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August 12, 2017 18:06

Oven BBQ with their hands

like to cook barbecue and other food in the open air, but still do not have their own barbecue?We invite you now to rectify the situation!Study the following instructions, you will know in what order is laid out garden full oven, and presented the scheme to help you thoroughly understand all the nuances of technology.

Oven BBQ with their hands

Oven BBQ with their hands

Materials for building outdoor oven

Article Contents

    • 0.1 Materials for building outdoor oven
  • 1 Recommendations for drafting
  • 2 Construction of the foundation for the furnace barbecue
  • 3 furnace masonry
    • 3.1 Construction furnace
  • 4 final touches
    • 4.1 Video - oven BBQ with their hands
Name Average density, kg / m3 porosity,% Mark morozostoykostsi Conv.thermal conductivity, W / m * C Brand strength Color
Brick full 1600-1900 8 15-50 0,6-0,7 75-300 red
kiln brick, fireclay 1700-1900 8 15-50 0,6 75-250 from light yellow to dark red

Start trainingmaterials.You will need:

  • concrete.It needs to be not very much, so you can prepare yourself;
  • boards for formwork construction.Perfect edging board;
  • fittings.Need for strengthening the foundation.You can use the unnecessary metal products - cutting channels, thick wire, steel bars, etc .;
  • edged boards.Of these boards, you Construct formwork for concrete screed under the table top;
  • bricks.It needs a simple ceramic and refractory products;
  • iron pipe diameter of 150 mm;
  • material for waterproofing of the foundation.Typically used roofing material;
  • mixer;
  • sink.For the garden oven best suited steel sink;
  • rubber hose.

required amount of raw materials are selected in accordance with the selected dimensions of the future of the furnace.

Recommendations for drafting

BBQ scheme

scheme barbecue

Prepare furnace project.This guide examines the process of building a full set of cooking staffed cutting countertop and sink.If a sink and a table you do not need, you can exclude from the manual steps involved in their establishment.

Choose a suitable place for a barbecue.First of all, you should be convenient to use the oven.

Choosing a place for the furnace

Choosing a place for the furnace

Important!If near the chosen site grow tall trees, make sure that their branches are located in close proximity to the future of the chimney.Otherwise, cut the threads, otherwise they will burn.

oven must not be adjacent its rear wall to any buildings.In operation, a brick barbecue is very warm, which is no good effect on the state of the adjacent buildings - they can simply burn out.

Here are schemes indicating dimensions.You can take them as a basis, but option A is better to increase up to 1.5 m.

Barbecue with their hands drawing

BBQ with their hands drawing

Driving the fire location

location scheme fireplace

Where better to place the sink

Where better to place the sink

Construction of the foundation foroven barbecue

Construction of foundation

Construction foundation

furnace will have a relatively small mass.Its excellent stand-reinforced foundation thickness of the order of 20 cm. For pouring concrete optimally suitable M100.

first step. Mark the ground under the foundation.Do it with the help of pegs (metal rods, scrap pipes) and strings (string, rope, etc.).

second step. Dig a trench around the base.The recommended depth -. 30-35 cm Be sure to make a 5-inch margin of the pit width.

third step. Fill the bottom of the deepening sand-gravel mixture and carefully reseal it.

fourth step. Make formwork.To make it more convenient, pre-assemble the panels from boards in width of 30-35 cm. The length is selected according to the size of the base sides.formwork elements set on the perimeter of the pit.

fifth step. Place the valve in the casing.It is best to use steel rods with a diameter of 1 cm.

sixth step. Pour concrete.

proceed to further work is possible 3-4 days after pouring the foundation.

masonry oven

Place on the foundation of a double layer of roofing material.He will take over the function of waterproofing and provides reliable protection against moisture from the oven walls garden soil.

An example of the construction of a barbecue

example of the construction of a barbecue

An example of the construction of a barbecue

example of the construction of a barbecue

An example of the construction of a barbecue

BBQ construction Example

Select form openings barbecue.If you want to make rectangular openings, pick up material for arranging the jumpers.Suitable angle iron.If the opening is designed in the form of an arch, a pre-made template for uploading vault.For the production of the template using the board.

Masonry oven

masonry oven

The template for the arch of the boards

pattern of boards arch

How to make the arch

How to arch

An example of the construction of a barbecue

example of the construction of a barbecue

dealt with the above nuances, proceed to the masonry work.Kind of bricks, patterns, all kinds of inserts and other decorative solutions are at your discretion.In this guide oven lined in a style similar design house.

An example of the construction of a barbecue

construction barbecue

Example Put the lower tier.Masonry walls are made in a half-brick, do not forget to leave openings.For bonding using bricks cement.Put a wall height of 60 centimeters, if you plan on equipping the arched doorway, or else to a height of 80 cm, if you decide to make an opening of rectangular shape.

When opening such a height and a pair of triple brick rows from the top working countertop will be at a distance from the base of the meter, which is the most convenient option to work.If your growth is markedly different from the average performance, adjust the table height to fit your needs.

