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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install the boiler in the apartment

hot water apartment - one of the main components of a comfortable stay in it.The vast majority of urban residents can not even imagine that there may be some other way.But here's the problem - not all homes organized supply of hot water. Furthermore, even from tenants completely comfortable apartments can often hear complaints about the "quirks" public utilities related to both the frequent interruptions supply hot water and with unreasonably high tariffs to pay for this service.

How to install the boiler in the apartment

How to install the boiler in the apartment

optimum output - to achieve autonomy in this matter, have their own home water heater, and best of all - the principle of cumulative action, boiler to supply the hot water was always "at hand".But how to choose the boiler in the apartment, so he fully lived up to expectations hosts ?And the second problem - how to install the boiler in the apartment so that he worked well and did not represent any danger to the residents?Answers to these questions will be given in this publi


Forms household storage boilers

Article Contents

  • 1 Forms household storage boilers
  • 2 How to choose a boiler in an apartment - practical advice
    • 2.1 Video: Expert advice on choosing a boiler
  • 3 How to install the boiler in the apartment alone
    • 3.1 Preparation fixtures and boiler suspension
    • 3.2 Connecting the boiler to the piping hot and cold water
    • 3.3 special importance of the safety valve
    • 3.4 boiler connection to the electricity network
    • 3.5 Test run the heater
    • 3.6 Video: advice on installation of electric boiler

First of all, you need to navigate the variety, storage water heaters, as they there are many, but farnot everyone can go to the conditions of the specific apartment.

First of all boilers are divided into units of direct or indirect heating.

1. In water heaters of indirect heating does not use energy in the form of electricity, gas, solid or liquid fuel.Water, used for household needs ( its often called health) heated through heat from passing inside circuit, connected to heating system (sometimes used and otherhot water springs, for example, contours, connected to solar heat accumulator).

Schematic diagram of the boiler of indirect heating

Schematic diagram of the boiler of indirect heating

The figure is a schematic diagram of the water heater.

  • through the tube (8) of the boiler vessel (2) enters the cold sanitary water.
  • through a heat exchanger (6) circulates the hot boiler process water, which gives its heat health.The heat exchanger may be a few, they are in the form of coils (as shown) or arranged by a principle « tank in tank ».
  • A tube (11) made a fence heated sanitary water.
  • entire boiler concluded in enameled steel body (4), and the space between it and the inner tank is filled with a thick layer of thermal insulators - polystyrene (5) ensuring the safety of the heat of heated water.
  • Inside the tank is set magnesium anode (10), which has the purpose to prevent the buildup of scale on the walls of the vessel - he "pulls» her over for through lower electric potential, and should be changed regularly as overgrowth.
  • electronic control unit (1) with a temperature sensor (3) maintains the desired temperature of sanitary water.Since this by itself does not use its own boiler heaters, management goes through the circulation process water flow adjustment coming from the boiler.

indirect heating boilers are economical and high performance, of course, with sufficient power of the main boiler.However, it is for the conditions of the apartment they are not the best fit.The fact is that this water heater is connected to the central heating system, most likely will not be allowed - it lead to a significant drop in temperature in the heating circuit. In addition, half the machine, in fact, general will stand without an external heat source.Even if the apartment is installed autonomous heating system, all well this choice will not be optimal.By itself, the boiler requires considerable space and cramped housing conditions easier to just install the double- boiler.

2. In direct heating boilers other principle - thermal energy transfer goes directly to the sanitary water from the source of energy - natural gas, electricity, solid or liquid fuel.In terms of apartments, of course, use any gas or electric water heaters.

2 - 1. Gas storage water heaters, which are not to be confused with gas pumps, which are instantaneous water heaters.

Driving a gas water heater

Driving gas water heater

  • water is heated in the tank is carried out by the gas burner (4), located below, under the panel of special spherical shape, and reflux Pipes exhaust gas passing through capacity .
  • thermostat system (3) monitors the level of heating, controls the gas supply valve and piezoelectric ignition device.Once the water temperature is below the set value, the inclusion of gas burners.
  • There is also a magnesium anode (5), of which the functions mentioned above.

Such boilers are much more economical power, high productivity, but very popular with the owners of apartments do not enjoy, that a number of reasons.Firstly, they necessarily require removal system of burnt gases in the form of "classical" or coaxial flue.Secondly, the installation of the water heater will require mandatory approval of the gas supply organization and authorities Gostekhnadzor.And, thirdly, the cost of such boilers is significantly higher than most common and popular among the residents of the apartments - electric.

2 - 2. Electric boilers have received the widest distribution is in an urban high-rise buildings.They quite compact, which allows them to accommodate even a small area, rather easy to install, which does not require any approvals, uncomplicated in operation, reliable and quite economical.

There myriad different models, but the basic scheme at all about the same:

Total device electric boiler

general device electric boiler

  • Exterior decorative housing ( 1) and the inner tank ( 3), the spacebetween which ( 2) filled torfoizoliruyuschim material (polyurethane foam).
  • Entering cold water (4) with a flow diffuser (5).
  • hot water intake pipe (9) from the top of the boiler.
  • heating element - heater (7), the design of which may vary.
  • magnesium anode (6).
  • temperature sensor (8) connected to the electronic circuitry of the thermostat, which controls the switching on and switching off the supply voltage PETN to maintain in the boiler pre-set water temperature.

As can be seen, the circuit is simple and reliable .The cost of such boilers - it is accessible so that their highest, among other storage water heaters, popularity.Our further discussion about selection and installation of water heaters will be devoted to this particular varieties.

