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August 12, 2017 18:06

Biofireplaces to the apartment with his hands

Bio-fireplace - is an excellent replacement for a real fireplace in the apartments of apartment buildings.Many residents of private homes, too dream of a "live fire", but it is not always possible for various reasons for this real hotbed.Of course, in addition to bio fireplaces for sale are presented and electric options, simulating live fire, but working for a long time, they dry the air, and electricity requires a fairly high cost.Bio-fireplace also does not have these disadvantages, so it can be used for a long time and in any room.

Biofireplaces to the apartment with his hands

Biofireplaces to the apartment with his hands

biofireplaces for apartments with their own hands can be made in the presence of of the necessary materials.Ready-made options like interior decorations are expensive, so if you want to transform the design to the obli to vartiry biofireplaces, it is possible to try to make it yourself.

Bio-fireplace can have different shapes, so you can choose the one that is more suitable for interior decora

tion.Include fantasy, fire biofireplaces enclosed in round or rectangular styles fence - this may be a small vase or box, a fireplace in the wall or built into it , and set in the middle of the room or even on the desktop.Naturally, the work on this accessory comfort will take some time, a great effort and high accuracy.

But before get to work, you must deal with this decorative device unit and understand that it is necessary for its normal operation.

biofireplaces become in recent years more and more popular and fashionable for the different styles of interiors, they have their pros and cons in the operation, which is also good to know.

principal device biofireplaces

Article Contents

  • 1 principal device biofireplaces
    • 1.1 Video: example of modern bio fireplaces with electronic control
  • 2 first step - drawing sketchBiofireplaces
  • 3 materials and parts for the manufacture of bio fireplaces
    • 3.1 Video: raznoorazie designs and styles design bio fireplaces
  • 4 Self assembly biofireplaces
    • 4.1 first option: the flame between the two screens
    • 4.2 second option: Bio Fireplace - «Aquarium»
    • 4.3 Video: another interesting option of manufacturing bio fireplaces
Biofireplaces not differ in design complexity

biofireplaces not complicated design

structure biofireplaces uncomplicated - basic its elementsIt is fuel container and its surrounding decoration.

  • Fuel capacity is a key element biofireplaces .In addition, actually, tank , it also has a burner, which is made of metal alloys or artificial stone.The burner may have different shapes and sizes, so choose the one that is perfect for the selected frame.
The burner fireplace can have a variety of forms

burner fireplace can have many forms

burner must have a cover, which is opened only when a lit fire and to extinguish it, it is quite simple close.

Serial tank with a burner , equipped with a lid

factory tank with a burner equipped with a lid

In capacity poured required amount of biofuel that , burning, "animates" the entire structure.

Filling fuel biofireplaces

biofireplaces refill fuel

  • fuel tank to the burner is usually mounted on the ground or placed in a transparent container , a material which is capable of withstanding elevated temperatures of combustion fire.
As the body is sometimes used fire-resistant glass beaker

As the body is sometimes used fire-resistant glass beaker

surround it with decorative ornaments, which can serve as the stones of various sizes and attributes, imitating the logs or embers from wood - they are made of non-combustible material.

These attributes are highlighted lit fire burner, create a special atmosphere and mood.Making always selected under the general style of the interior, as Bio Fireplace should organically fit into it.

Bio-fireplace should organically fit into the interior of the premises

Bio-fireplace should organically fit into the interior of the premises

  • fuel for these fireplaces is bioethanol, which sold in plastic containers in specialized stores.For small size biofireplaces a bottle long enough , but if you light a fire every night, you need to be sure to have it reserve .
Tanks with fuel for fireplaces

tanks with biofuel for fireplaces

The chemical composition of biofuels are safe, as the make it based on natural raw materials.It gives no soot and smoke on the glass surface is not going to burning, the waste during combustion of the fuel does not leave, and heat generation rate is even higher than the combustion of wood.

Despite such heat-engineering fuel quality, biofireplaces not you heat the room, and decorative container around it is not heated to the melting point, so do not be afraid of what she will be spoiled.The quality does not heat the air in the room, Bio Fireplace can be used in the summer evenings when you just need to create a special romantic atmosphere.It's nice to sit by the fire and such a rainy cloudy day - it will make the room cozy and comfortable.

When working like fire burns no fuel itself, and allocated them to the couple.The design of the fuel tank is that his office, which is filled with fuel, isolated from the part where there is burning ( burner).The fireplaces sold in stores equipped with a special sensor, which is in control of the situation around the flame, and in the event of any contingency, he gives a command to the closing flap to stop the supply of fuel.In addition, the flame height biofireplaces can be adjusted.Equipped electronics options bio fireplaces can be controlled remotely, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Video: example of modern bio fireplaces with electronic control

first step - drawing sketch biofireplaces

The creation of this interior accessory alone, it is best to start to make a drawing and arrange on it approximate dimensions of the future biofireplaces .Seeing that in the end it turned out, it can be assessed visually its ability to manufacture it.

fuel flow to make your own is difficult, so it is usually acquired in the form of a finished factory in specialized stores.

If you plan to make a decorative frame of the individual parts, it is further recommended to make drawing and exact measurements, so they were perfect for each other, otherwise, possible have to redo all the work.In addition, the drawing and the drawing help see, what materials are needed and how the number you need to prepare.

As an example, consider the production of bio fireplaces , located between two glass screens.

materials and parts for the manufacture of bio fireplaces

first thing purchased - is the fuel tank.It can have a rectangular shape slightly smaller or larger size.Given this setting, cut a hole in a support capacity under .

