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August 12, 2017 18:06

long burning boiler with his hands

Solid fuel boilers for decades enjoyed great popularity, although they have one major drawback - they need a constant load of fuel (coal, wood, etc...).Because of this lack of them often refuse in the regeneration of the heating system, but easy to get rid of it - to make a long burning boiler with his hands, functioning on almost all types of fuel (extremely hard, of course).

long burning boiler with his hands

long burning their hands Boiler

can be used for firing the boiler coal

for firing the boiler can be used coal

The principle of

Article Contents

    • 0.1 Principle
    • 0.2 Mainbenefits
    • 0.3 device unit
  • 1 Making long burning boiler
      • 1.0.1 Step 1: Prepare all necessary
      • 1.0.2 Step 2 Assembling design
    • 1.1 fuel load and operating features
      • 1.1.1 Video - long burning boiler with his hands
    • 1.2 In conclusion

scheme of such boilers is based on the characteristics of the solid fuel smolder for several hourswhile producing a large amount of heat energy.Characteristically, in which case the fuel is burned more completely

and the amount of waste, as a consequence, it is reduced noticeably.

boiler Plans

drawing boiler

Note!Replacing an incineration decay is possible because of a special unit of the boiler.

The main element is a boiler furnace where the combustion is limited, and the air flow rate is controlled with the help of special tools.Fuel is loaded twice a day, large portions, and then decays slowly (a limited amount of oxygen does not allow him to fully lit).

pipe, through which the smoke output is passed through a heat exchanger and heats the liquid in a heating system.So, we need only every 12 hours to load fuel for home heating uninterrupted.

boiler scheme

scheme boiler

main advantages

long burning boilers stand out against other types of heating systems.Of course, the main advantage - this is the duration of the work, but there are other important points:

  • low cost of fuel;
  • autonomy;
  • possibility to heat large areas at minimal cost;
  • ease of installation and operation;
  • security;
  • possibility to produce at home.

device unit

to manufacture the boiler is more convenient to use a metal pipe ø30 cm and more with a wall thickness of not less than 5 mm (otherwise the past will soon burn through because of the high temperature inside the appliance).The height of the structure can vary between 80 cm and 100 cm, it all depends on the area of ​​the room.

Pipe housing

tube housing

Regardless of modifying the boiler consists of three main areas:

  • loading zone;
  • zone decay and heat generation;
  • final combustion zone where burning ash and smoky gases are displayed.

Note!Device that limits the loading area and, accordingly, decay time, called air distributor.

This element is performed in a metal circle of 5-6 mm thick with a hole in the middle through which the telescopic tube using oxygen supplied to the furnace.The diameter of the product should be somewhat smaller than the diameter of the housing.The height is adjusted by means of a special impeller.

Solid long burning wood

Solid wood burning long

Solid long burning wood

Solid wood burning long

combustion zone usually does not exceed 5 cm in height - if it is higher, the fuel will burn too quickly.By the way, the oxygen pipe may not only be telescopic, but whole.Its diameter is typically 6 cm, while the size of the hole in the air distributor does not exceed 2 cm in order not satiate oxygen zone.

long burning boiler

long burning boiler

air can be supplied in one of two ways:

  • directly from the atmosphere;
  • of special heating chamber (which is located in the top of the structure), which ensures a more efficient operation of the boiler.

used to adjust special choke.

Top welded pipe chimney.It should be kept perpendicular to the body of at least 0.5 m, or produced excessive thirst.

Bottom equipped with door to remove the products of combustion.Cleaning should be done infrequently, because the fuel will burn more completely.

There are two ways of heating the coolant, each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

long burning boiler

long burning boiler

long burning boiler

method №1 long burning boiler.By exchanger tube passing through the combustion zone, the coil is connected, and through which water is heated in the tank.

Method №2 .Formed separate metal tank, which is passed through the flue pipe.Excited smoke heats the liquid.

The first method is more effective, but at the same time more complex in execution.Second to make it easier, but it is advisable only in small houses.



Make constructed at home is easy, but it will require working skills with a welding machine and a clear instruction.

