcements that many in any newspaper.Suffice it easy to instal counter water with their hands, of course, if the owner of the flat is certain skills to work with sanitary fittings and equipment.

This publication will focus on the need to install a water meter, the rules of his

choice, self-assembly, as well as what will be done after the installation of the device accounting .

Do I need meters of water?

Article Contents

  • 1 Do we need water meters?
  • 2 How does the water meter and how to choose the right
    • 2.1 Video: How does an ordinary water meter
  • 3 Installation of a water meter with his hands
    • 3.1 Video Basics for Self-installation of the water meter
    • 3.2 Video: installation workshop of water meters in apartment buildings
  • 4 What should be done after the self-installation of the water meter
    • 4.1 Video: Example of how to carry out verification of the water meters

Imperfectionpayment system on the number of living obviously - those rules that exist in many parts of the way, and until now, of course, is always calculated taking into account the interests of water utility organization, which in any case should remain in profit .

In payment in this case, absolutely not taken the possible absence of one or more family members.Even if the apartment for a long time at all nobody is (for example, the summer residence outside the city or a family trip to a vacation), the regularity of the parish to pay the bills is not affected.

Installation of water meters offers real savings

emplacement gives real savings

no secret that, perhaps, in a pleasure m m nogokvartirnom house has representatives of the category of so-called hard-core defaulters.And the real water consumption, which remained unpaid, management companies often spread out on the accounts of those residents, that has not attended the installation of metering devices and pay for water for utility bills coming towards them.

But even putting aside all these moments and it is likely to apply purely statistical data, the all still becomes apparent profitability of the installation of the device accounting .It is estimated that the average citizen spends per month to 4 cubic meters of cold water and 3 - hot.And existing rules have to pay almost twice as much - 11.7 cubic meters!

more difficult situation is often the owners of private houses - additional payment withdrawn from them on the basis of area houses adjoining land, owning a car.Again, never at the same time is not taken into account , whether the land is used as garden land, and often performed there pomyvka machine.

Do not pay too much, and give the money only for the actual consumption of hot and cold water will help the installation of individual devices accounting .Of course, this will require a certain primary costs - for the purchase and installation of equipment.However, as practice shows, in a family of 4 people such costs already paid off in six months.

More one very important positive aspect of installing such devices accounting .In most regions of the country we are used to treat the water as some givens, which has always been and, of course, is not going anywhere.At the same time, few people thought that water supplies - is not unlimited.A mounted water meters markedly disciplined consumers unwittingly causing them to pay more attention to rational and economical use of water.Probably, such a landlord will never be the dripping tap or faucet, faulty tank in the bathroom.

Installed meters markedly disciplined consumers make rational use of water

installed counters markedly disciplined consumers make cost-conscious use of water

Maybe on the level of a single user is perceived, like how th trifle, but the scale of the district, the city and the larger, such measures providea very impressive result.

How does the water meter and how to choose the right

to competently carry out installation and counter water with their hands, and the right to exploit it, perhaps you need to have an idea of ​​its structure.

Most water meters used in a domestic environment, have a single tachometer principle.The flow of water passing through the device, causing the rotation of the paddle wheel (impeller) or turbine .Torque is transmitted mechanical or electromagnetic means to countable device.Each turn corresponds to a particular water consumption.

principle alone, but its technical implementation can vary.

  • In small water meters used in homes, usually costs the impeller.The number and length of its blades accurately calculated, and give an accurate count consumption of water passing through the device camera.
The impeller in the water meter housing

impeller in the housing water meter

As a disadvantage of such a scheme may be noted, that paddle wheel has certain inertia and more influenced by turbulence created when abundant water passes, that affect the accuracy flow calculations.However, the scale of consumption of one apartment it has no practical significance, so these counters are the most common .

If the water meter is placed on a « serious » highway with lots of water pressure, it is usually installed turbine type devices.

Driving water meter device with a turbine

Driving water meter devices with impeller

They do not have the disadvantages of the impeller, and the level of accuracy they have - is much higher.

There meters and combined with a system of valves that ensure the passage of water and low pressure through the impeller, and at its increase - through the turbine.However, they are usually used only for accounting obschedomovogo , and at the household level to deal with them, is not likely to have .

  • Meters can be single-jet and multi-jet .As probably already clear from the name, in the first chamber the water passes through the total flow, which, in principle, enhances the effect of turbulence.To reduce this negative phenomenon in the very precise counters stream is divided into multiple channels.
  • According to the degree of isolation countable mechanism of water metering devices are divided into "dry" and "wet."

The water meter arranged on the "wet" principle, counting device has a direct contact with the water.Transfer of torque from the impeller is made in the usual mechanically through a system of axes and toothed wheels.Advantages - insensitivity to magnetic influence, low price.Disadvantages - low service life due to constant interaction mechanism of water, a special sensitivity to the purity of the flowing fluid.

