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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to align your own alterations to the apartment

How agree alterations to the apartment by yourself, if it is necessary to increase the area of ​​a room, or vice versa - separating rooms? This question arises to many homeowners who have decided to make changes to the existing arrangement of the premises of the apartment.

How to align your own alterations to the apartment

How agree alterations to the apartment yourself

it sets out repairs and redevelopment, necessarily need to know about some of the nuances that you should consider before starting work. It is not only drawing up a new plan apartments with fine architectural calculation and design project, but also the coordination of actions in the coming regulatory authorities.

If these issues not addressed in time, when it detects illegitimate alterations during those or other real estate transactions, its owner, moreover, would pay a heavy fine - he can not sell, donate, rewrite on anotherfamily member as long as all the redevelopment will not be officially legalized.

In addition, without the conclusion of experts, arc

hitects do not touch the walls of the apartment, not to determine which of them is a carrier.Having decided on their own, without consulting with experts and without the approval of the plan to demolish the wall or to make it opening for the doors as well as build additional partitions can seriously disrupt the overall strength of the building structure, which can lead to it with a high probability damage.

course, walking on different instances troublesome thing.However, we must remember that sooner or later it all well have to do, but only after such approval will cost much more expensive.

range permitted and prohibited action at redevelopment

Article Contents

  • 1 range of permitted and prohibited activities under redevelopment
  • 2 Where to apply for approval of redevelopment?
  • 3 Dates matching
    • 3.1 Video: tend to agree alterations to the apartment
  • 4 responsibility of the owners of housing for unauthorized alterations
    • 4.1 Video: what can threaten unauthorized alterations apartment
  • 5 How to avoid buying an apartment with illegitimate redevelopment?

order not to go to the housing inspection with empty hands, you need to advance, although would about , prepare his own project of redevelopment, with considering existing rules, which specify, that permissible and that strictly prohibited.

When planning it is necessary to know the list of permissible and prohibited alterations

When planning it is necessary to know the list of permissible and prohibited alterations

Valid activities for redevelopment include:

  • Association toilet and bathroom to increase the total area of ​​the bathrooms, as well as the use for the expansion of this area of ​​thecorridor.
  • Construction of the kitchen and adjacent dining room, kitchen with breaching opening in the wall is not a carrier ..
  • Increase in the living room area for through its association with a corridor or somepart of it.
Example increase floor space at the expense of the corridor

Example increase floor space at the expense of the corridor

  • device additional doorways in walls that are not load-bearing.
  • Dismantling wall closets and mezzanine for larger living rooms or kitchen premises.
  • removal of the wall under the window at the exit to the balcony - to expand the passage or to combine this room with a bathroom.
  • Transfer deep into the front door of the corridor, to create a vestibule in front of her, if that is possible.

strictly forbidden plan and perform the following alteration of premises:

  • Removing or independent penetration passages in the capital bearing walls.
  • Combining living rooms or kitchens with loggias or balconies by parse any external walls.
  • union premises with toilet facilities or increase usable space through their .
  • Rearrange the loggia or balcony radiators, connected to the central heating system.
  • strictly forbidden to combine the apartments, located on different floors, with the dismantling of even a small part of the floor slabs.
  • dismantling or ceiling ventilation ducts and vents.
  • Annex additional rooms to the ground floor apartment, as well as equipping them or under balconies cellars and basements.
  • Unauthorised installation of capital partitions in rooms made of reinforced concrete or other bulk materials.

Given these rules, you can create your own pattern pre-proe kt to I of its in the housing commission.

Where seek to harmonize redevelopment?

To obtain a permit for construction works on the redevelopment of the apartment, you must contact the local district government, which is formed or housing commission, or set up a special inspection. To figure out exactly what is the authorized body in a particular area will coordinate such activities, should contact the local executive authorities.

To begin repair work necessary to obtain the negotiation document - Resolution

to start repair work necessary to obtain the negotiation document - permission

To not waste time in vain, you can prepare in advance the required package of documents required for the application procedure and its approval.

  • supporting documents for the right property.Provide a copy can be notarized.
  • Datasheet on housing , which planned restructuring.
  • A special application form with a description of the future redevelopment. Blank issued directly in the commission dealing with the data.
  • draft plan of redevelopment.
Future redevelopment project is part of a package of documents for approval

future redevelopment project is part of a package of documents for approval

  • consent of all permanently registered in the apartment residents to carry out activities for the alteration of the living space.

Remodelling in old buildings can still be difficult and the , that they may be of historical or cultural value.If it turned out that everything is going exactly the way it would have still apply for a permit and the organization involved in the protection of monuments.