The tank with a burner is better to buy in the store

tank with a burner is better to buy in the store

If you decided to make capacity independently, whether metal item to box I need to choose at least 3 mm thick.The metal should be stainless steel, or possible chemical reactions and harmful to human health when evaporation combustion.

tank biofireplaces should consist of two parts - lower, which is filled with fuel, and upper - for fumes and burning fire.They should be linked together with small holes through which fuel vapor will fall in the upper section biofireplaces - burner.

Cylindrical tank bars - and it can be manufactured independently

cylindrical tank with a grid - you can make yourself and

Another option capacity can become a circle of stainless steel, having a top metal grid, which will be the separator and fuel vapors.She will divider fire.A grid is easy to add to the bottom of the container fuel and light a fire.

This capacity can be quite small. It can be used to establish one or several pieces, depending on the size of the decorative stand.Circles can be arranged in a circle, in one or several rows.

When manufacturing burner acquired circle having a handle, and a decision it removed, it should be done very carefully and do not damage the metal cylinder. capacity should not be extraneous holes as fuel, emerging, may break out in the most unexpected place. In any case, for the full guarantee, fuel capacity best set still one metal containers.

No less important is the fuel tank environment, that is, its decoration.If it is not enough beautiful, the Bio Fireplace will not give the desired effect, and he for their intended purpose should be the aesthetic decoration of the room.

Most of these products is framed with temperature-resistant glass, which greatly enhance the effect of a burning flame, and, moreover, will protect him from all surrounding influences such as drafts, but at the same time will allow to contemplate all the beauty of live fire.

In tank or on a panel where you installed the burner, will look good round stones of one or different colors.They carefully laid or glued around the fire, and sometimes scatter randomly.

Пламя "прячется" среди гранитных фрагментов

Flame "hiding" among the granite fragments

If Bio Fireplace expected to make portable, it is usually placed on a pedestal, and in addition to the accessory its surface does not put.In this case, it is the original decoration can become the center of the composition throughout the interior of the room.

Establish design biofireplaces and fireplace portal that simulates a real fireplace, built the wall.To make naturalness around capacity spread special ceramic logs, which are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing.Instead, you can use wood or coal polusgorevshie branches, also made of ceramic.

Искусственные "дрова" для биокамина

Artificial "wood" for biofireplaces

Video: raznoorazie designs and styles design bio fireplaces

Self assembly biofireplaces

As an example, consider an assembly of two variants of bio fireplaces, which can beto hold their own.

first option: the flame between the two screens

Such Bio Fireplace can be installed on the floor or on a broad cabinet.

Bio-fireplace of two glass screens

Bio-fireplace of two glass screens

To work required:

- For the manufacture of the panel, which will be installed capacity biofireplaces , needs some drywall, or thicker plywood, wooden blocks of 50 × 30 or 40 × 30 mmand screws.

- Fireproof glass from which will be made transparent protecting wall.

- Fuel capacity , equipped valve.

- bolts, washers, silicone pads that are placed between the glass and metal fasteners.

- Metal or plastic feet for glass and rubber gaskets for them.

- heat-resistant material to to secure the area around the fuel tank or fire-retardant paint.

An exemplary diagram of the bio fireplaces

exemplary diagram of the bio fireplaces

  • First you need to make the basis for the installation of the fuel tank.Following size drawing made up in advance, saw off two timber segment, which will be attached to the plywood of the base.To cut the top panel and sides.The lower side of the design is not available, as it will unnecessarily burden the structure.In addition, the bottom will be more convenient to attach glass frame.
  • The upper surface is sawed rectangular hole size required for the installation of the fuel tank .
  • Then frame fixed all the elements of a basis, carefully processed edge.If, instead of plywood used drywall, it is necessary to seal the edge of the putty.
  • The glass panels, drill holes corresponding to the diameter of the bolt.They can be drilled at the bottom of the glass or closer to the middle.With this rather daunting task is not easy to handle, as the material can easily crack, so the process is best left to the master, which has for this special tool .
  • Further, on the sides of the foundations made fixing location marking parts, and drilled holes, also appropriate diameter bolts.After
  • glass and passed through the holes in the bolts.They are sure to be equipped with silicone gaskets, inside the framework of the washer, and then tighten the nut.Proce ss etc. gadfly with high accuracy, as glass can not withstand excessive pressure.
The side screens are attached to the glass -based decorative bolts

side glass screens are attached to the base of decorative bolts

  • feet on glass panels are installed the next step, but first they laid rubber gaskets.
  • When the design is ready, in its the upper part of the hole is set in the sawn container fuel .
  • On the surface, around the burner, can be placed or glued stones or other non-combustible decorative materials.

second option: Bio Fireplace - «Aquarium»

Another option biofireplaces looks more respectable, but also quite easy to install.

Такой биокамин - "аквариум" несложно изготовить самостоятельно

Such Bio Fireplace - "Aquarium" is easy to make yourself

To to hold the assembly of this model, you need to prepare the following materials:

- Glass walls - you can take the refractory, and can be a conventional material havingthicker.

- Silicone - it is necessary to bond the glass walls in the corners.This material was used to build the aquarium, so there is no doubt in his reliability .

Silicone is required for bonding the glass walls

Silicone need for bonding glass walls

- Square vase, made of sheet metal or wood.If wood is used, it should always be treated with special retardant compositions, fire warning material.

Box - pot - you can do it yourself

Box-pot - you can do it yourself

- Metal mesh for fixing in the pot, which will be further laid out decorative stones or wood. It can be purchased at specialty stores or construction.In order not to buy too much material, you need to take your measurements in advance with a flowerpot, about 2 - 3 cm from the top.

- Beautiful stones with a smooth surface.They will need a lot.The deeper and more established mesh perimeter of the pot, the greater the need decorative stones.

Stones for decoration biofireplaces

stones for decoration biofireplaces

- Fuel tank consists of two tanks , which has a height of at three to four centimeters below the base of the pot.One capacity should easily fit into the other.