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August 12, 2017 18:06

What better to use the stove with firewood

burning in the furnace fire is always associated with a special coziness and comfort, but the main thing his appointment - this warm home.To oven function effectively, quickly warmed up and kept warm as long as possible, it is necessary to know what the best wood to heat the oven.

What better to use the stove with firewood

What better wood to heat the oven

In addition, you need to provide and the conditions in which will be the wood, because only with proper storage they can keep their natural quality on heat transfer.

heating by gas or steam heating can not be compared with the heat from the furnace overheated quality firewood.It envelops the house is not only comfort, but also a comfortable silence, among which heard the crackling of dry wood.This feeling is most enjoyable for a man even today, despite the emergence of new methods of space heating.

Features quality firewood

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  • 2 best wood for firewood
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  • 3 Storing firewood
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Each of the varieties of wood has its own characteristics

Each of the varieties of wood has its own characteristics

not everyone knows that each timber has its own characteristics.Some breeds are well suited for the construction, and other - ideal for home heating.But this is still all.It is important to take into account, for which the device is heated by the wood chosen.For example, the need for the fireplace wood, which gives a pleasant fragrance when burning, but not having in its the structural composition of a large number of pitches.These substances are able to create a strong smoke, and, addition, in the process of firing wood "fires", scattering burning embers, which can lead to fire.That is why conifers for the open fireplace is not recommended.

For oven tree is selected by the duration and intensity of burning and its heat transfer, as well as the ability to smoke production and the amount of ash leaves the furnace.

«correct» the wood should have a good heat transfer, and flammability, not blanket room and almost completely burned, leaving a large amount of waste.All these qualities will depend not only on the chosen type of wood, but also on how well the dry wood.Fresh, freshly sawed wood is not used directly for the furnaces - it will be very sluggish smoke and burn, because it retained a large proce nt ow azhnosti.Therefore, it must necessarily pass proce ss etc. drying.Firewood will be ready for use when the impact on the other one Poleshko will be heard ringing sound.

most high-quality wood obtained from trees felled in the winter, when the sap flow slowed .In the spring and summer months to stock up on firewood is not worth it, because at this time the wood is very wet, and will for a long time to dry.

Video: Tips on choosing quality wood

best wood for firewood harvesting

best wood for heating are considered hardwoods with dense fiber structure.They have a long burning properties, excellent heat dissipation. These include oak, linden, alder, birch , ash and other trees.To be the best rank for heating and fruit trees.These logs are perfect for a fireplace or a smoker, because they give a special pleasant aroma.

should be noted that softwood burn well, too, but it tends to give a lot of smoke and soot due to its high gummosity.In addition, it burns quickly, giving an insufficient amount of heat.


To more precisely know, the choice of what exactly firewood will be the best, a good start to consider the types of hardwood on individually, and get information about their characteristics that are important from the point ofof the heating process.

1. Oak wood

Oak wood imee t t Verde structure, so burn long enough, while possessing excellent heat transfer, which is superior to this property almost all other breeds.It is quite expensive, but it is economical to use - its SUPPLIES qq To heat the house much lower than with other wood furnace.

Oak wood - excellent thermal performance , but a very high price

Oak wood - excellent thermal performance, but a very high price

for space heating is well suited middle-aged oak - its wood as much as possible has all the above characteristics.

Oak wood emits during combustion nice tart flavor of the forest and a great heat.When the furnace oak wood in the fireplace room created heals a special atmosphere, as the steam coming from the oak logs has proven medicinal properties.

should be noted that real Italian pizza is cooked only on oak wood, but to find such wood is difficult enough in Italy, so there they are especially appreciated.These qualities are inherent still several types of wood from fruit trees - this apple and pear grown up strictly certain age.

2. Birch firewood

Wood birch has special qualities and valued since ancient times .She preferred to heat bath experts traditions as birch heat disinfects areas and gives a wonderful flavor.In addition, birch has wellness qualities - Bath, protoplennaya it well helps get rid of colds and chronic respiratory diseases.

Близкие к идеалу по характеристикам березовые дрова. Недостаток - довольно быстро "стареют"

Close to the ideal characteristics of birch firewood.Disadvantage - relatively quickly "grow old»

However, please be aware that birch logs lose their excellent quality in two years after the saw cut of the tree.They quickly begin to deteriorate and become mouldering inside and means , will not give it heat, which is produced from fresh and dried out wood.

And birch bark and the wood itself contain large amounts of tar , and it is a kind of carbon compounds.It allows the tree to quickly ignite, burn intensely, almost leaving waste in the form of ash.

Sometimes birch logs do splinter, which is used for the ignition of other wood having a « heavy » fiber structure.

Birch provides excellent heat transfer, which is greater than the amount of energy given off aspen or pine, 25 - 28%.

3. Firewood from alder

Alder wood can be found as soon as the beautiful colors of wood.It can be rich ocher, orange, bluish and even dense red color - shades depend on the specific tree species, of which there are about 25- minute .

Alder firewood can be stored long enough

Alder firewood can be stored long enough

Alder wood does not require special conditions for drying - it comes to the desired state of their own.This is largely due to the fact that wood is selected alder trees growing in areas with low humidity, that is, away from reservoirs.

This breed also has its aromatic properties, but it saves them only during three years after the sawing wood.But the rest of its quality is not lost for a long time.Alder, burning, gives great heat, almost no smoke, so its "black » previously used for heating baths.In addition, the alder wood is able to allocate special evaporation, which purify smoke output pipe with soot.

