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August 12, 2017 18:06

The boiler for heating with their own hands

principal part, the heart of any heating system is boiler.The variety of types and designs able to hit any imagination.And we must pay tribute, many boilers are modern and efficient, and effective devices.They have a subtle adjustment, equipped with an automatic and can operate without human intervention.Some models can even send an SMS to the owner and the "report" of the thermal environment in the home, and the owner by mobile phone or via the Internet connection may order the desired temperature to your arrival.But there are times when advantageous to do boiler for heating with their own hands.For example, for heating a country house or greenhouse.

The boiler for heating with their own hands

boiler for heating his hands

Internet is literally overloaded with various information on the independent manufacturing of heating boilers.Used unexpected components that did not previously thought to be part of the boiler;Some technical solutions can compete with inventions design offices;Some efficiency boilers are not inferior to the best

-known manufacturers boilers.But unfortunately, the internet and a lot of "junk" information that may not help, and in some cases, able to do much harm.The authors review some boastfully declare that there is nothing easier than to make yourself heating boiler, though in fact it is not an easy task.The purpose of this article to find out what kind of heating boilers deserve to make them yourself, and what are the characteristics of the process of their manufacture.

Types of heating boilers and the possibility of their independent manufacturing

Article Contents

  • 1 Types of heating boilers and the possibility of their independent production
    • 1.1 Solid pyrolysis heating boilers
  • 2 boiler for heating his hands
    • 2.1 Required tools and materials for the manufacture of boiler
    • 2.2 Production of pyrolysis boiler
      • 2.2.1 Video: Automation for pyrolysis boiler
    • 2.3 Entering pyrolysis boileroperation
  • 3 Conclusion
      • 3.0.1 Video: Making of pyrolysis boiler to heat your home

task of heating boiler - heated using any fuel coolant and hand it inheating system, which already distributes the heat consumers.That type of used fuel boilers are divided into several large classes.Consider these classes and immediately determine the feasibility of self-manufacture them.

  • Gas heating boilers - now - this is the most cost-effective fuel.Modern boilers are high efficiency, easy to operate, operate without human intervention.Self-production of gas boilers possible , but not recommended.Firstly, due to the fact that the gas - it is a dangerous type of fuel and any tampering can lead to tragic consequences, and, secondly, no gas suppliers will give a permit to operate a home-made gas boiler.And rightly so.
Gas heating boilers is forbidden to make independently.

Gas heating boilers is forbidden to make independently.

  • Fuel oil boilers apply where there is no gas supply, and other fuels.These boilers have a very high efficiency, they are easy to automate, but their use is associated with certain difficulties for the storage of large amounts of fuel: diesel or fuel oil.Self-production of liquid-fuel boilers smoking, no fire inspector did not put his signature upon delivery of the house in operation, if it is not equipped with certified equipment.And, probably, very few people want to live on a powder keg.

Fuel oil boilers often forced measure , not common sense

Fuel oil boilers often forced measure, not common sense

  • Electric heating boilers have a distinct advantage over all the others in the simplicity of its design, small dimensions, ease of operation.These boilers are relatively easy to do yourself.But all these advantages are offset by higher electricity prices.Unfortunately, heating with electricity is economically unprofitable.It is understandable, because a significant portion of the electricity obtained by burning fossil fuels.More one major limitation is that it is not always electricity supply organization will permit the allocation of a large capacity.
The only obstacle for the widespread introduction of electric boilers - high electricity prices

only obstacle for the widespread introduction of electric boilers - high prices for electricity

  • Solid fuel heating boilers , despite assurances from skeptics about their imminent departure into the background, continuing to operate successfully today.Not only that - they have now reborn.The fuel they use wood, coal, peat briquettes, oil shale and other solid fuel.Very interesting boilers, which use a special kind of fuel - pellets , made from waste wood.These boilers are amenable to automation, have high efficiency, but the production and logistics pellets is still in its infancy.For the independent production it is more suited for solid fuel boilers, so we will treat them exactly.But worthy of special attention among the representatives of the solid fuel boilers - pyrolysis .
Твердотопливным котлам еще рано отправляться "на свалку истории"

solid fuel boiler is too early to be sent "to the dustbin of history»

