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August 12, 2017 18:06

What kind of wood is best for heating

from properly selected and stocked for the winter firewood will depend on home heating efficiency.The fuel should burn for a long time, giving as much heat in the room as possible.But not every timber has such qualities should be very clearly represent what is best to buy firewood for heating, and as will be properly organized and x x injury.

What kind of wood is best for heating

What better firewood for heating

Each tree species has a characteristic structure of the density and denser than wood, the longer it will burn at first, and then smolder oven.However, these sorts of long light, so to them "complete" it is necessary to store more light wood, which is used for ignition.

Equally important to maintain high quality of the fuel - correct their preparation and arrangement of storage space in the rainy days of autumn and the cold and snowy winter.

quality and the right wood can create a home cosiness and a special warmth that can not be compared with gas or steam heating.When fired oven, from which came the pleasant hu

m of natural draft and the crackling logs, indoors created a special atmosphere of comfort.Perhaps that is why the oven is still installed even in those mansions where there are other types of heating.

Features wood

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Wood each breed has its own individual characteristics, at times, very much different from each other.Therefore, some types of wood are more suitable for the construction business, and other - for heating.

Not all are equally good wood to use for heating

Not all wood is equally good for use in heating

In addition, we must note that the stove, in the long account , suitable for almost all the wood (of course, not to the same degree, but still)but the fireplace is necessary to choose the fuel that will the room, in addition to heat, even and pleasant fragrance, will create Article bl agopriyatnuyu cozy atmosphere.

So, fuel suitable for the fireplace is not too gummy of rocks as if burning this wood creates excessive smoke and soot.Moreover - such as pine wood, burning, very often shoot embers that may fall on combustible surface, and then a very high risk of fire.That is why conifers are not recommended for use in their fireplaces open type.

for the stove should be chosen optimally long burning firewood, when low-intensity and severe heat transfer.An important factor for the firing furnace is a minimum amount of smoke generated by burning wood and ash remaining in the furnace.

good, most suitable for firing furnace wood should be well prepared for the winter period - allowed to dry and folded for storage.The quality of these activities depend directly on the quality of all of the above.

unseasoned wood svezheraspilennuyu never used directly for heating, as it drying out in the furnace, gives a lot of smoke, and then very feebly lit because of the large amount of moisture.Burning such fuels gives very little heat, which is why "fresh" wood shall be subjected to a good drying.

Check how dried out the wood can be a simple old way: if the impact of one of the other logs hear a ringing, not a hollow sound, it means that the wood is fully prepared to hit the stove.

Video: a sign of quality wood

quality wood can be obtained from trees that are cut down in the winter - during this period in the trunks of trees is practically no movement juices.But sawed summer or spring trees require longer drying, as they are very large proce nt ow azhnosti.

What firewood - best for heating?


Coniferous wood used for heating is undesirable

softwood used for heating is undesirable

Coniferous wood burns very well, but it is not recommended for heating stoves due to the reasons already mentioned above.Furthermore, it is undesirable because such wood burning too rapidly and extensively, but with a minimum emissivity. therefore, is more likely to buy fuel or harvested for protopki baths, as part of the timber mnogi x x breeds war includes not only pitch, but essential oils beneficial in certain amounts to human health.For example, during bath procedures they will contribute to the prevention and treatment of the respiratory system, calming the nerves, general relaxation and relieving muscle tension accumulated.


Hardwood is best for firing furnaces, since they have a more dense structural framework, which greatly increases their combustion at a constant high energy efficiency. Due to the absence of a part of the wood tar, wood such produce less soot and fumes, preventing the rapid accumulation of soot in the chimney pipes.

Among deciduous species of wood there, giving maximum heat output, and there are those who will serve for ignition or for preventive measures with a stove.

heated oven and fruit tree species, but this wood is best reserved for oil lamps or for lighting the open fire, because burning such wood emit scents that give the product a special flavor and create a comfortable atmosphere.

About firewood from hardwood to talk in more detail, since they - most used for heating homes.


Interestingly, alder gives most beautiful wood.On the cut this tree can be yellowish, thick ocher, bluish, orange or red color is almost saturated.Shades of wood depends not only on the specific wood species (and there are about 20 ÷ 25 different subspecies of alder), but even from the place where it grows.

Alder wood appearance can not be confused with any other

Alder firewood apparently can not be confused with any other

Ease purchase alder logs or finished wood is that they should not be subjected to an additional drying - they reach the desired state of the residual moisture.For wood furnace is usually taken alder, which grows away from water - at higher elevations, where low humidity in the soil, so the wood and dries quickly.

Alder also well used in oil lamps, as it contains the aromatic substances.However, you need to know that they are stored only in the first 3 years after the firewood.The rest of its properties wood does not lose very long time and is well kept during a long period.

When burning alder gives little smoke and good heat dissipation, and thanks to this it qualities such wood is often used for « black » bath.Fumes from alder wood can clean flue pipe from a sooty deposit.

for smokehouses used alder sawdust, so they should not be thrown away when the cut is made of wood in the yard.

Besides, this wood is perfectly suited for heating the fireplace, if it lay alder and add to it birch Poleshko - together they give a nice flame and a great heat.


Oak firewood - is ideal, but such a timber is quite expensive.However, if you have the opportunity, and were prikuplyu oak firewood regret it never have , as they give an excellent high heat, and this timber is obtained is very economical to use. It is often used as an additive to a different species of wood, as even a couple of oak fireplaces make burning oven longer.

