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August 12, 2017 18:06

crimping heating Act

Heating is a necessity in order to be able to seamlessly operate any building in the winter.In terms of prevalence confidently hold the leading position of the heating system with "water loop" - with a circulation of coolant through the pipes.However, that such a scheme worked smoothly, necessarily need preliminary and periodic preventive and control measures that will help to confirm the normal operation of the system when its initial start-up, or to identify problem areas after certain period its operation.

crimping heating Act

Act crimping heating system

Act crimping heating system is made after the hydraulic test, which will determine the readiness for operation mounted circuits and only their installed equipment.

Download act of molding the heating system - a sample.

What crimping, and when it spend?

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  • 1 What crimping, and when it is carried out?
    • 1.1 Video: What is the pressure test of the heating system at home
  • 2 sequence works
  • 3 importance of pre-washing pipe
    • 3.1 Methods washing system
  • 4 Carrying gidropnevmoispytany
  • 5 Act crimping
    • 5.1 how much does testing crimping
    • 5.2 Video: how to perform crimping collector heating system in the house

crimping called komple ks etc. overochnyh activities thatguaranteed to determine the tightness of the heating system.Carrying out these test work in the following cases:

  • After completion of the initial installation - during commissioning of the heating system at home.
  • Before the start of the heating season is already long-established system.
  • After the repair or maintenance work on pipelines heating system.
  • When conducting activities to repair parts of the system, after the occurrence of accidents, such as a breakthrough pipes - to identify the "front of work" and the weakest areas - for a possible replacement.

Crimping held by pumping air into the heating system or water under high pressure through a pneumatic or hydraulic pump.At the same time revealed the place where broken connections are tight, that is found to the air or water seeping out.In fact, the artificially simulated situations of critical load values ​​for the heating system, for example, the emergence of a powerful water hammer in it.

Crimping - mandatory test procedure for heating system

Crimping - mandatory test procedure for

heating During these events the undamaged parts of the system that have the required safety margin, does not suffer.But weaknesses, such as worm-long operation of the tube or poorly mounted, leaking "packed" the fittings, supply of the high pressure system immediately manifest themselves.

Autonomous heating system installed in multi-storey apartment houses, in some cases recommended to check the compressor via a pneumatic crimping , in order to prevent infiltration of water on the lower floors.

Video: what is crimping heating system home

sequence works

At work it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the existing heating system to determine the correct amount of pressure can be applied during crimping .These settings include:

- type of wiring of the heating system.

- characteristic of the existing pipe, that is, their age, the wall thickness, the material from which they are made;

- number of floors in the building;

- characteristics of valves.

After basic parameters specified, you can begin to conduct basic control and verification activities, which together include:

- training equipment;

- drain the old coolant to be replaced;

- pumping test fluid and to create the necessary pressure in the heating system;

- the final rinsing, filling staff coolant system;

- drawing up the necessary documents for conducted works.

If during these phases show up damaged parts of the system, it will be necessary to stop the test and begin to address the identified shortcomings.After the repair and sealing failed the test plots, complex crimping activities carried out again.If it is not found then the damage, the system is considered to be intact, successfully passed the test procedure.

importance of pre-washing pipe

Starting arrangements for flushing and pressure testing heating system, primarily need to disable it from the water supply and remove coolant.

Before carry out test procedures on systems that have already been exploited for a certain time, it is recommended to make flushing the heating circuit pipes.This operation can be performed in different ways, but the main its goal is to clean the internal surfaces of pipes from accrued over the lifetime of the heating system of scale, rust, salt and other deposits.

Surprisingly, even the subtle build-up, no more than 1 - 1,5 mm already reduces the efficiency of heat transfer from heating devices at almost 15%.In addition, they reduce the entrance Dia tr tr K, slowing the circulation of coolant, significantly increasing the unnecessary burden on on Pines equipment, boilers for heating - all this gives very significant cost overruns of energy, affecting the efficiency of the heating system at home.Therefore, they must be removed regularly, otherwise the imbalance of heating will affect the purse home owners or at the level of indoor comfort.For example, the batteries may be warmed unevenly, since some sections of the coolant can not enter because of the formed scale.

Is not it - a terrible image build-up in pipes to clean ?

not it - a terrible image build-up in pipes to clean?

Besides eventually deposits in pipes are eating metal exuding wall, making them vulnerable to the effects of high pressure, since the scum may be the oxides of copper, calcium, zinc, magnesium, or sulfur.Conduct molding crude pipe - a little confusing, since the "purity of the experiment" simply will not.

Electric compressor

Electric compressor

Washing and cleaning can be carried out with an electric or manual compressor.As a preventive measure it carried out periodically, usually every 4 ÷ 6 years of operation of the system.

Hand pump for testing and flushing

hand pump for testing and flushing

Methods washing system

Flushing is conducted in different ways and using different tools:

  • Pnevmoudar - this method is to use a test sort of "shock wave"which promotes disbonding plaque accumulated on the inner surface of the pipe.After this procedure plaque easily washed pnevmoudara produced after washing.
  • hydrochemical washing using special chemicals are used for dissolving and removing salt deposits.However, it should be used in conjunction with other methods, since it is not efficacious to remove normally accumulating in the lower divisions system silt.
  • Pneumohydraulic method or bubbling is a complex effect on domestic deposits on the tubes when the system is supplied simultaneously pressurized running water and compressed air.This method helps to quickly and effectively clean the tube from all the layers.
  • Integrated flushing includes all of the above means and is the most effective, especially when heavily soiled or small diameter pipes.

