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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heating FREH

Difficult issue with the selection and creation of your own home heating system is required to a greater or lesser degree gets before any landlord.Everyone wants to get to the exit most perfect system - so that it becomes an effective, cost-effective, stand-alone, low-cost in setting up and simple in everyday use, easily amenable to adjustments, on opportunities - compact, that is not occupying usable space andrequiring special individual rooms.Is it possible?With the now familiar heat source - hardly , and of any relevant parameter, anyway, but have refuse.

But if a closer look at the modern high-tech systems, we can see that the infrared heating PLEN came very close to high performance in almost all evaluation criteria.Recently appearing in everyday life, it is quickly gaining in popularity, but still still not fully overcome the threshold of human alertness to everything new and unknown.

Rather, reason for this lies in the lack of information about this advanced method of reside

ntial heating.Let this publication will serve to even though a few people made the right choice and installed at PLEN system.And they, no doubt, will distribute information and your positive feedback and more.

Heating FREH

Heating FREH

What heating PLEN

Article Contents

  • 1 What heating PLEN
  • 2 Advantages of infrared heating system PLEN
  • 3 Form heaters releaseFREH
  • 4 concepts heating FREH
  • 5 few important notes
    • 5.1 Video: the dignity of the infrared heating system PLEN

As it is not sad, but gas lines reached still far to all cities of Russia, and even more so - to the suburban settlements.Output - to switch to solid fuel heating or electricity.

Solid - is frequent confusion with the purchase of the necessary fuel, with its location in proper conditions, and to monitor the boiler equipment needed, almost , daily or even several times a day.

Electric heating immediately, by definition, the cost of a kilowatt scares, because of all kinds of energy electricity - most expensive.However, modern technologies are ready to deny this fact.If the energy converted into heat competently, efficiently spend, the home heating cost will be quite acceptable.This allows for a direct physical effect of the infrared radiation that is technologically implemented in FREH.

To avoid possible misunderstanding, it should make a reservation that in this publication abbreviation FREH only used as a shorthand term of writing « film radiant electric heater."The fact is that just looks and trademarks are the one of the Russian company, one of the types of products which are just such a heating system.Also it, there are still several firms (in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Urals and Siberia), mastered the production of high quality FREH.By the way, in Russia there is no point to look for similar goods imported - this is exactly the case when domestic production is cheaper and much better than their foreign counterparts!

Although foil heaters use natural phenomenon of heating conductors, the process of their work fundamentally different from the normal operation of electric heaters resistive operating principle with a huge power consumption and heat dissipation irrational . To begin with, consider the basic structure of the scheme of standard FREH:


So arranged fabric of film radiant electric heater

1- wires that FREH element is connected to the power supply wiring.Usually they are color-coded (blue - "zero", red, brown, white - "phase"), and some models even and lettering - respectively «N» and «L» .

3 - Points of factory soldering wires power and heating strips.These places are located within films and thoroughly insulated.Conduct independent soldering is not allowed.

4 - heating strips ( resistive ).They are made of a special alloy . which ensures a smooth and powerful heating, but not too high temperatures.

5 - layer of aluminum foil on which transmitted heat from the heating strips, and which due to reflective properties directs the flow of thermal radiation in the desired direction.

6 - All these elements are tightly packed between two layers of durable polyester film.Along the perimeter of the bonded strip is left free films - it is necessary to carry out installation work.

numeral 2 shows a proprietary holographic sticker - manufacturers likewise strive to maximally protect their products from low-quality fakes.

now about how this system works in practice.

  • When the supply voltage on the contacts resistive strips begin to heat up very quickly to a temperature of 45 - 50 ° C .(Some kinds of such heaters FREH having a dedicated purpose, such as agricultural or dryer minisauna may be higher and the heating temperature).
  • The heat produced is distributed over the metallized surface of the heater - high heat capacity and thermal conductivity of aluminum is well contribute to this.
  • For through a properly sized reflective layer and the corresponding parameters of the heating thermal energy is converted to radiation - in the infrared flow in the invisible spectrum at a wavelength of about 8 - 10 microns.
  • Such radiation at a meeting with the energy absorbing barrier leads to heating of the surface. However , frequency and wavelength of the IR flow provide almost unhindered its passage through the thin layers of finishes - for example, through the material suspended or stretch ceiling.

Thus, beneath the ceiling elements FREH lead to heat all surfaces that are exposed to direct rays of the infrared cure - it is, above all, the floor, but in the process actively involved all the interior details.In turn, even in a slight heating in Cex indoor surfaces leads to the transfer of heat into the air - is created in the room a very comfortable environment with an optimum temperature distribution.

