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August 12, 2017 18:06

The oven with his own hands made ​​of metal

Homemade metal stove is perfect for heating greenhouses, garages, work room or even living room.To assemble the reporting unit can be used metal sheets, barrels, pipes and even fire extinguishers suitable size.Procedure for the manufacture of furnace remains the same.Differences are present only in the initial stages of training the housing.

The oven with his own hands made ​​of metal

oven with his own hands from metal

Benefits homemade metal furnace

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  • 1 Benefits homemade metal furnace
  • 2 Key design features
  • 3 Manufacturing furnace of metalpipe
    • 3.1 first step
    • 3.2 second step
    • 3.3 third step
    • 3.4 fourth step
  • 4 installation recommendations furnace
    • 4.1 Video - The oven with his own handsmetal

have homemade metal furnace has a number of advantages over brick heating units.Among the main advantages of the considered structures need to highlight the simplicity of their design and the availability of raw materials.

The oven with his own hands made ​​of metal

oven with his own hands from metal

In the manufacture of simple

metal stove does not take a long time - with the search (buying) or iron sheet metal containers of a suitable size is not usually there are no complications.

The oven with his own hands made ​​of metal

oven with his own hands from metal

Construction metal furnace will require many times smaller financial investments compared with the erection of brick heating unit.In this furnace of metal it does not take up much space and is very rapidly heated during operation.

Homemade metal furnace

Homemade metal furnace

Furnaces Metal weigh much less than their brick counterparts, eliminating the need for a strong foundation of everything.To further increase the heating efficiency of the metal around the heating unit can be laid out screen of refractory bricks.

Unusual handmade oven

unusual furnace handmade

Key design features

Standard metal furnace consists of the following elements:

  • furnace;
  • ash-ash;
  • capacity for stones (if the stove is designed for use in the bath, in other circumstances of such a container can be waived);
  • hot water tank (if necessary);
  • grates;
  • pipe for removing smoke;
  • door to the furnace;
  • door for ash-ash;
  • valves for pipes.

    The two options for creating a horizontal device

    two options for creating a horizontal devices

Installing grates is performed in the furnace design of podduvalom.If it is necessary to install a hot water tank, the tank is usually mounted directly to the oven or slightly above it.At the same time the heating of water through the container typically is passed fume collection tube.

Woodburning stove

mentioned door will not let the small embers, sparks fly and wood to the premises.

Drawing the metal furnace

drawing metal furnace

To produce the metal furnace shell can be used sheet metal, barrels, pipes with a diameter of 50 cm and more fire extinguishers.The use of prefabricated containers, more preferably, asIn this case, the amount of welding is significantly reduced.

chimney pipes

chimney pipes

Before using a pipe for the manufacture of stoves, carefully examine its condition for corrosion and other damage.If you find holes, apply patches to them.The areas with the most serious injuries can be the door to the ash or kiln firing.

Manufacture of metal tube furnace

Production of the metal tube furnace

Manufacture of metal tube furnace

independent production furnace is performed in a few simple steps.However, from the artist you want to preserve the maximum care and precision during each event.The slightest error can lead to serious consequences.For example, an incorrect arrangement of the chimney oven can begin to blanket the room, and the poor quality of welding operations will be the cause of leaks water tank.

Prepare a pipe diameter of 50 cm Recommended thickness of the pipe wall -. 10 mm.Total will need about one and a half meters of pipe.

The furnace tube of

furnace tube from

Considered design includes in its membership the water tank, which makes furnace operation more convenient and efficient.If desired, the installation of the water tank can be dispensed with.In this case, quite simply excluded from the management of assembly references to the water tank.The rest of the furnace will be made of the same technology.

Homemade bath furnace of the pipe (vertical )

Homemade bath furnace of the pipe (vertical)

first step

Cut the prepared tube into 2 parts.The length of one of them (will be used directly for the production of the furnace) should amount to 900 mm, the second part (for water tank) - 60 cm

second step

Cut a long length of pipe holes for arranging the blower and burner..Of the cut pieces of metal fabricate doors for the respective holes.It's enough to be welded to the workpiece hinges, handles and latches.

Cut the door and set the grill - grate

Cut the door and set the grill grate-

Cut the door and set the grill - grate

Cut the door and set the grill grate-

third step

Make slits in the walls of the housing for installation of a grid-iron lattice.Grid can cook independently of reinforcement.rods fixing Step selected in view of the fact that future periods is not excluded loaded fuel between them.

The oven with his own hands

oven with his own hands

To grate weld tabs.Thanks to him and securing items in the slots will be made.

fourth step

in the rear upper portion of the furnace firebox make a round hole for connecting fume collection tube.

By opening the horizontal weld pipe.To him in the future you will connect the main part of the fume collection design.As a result of the chimney is collapsible, making it much easier to clean and comfortable.The recommended length of the fume collection tube -. 4-5 m length of the Final define yourself.As a result, the outer part of the pipe must rise above the roof of a building by at least 50 cm.

install the heater and the water tank if necessary.These elements are usually included in the design in the case of the manufacture of stoves for saunas.

The tank on the pipe on the stove for a bath

tank on the pipe on the stove for a bath

Kamenka equip the top of the furnace firebox.Buck set at the minimum possible distance from the furnace.Typically, one of the tank mounted on the props, the other - on the firebox of the furnace.Racks do from suitable and convenient for you materials.The main thing is that they are the most durable and securely fastened.Often used

embodiment in accordance with which tube flue has passed through the water tank, providing a heating fluid.However, in this case, all the welding work must be performed with maximum quality.Any gaps will lead to leakage of the tank.As a result, water will enter the furnace and extinguish the fire.

If desired, you can manually make changes to the design of the furnace by placing additional items at its discretion.

water tank is recommended to equip the crane.

the oven bottom weld sturdy metal legs.Installation of such assemblies are generally performed for special podtopochnye sheets.

Around the oven Put the screen of the firebrick.The site fume collection tube before going outside is also recommended to impose with a brick.

At the intersections tube home materials lay refractory material, for example, on the basis of asbestos.This will create adequate protection against fire of materials.

How to display a pipe through the roof

How to withdraw the tube through

How to display a pipe through the roof

roof How to withdraw the tube through

How to display a pipe through the roof

roof How to withdraw the pipe through the roof

plot chimney going through the attic, must not have valves, vyushek and other similar elements.


Chimney length horizontal sections fume collection tube should not exceed 100 cm.

Installation recommendations furnace

Set the oven

Set oven

Metal stoves are installed in accordance with the regulations and rules relevant regulations.

If the walls of the structure are made of wood, the distance between them and the oven should be at least 50-100 cm. If you oblitsuete wall of refractory bricks, plaster or else it will provide protection by means of a thick metal plate, the distance can be reduced to20-30 cm.

furnace and furnace chimney must be at a minimum distance.

Installed steel furnace

installed metal furnace

Light furnace can be installed without a foundation, on a tight metal sheet.Relatively heavy units require an individual basis of concrete or brick.The recommended height of the foundation - up to 200 mm.

Installation of bath furnace

Installation of bath furnace

Now you own the information necessary for the independent production of the metal furnace.Follow the provisions submitted by management, and the heating unit will be ready for years to cope effectively with the tasks incumbent upon it.

Option furnace installation

furnace installation option

fuel Bookmark

Bookmark fuel

Successful work!

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