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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stove fire with his own hands

Fireplaces, furnaces do not cease to be popular for decades. Although commercially quite compact cast-iron stoves or fireplaces room, almost every home owner wants to have a real brick building.

Stove fire with his own hands

oven fireplace with his hands

oven fireplace with your hands can be folded only if carefully examine the masonry technology and the specific design features of the selected model.

However, it should be noted that the fireplace itself is functional enough, and they are not allowed to heat several rooms, so practical, owners of private homes abandon its construction in favor of the stove.With it is possible to organize high-quality heating, prepare meals, warm water and dry things, so she often given preference.

Masters of masonry stoves, which stood in front of such a question, developed a combined multifunction model includes in its design and a fireplace, and stove.

such combination options are many enough, but not all of them suitable for a particular house, given its area and location of

the future of the heating plant.There are projects of compact ovens, fireplaces, designed for small houses, but there are those, which include its design, not only the above features, but still and heated couch.Therefore it is necessary to consider several types of stoves, satisfying various needs of tenants.

Types of furnaces, fireplaces

Article Contents

  • 1 Species stoves
  • 2 process of construction of the fireplace oven
    • 2.1 Selecting a location and necessary security measures
    • 2.2 Necessary Materials and tools
    • 2.3 Site preparation and foundation pouring
    • 2.4 Advance "dry" clutch
    • 2.5 laying schemes
    • 2.6 Video: masonry scheme pechi- "Dutch" with glass doorfireplace
    • 2.7 Construction stoves
    • 2.8 Video: interesting option multifunctional stoves
    • 2.9 Drying finished oven - fireplace
Stove with a comfortable stove bench

-burning stove with a comfortable stove bench

Massive construction of this embodiment is suitable furnace not for every home.For example, for a small holiday cottage she will krupnovat as takes most of the space.But it is well suited for a large area, in which the living room and kitchen combined.In this case stove and a fireplace can burn separately.In a large room, you can create an environment for relaxation by putting close to the fireplace, two armchairs, and during the day to heat the chimney is not a part, but only oven cooking her dinner or warming water.In addition, when the furnace cooling plate having a size of couches can be used to treat a bad back or to simply relax on a warm basis.In the summer, if not oven used for cooking, the surface of the cooking plate can be adjusted under the cutting table.

Large oven holds heat well in the house during the cold season.For example, to heat it night, you can not worry until the morning - warm for a long time will come to the house from the heated walls of the structure.

If it is possible to build a stove in the house, you should use it.She did not just rescue hosts in difficult situations, and that it takes a lot of space, no one will remember.

Compact enough pristennaja stove

Compact enough pristennaja stove

This stove can be installed in a small house, and it will warm once two rooms.Although the furnace and fireplace connected to the overall design, they can drown individually , that is, if the room is warm enough, you can ignite a fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere.In that case, if the two rooms of the house need be heated quickly, both flooded part of the structure.

Fireplace in this case will warm up by the open fire, and a closed firebox of the furnace will operate at on heating of the rear wall, which goes into the next room.

disadvantage of this model can be called is that it lacks a cooking stove, which could help out in any situation, for example, when cooking or heating water using electrical, and electricity for some reason cut off.

This stove can divide the room into two zones

This stove can divide the room into two zones

Another embodiment of the furnace, which is located in a large room.It is the same as the first model is compact enough and it is quite possible to place such a way that it wall went out into the next room.

Although compact oven, it contains everything necessary to ensure comforts of home function - is cooking stove and oven for cooking, fireplace with elegant glass doors to create a cozy atmosphere and spend pleasant evenings.

On the mantelpiece is possible to place elements that adorn the interior of the room.In addition, such a place can be used for drying herbs or diced vegetables and fruits.

Stove with a square at the base will fit even in a small room

-burning stove with a square at the base will fit even in a small room

almost square-fire oven suitable for any small or large rooms.It is neat and compact, and if carefully consider its place installation, it can easily heat the two rooms.But again, this embodiment is not provided a cooking hob, therefore the structure can be used only for heating, and to create an enjoyable as a decorative interior attribute.