PLEN heating system capable of optimally distribute the most comfortable temperature in the areas of the house

heating system PLEN able to optimally most comfortable distribute temperature in the areas of the house

So, when heated themselves FREH to settlement 45 ° With provides stream that can warm up the floor toa temperature of about 24 C ° .This, in turn, will provide heating of the air at ground level about 21 - 22 ° With , and on level of the adult human head - about 18 - 19 ° C - most comfortable heat distribution. And , ceiling height in this case does not play a special role - to a frequency of infrared rays on the way from the ceiling to the floor the air does not become an obstacle or a lens power.

can probably correctly argued that the principle of operation of such heaters podsmotren from nature.This leads to the most direct analogy with the sun's rays.The infrared part of the solar spectrum with wavelengths ranging from 7 to 10 microns is invisible eye, does not carry a huge amount of heat energy - enough to remember that the sun even on a cold day to warm it felt.This radiation is harmless to the human body and even carries a "positive charge" for health.

Advantages of infrared heating system PLEN

So, what positive characteristics is allocated a similar heating system:

  • First of all, of course, is the economy. Although used quite expensive electrical energy costs will be quite comparable to the costs incurred by the owners homes of equal area with the traditional gas heating.This is achieved high efficiency of such a system, the rational use of energy, low losses at its transmission, tuned frequency switching heating - fully dependent on the level of the room temperature.

Efficiency is achieved by the fact that the system is absolutely in need of maintenance or repair work.If it was originally installed correctly, these heaters are able to work, subject to operational requirements, a few decades (say 30 or even 50 years, although this is probably an expected time frame, since such precedents still simply was not - shehistory introduction FREH yet another much younger).

If we are talking about the economy , ie smy seq etc. ivesti table with the results of comparative approximate calculation forbiddenness installation process and operation of various heating systems.

costs for heating, villa of 150 m² (approximately in rubles.)
Types future expenses Gas
boiler (AOGV type)
boiler (TANS)
boiler (pellet)
film heater
design liner outer pipeline 50 m 40000 - - -
Drafting heating system and installing a gas boiler 30000 - - -
Installation work - external and internal layout of the pipeline 150000 - - -
The estimated cost of the boiler 45000 25,000 178000 -
costs of installation and adjustment of boiler 20000 20000 2000 -
cost of the cheapest, steel radiators 30000 30000 30000 -
cost of plastic pipes and necessary fittings 20000 20000 20000 -
Conducting heating system installation (pipes and radiators) 40000 40000 40000 -
cost heaters FREH (65% of the total roof surface) - - - 92625
expenses for professional installation of heaters FREH - - - 75000
Total 375000 135000 270000 167,625
Operating costs (estimated in rubles)
for consumed energy (in months.) 1600 10500 2800 1800
for consumed energy, during a heating season (8 months.) 12800 84,000 22400 14400
costs operationalmaintenance and minor repairs (during the year) 7500 4000 4000
Total for five years of active exploitation 101500 440000 132000 72000

on the table clearly shows that the installation costs are comparable, for example, with the installation of electric boiler to the piping system and radiators.Gas or solid fuel heating system would cost considerably more expensive.

And operating costs picture changes somewhat.Monthly payments for energy - a little higher than with gas heating, but a disproportionately lower compared to electric or pellet boiler.And if consider the absence of other operating costs, then consider total cash costs data for certain period of time (eg 5 years) is finally on the principle of heating PLEN become the undisputed leader in terms of efficiency among all other types of heating systems. Thus, it is possible to speak about full cost recovery of the "project" in 2 ÷ 3 years of operation.

  • Heating PLEN can be used as main and as an auxiliary method of space heating. conducted empirical studies have shown that it is able to fully cope with its functions to create comfortable living conditions in any climatic zone. True , all this will be possible only if the building was full and high-quality thermal insulation and all of its components.
  • Ease such heating is still , that it is very easy to amenable to automation, programming - in fact it allows a very flexible plan his work.For example, you can pre-set modes that provide the minimum required heating facilities at a time when the residents are out of the building, but with output to an optimal, comfortable mode to the expected time of return.There is a possibility of including such a heating system in a "smart home" with the remote control mode via various communication channels - IP, GSM and etc .
  • heating elements FREH to temperatures above 50 ° With impossible in principle.This means that they are absolutely safe in a fire with respect, even when mounted in a completely wooden house (with the right, of course, routing and switching an electric cable portion).
  • Space heating is not accompanied by dryness of air, oxygen combustion - the total level of humidity is maintained in the room.
  • Such radiation is absolutely harmless to the human body.Moreover, conducted scientists -medikami studies give grounds to assert many interesting about their healing qualities.So, falling into open areas of the body, this infrared light wavelength activates peripheral capillary blood circulation, speed up the metabolic processes necessary.We can say that these rays certain extent compensate for the pronounced lack of sunlight and heat, which is typical for the cold half of the year.
  • Security and positive features FREH system is so pronounced that it is fully approved for use in children educational institutions, including - in nurseries and gardens and medical institutions, and this suggests much!
  • Heating with FREH to create pronounced horizontal airflows.It would seem - insignificant trifle, but it is not so.This air movement creates not unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous for the health of drafts, and can not tolerate large amounts of dust, which is very important for people prone to allergic reactions.
  • Unlike traditional convection heating circuits, heating of buildings to comfortable temperatures when working PLEN is very fast.So, for example, to raise the temperature in the room with the original 10 to 20 comfortable ° With , FREH system will need half an hour to 50 minutes.The same problem is to require convection heating time is about 10 times more.