Alder is great for the smoker or for give a special flavor to meat being prepared on charcoal, so , sawing trunks logs on, do not neglect the remaining sawdust, it is better to collect them for the future.

4. Wood of lime

have linden wood has its own peculiarity - it long enough and hard ignited, but then very intense burns, quickly heating the oven.Everyone knows that the linden tree has healing properties, and it as well as birch , used to protaplivaniya Russian baths.Previously, flooding bath linden wood, it added a few spoonfuls of honey - the fragrant steam used for the treatment of non-healing old wounds and respiratory diseases and lung .

Linden wood - have expressed the healing qualities

Linden wood - have expressed the healing qualities

only drawback linden wood can be called a small shelf life, which is about two years.On the third of qq revesina rapidly losing its properties.

5. Aspen wood

Firewood of aspen, mainly , have the same properties as the alder - they are able to destroy the soot in the chimney pipe.In itself, this tree is almost gives smoke and soot, and their allocated fumes able to loosen the soot, which separated from the surface of the chimney, and crumble into ash pit furnace, where they are easy to remove.

Aspen wood do not give good heat, but it can help to clean the chimney soot

aspen firewood will not give a good heat, but it can help to clean the chimney soot

However , aspen has a rather small heat, so apply its mainly for cleaning the chimney orsame as kindling for « heavy » wood.

6. Willow and poplar wood

Use for heating and poplar and willow wood, but their common drawback is a very fast burning.Even low tse on to them gives no savings as firewood to heat the premises of these species need a very large number.

Firewood from willow and poplar do not belong to quality and only used when absolutely necessary

Firewood from willow and poplar do not belong to quality and apply only

urgency This wood is considered a low-grade, and sold exclusively in those cases where there is absolutely no possibility to buy more suitable for heating with home Hg etc. s.

7. Fruit breed

cut down fruit trees is very well suited for heating will warm the house quickly, but basically they are used only for fireplaces or smokehouses as such logs can be called a rarity.

Wood from fruit trees is unwise simply to burn in the stove - they are ideal for smoking or cooking on the coals

Wood from fruit trees is unwise simply to burn in the stove - they are ideal for smoking or cooking on the coals

This wood stockpile at cutting down old gardens and store for making meals over an open fire.


wood of coniferous tree species enriched with resinous substances that contribute to the rapid combustion of the wood.Fire will produce large amounts of smoke, which leads to the deposition inside flue pipe multiple layers of sooty .Therefore, coniferous wood is almost never acquire the home for heating - them more often used for baths.

Coniferous wood give a lot of smoke and soot , burn quickly .For the stove - not the best option

Coniferous wood give a lot of smoke and soot, burn quickly.For the stove - not the best option

Essential oils softwood timber filled with steam healing aroma and promotes healing of the respiratory system, as well as calming the nervous system.

Storing firewood

not enough to buy quality wood - need to learn how to properly and x x hurt so long they do not lose their original qualities.Device storage space for firewood not takes a lot of time, but some creative people manage to turn a woodpile in the plot element of landscape design.

Firewood remain qualitative only if stored properly

Firewood remain qualitative only if stored properly

Before put wood in a woodpile, they must first prepare and choose for laying the most suitable place to considering facilities hosts and maximum preservation of wood.

For the convenience of residents of the building must take into account the following factors:

  • First , a place where there will be wood, be located close from leaving the house to be easily and quickly you can get to anyweather.
  • Firewood should be to saw and chop in advance, before the beginning of winter to the cold season does not have to.
  • For rapid fire firewood they need to be thoroughly dried and constantly maintained in such a state, so they made a special building or they are added in a special way.

for good content of wood, consider the following:

  • first, that must take into account the quality of the wood preservation - e that the , a pile that is not installed in the valley, where moisture can collect.Otherwise the wood again otsyreyut and begin to rot, and then they are not worth waiting for a pleasant aroma and intense heat.
  • addition, a pile should be protected from various kinds of rain, so it need to close the roof on top of the logs, or to lay down so that the water could not get inside laid out rows.
  • Poleshko stacked in rows, should be well ventilated, so they are placed at a small distance from each other.
Для лучшей устойчивости поленницы ее можно складывать "в перевязку"

For better stability of the woodpile can be put "in the dressing»

  • to the wood properly ventilate, dry, and ready for the heating season, sawed in winter wood does not develop in a woodpile for four to six months.
  • If the trunks were cut down in the spring or in the summer, then dry them have much longer, and this time will be between eight months to one year.Drying time will depend on weather conditions, air humidity, the number of serene warm days and firewood location during this process.

Storing logs

When laying the wood you need to follow some rules that will ensure a reliable their safety and means, and heat in the house.

  • woodshed roof cover, thereby , protecting the wood from UV rays and rain.
  • Napilennye and chopped Poleshko can not be added immediately to the woodpile, they must lie in bulk on a well-ventilated place in the sun.
  • The harvested wood in the winter, you need to cut and chop the spring, so that it was a good time to be aired during the summer months.In the woodshed Poleshko fold only in the late summer or early fall.
  • If firewood is not built a special construction and expected to dump them in the open, under the woodpile it is necessary to lay the so-called trellis.They are made of long pipes or trunks smooth average diameter.
  • first row of logs are placed so that their ends are laid parallel to the pipes, and are raised above the ground on 20 ÷ 40 mm.
  • If you plan to install the woodpile, consisting of several rows, each of them set with a bias to the previously laid row.
  • side vertical supports of pipes or trunks woodpile strengthen if it is installed not in woodshed.
  • side vertical rows in a woodpile stacked on one system across a number , the other along.