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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stoves with wood with their hands

And in the private country house, and own garage or workshop is always nice to have a mobile or fixed stove-burzhujku.To date, the sale presents a lot of different models of heaters, but they can be expensive .Therefore, if you have experience working with metal, suitable material and the desired tools often make their own stoves.

Stoves with wood with their hands

moveable wood stoves on the wood with their hands

Which model stoves with wood with their hands to choose - it's up to the master, as the home-made devices can have the most different kind and made from a new material, and from scrap metal items.

Craftsmen learned to tailor-manufacture stoves burzhuek drums with walls having a thickness of 2,5 - 3 mm or oxygen gas cylinders, the average diameter pipes, metal sheets and even from large automotive wheels wheels.

Tools for the manufacture of stoves

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools for the manufacture of stoves
  • 2 Stove gas bottle
    • 2.1 Prepare the gas cylinder
    • 2.2 Manufacturing vertical furnace from t
      he cylinder
    • 2.3 Efficient stove two gas cylinders
    • 2.4 Video: stove of two gas cylinders
    • 2.5 stove from a cylinder mounted horizontally
  • 3 stove from the barrel
    • 3.1 Verticalstove
    • 3.2 horizontal stove from the barrel
    • 3.3 Video: simple horizontal stove from the barrel
  • 4 stove of wheels
    • 4.1 Video: example of simple stoves of wheels
  • 5 stove "Dwarf»
    • 5.1 Video: simple stove made of sheet steel
  • 6 What to consider when installing stoves

to work with the metal will need special tools, some of them are almostin every private house and other have to buy or rent.

  • angular grinding machine - "Bulgarian" and consumables in the form of cutting discs and grinding wheels.
  • Apparatus for welding power of 200 A , and also consumable - electrode Ø 3 and 4 mm.In addition, necessarily need a special mask and protective suit.
  • Brush metal.
  • Hammer-skimmer .
  • Measuring Instruments - folding meter long metal ruler, measuring tape, chalk or marker.
  • pliers, a hammer, a chisel.
  • Drill with drill bits metal of different diameters.

Choice stove models often depends on where it will be located, as is required for premises more aesthetic appearance of the heater and increased safety.Therefore, to install in the house is best suited embodiment, made of sheet metal or the segment of average diameter of the pipe.

For garage fit any of the existing models, but it is better to choose one that will not only bring in a warm room, and warm water.

To finally determine the choice, you should consider different options and become familiar with the process for their manufacture.

Stove gas bottle

Performing mounting stoves from the cylinder can pass in different ways:

  • Using a cylinder with a vertical or horizontal arrangement of its ;
  • By using two cylinders that are mounted perpendicular to each other.

second model will give more heat, because heating furnace area is obtained almost twice as much.

cylinder itself has a neat appearance on it can make the hob and the oven when ready to give a decent appearance, the it can be installed even in the living room.

Materials for

To produce first model will need one bottle, for the second, respectively, two, but other than that for manufacturing furnace required:

  • Steel foxes reflux Thickness not less than 3 mm - of it will be made a jumper between the firebox and ash pan, and cooking hobs.
  • If you want to look more respectable oven, you need to buy ready-made cast-iron door with a molded pattern for the furnace and ash pit.
  • If the appearance is not important, then the door can be made of a metal piece cut out from the cylinder or of the steel sheet.
  • pipe for the chimney diameter 90 - 100 mm.
  • Reinforcing rod diameter 12 - 15 mm or a steel bracket for the manufacture of the grate and legs.The grate made of cast iron can also be purchased in a specialty store or grate can serve as the bottom of the container laid horizontally, in which the hole is drilled.

Any of the models can be made not only from large cylinders, but also from small - it will depend on the location, which is reserved for the furnace.

Prepare the gas cylinder

Before starting work, you need to prepare the balloon, especially if capacity not new , and was already in operation.In this case, inside the container can always be certain gas concentration, and in the event of a spark during his cutting of explosion.It is impossible to ignore the activities for appropriate preparation capacity as carry out the work will be very dangerous.

Training is conducted in the following sequence:

  • First unscrew the valve, which located on top of the balloon, relieved hole in which it is installed. capacity left on the street or in a utility room of about a day, filling out it to the top with water.
  • water is drained from the tank after this time.At the same time we must note that the liquid will have an unpleasant odor, so pour it need distance from the property.
  • washed bottle may well be used in the work, as with the water from it should remove the last remnants of gas.

Manufacturing vertical furnace from the cylinder

  • first step prepared cylinder is marked - on it designated location of the firebox and ash pan.For this procedure, you will need a token and a flexible measuring tape - due its tough enough , but the elastic band can be extinct and raschertit location doors.
Marking the gas cylinder

marking gas cylinder

  • next step is accurate cut parts marked with the "Bulgarian".The cut pieces are almost always used for further work.
Cutting openings under the firebox door and ash pan

Cutting openings for doors currents and ash

  • These elements scald, adding bumpers, hinges and the latch-handle, and they make excellent door.
  • Next measured the internal diameter of the cylinder, and the gauging of thick wire rolled ring, which will be the basis for welding fittings.Thus, the grate is made for heating.
  • then planned level grate system. grille should be placed at 30 ÷ 50 mm below the edge of the cut opening for the furnace door.Grate becomes thus the ash separator chamber and the furnace.Reinforcing rods are welded at a distance from each other 8 ÷ 10 mm.
Homemade grate of metal rods

Homemade grate of metal bars

  • to one of the sides of the firebox opening are welded hinges, fixed on the door.It is important to accurately align the place of installation, the door is easy to closed and opened .
Window furnace with hinged door

firebox door window with pendent

  • On the opposite side of the hinge is fixed on top of the open-loop hook latches.It should reliably keep the door closed at the time when the oven is heated.
  • the same way and the door is secured on podduvalom-ash pan.
  • recommended to cut the upper part of the cylinder for welding circular metal top panel, which will act as a hotplate.
  • chimney can be displayed both through the top of the cylinder and through the rear or side wall of the furnace.If you choose the second option, the top cooktop will be much more, as it will be exempt from the chimney pipe.

