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August 12, 2017 18:06

Barbecue their metal hands

Soon the summer and it's time to get ready for a relaxing holiday.And it's hard to imagine a holiday without a barbecue, well roasted on the grill.This device can be purchased at almost any hardware store, but if you do not fit the price / quality products factory, we can produce BBQ with your hands from metal .

Barbecue their metal hands

Barbecue own hands metal

Barbecue can be transported in a handy bag

Barbecue can be transported in a handy bag

Advantages iron grills

Article Contents

  • 1 Advantages iron grills
  • 2 Making barbecue
    • 2.1 Step 1. Plan
    • 2.2 Step 2. Consumables
    • 2.3 Step 3. Welding
    • 2.4 Step 4. Paint the barbecue
    • 2.5 Video - Barbecue theirhands
  • 3 Barbecue stationary roofed
  • 4 Creating a brazier of iron barrels
    • 4.1 Instructions manufacturing
    • 4.2 Video - Barbecue from the barrel
  • 5 Interesting ideasbarbecues
    • 5.1 Mini BBQ for city apartments
  • 6 Tips operating barbecues
    • 6.1 Video - How to quickly ignite the BBQ

Such barbecues are very popular and the reasonIt lies in their in

disputable advantages, such as:

  • low cost;
  • easy cleaning, transport, assembly / disassembly;
  • uniform prozharka meat (iron retains heat very well);
  • security;
  • ease of use;
  • possibility of producing their own hands.

homemade braziers welded Usually, but in the absence of welding equipment can resort to bolting.

Barbecue their metal hands

Barbecue own hands metal

Making barbecue

The work will require such tools:

  • sheet steel;
  • Bulgarian, drives to it;
  • electric drill;
  • roulette;
  • welding equipment (or bolts for ties).

Consider the process of creating the traditional metal brazier.

Step 1. Plan

Driving barbecue metal

scheme barbecue metal

Drawings metal brazier

drawings metal barbecue

Drawings metal brazier

drawings metal barbecue

Initially, the plan drawn up - a small diagram of the future product.The scheme should be as much as possible to describe in detail Barbecue area, specify the dimensions of each part.The most convenient is the brazier height of 85 cm and 40x80 cm sizes brazier.

addition to drawing up the scheme, should take care of supplies.

Note!It is undesirable to use the work is too thick steel sheets, or design would be difficult to raise.Steel should be the thickness from 0.4 cm to 1 sm.

Step 2. Consumables

following are the components for making Barbecues height of 85 sm.


  • 4 iron leg length of 65 cm from the corner or pipe ø2,5 cm;
  • pair of plates or tubes ø2 cm horizontal leg connections (each such compound will be 76.5 cm in length).

Brazier :

  • two walls dimensions 77h20 cm, made of sheet steel;
  • pair of transverse walls 39h20 cm;
  • metal mesh 39h77 cm;
  • pair of lateral pipes to the bottom of the structure 39 cm long;
  • two iron handles for easy transport;
  • several fireclay bricks.

Note!Instead the grid with crossbars can use one single sheet of 39h77 cm.

also need to cover an appropriate size with the longitudinal edges curved inward.

Step 3. Welding

Then all cooked items need to cook or connect bolts.

Step 1. the beginning of the sides and bottom of the housing is welded (use of bolts will be discussed below).

Step 2. legs welded to the body.

Step 3. longitudinal legs stronger bond, preferably at a height of 15 cm - so between them will be reserve for storage of firewood.

Step 4. If the bottom of the brazier used metal mesh, the fireclay brick is laid.The longitudinal walls of doing a small hole (5 pieces on each side, step - 10 cm) for supplying oxygen (so the wood will burn quickly).

Step 5. On transverse walls are fixed handle made of steel wire ø1 see.

Assembling Mongan

Assembly barbecue

Assembling the barbecue

Assembly barbecue

Assembling the barbecue

Assembly barbecue

Metal Grill

Barbecue frommetal

Barbecue metal

Barbecue metal

Barbecue metal

Barbecue metal

Step 4. Paint the barbecue

First understand, whether it is necessary to paint Barbecue.On the one hand, the paint, as well as other chemical agents, it is undesirable to apply the brazier, t. K. Prepared meat will absorb harmful substances.On the other hand, the current tools used for painting Barbecue, absolutely safe.

Note!The problem can become a high temperature combustion that can result in delamination or even burn a spray layer.

recommended to choose among all these refractory coatings for barbecue:

  • silicone enamel, which can withstand temperatures up to 600ᵒS;
  • thermal powder paint - effective, but complex in application (in need of a high-temperature firing);
  • oxidation technology.

last option is most suitable.Initially, the body is processed by a 5 per cent sulfuric acid and then boiled in a solution of soap and boiled for 1.5 hours in the infusion of sodium hydroxide.As a result, non-stick layer structure is formed in black to protect it from corrosion.