Oak wood - a very effective heating, but also a considerable price

Oak firewood - a very effective heating, but also the price of considerable

Oak has a very dense structure of the fibers, so it is much heavier than the wood of other breeds.It flares up much longer, but the lights for a long time, turning into embers that are smoldering for a long time supporting the furnace in a heated state.

Do not choose too thick logs, as they, certainly , from a very old tree, and this wood will give less heat.It should take the average diameter of the logs that average age of sawed wood - just such a fuel has the highest qualities for home heating.

good oak wood have a nice tart flavor - it perfectly manifested by burning wood.Therefore, these logs are not only suitable for the oven, but also for open fireplaces.Oak essential oils to create a healthy room, maintain a healthy body and spirit atmosphere.

Incidentally, an interesting fact - very appreciated oak wood in Italy, as it is believed that the real pizza, which is considered the birthplace of the country, should be prepared exclusively on these wood.


Birch for heating and baths used since ancient times .Therefore, experts in natural heat and today, because of tradition, prefer to heat the bath only birch firewood.And it is absolutely no coincidence !In addition to the fragrant fumes, birch has pronounced disinfection properties, which is important for bath rooms.

Traditional birch firewood

Traditional birch firewood

bath, overheated birch wood, has always been considered therapeutic.It is excellent for the prevention of colds and problems with joints.

Tar , contained in birch wood , helps to quickly engage in firewood flame and burn at a constant rate for a long time.This fuel, burning almost do not give large amounts of coal and ash.

Thanks to these qualities of birch bark , it is often used as a means Firing a heavy on the structure of wood.

heat dissipation from birch logs is quite high, exceeding the heat of pine and aspen 20 - 30%, depending on the age of the tree felled for firewood.

, however, need to know and what birch loses its properties after two years of storage, so it harvest for many years ahead not worth it.Through certain period logs begin to deteriorate from the inside, are mouldering, and during combustion begin to publish an unpleasant smell.They do not give the required heat and usual for fresh dried wood heat.

Lipa Lipa

tends to flare up for a long time, but then, when she combustion process will , the intensity of the fire is sufficiently high.Therefore furnace firebox such when wood is heated very quickly.

Linden wood have good health-improving effect

Linden wood have good health-improving effect

Linden, as well as birch , well suited for baths.It turns out that not only its color is healing - has similar qualities and flavor that comes along with the fumes when burning this wood.For treatment in the bath , which burns in a black , used in combination with lime wood used honey .He laid on the burning logs, and the general fragrant pairs very well help in the treatment of inflammatory lung or healing of various wounds on the skin.

Such properties linden wood saved, alas, only during 2 years after the saw cut of the tree, but then the quality of health-restoring lost.But such logs should be fine and after that time for the furnace heating.


properties of aspen wood is very similar to the already mentioned features alder - they are also capable of softening sooty deposits in chimney pipe, facilitating its cleaning.Aspen during combustion does not smoke much and gives minimum amount of smoke, and it evaporation, settling on the present in the soot tube, easy to loosen and exfoliate it from the chimney walls.The soot falls into the combustion chamber, from which it very easy to remove.

Aspen is more suitable for regular chimney cleaning

Aspen is more suitable for regular chimney cleaning

Since these logs do not provide a decent mention heat, and they are often used only for periodic cleaning of the chimney, or for the firing of wood with a tight structural framework, which is itself ignited heavy.

Poplar and willow

Firewood from willow or poplar are used only if there is no longer any opportunity to acquire other, or in conditions of forced savings, because they are much cheaper than other types of solid fuel.However, to save on them is unlikely, since the wood burned very quickly, giving very little heat, and you need a very large number of them, to somehow to heat the house.

Even cheap poplar or willow does not justify the extremely low heat of wood

Even cheap poplar or willow does not justify the extremely low heat of firewood

It is this low-grade wood and determines such a low price.It should be very soberly weigh whether it makes sense to buy a large amount of low quality wood, or to pay the same price for a more suitable species of wood, but acquiring them in several smaller amounts.

Wood from fruit trees

To to heat the house, perfectly suited wood from fruit trees, but they can be purchased infrequently.Some of them are similar in quality with oak wood, such as pear or apple middle age.So how to find these varieties as firewood manage rare, they are stocking at cutting orchards and cherish them for oil lamps or cooking meat dishes on the grill.

Storing firewood

selecting and buying high quality "right" wood, you must still and to organize and x x wound, otherwise they quickly lose their original properties.

Not only buy quality wood - they need to be able to save

Few buy quality wood - they need to be able to save

basic rules storage

Store firewood can be different, but the main condition in this process - a good ventilated woodshed and reliable roof over store.

can simply add split logs harvested in the woodpile, and create a top cover of a polyethylene film or sheets of slate.But some owners prefer using firewood stacked still and decorate your site, laying out their interesting forms.

Before send brought firewood in woodshed or lay in a woodpile, wood should be well prepared, as well as the right to choose the optimal storage space.This site should be suitable not only for the preservation of a good fuel, but also be comfortable to use for home owners. Therefore , is important to consider the following points:

  • woodshed, possible , to be arranged close from the entrance to home - necessary for easy replenishment of domestic supply of wood in winter, when all siteIt may lie deep snow.