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August 12, 2017 18:06

Electric heating private house

When choosing a heating system for your own home owners, certainly, primarily considering installing a gas boiler, as this type of heating is the most economical to date.But here's the problem - the gas supplying line stretched still far to all human settlements, or the case that the gas entry to the house is very heavy on the financial capabilities and in connection with a mass of preparatory and the negotiation procedures.Heating is on solid or liquid fuel is not always convenient - it requires special skill to handle furnaces or boilers, increased compliance with fire safety requirements, the construction according to the rules flue system to avoid poisoning by combustion products.And, in addition, in some regions of our country, not rich forests, supply wood or charcoal may specific problem.

Electric heating private house

Electric heating private house

In this case, the most relevant is electric heating private houses.Surely , many immediately arise association with oil electric radiators or reflec

tors, is neither particularly effective nor efficient.Of course, with this approach, at current prices for electricity heating will cost a lot of money.However, not all so simple.Ways to apply for housing heating electricity many, and some of them can compete with gas systems.

The publication will be considered the possibility of organizing the existing electric heating private home. Read, draw conclusions, to be able to take decision in favor of one or another variant.

Electric heating "the old-fashioned»

Article Contents

  • 1 Electric heating "the old-fashioned»
  • 2 water heating system with electric boiler
    • 2.1 boilers Heaters Heaters
    • 2.2 boilers electrode operating principle
    • 2.3 boilers inductive operation principle
    • 2.4 Video: how to choose the right electric heating boiler
  • 3 heaters
    • 3.1 Video: the device and installationelectric convector heating
  • 4 electrical "warm floors»
  • 5 infrared heating systems
    • 5.1 Video: dignity PLEN-heating

Just a few words about those electric heaters,all of which are known , probably since childhood:

Electric heating reflector

electric heating reflector

  • Heaters reflectors, usually with one or more spirals, placed in glass tubes, transparent quartz.Such devices create a directional heat flow, but are only capable of heating or very small spaces, or a very limited portion of the room.At the same time economical to call them it does not work - they usually do not provide any automatic adjustments, except for changes in the specified level of the spiral heat.
Heater - As heating is not even considered

heater - as heating is not even considered

  • Heat fans - drive off air flow through the heat exchanger (often appears open Nichrome spiral in this capacity).The heated air flow can raise comfort only particular site and in a very short time.That can be very good for the small office, the effect will not give in the conditions of the residential country house.In addition, long-term operation of such a device is quite burn through, dry air indoors.Some advanced models operate on a mix with air from the outside, but all like to consider such devices can not be as home heating.
Oil cooler - good only for the additional local heating

Oil cooler - only good for additional local heating

  • Oil heaters - heaters is heavy, have expressed a ribbed shape, similar to the classic cast-iron battery.They can be mobile (many even have wheel ho qq To facilitate their movement through the room), or installed permanently.

These radiators can be heated to very high temperatures and release energy in the form of direct heat radiation and creating convection currents.Ribbed their form significantly increases the area of ​​the active heat transfer.

Oil radiators usually have a stepped or stepless adjustment of heating the coolant temperature, have good thermal inertia - even after switching off can be quite a long warm .However, their efficiency is low, and such devices are generally used as additional heating in the main support when the need arises.Build the entire heating system, relying on oil radiators will simply unprofitable.

water heating system with electric boiler

About organization Water country house heating system described in great detail in the relevant publications of our portal.

Water heating with electric boiler

water heating system with electric boiler

main feature of such a system under these conditions in this article - the heat transfer fluid receives heat only from the electric boiler.This leads to some characteristic her parameters:

  • Such a system should be based solely on the forced circulation . The reason is simple - the device under the natural circulation circuit lead to significant power loss, heat transfer rate, the uneven warming up premises, but in the end - all this will necessarily affect the unnecessary consumption of expensive electricity.The consumption of the pump in any comparison with these losses are not .
  • For the same reason - to avoid absolutely unnecessary loss system with electric boilers are never made on the open type, that is sure to set diaphragm expansion tank with the appropriate security group.

now - more about the varieties of electric heating boilers.

Boilers heaters TEN-

These units use the principle of a conventional resistive heating of the metal wire by passing electric current (direct analogy with electric hobs, irons, incandescent bulbs and etc .) However, given thethat the heating elements are in contact with the liquid coolant, they are dressed in reliable insulation and waterproof housing.All this, definitely affects a fairly large energy losses, high enough efficiency of such devices (usually - in the region of 80%).To ensure proper heat constantly circulating coolant or falls dramatically improve power PETN , or to increase their number, which reduces the overall efficiency of the heating system.

TEN - boiler classic rectangular shape

TEN-boiler classic rectangular

Layout boilers can be different - from the usual rectangular shapes with the controls on the front panel to the cylinder located inside the "beams» heaters and rendered in a separate box control unit.

In a cylinder several heaters collected

This cylinder is assembled several heaters

designers are constantly improving their products, equipping them with automatic, to maintain the required level of heating, in steps including heating elements as required, turn the power off when the desired temperature.Yet these boilers are the most economical, and their installation as the main heat generator is not justified, even the low price of these devices.

electrode boilers operating principle

Of all electric boilers these, perhaps the most controversial.In its time they presented as virtually the only option in terms of performance and economy.However, soon followed and homo to riticheskih to comment on their work.