The "dry» counters mechanical gp cr ylchatki or turbine separated from countable device sealed septum.The exact mechanics of the counter never, under any circumstances, is not in contact with water.rotation transmitted via magnetic couple - the ring magnet is mounted on top of the impeller housing, and the same - in the mechanism counting device, which also is in a sealed cylindrical flask.This scheme greatly increases the time of operation of the device, which is not so demanding, and to clean and water temperature.The drawback - vulnerability to external shocks of magnetic (electromagnetic) fields, so these counters began to equip additional protective anti-magnetic clutch.

Such devices accounting on standing at the moment are the most common in terms of apartments.


so constituted the majority of residential water meters

The diagram shows the basic arrangement of a typical modern apartment water meter:

housing bottom of counter (1) may be made from nemagnityaschihsya alloys based on aluminum, brass, rarely come across polymer.The enclosure contains channels for the passage of water (2) with a central chamber in which is installed an impeller, the impeller (3).impeller axis in the quality of water meters equipped with hourly stones (4), which provides its rotation with minimum friction and provides high accuracy readings.

«Water» part counter sealed polymer wall (5), which is fixed or a special nut, and retaining ring.In meters with antimagnetic protection in the same place at the center has a special protection sleeve that protects from the effects of an external magnetic field.

top of the body is worn sealed counting mechanism (6), which is often made of transparent plastic.It is attached to the body special ring, allowing rotate around its axis, so that you can set the scale in the position most comfortable for reading.This locking ring must necessarily Met factory seal.

transmission torque by a pair of ring magnets (7).One is located on the impeller, it is not the top cut, and the second set coaxially to the first countable mechanism main shaft.Thus, the rotation of the impeller "copied» exact mechanics of the device.

rotation of the main shaft through a system of gears wheels (8) certain properly scaled and passed to dial flow indicator (9), and a digital scale with rollers (10), measured the consumption of water, usually up to three decimalsign (1 liter).Thus, most counters have three digits of red, showing the proportion of cubic meters and five digits black, allowing counting from 0 to 99 9 99 consumed m³ water.

Video: How does an ordinary counter water

Many modern water meters are equipped with, in addition, special reed sensor that converts a certain number of turns in the electronic pulse.

Water meter with pulse function readout

water meter with pulse function readout

In this case metering signal cable is connected with a special display panel that can be located nearby or even sometimes rendered in porch.Such a panel can have the programming function, and show not only consumption but also its monetary equivalent in accordance with the current tariffs.

Counters hot water in general are the same described structure, but are made of heat-resistant materials that provide accurate readings when heated to high temperatures (up to 90 ° ) temperatures.In addition, some modern water meters with pulse output help solve another problem means a savings - they can monitor the water temperature.

Meters are connected to the display panel .Temperature sensor , in addition, takes readings of the hot water temperature

counters are connected to the display panel.Temperature sensor, in addition, reduces the hot water temperature readings

For this purpose, the pipe near the entrance to the counter (sometimes - in the case itself a water meter) sensor is installed, also associated with the electronic control unit display. If the water temperature falls below the established norms, it is consumption will be accounted for in a separate window.With the normalization of temperature records conducted in the usual manner.When paying for the consumed hot water output average.It can be used, and dual-rate scheme accrual payment - for example, at a water temperature above 50 ° (optimum) Prevalence nt to I count is taken as "1", if the temperature falls below this contract marks in the range of 45 ÷ 50 °,the buck "0.7" coefficient is used when calculating the amount payable.

How to approach the problem of the required water meter?

  • First of all, we should know in the management company, Veda water supply op the place of residence of the Host, which devices are allowed to be installed in the existing rules of the region.Perhaps the city has already introduced a system of electronic registration and multirate payment grid, and the utility will require the mandatory installation counter with pulse signaling.Most likely, the customer will be asked to purchase water meters just at them with the provision of paid services for its installation.If not, then in the "Vodokanal" shall provide information on trade or service organizations that have the right to sell accounting similar devices.
  • With self-acquisition of the water meter in any case can not acquire it with the hands, or in retail outlets, not worthy of full confidence, even if the price seems very attractive.Firstly, there is no guarantee that the unit is not a fake or "restored" b / y-counter , and how much it will last - nobody knows.Second, you can run into trouble when the management company post held assembly refuses to put the water meter in the account , and have to buy another.

on what data should pay particular attention to:

  • As already mentioned, counters are for hot and cold water.The temperature range must be indicated in the passport of the product (eg, from 5 to 40 ° With - cold and from 40 to 90 ° With - hot).Such characters may be applied on the front display panel device, moreover, is applied and the color coding (blue and red housing).There are universal models - they are usually color coded gray, and the panel contains the possibility of their use for hot and cold water supply.
Universal counter suitable for cold and hot water supply

Universal counter suitable for cold and hot water supply

  • Another important parameter - diameter nominal bore (DN). Aude must match the actual layout of pipes in place of the proposed installation of the device.Typically, apartments are used with pipe diameter 15 mm or 20 - it is required to specify in advance before going to the store.
  • Accuracy counter.EXISTING REGULATIONS instruments with accuracy class "A" is allowed to use (± 1%) or "B" (± 2%).Usually modern counters provide work for metrological class "B" in their horizontal arrangement with the scale, facing up, and the class "A» - for any other placement device (exception - have the water meter in the horizontal section with facing down countable prohibited mechanism).