Steel BBQ with brick lining

Steel BBQ with brick lining

Steel BBQ with brick lining

Steel BBQ with brick lining

Video - Barbecue with his hands

Barbecue stationary roofed

After making steady barbecue, it is desirable to build a shed for him.There are many materials that can be used for this purpose at a minimum cost of time and money.Is that the iron structure can not be made without welding (if desired it can be replaced by tie bolts).

canopies supports usually welded to the legs of the barbecue, but sometimes there are very dimensional design (4x4 m), for which four concreted metal pillars.

top of the pillars at the corners of the canopy perimeter stacked 5x5 cm, and on top of them - the metal profile or any other roofing material.If desired, a canopy decorated with wrought.

Wooden canopy easier to produce, but the surface should be treated with antiseptic and flame retardant.

Creating a brazier of iron barrels

If desired, you can construct a more dimensional version - for example, a stationary structure of the barrel.Barrel itself may be any, as long as its size was enough for barbecue.





Note!Selecting a barrel, special attention should be paid to her "past".If earlier it was stored chemicals or petroleum products, it may not be used to create a barbecue.

Except for the drums should be prepared:

  • steel corner shelf with a minimum height of 4.5 cm;
  • four rubber wheels (preferably with a metal base);
  • two sets of door hinge;
  • door handle (iron);
  • metal mesh;
  • grinders, wheels thereto;
  • welding;
  • jigsaw.

Instructions manufacturing

Step 1. sliced ​​pieces of corner desired height should be about 1 m and width correspond to the length of the barrel.

Step 2. side elements will consist of two horizontal and two vertical posts each.The first will be installed from the bottom, about 25 cm from the lower edge of the uprights, and the top, at the level of the barrel radius.Racks are laid on a flat surface and welded together as shown in the image - an angle of 90ᵒ.

cutting balloon

Cutting balloon

Step 3. Similarly, the second side of the welded structure, after which the two elements are connected by means of two corners, set at the level of the lower horizontal struts.

Note!Components together with the utmost care to avoid distortions.

Step 4. attached to the side of the wheel.

Step 5. Further support set finished barrel.This must be done so that the drain hole located behind and from above at an angle 30ᵒ, from the right side (with respect to the front part).The hole in the operation will serve as a hood.

Step 6. Using chalk marked ¼ of the barrel - cover Barbecues.The markup of the jigsaw cut edges carefully stripped grinder with sanding disc.

Step 7. to the fourth barrels mounted door hinges, and then they are connected to the ground - a cover ready.For ease of use the door handle is attached to the lid.

Step 8. The hood is inserted into the corresponding pipe diameter.

Step 9. We can only take care of the internal arrangement.On the inner surface of the housing welded special holders (iron plates the size of 3x6 cm, although it can take corners and thin).These holders are set in the middle of each side, two pieces.

BBQ out of the barrel .forging elements

BBQ out of the barrel.forging Elements

Note!For convenient transportation to the barbecue frame can be attached to the handle.After this design is painted in the same way as described in the preceding paragraph of the article.

Video - Barbecue from the barrel

Interesting ideas for barbecues

If the goal is to create not only functional, but also attractive from the design point of view, Barbecues, we advise to pay attention toartistic forging.Of course, to do this on their own without any special equipment and skills can not be relevant.

Or another option: if you can get the front part of an old car, it can also be used in the manufacture of barbecue.Roaster in such a construction is placed in the hood.Moreover, since the BBQ wheels, so you can take with you on the nature (as a trailer, of course).

Barbecue from cars

Brazier of cars

Mini BBQ for city apartments

unlikely that in a city apartment there is a place for a full barbecue, but that does not mean that you have to indulge in a good picnic.For such cases, there is a miniature balcony BBQ, fastening on the railing like flower pots.The length of these designs a little more than half a meter, so they are suitable for even the small terraces and balconies.

Optionally balcony BBQ can be screwed to the wall or placed in any other convenient location.In short, you can now enjoy cous this barbecue without even leaving the apartment.

Mini BBQ for city apartments

Mini BBQ for city apartments

Mini BBQ for city apartments

Mini BBQ for city apartments

Mini BBQ for city apartments

Mini BBQ for city apartments

Tips Operating barbecues

To Barbecue has served mostlong, all fire safety regulations must be observed.The distance from the fire to the wooden construction elements (if available - for example, the nozzle on the carry handle) must be at least 20 cm Moreover, all of these elements are necessarily should be treated with antiseptic and flame retardant..

How to use the barbecue

How to use barbecue

Earlier, when assortment of spices was quite meager for bargain meals flavor used burning wood.Below are the types of trees and the meat for which they are best used:

  • oak - seafood, poultry;
  • apple - lamb, beef, pork;
  • vine grapes - snails, seafood;
  • alder - salmon, turkey;
  • maple - seafood, poultry, pork;
  • birch - beef, chicken;
  • cherry - Poultry, lamb.

Note!Do not use conifers (they secrete resin when burning), chipboard or plywood.

There is another option - to buy ready-coal briquettes in the store.The briquettes provide a permanent heat, but at the same time lacks any flavor.There are loose coal, but it burns unevenly because of different size pieces.

before hot grill should be greased to products not stick to it.Finally, a place to set the barbecue should be clear in advance of dry grass, twigs, debris, it is also desirable that the next has always been a bucket of sand.

Video - How to quickly ignite the BBQ