3. For completeness, it is worth mentioning about even one type of storage water heaters - combined.

They combine function and indirect and direct heating.For example, the diagram shows a boiler:

Combined boiler

Combined boiler

The housing accommodates two capacity.In the external circulation there is industrial water from the heating circuit.Inside the tank (9) is made of stainless steel battery heated sanitary water.In it placed an electric heater and temperature sensor.If the power is lacking an external boiler to reach a predetermined water temperature, the electronics system includes electric heating.It is clear that at a time when boiler is not used ( at the end heating season) electric heating becomes primary.

Such boilers, although combining all the positive qualities of indirect water heaters and direct heating, yet very expensive, and the conditions for their use of the apartment will be irrational.

How to choose a boiler in an apartment - practical tips

So, if you decide to purchase, and installation of electric storage heater, you should know which parameters have to be taken into account when choosing:

How to choose a boiler in an apartment , not entangled in diversity ?

How to chooseboiler in an apartment, not entangled in diversity?

1. Required storage tank volume. Diversity on this issue a lot, and it is necessary to choose the optimal model to have been completely meet the needs of hot water for all family members, and at the same time - do not have to overpay for absolutely unclaimed volume and power consumption.

When preliminary "estimates" based on the following parameters:

  • number and type of draw-off points , connected to the hot water circuit.
  • The number of people living in the apartment.

Usually, the boiler is considered the optimum temperature of the hot water to 60º C. However, it is very hot water, which is necessarily mixed with the cold during use.For the convenience of counting can be summarized in the table the average flow of water under various procedures, and to translate it into a 60-degree:

Table Indicative flow of heated water

Table indicative flow of heated water

Based of these data will be easy to calculate how volume boiler requires that all family members were able to take water treatments one after the other without waiting for additional heating of water.It is clear that taking a bath is not particularly "run away", it is better to focus on the ordinary soul.

For still greater simplicity of choice is a table which summarizes the recommendations required volume heater , based number of residents and type of points draw-:

The optimum amount of the boiler based on the number of people living

optimum volume of the boiler based on the number of people living

2. power consumption. higher it is, the faster the water will be heated.However, we should not forget that the excess power is not needed, too, as this boiler will seriously load wiring in the apartment.Typically, the average heater enough 2 - 2,5 kW. Nevertheless , although with such a power should handle regular power outlet (its standard threshold - 3.5 kW), water heater installation is strongly recommended to accompany the laying of a separate power line from the electrical panel. Thus, if the power higher than 3 kW, it is better to do without the socket, setting in the immediate vicinity of the boiler circuit breaker 16 - 25 A.

3. Dimensions and embodiment of the body. It is clear that these parameters are largely dependent on selected volume boiler, but there can be its own characteristics.

most familiar to the majority of users are water heaters vertical design.They - the most productive and cost-effective, are low cost.

"Классический" тип вертикальный цилиндр

«Classic» style - vertical cylinder

Previously, the basic form of the boiler was a cylinder.These water heaters are easy to product and service, but overly protrude along the front, which sometimes prevents them installed in confined spaces.

"Плоский" бойлер занимает меньше свободного пространства

«flat» boiler takes up less space

more compact boilers are "flat", with two flattened edges form.This tank layout, of course, less headroom, but it eats at and disadvantages - it is much more expensive and has a lot of welds that can reduce the overall strength of the structure and increase the area of ​​the possible corrosive effect.

Boiler horizontal position


horizontal position In recent years become popular boilers horizontal placement - if allows the width of the wall, then often choose their . they differ quick heating.Their only drawback - such an arrangement does not allow to achieve high performance.

"Плоский" горизонтальный водонагреватель

«flat» horizontal cylinder

Horizontal boilers can also have a cylindrical or "flat" shape.

Most domestic boilers designed to be hung on the wall.Boilers large volume can be in outdoor performance, but they take up a lot of precious space.

Important note - is not allowed to independently change the orientation of the boiler location - in the vertical and horizontal models have their own design features, and they can only work properly in a normal position.

4. Internal coating water tank can also vary significantly.

most inexpensive are enameled pots, but they must be installed anode rod for collecting scum.The downside can be considered, and the instability of the enamel to the large temperature changes - in case of accidental overheating of such a coating can crack.

More practical are boilers with stainless steel tanks - they are not afraid of the increased hardness of the water and the excessive concentration of chlorine-containing components in it.Some water heaters with tanks of high-quality stainless steel is not even equipped with anode rods due their uselessness.Stainless steel fine moves elevated temperature and pressure, preventing deformation. Of course, the cost of such models is already much higher.

latest innovative solutions are expensive, but very reliable boilers with steklofarforovym tanks coating.Such capacity is absolutely not afraid of corrosion attack, completely chemically inert, are not subject to cracking or delamination than "sin", for example, enameled.Steklofarforovoe cover is the most eco-friendly - the water never will be an unpleasant smell or taste, has antibacterial effect.All these advantages, of course, also affect the value of these models.

5. presence of anti-scale and corrosion, which has already been mentioned above.

The magnesium anode protects the heating elements and the tank wall against the formation of scale and corrosion

magnesium anode protects the heating elements and the walls of the tank from scale formation and corrosion

Add here can be that some models are equipped with no magnesium, and inert anode rods, which have a much more efficient and require frequent replacements. However, this convenience is also reflected in the cost of the boiler.

6. Type electric heater. can select a boiler with the "dry" or "wet» Tan .

"Мокрый" ТЭН непосредственно контактирует с водой

«Wet» heater in direct contact with water

usual "wet" heating element in direct contact with the heated water that gives it more effective, but at the same time, increases its vulnerability to corrosion and deposition of scale.