Step 1: Prepare all necessary

For the manufacture of the boiler will be required:

  • metal pipe ø30 cm and more with a wall thickness of 4-5 mm;

    The housing can be made of sheet steel by welding

    housing can be made of sheet steel welding metoodom

  • welding machine;
  • steel sheet 5 mm thick (for the distributor);
  • Bulgarian;
  • pipe ø6 cm for oxygen supply;
  • pipe ø10 cm O smoky gases from the structure.

After preparing the equipment and supplies you can get to work.

Step 2 Assembling design

Note!The boiler must be installed on a flat surface.If necessary, equipped with a concrete base (it all depends on the design of the total weight).

action sequence in the assembly next.

Step 1. pipe, which will serve as casing design, trimmed in accordance with the selected length (from 0.8 to 1 m).If the length is greater, it is difficult in fuel loading operation.Welded sheet steel bottom and (if required) legs, made of channel.



Step 2. formed air manifold.To do this, the sheet steel is cut circle whose diameter is smaller than the design diameter of 2 cm. The center of the circle is done opening ø2 cm.

K distributor welded impeller fixed thereto five-centimeter blades made fromthe same steel.Top tube ø6 cm welded so that the middle of the rose has done before opening.

The body of the boiler and the air distributor

boiler body and air distributor

Air distributor

Air distributor

Air distributor

Air distributor

The double boiler wall

double wall boiler

The double boiler wall

double wall boiler



Note!This pipe must be equal to the height of the boiler body (can be more).

Top tube is equipped with a shutter to adjust the oxygen supply.

Step 3. Near the bottom of the boiler is equipped with a door to remove the products of combustion.Bulgarian steel sheet is cut rectangle with locked loop locking handle.Rectangle and serve as a door.



Boot hatch for fuel

boot hatch for fuel

Step 4. top of the boiler is fixed chimneys ø10 cm. The first 40-45 cm pipe should go horizontally, and then passed through a heat exchanger(the latter is performed in a water tank with a metal).

chimney pipe


Step 5. is cut cover for the boiler, it is done for the opening of the air valve.It is important that the cover abuts closely to the body as possible, otherwise the gap will go through the smoke.

boiler cover

boiler cover

boiler lid (another one)

boiler cover (another option)

All long burning heat source is ready for use.

fuel and operating load Features

heating assembly

heating assembly

From simple boiler, where a full-fledged air supply is necessary for the entire volume of fuel combustion, long burning structure, as previously noted, different limitations of this feed.Moreover, the load size directly affects the combustion time, so in this case the maximum load Combustion tightly to leave no gaps.

inside the firebox

firebox inside

Note!The fuel can be used not only as wood, sawdust and coal, peat, garbage (only combustible) and others.

Fuel is loaded in that order.

Loading boiler

load boiler

Trial furnace boiler

trial furnace boiler

Step 1. remove the top cover design.

Step 2. is extracted air regulator.

Step 3. boiler fuel loaded at the level of chimney.

Step 4. Top Fuel poured a small amount of liquid for ignition (diesel fuel, waste oil and so on.).

Step 5. air regulator is set back from the top cover is put on.

Step 6. air damper opens to the limit.

Step 7. incinerate piece of paper thrown into the design.When fuel starts to smolder, the air damper is closed.

Heating System .binding

heating system.Tying

Heating System .binding

heating system.Tying

That started a permanent burning, can be judged by emerged from chimney smoke.As fuel combustion smaller diameter pipe will be lowered with the air regulator - this kind of indicator, and you can determine the amount of fuel remaining.

Video - long burning boiler with his hands

Note!you can build and construct more complicated rear-load if desired.It is recommended to use the below drawing.

In conclusion

described boilers are not only used for heating homes, but also in winter heating stables, barns, greenhouses, and so on. D. If the assembly and installation works have been carried out correctly, the unit will operateabsolutely safe and economical, and the solid fuel of any kind can be used, including household garbage.

In addition, the boilers are not in need of constant monitoring, it is only necessary in practice to determine the period of time between loads.It should be remembered that the burning time depends not only on the volume of construction, but also on the type of fuel.