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August 12, 2017 18:06

Independent heating with their own hands

Central heating is a heating system, all the constituent elements of which are directly in the heated room.The system consists of interconnected pipes connected to the heat source and heat sink.

Independent heating with their own hands

Independent heating own hands

That is the job of the system based on the use of the boiler.To him connect pipes, their layout is performed in accordance with the requirements of a particular situation themselves pipes are connected to the batteries, and they have given the bulk of the warm room.

Independent heating with their own hands

Independent heating own hands

For everything autonomous heating system can be used boilers using different fuels.Check out the main features of such a system, the advantages and disadvantages of each of the existing species, learn leadership position and proceed with the installation.Nothing complicated in this handwritten arrangement no heating.

Boilers running with various fuel

Boilers running with various fuel

operating principle of an autonomous heat
ing system

Article Contents

  • 1 operating principle of an autonomous heating system
  • 2 Species autonomous heating systems
    • 2.1 Electric heating
    • 2.2 Gas heating
    • 2.3 Zhidkotoplivnyy heating
    • 2.4 solid fuel heating
  • 3 order of arrangement of the auxiliary heating
    • 3.1 number of sections counting Calculator radiators
  • 4 system maintenance Guidelines
    • 4.1 Video - autonomous heating own hands

heart of any autonomous heating system is a heating boiler.The main difference, according to which the boilers are classified in separate groups, is the type of fuel used.

Domestic gas heating boilers

Domestic gas heating boilers

The principle of operation of the boilers of different groups remains the same regardless of the model of the equipment and features of the fuel used.

The combustion of the loaded fuel boiler heats the water or other heat transfer fluid used in a particular autonomous heating system.Pipes also transfer heat to the batteries and the surrounding area.

Schematic diagram of the pyrolysis boiler

The type of fuel used depends on the basic operational and technical characteristics of the heating boiler.They have a direct impact on durability, reliability and performance of the device.These same properties as determined by the ease of management of the heating system and the convenience of its use.

complexity of the installation of individual heating system is also largely depends on the characteristics of the boiler.You need to study the characteristics of the existing equipment and to choose a system that works best for your particular case.

Combined heating boilers

Combined heating boilers

Species autonomous heating systems

Electric heating

Independent heating by electrical heating boiler has a number of advantages, among which it is imperative to note the following points:

  • reliability of the equipment;
  • relatively affordable cost of the boiler;
  • quiet and harmless work;
  • ability to mount and connect the equipment on their own.

    Electric heating

    Electric heating

Modern heating elements to be included in the design of heating boilers are more than 15-20 years.In addition, a modern heating equipment has a programmable operating mode and the main parameters of the system.

For example, the owner can program the boiler on and off at a certain time, which is very convenient.To implement this feature, apply air temperature sensors.

Modern electric boiler

Modern electric boiler

As a result, heating system, designed and equipped by electric heating boiler, will be able to operate without interference from the owner for weeks or even for months.It is this moment and defines the meaning of autonomy.

Full autonomous system must be capable of maintaining the temperature conditions at a certain level regardless of the weather outside.

tying the electric boiler

Rail electric boiler

However, electric heating has two major drawbacks, namely:

  • system requires a stable power supply, and it is not present in all settlements.electricity jumps and sudden shutdown can cause damage to the heating boiler out of action;
  • relatively high electricity tariffs.This moment often stops owners configured for arrangement of electrical heating, on the implementation of their ideas.

Gas heating

Gas heating

Gas heating

One of the most popular options.It provides the most efficient heating due to relatively low gas prices.Other significant advantages of such heating does not.

The most common scheme of gas heating country house

most common scheme of a country house gas heating

disadvantage of a lot more.

  • danger of equipment: the following points Among them deserve special attention
  • high cost of heating boilers;
  • need regular maintenance professionals.

In addition, with the installation of a gas boiler and arrangement on this basis a full independent heating can be overcome only with special skills.For the installation of the boiler is necessary to invite specialists, having obtained a number of approvals by the relevant authorities.

Gas heating

Gas heating

Yes, and gas lines is not conducted in all settlements.If there is no connectivity to the backbone of the independent heating by gas boiler and can not think.

Zhidkotoplivnyy heating

Condensation liquid fuel heating boiler

condensing liquid fuel

heating boiler Fuel oil boilers are categorically not suitable for permanent resettlement of independent heating.Restrictions imposed as a particularly direct heating equipment and fuel used.

Fuel oil boilers

Fuel oil boilers

also a number of significant drawbacks of these systems it is necessary to take them elektrozavisimost and fire.Therefore, liquid fuel heating system can be regarded exclusively as a backup source and temporary heat.

solid fuel heating

Solid fuel heating

solid fuel heating

One of the oldest and most common heating options.On the market today is a wide range of solid fuel boilers, suitable for arranging auxiliary heating.

The main advantage of this equipment is an economical operation due to the relatively low cost of energy.