Boilers Electrode

Boilers Electrode

Principle them quite different.Heating medium - not easy water and Driven to electrolyte status - conductive liquid.Frequency fluctuations network variable (50 Hz) cause corresponding fluctuations in the electrolyte ions, which gives its fast heating.

Advantages of such boilers in the following:

  • They are small and do not differ a great mass, at a sufficiently high heating power.
What boilers can be very small in size

Such boilers can be very small in size

This allows, for example, to combine their use, establishing a kind of "battery" of several small boilers, which can be included in the system as needed.

  • Such boilers are completely insensitive to mains voltage surges in fairly wide limits (± 15 ÷ 20 % ).For their work more important is the stability of the AC frequency.
  • They have a fast and good heating economy (on the assertions of the manufacturer - 20 % economical TEN-boilers), while their cost is low.Claimed efficiency of such a device - up to 98%.
  • If pot tied with metal pipes, it extends the ionization zone and coolant give tangible addition to the performance of the system.
  • From the point of view of fire safety - such boiler in principle, can not overheat if suddenly will not coolant in the pipes - it simply will not turn on.
multiple electrode boilers can be included in the overall system

The overall system can be included several electrode boilers

However, you can hear a lot of criticism of such boilers:

  • special requirements for cleanliness and specific chemical composition of the electrolyte-coolant. NE case of non-compliance with such requirements all the advantages of a boiler is simply lost.
  • power instability - one of the characteristic Jun t t akogo equipment.The heating is very dependent on and chemical composition, and by temperature of the electrolyte, since it change in any direction change and conductivity performance.
  • Such a system is very difficult to give in regulation and automation of process heating.
  • requires regular cleaning of the entire heating system, as it will have a tendency to salt encrustation of pipes cavities.
  • At least once a year, need cleaning of the heat exchanger of the boiler and mandatory correction of the chemical composition of the coolant.
  • Installation and operation of such equipment is not possible if the electrical network at home is not equipped with a reliable grounding circuit.

Boilers inductive operation principle

These boilers are often considered the most perfect of all the electrical.The principle of operation is very different from those described above.To understand it, you can remember high-school physics - namely, work Electric.

Without going into details, it is briefly as follows.If one conductor (primary winding) passes an alternating electrical current, the other located in the resultant electromagnetic field (secondary coil), induced voltage.When closed loop secondary winding through it also starts to flow alternating current, which causes a resistance heating conductor.

The scheme of induction boilers SAV

Scheme of induction boilers SAV

  • That this prince pp rimenyaetsya in induction boilers SAV types .

sealingly arranged in the housing a coil primary winding, which never contacts the liquid.But as a secondary closed coil acts inner labyrinth system of pipes through which coolant is pumped.Heating occurs quickly and evenly, there is no energy loss, so the efficiency of such boilers is close to 100%.

Boiler Efficiency increases still and physical principle of self-induction - taking place in a closed secondary circuit currents generate a so-called reactive extra power, and its value is very powerful.

Induction boiler SAV action

boiler inductive action SAV

Usually boilers of this type - it is a massive metal cylinders of different diameters and heights.Thus, the smallest boiler in this « line - SAV -2,5, has a diameter of 120 mm, height - 450, and weighs 23 kg.The capacity of its (2.5 KW) is enough to heat the room to 30 square meters.

installation of such a device presents no difficulty, as there are threaded fittings for its tie-in system, a control unit for connection to the mains.

  • somewhat differently arranged and work induction Tola VIH (vortex induction heaters).
Vortex induction heater ( VIN )

Vortex induction heater (VIN)

Mains voltage is pre-conversion to high frequency that gives rapid growing tensions electromagnetic field and, consequently, the strength of currents generated by them.But the secondary winding in this scheme there - it is the role of all metal surfaces of the boiler, which are made of alloys having expressed ferrommagnitnye properties. Induced surface eddy eddy currents cause the magnetization reversal effect , which is always accompanied by a virtually instantaneous and very strong heating of ferromagnetic materials.It turns out, that heat exchange is involved in almost all massive parts of the device, that causes the highest efficacy (efficiency - 99%).

Boilers VIH pretty heavy : the smallest of them, 3 kW, weighs 30 kg, with a relatively small size - cylinder diameter of 122 mm and a height of 620 mm.This "kid" to cope with heating 40 m².you can buy a more powerful machine (product range is wide enough) or set the "battery" of several VIN-boilers, which will give additional advantages in the operation of the heating system if you wish.

"Батарея" из шести котлов ВИН

«Battery" of the six boilers WINE

summarize for boilers induction principle of action - in short their main advantages:

  • In such heaters is no scaling or salt deposits -work is accompanied by high frequency microvibrations not allow sediments to settle on the walls.By AP etc. Ibor in the course of even a very long operation is not reduced.
  • As the coolant can be used any liquid - no special requirements for its chemical composition no.
  • The design of the boilers are practically absent vulnerable nodes - no contact with the electrical part of the coolant.They simply nothing to break, and their service life is limited only by the state of welds, and this is decades.
  • Warming up is very fast, and electronic control units allow precise adjustment of the heating system without difficulty. However , induction heaters - the most "prosperous" in terms of fire and electrical safety.
  • And calculations , and the results show the practical application of energy savings with the use of such boilers up to 35 ÷ 40% when compared with the cats of similar capacity, working on a different principle (the electrode or heater).