If the container is standing upright, he takes much less space than horizontal variant, but it must be remembered and that any oven should be located on to distance of 200 mm from the wall, and the wall itself must beclose the heat-resistant material.

Efficient stove two gas cylinders

The original design of efficient stoves of the two cylinders

original design of efficient stoves of the two cylinders

To produce such stoves need two containers which, heated, capable of much faster to heat the room.In addition, if desired , in the vertical part furnace it is possible to arrange hot water tank, if installed inside the sealed container brewed , output valve and embed pipes to feed and water sampling.

  • first step is cylinder preparation, which will be horizontal.Since it is cut the upper part, so as to obtain a circular hole with a diameter of about 30 - 35 m m m enshe inner cylinder diameter.
Round opening for the furnace door

round opening for the door of the furnace

  • At the bottom of the furnace in the future a few lines drilled holes with a diameter of 10 - 12 mm, which will be this case serve as a kind of grate bars .
The holes in the cylinder wall will act as a grate

holes in the cylinder wall will act as a grate

  • Under this "grate" welded metal box - it will ash pan-ash pit .On it then necessary to establish firmly closing the door, preventing the loss of coal and ash outside.As an air supply regulator she used in this model will not be.
  • Near the ash pan welded to the legs of the corners or fittings.
The cylinder is mounted on welded legs .Bottom ash pan - mounted camera

balloon mounted on welded legs.Bottom-mounted camera ashpit

  • top of a horizontal cylinder, on the side opposite the door of the furnace, cut a round hole, which will be installed on the vertical part of the furnace.
The window is closed firebox door .Cut a hole for mounting vertical assembly stoves

firebox door window closes.Cut a hole for mounting vertical assembly stoves

  • Set the door, which will produce the best tip from another cylinder.The central opening is cut, which is welded to pipe diameter of about 76 mm.This tube is equipped with a valve, which can be used to regulate the flow of air into the furnace, and then - and the intensity of the burning wood.Door hinges are recommended to place the top - by the action of its gravity will cover securely close the window of the combustion chamber and to minimize air sucking.

Then go to work on the preparation of the second cylinder.

  • most difficult in the preparation of the top vertical portion stoves is marking and cutting process certain shape that is ideally suited for putting on and welded to the horizontal body.
  • In this case in the vertical portion of the furnace is arranged an additional heat exchange chamber, ie .smoke getting in this department, it does not immediately go into the pipe, and is retained in the chamber arranged.
Inside the vertical liner installed jumper with oppositely arranged holes

Inside the vertical liner installed jumper with oppositely arranged holes

  • To do this inside the vertical housing welded on a certain distance, which may range from 250 to 400 mm, metal plate with holes.The holes should be cut closer to the edge of the circular metal piece.When they are installed, hole on the first bridge should be located on the opposite side of the from openings on the second bridge, and so on.The best option in this case will be assembling three similar bridges located equidistant from each other.
  • Vertical unit with mounted partitions already installed and welded on top of a horizontally mounted housing.At the upper cylinder welded pipe for the connection of the chimney.

Video: stove of two gas cylinders

stove from a cylinder mounted horizontally

This option stoves made of a cylinder, and the technology of doing work in many ways is similar to the embodiment described above. only worth considering why unlike some elements.

Stove from a gas cylinder

stoves from the gas cylinder

  • Instead of vertical assembly in the rear upper portion of the cylinder tube is welded only for joining flue pipe.
Internal structure is different complexity

Internal structure is different complexity

  • for furnace doors cut a rectangular hole - it is quite possible to adjust the size to the finished iron door.If it is purchased in a store, it is worth paying attention to the door, intended for the ash-pit holes brick kilns - sometimes they are ideal for stoves from the cylinder.
You can choose ready-made cast-iron door

can choose ready-made cast-iron door

  • possible to make the door and of cut from a rectangular cylinder part.It is the size of the parties are well suited to get a hole, but in the middle it left hole of the valve.It must be make of the sheet metal patch.
  • In the previous year, and in this embodiment, the cooking stove can be added.For this example, of steel bar, the thickness is 5 - 8 mm is bent rectangle, which is welded to container , creating a small but fairly smooth surface.
  • can use two wires instead of steel bars, welded from both sides ballo on on its entire length.

stove from the barrel

stove, made of barrels, more bulky and takes up much more space than the furnace from the cylinder.That is why it is able to heat a room with a larger area.This oven also can be horizontal or vertical, but both the first and second option used to heat not only the economic and technical facilities, and housing.

Vertical stove out of a barrel or large diameter pipes

Vertical stove out of a barrel or large diameter pipes

For the manufacture of stoves, you will need a metal barrel, steel sheet and flue pipe diameter of 100 - 150 mm.

Vertical stove

  • Barrel measured and marked on its surface location blower doors and furnaces, as well as the incision site.It should be below the edge of the furnace at 30 ÷ 50 mm .
  • Then the barrel is cut into two parts, and with each of them work at the beginning conducted separately.
  • of sheet steel cut out circular plate, which is equal in size to the diameter of the barrel.It provides an opening for the passage of the flue pipe.