Solid pyrolysis heating boilers

Classic solid- boiler is capacity certain volume , madeof metal: steel or cast iron.It happens combustion solid fuels, which releases heat energy transferred to the heat carrier by means of heat exchangers.At the same time the combustion chamber continuously fed outside air to maintain the combustion of the fuel.If cover the air supply, the combustion process will slow down, and if open, then it will go faster that way regulate the power of the classical solid fuel boilers.

There are boilers, adapted only to certain fuel: wood, coal, pellets , - but there are models that run on any fuel.Solid fuel boilers can be both natural draft and forced.Efficiency of a well-designed and executed classic solid fuel boiler can reach 71-79%.The advantages of these boilers are:

  • availability and low tse on on fuel.
  • ability to use several types of fuel.
  • ability to burn waste wood and agricultural processing.
  • Full battery life, independence from power.

However, classic solid fuel boilers have a number of disadvantages, which could not be considered:

  • One loading fuel boilers operate not more than 4-6 hours.
  • necessity of storing large stocks of fuel requires additional space.
  • Loading mainly occurs in manual mode.
  • Classic solid fuel boilers require constant cleaning of the combustion products.
  • Process with a Goran has inertia, it is difficult to control.

In the category of solid fuel boilers is to provide a separate group of so-called pyrolysis boilers which work takes place through separate combustion and emerging from the decay products - pyrolysis gases.Consider the work of the boiler as an example.

Structure and working principle of pyrolysis boiler

Structure and working principle of pyrolysis boiler

Fuel (this is mostly firewood) through the top loading door loaded into the gasifying chamber.The throttle is fully open chimney and ignite the wood.This includes a fan that delivers into the air chamber.Of course, the wood start to burn as in a conventional solid fuel boiler.

Once the wood broke out, close the door and the top cover of the chimney choke.Air continues to flow to the fuel, but in limited quantities, so firewood starting negotiated the reflux at a temperature of 200 to 800 ° C.Under these conditions, there is a pyrolysis reaction: decomposition of wood at solid part in the form of coal and easy - pyrolysis gases are fed through a nozzle into the combustion chamber.There also supplied through the secondary air supply passage warmed mixture.Under conditions of high temperatures pyrolysis gases are ignited and oxidized by air supplied.their combustion temperature in this case is about 1100 ° C.

Blazing gases pass through the flue multiple channels that are heating the coolant medium - water.There is a transfer of thermal energy.The high temperature in the combustion chamber supports the process of pyrolysis gasification in the chamber.If you need to report to the wood in the gasifying chamber, then it is completely open throttle chimney, waiting a few minutes, the camera aired by pyrolysis gases and began normal combustion process.Then open the door, report logs, close the door and flap (choke) chimney.The process of pyrolysis, and renewed afterburning gases in the lower chamber.

Note: The boilers with the delivery of primary and secondary air download to open the door only after the opening of the chimney damper and pause.Otherwise, when you open the door pyrolysis gases accumulated in the gasification chamber can ignite.This shortage is deprived Pyrolysis boilers no forced air and with exhaust fan, which creates a vacuum in chambers.

Pyrolysis heating boilers have the following advantages:

  • In pyrolysis boilers there is a complete combustion of the fuel, which makes it much less likely to clean the ash pan and high flues.
The flame in the combustion chamber

flames in the combustion chamber

  • burning pyrolysis gas can be easily controlled, which allows us to control the boiler automated.
  • process of burning gasified in the chamber controlled by means of primary air supply.Burning slow, and it allows one tab wood work from 5-7 hours to several days (at the upper combustion boilers).
  • In pyrolysis boilers can burn large not chopped firewood.
  • The fuel waste wood veneer trim, chipboard , fiberboard , MDF can be used.
  • Pyrolysis boilers 3 times less emit harmful substances.