Solid fuel heating

solid fuel heating

Among the shortcomings - the need for places for the storage of fuel and the need for constant monitoring and maintenance.

order of arrangement of the auxiliary heating

Regardless of the type of energy source arrangement order of the system remains the same.The differences are present only during the installation of the boiler itself.This point is clarified and addressed in a separate order.

beginners is best to give preference to electric boilers - such equipment is the most simple to connect and easy to use as possible.

In general, the following procedure as a stand-alone heating connection.

first step. Make or make circuit heating system for your particular home.

Heating systems

heating systems

At this stage, calculate the optimal number of sections of heating radiators.To add the calculated margin of 15-20%.This reserve will ensure the highest possible efficiency of the radiators, which during its operation will inevitably become clogged, resulting in degradation of heat transfer.Additional sections of all rational place in the corner room of the house.

Standard calculation of radiators

standard calculation radiators heating

The calculation of the required number of sections in the room

calculation of the required number of sections in the room

much more accurately calculate the number of radiators will calculate a special calculator:

number of sections counting Calculator radiators

Consistently enterthe requested value or mark the desired options in the proposed lists
Set the slider value floor space in m²
100 watts per square meter.m
How many exterior walls in the room?
one two three four
In what direction light look exterior walls
North, Northeast, East, South, Southwest, West
Specify the degree of warming of external walls
Exterior wallsnot insulated average degree of insulation of external walls have a high-quality insulation
Specify the average air temperature in the region in the coldest decade, the
- 35 ° C and below - 25 ° C to - 35 ° C to - 20 ° Cup to - 15 ° C is not less than - 10 ° C
Specify the height of the ceiling in the room
to 2.7 m 2,8 ÷ 3,0 m 3,1 ÷ 3,5 3,6 ÷ 4 m0 m more than 4.1 m
What is on location?
cold attic or unheated and insulated room insulated attic or other premises heated room
Specify the type of installed windows
ordinary wooden frames with double-glazed windows with a single-chamber (2 glasses) glazed windows with double-chamber (3 glasses)glazing or argon filled
Specify the number of windows in the room
Specify the window height, m ​​
Specify the width of the window, m
Select circuit connecting the battery
Specify the features of the installation of radiators
Radiator raspolzheny opened on a wall or is not covered sill Radiatorfully covered from above a window sill or shelf radiator is installed in a wall recess partially covered radiator front decorative radiator screen is completely closed decorative cover
below will be prompted for a nameplate capacity of the selected section of the radiator model.
If the purpose of the calculations is the definition of required total heat output for room heating (for example, to select non-separable radiators), then leave the field empty
Enter passport heat output of one section of the selected radiator model

second step. Drill holes in the walls, in accordance with the plan.Hole dimensions must correspond to the diameter of the pipe to be passed through them.

Installation of a radiator under the window

Install radiator under the window

Tying radiators

Rail radiator heating

the bracket

Mounting brackets

third step. do the finishing of walls in places of fastening of the future batteries if necessary.Doing it after the installation of radiators will be uncomfortable.

also recommended to glue on the wall behind the radiator foil material.Thanks to him the heat is reflected into the room, and not to leave the room through the wall.

Installation of heat-reflecting screen for battery

Installing heat-reflecting screen for battery

fourth step. ready to install elements of an autonomous heating system.Start with the boiler installation.Installing from the requirements that are relevant for your particular heating equipment.

From boiler lay the pipe in accordance with the scheme drawn up before heating and to the pipes connect radiators.Installation of radiators can be carried out in accordance with the serial or parallel circuit.A particular embodiment selected in accordance with the terms of your situation.

Tying solid fuel boilers

Tying solid fuel boilers

fifth step. Test collected independent heating system.Be sure to check the system for leaks.To perform such a check is necessary to piped water or other coolant is used.Problematic places will be noticeable almost immediately.Any defects found must be removed urgently.

If you can not cope with the solution of the problems detected by yourself, a qualified specialist - can not joke with heating.It is better from the start to do everything efficiently and correctly than to face serious problems in the further use of the system.

Remember drain outlet must be placed at the lowest point of the heating system, ie,at the bottom of the return.Only subject to this rule, the heating will work effectively and efficiently.

After the installation and removal of identified errors, if they were discovered, can be considered independent heating almost ready.At the end you will only further sealed the joints and various cracks.

System Maintenance Guidelines

Servicing boilers


boilers Provided competent arrangement, especially in the case of the installation of modern electric boiler, independent heating system will not require to him almost no attention.Lender will require only 1-2 times in half a year to top up the coolant system.

can be eliminated if desired and the said event, combining expenditure and expansion tanks into a single system.However, this can only be done with proper arrangement of heating.

Maintenance of gas boilers

service gas boilers

In addition, each year, before the heating season and after its completion it is necessary to check the system.Regular inspections allow time to identify all sorts of faults and errors made in the process of mounting the main elements of the heating system.

Follow the receipt of the recommendation, and a stand-alone heating your home is properly serve for many years.

Successful work!

Video - Autonomous heating own hands