If you decide to make a rectangular opening, place metal corner on the last row of masonry in accordance with the scheme, and then lay out the walls around the perimeter of the furnace.If you wish to equip the opening arched, pre-set template for masonry arch.

The height of the wall

height walls

If washer will be installed at this stage lay in the wall of the furnace tube.Through it, you let running water hoses.

Put the wall to the desired height.In this example, the height is 0.9 m. The top row of masonry do with a slight protrusion outward.This step is formed inside that allows to set the formwork for pouring the screed.

to masonry successful, to implement it with the following rules:

  • joints must be of equal width;
  • height openings must be such that between their upper edges and so put at least 2 rows of masonry;
  • arched doorway you must arrange with one central brick.

completed the arrangement of the lower tier, get the basics for training and firing table.Make screed.Formwork for concrete place in the requisite infrastructure earlier step inside the furnace.Boards cut in size of the span.If the washer is installed, leave in the concrete screed space to place it.This is done very simply.We must not only lay the land for the installation shell.Overlaid it with another kind of formwork, fixed by means of spacers.

Pour screed and leave it for three days.After a specified time, remove the casing opening for the sink.

Cover countertop material for your taste.For example, it's great fit whole slabs of marble - is both beautiful and comfortable.

Driving under the table top stair unit of brick and normal bassoon

scheme stair unit Countertop brick bassoon and conventional

Wooden boards as a substrate under the concrete floor

Wooden boards as a substrate under the concrete floor

Photo concrete screed under the table top without washing

Photo concrete screed under the table top without washing

Outdoor tabletop barbecue

Street tabletop barbecue

If you plan to wash , do not forget to leave it under the hole in the screed

If you plan to wash, do not forget to leave it under the hole in the screed

second tier barbecue furnace consists of furnace room and the walls, covering the section from prying eyes on the street.With partitions, everything is simple - it's common solid walls, lined with half-brick.If you want, you can and do refuse them everything.The order of the construction of the furnace deserves special attention.

How to equip a washing

How to equip a washing

Formwork under the sink in the fireplace with his hands

formwork under the sink in the fireplace with his hands

Driving laying planks as formwork for concrete screed

scheme laying planks as formwork for concrete screed

Construction furnace

firebox of the furnace has a double-row design: OuterIt laid out a series of conventional ceramic bricks, inner - of a refractory material.

An example of the construction of a barbecue

example of the construction of a barbecue

furnace Laying behave in a standard way.Recommended parameters are as follows:

height of the flue opening - 7 rows plus the arch or 9 rows in the case of arrangement of the opening of rectangular shape;

  • furnace depth - 600 mm;
  • width - 700 mm.

Laying out the opening of the combustion chamber, dostroyte top couple of extra rows of masonry and move to the arrangement of fume collection tube.

To go to the desired width of the chimney consistently reduce the length of the walls separating the flue.Front and rear faces need to be shortened to a half-brick in each subsequent row.The side wall is necessary to reduce by 25% the width of the brick.According to this scheme, you need to lay out the order of 7 series.Then you can begin to engage in resettlement fume collection tube.It should be rectangular.The suggested design height - 12-14 rows.

An example of the construction of a barbecue

example of the construction of a barbecue

An example of the construction of a barbecue

example of the construction of a barbecue

An example of the construction of a barbecue

BBQ construction Example

This fireplace is ready.For in the process of performing this step, no problems, observe the following guidelines:

  • not make the flue opening is too high.Suffice it to 7-9 series.Otherwise chimney draft is too weak, resulting in all the smoke will go to the site and not into the sky;
  • the inside of the furnace it is necessary to spread fire-resistant brick.Otherwise the clutch simply cracked under the influence of temperature changes;
  • chimney should also not be too high, becausebecause this will worsen traction;
  • monitor to the bottom of fuel compartment maximally flat - so it will be much easier to clean out the ashes in the future.

final touches

Compare furnaces

Compare furnaces

BBQ almost ready.Finally, do the following:

  • set the mixer and sink;
  • move the feed and water intake hoses;
  • cover countertop finishing material (done on request).The best option finishes - natural stone;
  • lay out the area in front of the stove paving tiles.

If you want, set next to the barbecue table and a couple of benches.Additionally, in this situation it is recommended to think over arrangement of the canopy.

Canopy forged

Canopy forged

Now you know how to build a barbecue oven.Presented unit will allow you not only to prepare delicious meals, but also burn the leaves and other debris - BBQ copes with all tasks.

countertop stove and sink make the most convenient to use.You do not have to run into the house to prepare food - everything can be done in one place.

Free space under the table is suitable for storing firewood.Here, they will always be kept dry and well ventilated, that will not dampen and rot the wood.

Barbecue with their hands from a brick

BBQ with their hands from a brick

BBQ Fireplace

Fireplace BBQ

Successful work!

Video - BBQ oven with his own hands