This list of documents to provide legalized throughout the Russian Federation, any other documents with the owner of property to require authorized persons should not.By the way, yet not so long negotiation process was much more complicated, as the representatives of the housing commission had the right to self-determination of the list of necessary documents for approval.

Dates matching

Working with accepted for consideration by a commission documents a maximum six weeks (and more precisely - 45 days).Upon delivery of the package to the owner of property documents a receipt must be issued, which shall bear the date of their receipt .From this date and are measured set for all the matching process time.When conclusion of permitted or contrary , prohibited redevelopment made ready certified document can be obtained after three working days.

If you receive permission to redevelop, then you can safely proceed to the construction works.

If it is refused, you should pay attention to the rationale for the prohibition, as formally approved by all three factors, which may cause a negative decision on the redevelopment of the apartment.

  • drafting the plan does not meet the requirements of the law or is contrary to the established rules, as mentioned above.
  • required documents are not fully assembled or authenticity of documents in doubt.
  • documentation provided to the Commission, which does not deal with such matters - isolated cases of such incidents also occur.To sort happened, and there was no lost time, significantly better to find out who it is in this area considering such questions.

If redevelopment is refused, the decision to refuse issued in a document that contains the exact cause .If the decision is the apartment owner seems inappropriate, then he has the opportunity to challenge the refusal in court.Statistics show that after the take effect, such rules, the failure in the request to issue a permit to redevelop it became much smaller.

If redevelopment is allowed, and work in accordance with the approved project conducted in full volume, then the next step is invitation Commission acceptance of the work performed.It will check all made alterations and their compliance approved the plan and make the appropriate act.Then all the documents and the act of prisoners must go to the commission on real estate, and only after that alterations will be considered institutionalized.

After the redevelopment commission should take the work performed , cook them with the project

After the redevelopment commission should take the work performed by referring them to the project

All changes necessarily reflected in the data sheet flat and the landlord then there are no problems when making real estate transactions.

Video: tend to agree alterations to the apartment

Responsibility hosts housing for unauthorized alterations

When misconduct of the owner on the unauthorized re-planning, the following penalties may be imposed.

Commission reserves the right to compel the owner of the apartment to return the original form, and sets specific deadlines for this process.

If remake the apartment was conducted without violations of existing rules and does not affect the overall structure of the design, the Commission may authorize the legalization of new apartments plan.Such variants reflux Auger provided by law.Of course, this will involve the assistance of the owner of property to administrative responsibility in accordance with Art.7.21 of the Administrative Code.Although the amount of the fine is set there small -. 2 to 2.5 thousand rubles, there prerequisites for the fact that in the near future recovery of substantially tougher - consider the option of increasing penalties, even up to 100 thousand rubles..

If the Commission has decided to return to the original form of the apartment, due to the fact that a violation of the security of the entire building, but the owner has steadfastly refused to comply with these requirements and does not carry out the relevant work, the lawsuit against him transferred to the courts.The court may take decision on alienation of property from the owner, and exhibiting it to the public bids . Imposition of such decisions produced a very rare, but all as such cases happen.After the sale of the apartment money transferred to the owner of the property less the legal fees.

If uncoordinated redevelopment spent citizen residing in an apartment on the social contract of employment (state, municipal or service housing ), the contract can be terminated followed by the eviction of the perpetrators.

Video: what can threaten unauthorized alterations apartment

How to avoid buying an apartment with illegitimate redevelopment?

purchasing an apartment, you must carefully examine her datasheet and compare it with a real plan.If drawing in the passport coincides with the existing arrangement of rooms and their sizes, this means that alterations legalized, since in any case all the agreed changes are recorded in the technical data sheet on the housing .Independently make reconciliation is difficult, so it is recommended to invite a specialist in buying an apartment from the Technical Inventory Bureau or other authorize nnogo deal with such questions authority.SPECIAL Article etc. oizvedet desired measurements, check with the current plan, and the plan clearly defined by law.

When buying an apartment - special attention to her plan, which should coincide with the realities of

When buying an apartment - special attention to her plan, which should coincide with the realities

The first thing you need to pay attention to in terms apartments - is a red line showing the new layout of the rooms and their size.If the plan of the apartment does not coincide with the reality, and there are no red lines redevelopment, so it is not legalized, and the new owner can be big problems.In the future, the responsibility for the actions of the former owner of the whole will be on the new owner.

Therefore , acquiring housing , must be exercised to documents focus, meticulous in the examination of all the nuances, to seemingly , little things, so that later do not have to remain without an apartment, or to do a large-scale costly repairs, returning the premises initialview.