Multi-function stove - and for the kitchen and for comfort

Multifunctional stove - and for the kitchen and for comfort

This fireplace oven can be proud of any owner of the house, especially if it is folded with their hands. It can be placed so that it becomes heater and decoration of two rooms.Fireplace in this case it is best to turn to the living room or bedroom, a furnace and a plate left in the kitchen room.In this embodiment, a fireplace recess arranged to dry wood, which will spread the fragrance of wood and create a favorable atmosphere in the room.

process of construction of the fireplace oven

reviewing the presented models, we can conclude that the fireplace oven can be installed in the middle of the room, near one of the walls or between two rooms.As this building is located in a particular case depends on the layout of the house and the decision of its owners.

Selecting a location and necessary measures security

If the stove will be installed at the wall of the wooden house, its must always be separated from combustible surfaces heat resistant gasket - it may be asbestos plate and bricklaying, a metal sheet or a special drywall, ceramic tile or combination consisting of several materials.

Construction, installed in the middle of the room, has its own advantages, and one of them - this division of the room into zones that can be issued accordingly. Party with fireplace inserts usually turned in the living room or sleeping area and cooking hobs in side cuisine.If it is decided to divide the area, not only the structure of the furnace, and partitions between them and the walls of the oven and heat-resistant material must be laid.It is best in this case the use of asbestos strips installed in several layers .With the passage of flue pipe through the ceiling without refractory materials packed around her , also not do.

choose your favorite design, the fireplace stove must be « try » its the intended installation location.This is done by measuring and applying markings on floors, walls, ceiling.Also general form and structure of the size it is imperative to have an outline design of masonry - so-called "poryadovkoy» .

Of course, you need to stock up in advance with all necessary materials and tools for the construction of the structure fire oven.To this building served for a long time without any repairs, it is recommended to purchase the highest quality building materials and means , it is not necessary to save them.

Necessary Materials and Tools

To work need tools that do not always find in the arsenal of the owner of the house, which met for the first time to build your own stove, but without them can not do while working.The tools to work are:

Tools for the construction of the furnace

Tools for the construction of the furnace

1. hammer with kirochka

2. whisk of Bast

3. Area

4. plummet

5. furnace hammer

6. pliers

7. rubber hammer

8. chisel

9. troweltrowels or different sizes and shapes

10. typically

11. scraper

12. stukaltse (length of metal pipe )

13. wooden paddle


15. building level

16. rasp

17. Fancy

addition, the sieve will need to wipe the solution, as it should be fine.More to do Kozelki - there should be two pieces.Tragus is called a kind of ladder that can serve alone or in pairs, as a stand for flooring boards.On this device is convenient to stand while working at height and put next container with a solution and produced bricks.

Making a pair of trestles greatly simplify further work

Manufacturing pair of trestles greatly simplify further work

number of materials depends on the chosen model of the furnace-fire, but their list is unchanged.So, you will need to purchase:

  • Refractory brick red.If the amount is not specified, it is possible to count on on ordinary scheme.
  • refractory Brick silicate white - it is used for laying around the firebox.
  • Special dry mix mortar for masonry fireplaces and stoves that sold in specialized stores or traditional materials - sand, clay, gravel and cement .
  • steel sheet thickness of 2 - 3 mm Area 30 × 30 or 50 × 50 mm, a steel wire with a diameter of 3 ÷ 4 mm - it is necessary to fix the cast iron parts.
  • accessories iron - door for ash, sewage windows and furnace, cooking stove, grate.Heat-resistant materials
  • - asbestos, gypsum, basalt, or other gasket between the furnace walls and flammable surfaces of the building.
  • waterproofing material - bitumen felt .
  • boards for the foundation formwork.
  • If provided for in the design, it is necessary to acquire or produce a metal container certain sizes for water heating, as well as a box for the door of the furnace and a heat-resistant glass.