Disadvantages pyrolysis boilers:

  • For fan or exhauster need electricity, so you should take care of the boiler equipment powerful uninterruptible power supply.
  • When humidity fuel more than 20% boiler efficiency drops sharply.
  • In the case of small loads are possible fluctuations in the boiler, which affects the deposition of tar in flue channels.For constant load boiler heat accumulator may be required - for storing thermal energy.
The excess heat generated can be stored in the storage tank

The excess heat generated can be stored in the storage tank

  • to flues of the boiler does not fall out condensate, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the return not less than 60 ° C.Condensate boiler leads to the accelerated low-temperature corrosion.
  • impossibility of the automatic fuel supply.
  • Pyrolysis boilers are very resource-so are 1.5-2 times higher than the classic solid.

Since pyrolysis boilers occurs high-temperature combustion (1100-1200 ° C), the lower part of the gasification chamber and the whole combustion chamber, including the door, you need a special way to protect by using the lining - a special heat-resistant lining.Given the high temperature liner made a fireclay brick or special heat-resistant mullitokorundovaja concrete.What does the lining:

Fireclay brick lining allows you to comply with the required temperature and protects the metal

fireclay brick lining allows you to comply with the required temperature and protects the metal

  • Protection of metal surfaces of the boiler chamber from high temperatures, which prevents the metal from burning.
  • For a successful course of the reaction gas emissions and combustion pyrolysis gas needs certain temperature conditions.Upon contact with a cooled metal flame can go copious condensation and allows the liner to keep the reaction temperature constant.

boiler for heating his hands

Before starting production of pyrolysis boiler, it is necessary to accurately determine its size, which depends on the required capacity in many respects.Insufficient capacity of the boiler will not let up for all heat losses and require excessive discharge surplus heat accumulator .

Usually calculations take that for heating 10 m2 of living space requires 1 kW boiler output.Suppose you want to heat a 250 m2 country house.It turns out that boiler must have a capacity of not less than 25 kW.The following figures show drawing boiler and correspondence table dimensions - power boiler.

Typical drawing of the solid pyrolysis boiler

Model drawing of the solid pyrolysis boiler

Table of correspondence generated power boiler sizes

correspondence table Boiler dimensions generated power

These data will be the benchmark for the calculation of future construction.It is best to use ready-made drawings have already been made and successfully working not one season boilers.These boilers have worked out common mistakes and their authors are willing to share drawings with detailed specifications of the boiler is to be responsible to all needs.Of course - it's not free, but the amount of 50-70 $ simply ridiculous compared to what can wait unfortunate homemade on on the way to the desired boiler.

is strongly recommended to make a 3D-visualization of boiler units in AutoCAD or any other suitable program to better understand the internal structure and develop the correct boiler manufacturing strategy.

Example of 3D design visualization pyrolysis boiler

Example 3D rendered design of pyrolysis boiler

required tools and materials for the manufacture of boiler

To produce pyrolysis boiler will need the following tools:

  • Welding inverter.
  • Electric drill with a set of drill bits metal of different diameters.
  • Angle grinders (Bulgarian), under the terms of 230 mm in diameter.
  • angle grinders under the terms of 125 mm.
  • for breaching large diameter holes desired cutting torch or (ideally) plazmorez .If they do not, under certain skill it can be done grinder.
Filigree metal plasma cutting

Filigree plasma metal cutting

  • standard set of plumbing tools: hammer, chisels, files, clamps and more.

Materials for boiler manufacturing:

  • to manufacture gasification and chamber combustion chamber better use of sheet steel 5 mm, and for the outer skin of 4 mm.Total take approximately 7-10 m2 sheet, depending on the specific model.In an extreme case, it can be dispensed to the sheet of the boiler 4 mm.
  • pipe diameter 57 mm thickness of 3.5 mm wall for heat exchangers - 8 - 10m .