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August 12, 2017 18:06

Vertical radiators

Radiators are mandatory elements of any home water heating system.They provide the most rapid heating of premises for through a large area of ​​heat transfer, and they create convection air currents.Thus, besides the importance of heat transfer area for heat retention and heat in the rooms of these devices have the configuration and the material of their manufacture.

Vertical radiators

Vertical radiators heating

Vertical radiators can be called the most popular and common .They are made from a variety of materials in a wide range of design registration.Among today's options can be found such that quite unlike at familiar to many cast-iron battery.

If repair is scheduled, which will completely change the interior design of a house or apartment, you will have take care of choosing the radiators.They must ensure the maintenance of the desired temperature and, at the same time , perfectly fit into the design, thus becoming decorative element of interior room.

main heating types of vertical radiators

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  • 1 main heating types of vertical radiators
    • 1.1 Steel radiators
    • 1.2 Video: Advantages of steel panel radiators
    • 1.3 Cast battery heating
    • 1.4 Aluminium radiators
    • 1.5 bimetallic battery
    • 1.6 Video: dignity bimetallic radiators
    • 1.7 calculator to calculate the required amount of radiators
    • 1.8 Video: howthe right approach to the choice of radiator heating

First of all, vertical battery heating is divided into several large groups manufacturing material - of this depends directly on their technical characteristics.To determine the choice, you need to consider each group separately.

Steel radiators

Steel options batteries, in turn, can be divided into panel, tubular and sectional.Their sprinkler n n astolko varied that one can be sure to choose the appropriate style decision interior.

Sectional battery

sectional variant of vertical panels as well as all other species may have a different height - it sometimes reaches, if necessary, even in 1800 or 2000 mm.This type of radiators used in private homes, with independent heating, and high-rise buildings, connected to the central system.

Sectional steel battery can reach larger in height

Sectional steel batteries can reach large sizes in height

Since these batteries are made up of sections, it is possible to vary their total width and, therefore, the thermal capacity by adding or removing one or more of its elements.

The number of sections varies easily

The number of sections varies easily

section consists of an inner part made of pipes, which circulates coolant.Pipes have threaded connections, via their sections assembled together.The inner part is enclosed in a casing made in the form of plates, which, when heated, due to its large area maintained effective heat transfer.

The internal structure of steel sectional panels

internal structure of steel sectional panels

casing has a special enamel coating, which makes elements aesthetically appealing.These radiators are suitable for different interior rooms as compact in thickness and have a neat appearance.

Panel steel battery

Panel steel radiators can easily fit into any decor

Panel steel radiators can easily fit into any interior

Panel variation nt Article cial radiators favorably differs from others by its affordability.They have a number of advantages, but they have and their shortcomings.For example, when you turn on the heating panels heat up very quickly, giving warmth to the room, but they practically do not accumulate heat, so when disconnected almost immediately cool down.

Conclusion - savings will be possible only on the purchase of radiators themselves, but if they are installed in a single system, the economy will not reach on fuel. boiler shuts down automatically when it reaches the desired temperature in the system, and if it lowered, it starts heating again.When using steel panel batteries it will run almost continuously, with very few interruptions, is very large with an energy consumption.

Panel steel radiators with convector

Panel steel radiators with convector

this type of battery panel consists of two welded metal sheets, placed one on another on certain distance.Between the panels which are located convectors (corrugated metal elements).For through large surface area of ​​the heatsink well gives warmth to the room.

Panel steel radiators are designed for installation in the central heating systems, so is guaranteed to withstand the pressure of the standard 15 - 16 bar and a temperature of the coolant to 85 - 90 degrees.

There is a special classification of prefabricated panels on the characteristics of their design.Digital signage is usually indicated on the original packaging and in the technical documentation:

Classification of steel panel radiators

Classification of steel panel radiators

  • 10 - thin panel, assembled from two sheets of metal ;
  • 11 - thin panel of two sheets and a convector behind her ;
  • 21 - two thin panels and installed between convector ;
  • 22 - in this case, two convector between two panels ;
  • 33 - This designation indicates three convectors, placed between the three panels.

Panel batteries may be different in their size, so they need to select the right to conduct a thorough measurement of the place where they will be installed.

Vertical radiators generally have lower connection, but if they are installed low on the level of the floor themselves small in height, you can choose options with side connection.

positive qualities of this type of battery can be called:

  • Easy by weight, and the integrity of the structure, which facilitates the installation of the heating system circuit.Installation is simple panel - its hang on advance fixed in the wall bracket, and then shall be connected to reflux Pipes total heating system.
  • panel Fast heating and high heat in the room.
  • neat appearance of the panel helps it fit into any design project, especially since you can select the desired color model.
  • For normal circuit operation with these radiators do not need a large amount of coolant.

It has already been said about the main drawback of the panel variant of steel panels, but, apart from him, there still two negative points:

  • Although they are designed for installation in the system of central water supply, install them in such circuits to be with certain apprehension.When sudden pressure drops (and it sometimes happens in the central highways) joints the panels can not stand, and they will leak.If still selected this type of radiators, it is necessary to provide a device, normalizing the pressure in system security - reducer.
  • The panel steel radiators no internal anti-corrosion coating.This, too, can badly affect their durability if they are installed in the loop, connected to the central heating - for the coolant can not vouch for the cleanliness here.

Tubular radiators

tubular variation nt Article cial batteries - is not folding system of separate sections, welded together.The tubular elements are joined at the bottom and top of the collector, which is carried out through circulation of the coolant inside the battery.