Site preparation and foundation pouring

It is best to arrange the foundation for the stove at the same time with the foundation of the house.However, if this has not been thought through, and the decision on the construction of the structure was made after flooring, you have to mark the size of the structure of the base on the floor and cut out of the boards.Size opening in the floor should be 150 ÷ ​​200 mm larger than the size of the foundation satisfied.

If the strip foundation, you will need to do a solid option for the construction of a massive oven has been made for the house.

  • in the ground under the floor is marked and dug a pit depth of 500 - 600 mm.The bottom of the excavated pits waterproofing compacted 10- five centimeter layer of sand and gravel is strengthened , which is poured a layer of the same thickness, and also compacted.
  • Then, starting from the bottom of the pit of the prepared boards knock formwork, which is poured cement and mortar.Since
  • foundation arranged deep enough solution is poured in two or three stages.The first layer may be laid of coarse solution made of cement, gravel and sand.
  • Once he grabbed , filled with a solution of cement and sand standard aspect ratio - 1: 3.Top
  • foundation is leveled and left to harden, this process takes a lot of time on the order of 3 - 4 weeks - the term depends on the thickness of the layers solution.
Finished basement with waterproofing layer and the first rows of masonry

finished basement with waterproofing layer and the first rows of masonry

After the foundation is ready, it is laid on roofing felt, cut exactly to size and shape of the base.On the roofing material to be laid and the first row of the fireplace furnace.

Advance "dry" clutch

Even experienced craftsmen for the warm-up and evaluation of possible difficulties at first spread dry each of the series.This is done to determine the exact number and dimensions of the bricks in each row and the alignment.Do not forget to measure the distance between the bricks prefab rail thickness 5 mm - this proce ss etc. gadfly to all the seams were the same size.

After laying dry, you can put a brick on the solution.When using the clay-based solution, it is kneaded in advance, and uses special grades of material for it.But lately, few people use the old traditional way of cooking, as it went on sale refractory dry mixes that are designed specifically for masonry stoves and fireplaces.

laying schemes

schemes should visualize ka to a debugging bricks, and the movement of hot air through the air ducts inside the structure.This scheme will help to understand and figure out what and where the holes should be to create a normal draft.Correctly executed design allows stoves stay hot for a long time and is sufficiently rapid removal of products of combustion, without creating home dangerous for the health of people the atmosphere.

The diagrams - is one of the variants of the oven-fire, but they can vary depending on the chosen design, so , by selecting the model of the structure, it is necessary to find a scheme to him.It is much easier and speed up the work.

Schemes oven fireplace - sections AA and BB

furnace Scheme fireplace - sections AA and BB

In these schemes shows a stove in the section.They location furnaces well visible and burning them in the fire, and traffic flows of heated air.On them you can determine which furnace will warm place most intensively.

The second scheme can Choir

The cross sections B-B and YY

cross sections B-B and YY

Osho consider furnace furnace section from both sides, so to speak, "in profile and full face" and arrows Set removal of smoke from the furnaceand its direction to the chimney.

The sections of the E- E and F - F

section of E-E and F-F

The third scheme is also possible to see the furnace, but not the oven and the fireplace, and the movement of heated air from her Air channels.

In addition, the figures determined by the number of rows, and clearly see which of them should be placed cast iron construction elements.When the masonry must be used and match the cut scheme poryadovkoy stoves and masonry.

The general scheme poryadovoy masonry 1 to 26 rows .In the scheme of the second row of sections specified direction ( see figure above)

general scheme poryadovoy masonry 1 to 26 rows.In the scheme of the second row are indicated directions of the cross sections (see figure above)

Continued poryadovkoy - from 27 series to tip chimney

Continued poryadovkoy - from 27 series to tip chimney

Poryadovye scheme will tell the master that looks like each of the series, and which of them