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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tree on a wall with their hands

Argued that an ever-expanding range of finishing materials should gradually displace and eliminate outdated versions, but the reality is not so.Traditional solutions are modified under the influence of modern requirements and appear to customers in a completely different light.The timber should be brought as the most illustrative example.On what seems to be the usual stuff, but with the passage of time not only lost, but also reinforcing their position.

Tree on a wall with their hands

tree on the wall with his hands

Today, interior decoration with the use of wood is considered to be extremely stylish design options, because the tree - this is not only aesthetic, but also eco-friendly material.Some people mistakenly believe that the only available option - wall decoration clapboard.In fact, there are many alternative ways, which will be discussed below.

Finish using boards

Article Contents

  • 1 Finish using boards
    • 1.1 Benefits material
  • 2 trim board of an array
  • 3 block house forcladding
  • 4 Decorating the walls with laminate with their hands
    • 4.1 laminate adhesive
    • 4.2 laminate crate
  • 5 Wood wallpaper
  • 6 wall Decoration Speel
  • 7 Decorating the walls paneled
    • 7.1 Video - tree on the wall with his hands
    • 7.2 Video - wall decoration wood
Finishing with the help of boards

Finish using

boards today, the construction market offers a large number of boardsdifferent types: front, deck, parquet.The last option is the most popular.The demand is due to several reasons.

Benefits material

  1. quite easy to manufacture, as used for the production of a variety of different types of wood from ash, maple, beech, larch to cherries, cherries and pears.
  2. wide range of colors allows you to choose the right option for every interior.You can buy a light-colored wood, but you can find stuff deep dark color.
  3. Each of these types of wood species belongs to quality and features excellent performance.
  4. Parquet boards as a finishing material for the walls look good in the interior.
  5. Affordability parquet boards allows to issue a large room without significant financial costs.
  6. Extras "decorate" the wood, you can use special stains and wax impregnation.They not only prolong the service life of the material, but also a change for the better appearance.

trim board of an array

Finish the board of the array

trim board of an array

Competent boarding the surface of the array provides a spectacular interior, which will be an occasion for envy of all friends.Using special impregnation made on the basis of wax and oil, give the kind of boards resembling velvet.In addition, these tools allow you to create on the surface of the boards film repels water, which prevents the development of mold and mildew.

Block House for wall

Block House for wall

Block House for wall

Some apartment owners tend to make their homes unique and in some ways even extravagant.So if you are tired of boring solutions, pay attention to the block-house, that is, the board, whose section simulates the well-known on the rural landscape logs.With this material you can achieve this at home "rural" interior.

To design looks even more impressive, it is recommended to resort to this method, as an artificial "aging of" tree.For this method is most often used "brushing", that is treatment of the material with a wire brush.During the processing of wood fibers are removed from it, which creates interesting relief.The material and color, not allowing the paint to dry, it is removed.

Decorating the walls with his own hands laminate

Laying laminate on the wall

Laying laminate on the walls

An example of mounting the laminate on the wall in the bedroom

laminate mounting example on the wall in the bedroom


  • simple pencil;
  • line;
  • silicone;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws;
  • glue;
  • bar for podbivaniya laminate;
  • jigsaw;
  • hammer;
  • moldings;
  • sills.

laminate adhesive

Laying laminate on the wall

Laying laminate on the walls

This method is the most simple and requires no additional skills.To ease the problem, it is recommended in advance to gather the shields of purchased panels.It is thickly spread with "side" panels with glue and glue the elements so as to get a full shields.That we have to fix them to the wall surface.It is important that it has been prepared in advance.You may also want to spend the markup.

Decorating the walls of the laminate

wall trim laminate

How to strengthen the laminate to the wall

How to strengthen the laminate to the wall

One thing to remember for a successful outcome: the work must begin with the bottom left corner.It is recommended to remove the casings, which are then installed on the old site.

laminate crate

Laying laminate on the wall

Laying laminate wall

Step 1. carry out the necessary measurements, count the number of the laminate, as well as the number of moldings and other parts that are needed for mounting.