Vertical tubular radiator

vertical tubular radiator

vertical tubular radiators can even have a height of 3000 mm, so they can easily be installed not only in living rooms, but also in the office or on the social facilities.

tubes can be installed in one or several rows, and each of them can find any number of elements - according to the customer.

the radiator domestic production of pipe wall thickness is 2 mm, and they are designed for pressure of 22 bar, and in the import options - only 1.5 mm and held them up to 15 bar.Therefore, domestic batteries have an advantage over imported when installing them into the central heating system.

These batteries give the most varied designs and colors.The tubes therein can be not only vertical lines, but also curved or crossed between them.

The original tubular radiator by a panel

original tubular radiator by a panel

In some cases vertical tubular batteries installed in such a way that they become an openwork wall, and in other embodiments - decorate the room in the form of the original panel.

The tubular radiator is a kind of wall in the room bathrooms

tubular radiator serves as a kind of wall in the room bathrooms

This type of battery as well as the other, there are also disadvantages, and dignity.Therefore , before you make a choice, you need to know about them in order to evaluate all «pro» and «contra» .

The advantages of vertical tubular steel radiators include:

  • Durability - it provides the inner coating polymer compositions which protect the surface from corrosion phenomena.
  • exterior steel parts are covered with enamel batteries, which makes them perfectly smooth, making it easy to remove dust, not only from the surface but also between the tubes.To remove the dust deposits with such radiators have special soft brush .
  • tubular design is the most resistant to sudden changes in pressure in the heating system, compared to other battery designs.
  • A variety of decorative solutions of this type of radiator is also expressed their dignity.
  • Since tubular systems do not have sharp corners, they are ideal for children's rooms.

The disadvantage is:

  • low emissivity - in these batteries is practically no direct heat radiation, and heating is carried out exclusively through creating convection currents. Therefore boiler will run almost without interruption, in the same way as in the case with panel batteries and save on fuel during the cold season does not happen.
  • vulnerabilities can be considered welds radiator design, as an unexpected sharp increase in pressure in the central system water hammer can damage joints and cause a leak.Therefore, this option is better radiators suitable autonomously regulated system.

Video: Advantages of steel panel radiators heating

Cast battery heating

traditional cast-iron battery usual appearance with rough sections surfaces a thing of the past, however, material itself was enough popular.Therefore, cast iron radiators have not ceased to produce, but they are completely transformed today.

Чугунные радиаторы изменили свой облик - это далеко не только привычные грубые "гармошки"

Cast iron radiators have changed their appearance - this is not just the usual coarse "accordion»

Some of them have retained their form of "bunching", but modernized figure casting and perfect for retrointererov.

They can be a good complement a retro interior ...

They can be a good complement a retro interior ...

Others have a very modern look, which perfectly fit into the style of minimalism, and other fashion trends design design home.

... And it fit in a modern style

... and quite fit into the modern style

Cast batteries do not require closure of their screen, they, on the contrary, become a decorative element of the interior that creates certain mood.

Vertical iron batteries do not produce too high, because iron is very massive.But that's what determines its good heating and high storage capacity - it is a very long time retains heat.Therefore, do cast iron radiators is too high there is no need - their maximum height is 1200 mm.These models are equipped with reliable resilient legs as secure them to the wall very hard.But that's a big plus - walls remain intact, since there is no need to install them on the brackets.

Cast iron radiators can be mounted on legs ...

Cast iron radiators can be mounted on legs ...

less overall cast iron radiators, with a thoroughly modern appearance, are mounted on brackets, driven into the wall.

... Or hung on wall brackets

... or hung on wall brackets

very important advantage of cast iron radiators is that they can be safely installed , as an autonomous system in private homes and in the central.

manufacturing battery material has good heat dissipation, so the room quickly creates a comfortable temperature for the residents.It retains heat for a long time and allows you to quickly cool down the coolant - is also a very important point, which allows you to save on the energy source.

Cast-iron batteries have a long service life, and this is also important, as tse on on these heating elements is quite high.

Today you can find models of imported and domestic iron radiators in stores and construction markets.Their products offer well-known companies in Europe and is characterized by benign smooth surfaces and a more attractive appearance.

  • distinctive feature of these batteries can be called a higher thermal output at small dimensions. volume domestic iron radiator element is 1.2 liters and liters of imported 0,9 , for the same heat output.Import radiators are more compact than domestic - is sometimes also an important factor for the customer.
  • large heatsink advantage, produced abroad, gives and less flow resistance of coolant, which is achieved thanks to a perfectly flat interior surface.In addition, such a coating better resists the deposition of scale and corrosion products, which increases the life of trouble-free operation.
  • iron products Resistance to corrosion allows you to install them in an open heating systems.It is known, that coolant in such circuits more enriched with oxygen, that triggers the activation of corrosion processes.
  • radiators made of cast iron and are less susceptible to internal abrasion, as they have a sufficiently large wall thickness.
  • Unlike from echestvennyh from traditional batteries, imported sold already painted that exempts from unnecessary problems in their decoration.

main drawback - imported batteries are much more expensive than domestic, so not every owner of property they can afford.

Aluminium radiators heating

can immediately start with the basic features vulnerable aluminum radiators - they are very demanding on the quality of the coolant, so it is recommended to be installed only in autonomous systems of apartments and private homes.At a time when the chemical composition of the coolant and its degree of purity is not possible to control for a long time, such batteries will last.