Carrying gidropnevmoispytany

usually washing processes and control crimping carried out immediately on completion of the heating season .This makes it possible to identify in advance emerging flaw s and yazvimye places and remains a lot of time - the whole summer season, for current or capital repairs.A system to be fully ready for the start of the next heating season, its more times in advance of experiencing After filling in the fall.

So, if you imagine the whole process, it goes as follows:

  • After heating season (in the middle or end of April) immediately checked the condition of the valves, elevators and heating units, as well asrisers pipelines, if work is carried out in multi-storey buildings.
  • Further, conducted preventive flushing pipe risers that will clear from the audience for the season blockages.
Of course, not allowed any leaks were

course, is not allowed any kind were leaks

  • then carried out the audit for leaks of all units and other elements of the heating system, that must be immediately removed, in order to avoid more serious accident, which may occur at the start of the next heating season.
  • ALWAYS check the thermal insulation of pipes in open areas and in the basement.
  • After preparing the system as described above, the test activities can be carried out immediately, without waiting for approaching heating season.Tested and staffing of the coolant system will easily be in readiness for the autumn launch, as the pressure at which it is pressurized , much higher than the workplace, and, therefore, its tightness - fully tested.

Actually, do tests are conducted as follows:

- is filling the coolant system;

Hand compressor coupled to the system

Hand compressor connected to the system

- on, the system connects the manual or electric press, and the pressure rises to the level of verification, in accordance with the requirements SNIP , Rules tehekspluatatsii power plants, the sanitary rules and regulations.

injection pressure screening is performed using special equipment - manual or electrical pumps with built-in control and measuring equipment.

The pressure gauge must meet certain requirements

gauge must meet certain requirements

example, to monitor the pressure levels generated, used MAN Tr cells with assom not exactly below 1 .5, with a body diameter of not less than 160 mm, not more than the cost of division0,1 kgf / cm² (0.1 "technical atmosphere" or 0,01 mPa ).The maximum value of the scale should be not less than 4/3 of the test pressure.The pressure gauge must be Calibrated properly sealed and authorized metrological state organization.

What should be the value of the test pressure:

  • Crimping main district heating pipes to the house after their installation must be carried out under the test pressure of not less than 16 kgs / cm² (1,6 MPa ).In the test for 5 minutes should not be recorded any pressure drop.During = the pressure is reduced to the worker, and in this state, a thorough Osmo tr Sun ex nodes, connections, branches, valves, or regulating valves .The test will be considered successful if it is not revealed signs of a breakthrough, leaks , fogging on nodes or glands on the flanges and the like .

When testing crimping intrahouse heating wiring based on the fact that the pressure is applied usually in a half ÷ twice the working at the start of the new system.If the check is subject to the heating system, already tested the operation, it will be enough to increase the pressure by 25 - 50 % .

specific value of the check pressure depends on the installed heating equipment.For convenience, these indicators can result in a table:

Types of systems, types of equipment installed test pressure during the pressure test (kgf / cm ²)
water heating installation of heating and hot water systems,heaters, elevator components 1.25 Based on the operating pressure, but not less than 10 kgf / cm ²
apartment buildings with heating systems installed cast iron radiators or heat registers 1.25 Based on the operating pressurebut not more than 6 kgf / cm ²
heating systems with heat exchange devices panel or convector type (steel, bi-metal, aluminum) not less than 10 kgf / cm ²
Contours hot water systems Fromthe calculation of the operating pressure plus 5 kgf / cm ², but not more than 10 kgf / cm²

temperature of the water in the system during the test is due not and exceed 40 - 45 ° C .Never held crimping the case, if it is likely lowering the room temperature to freezing temperatures.Before injection pressure are carried out all the necessary operations to remove air pockets and full release of air from the entire system.

pressurization system

pressurization system

heating system will be deemed to have passed the test molding under the following conditions:

  • When water or steam heating systems, pressure drop within 5 minutes the test has not exceeded 0,2 kgf /cm² (0,02 mPa ).
  • When using heat transfer panel appliances, the pressure drop within 15 minutes crimping should not fall by more than 0,1 kgf / cm² (0,01 MPa ).If
  • outlines hot water system, the allowable pressure drop performance - up to 0,5 kgf / cm² (0,05 MPa ) for 10 minutes.
  • In all cases, should be completely excluded any cases whatsoever leaks, wet (sweating) on ​​the weld seams or connection points, to stop or control valves.

reduce any pressure indicators more than acceptable - it is a direct indication that the system has a leak, which should be identified and eliminated.Checks all, without exception, heaters, connecting nodes and etc .Particular attention is always paid to particularly complex, hidden areas - for example, accounted for the transitions between floors, bricked up in the wall or the drenched ties.

After repair work on identified areas of leakage, hydraulic tests are carried out again - in full volume.So will continue to so long as the system can not survive Compression test on all parameters.After that, the coolant pressure is reduced to the worker, and you can proceed to the preparation and assurance of an act carried out trials.