Step 2. Using a ruler and pencil, put on the wall surface markings.

Step 3. Remove from the doors and window frames.

Step 4. Mount crate, ie frame.It is quite simple - come from pieces of wood and attached perpendicular to the floor, but parallel to each other at a distance of 40 cm

Step 5. begins to conduct installation material, as mentioned above, the lower part of the left angle of the room..

Step 6. In the corners of the trimmed timber with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw
Step 7. our disposal strips staggered.

Step 8. Handle the joints with silicone.

Step 9. latches locks.

laminate stacking technology to the wall really is very simple and will not cause any difficulties.

Decorating the walls with his own hands laminate

Decorating the walls with his own hands laminate

Wood wallpaper

The walls are covered with natural wood wallpaper

walls are covered with natural wood wallpaper

Wooden wallpapers represent an alternative finish of real wood.The basis used paper, and a special wood veneer is applied to it.The material is sold in rolls.

cost depends on many factors, but the main criterion is the price of raw materials.

Wood wallpaper

Wood wallpaper

process of gluing wood wallpaper on the wall surface a little different from the usual application technology wallpaper.It differs only the result, because in the end we get a wall that looks as if it finished in wood.

Wall Decoration Speel

Pine spil

Pine Speel

One of the most unusual and popular choices of interior design today is considered finishing Spila.A cross section of the trunk of small thickness is used as the main decorative element.This method of decoration is so popular that to date, manufacturers have started to produce the wallpaper and tiles that mimic this pattern.Decorate the walls of log cabins in a very simple room.

Decorating the walls of Spili

Wall Decoration Speel

First of all you should decide what area you want to take a cross-section.Experts do not recommend zealous as an unusual type of finish on a large scale can only spoil the interior.The best option - one wall, preferably one that is at the head of the bed.

necessary to prepare the wall, paint it in a calm color, and then using a special high-quality glue applied log cabins.They can be mounted close to each other, or come up with an interesting pattern fragmented.It all depends on the imagination of the artist.

Wall decoration panels

Decorating the walls panels

Wall decoration panels

most popular type of surface finishing of walls with panels considered the Christmas drawing.For its implementation will need tools like protractor, hacksaw, tape (double-sided), a covering and a pencil.

finishing process consists of several key steps:

  • calculation;
  • markings;
  • trimming strips;
  • mount.

consider each of them in detail.

Step 1. component on a sheet of paper of the scheme should look like the finished wall.It is very important to pay attention to the accuracy of measurements.This is a very important stage, so do not approach it carelessly.

Step 2. clearly in the middle of the wall holding a pencil with a simple flat vertical line.It will serve as a boundary for the correct folding panels.

Laying parquet "herringbone"

laying parquet ┬źherringbone┬╗

Stacking of a parquet

parquet Laying

Step 3. Prepare panel.This means that we take them and cut off at an angle of 90 degrees so that one edge turned skew.One half of the board must be cut from the right angle, and the other - with the left hand.



Step 4. Take-sided adhesive tape and fasten it on the panels.It is important that each strip had three longitudinal strips of tape.

Step 5. First fasten the middle elements.You will need an assistant.We apply the strap oblique angles, focusing on the incised line.It is important to ensure that no gaps remain between them.

Step 6. fix a panel on the wall.To do this, remove the protective film from the elements and firmly pressed to the surface of the strips.

Step 7. Focusing on the panels that were glued first, continue to paste over the wall by analogy.

Focusing on the panels that were glued first , we continue to paste over the wall by analogy

Focusing on the panels that were glued first, continue to hang wall similar

This option is most often used for bedrooms, but as an experiment you can try it out in the kitchen.Do not be afraid to trust your own taste and imagination to realize.In addition, the tree - this is the material that makes it easy to bring creative ideas.

Video - Tree on the wall with his hands

Video - Wall decoration wood