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August 12, 2017 18:06

Flushing the heating system

all, sooner or later, faced with disruptions heating systems.The reason most often that the pipes in the radiators and accumulate deposits, dirt, scum and sludge and water can not freely move throughout the system.This problem is completely solved, and in the home.Various techniques exist.However, let's consider in more detail the most common.

Pipes before and after washing

pipes before and after washing

If you notice that your home has become cold, perhaps this is the first signal to the fact that you need to do the washing of the heating system.This can be easily verified, without the help of a specialist - just feel around the battery.If it is heated unevenly, or part of it at all cold - spend washing.There are a few beacons, it is time to clean the pipes: unusual noise in the batteries, when you start heating system for a long time warming up.

Most often, the main contaminants are subjected to the horizontal part of the pipe.According to the standard arrangement of the radiators in the house, it is usually small areas,

and clean them is not easy.

If the battery heats unevenly - it means contaminated

If the battery heats evenly - then it is contaminated

Causes of contamination in the heating system

Article Contents

  • 1 Causes of contamination in the heating system
    • 1.1 Types flushing heating systems
    • 1.2 discontinuous flushing heating
    • 1.3 Hydrodynamic cleaning method of heating
    • 1.4 heating Pnevmoimpulsny method of flushing the system
  • 2 Hydro flushing of heating systems
    • 2.1 Video - how to clean the radiator theirhands

primary source of problems in the heating system is hot water, primary coolant.

  1. First, hot water, coming into contact with the materials from which made the system, can cause a chemical reaction.Consequences - scale.
  2. Secondly, the very properties of the water.It can be a great variety of different impurities that can cause corrosion of not only banal, but also contribute to the precipitation and the fly on the pipes.
Unevenly heated battery

unevenly heated battery

This occurrence deposits from all the above may result in the quality of heating elements of the system.

interesting fact that even a layer of fat is only seven to nine millimeters, the efficiency of the heating system falls by more than 42%.

And, of course, all of this affects the life of the heating elements as a whole, they will come into disrepair.

Types of heating systems, washing

Chemical heating washing

Chemical cleaning of the heating system

Chemical cleaning heating

This method is based on dissolving the various deposited on pipes substances in chemical compounds.This is one of the most effective, proven methods used and the heating treatment of excess.

Chemicals liquefy all the components of deposits, scale, which then naturally flushed out of the heating system.As a rule, a part of these substances includes an element that protects the pipe from signs of rust and extend the period of operation.

Chemicals for the heating system

Chemicals for the heating system

To clean the pipes in this manner, you must have special equipment.

Usually, experts use the pumps in such cases.We need it so that after injecting a chemical solution into the heating device, the pump gives you the direction of its movement through the system.From each material in the heating system, the power of pollution and the selected material depends on the time spent on cleaning.Furthermore, the process of encapsulation of an oxide film inside the pipes also have their time frames.

This method has several significant advantages:

  • Firstly, it is the cheapest and most proven method of cleaning of the heating system;
  • Secondly, the speed of display of the results, it is very high;
  • Third, the washing can be carried out without stopping the heating system that allows you to use them at different times of the year.

method disadvantage is that, first and foremost, it can not be used to wash aluminum tubes (as it may ruin their integrity), the second, as any chemical, toxic solution.

sequence of actions when using this method, rinse the heating system

  1. first try, as detailed as possible, to review the existing heating system in order to find the right chemical solution
  2. Pay attention to the instructions in the composition.Funds may have a different texture and dissolve the chemical must be as it is written in the recommendations to it.
  3. Connect the pump to the system before filling out this intended for this reservoir composition.
  4. Ensure that the chemical agent is circulated in the system.Again, the time depends on the strength and composition of pollution
  5. Remove the chemical agent from the system, water pressure wash it and fill.

discontinuous heating washing

We call this method the "second" generation of the chemical.Its action is as follows: chemical composition does not react with the metal and affects only the contaminant composition (silt, dirt, scum) and its interaction with heating.It also requires the pump.

The advantages of this method can be called:

  1. Firstly, the method is suitable for any heating system, it would not be of any material and for any time of year.
  2. Second, non-toxic reagents.
  3. Third, as in the case of the first method, any contaminants in the output stage of decomposition and can not re-form a mash.And, of course, in the future, our heating system will be protected during further operation.


  1. Determine the amount of the solution is chosen by your heating system.
  2. Connect the pump to the system by filling in the appropriate reagent container.
  3. After cleaning, perform the washing system, the composition of recycle.
  4. If you do cleaning in the heating period, it is necessary to connect the device that closes the heating system.

Hydrodynamic method of flushing the system heating

Hydrodynamic method of flushing the heating system

Hydrodynamic method of flushing the heating system

This method is based on the removal of scale by spraying water at high pressure through certain nozzles.This eco-friendly way that, by the way, copes with pollution in the iron.Due to the properties of the metal, a chemical process can be very effective.However, it is relatively expensive (as it needs special equipment, capable of giving a stream of water under pressure of several hundred atmospheres), and is not released without purification aid of third parties.The fact is that before you start cleaning, be treated with a solution of pollution, which can soften them.

Pnevmoimpulsny way to wash the heating system

Pnevmoimpulsny way of heating washing

Pnevmoimpulsny cleaning method of heating

This method is based on the generation of small blasts of air bubbles that are able to tear the inside dirt.For this purpose: pressure gun, switch, equipment for supplying air to the storage system (eg, a compressor), transitional (connecting) hoses.

How does the installation?

first pressure gun is connected to the heating pipes through the hose and switch, followed by compressed air transmitter.Further, through the entire system is passed a fluid that causes the piston to move and, in fact, prevents installation.

If the air supply you decide to use a compressor, then the introduction of water and its changes under the pressure of the piston position, the empty container begins to fill with air.Once the balloon is full, some of the air moves into the piston, which, directing it into the heating system, and creates a shock wave.

In order to completely clean the system, you need two to five strokes.The process itself takes a few minutes and is completely independent from the electricity - the unit operates autonomously.

Among the few drawbacks of this method, you can call it a limited range due to the characteristics of the gun.

Hydro flushing of heating systems

Hydro flushing of heating systems

Hydro flushing of heating systems

The easiest way to implement, and which does not require any investment other than labor costs.

This is a common mechanical cleaning, which is available in every apartment, house.


  1. The first step is to disconnect the radiator from the system and drain all liquid from it.Necessarily Cover the surface of all the unnecessary rags, so as not to spoil or damage the finish.If you have a battery-special crane is provided, it will greatly facilitate the task.In that case, if the house are iron batteries for their removal may require heating element (easier to unwind compound).
  2. Further, the radiator should be washed.The easiest way to do it in the bathroom, directing water from the shower hose under the maximum pressure inside the pipe.This should be done as long as it is running rusty water.If the inside of the pipe is too large and a significant layer of sediment, use a metal tool.As soon as the battery will no longer be washed out dirt - cleaning is finished.
  3. wash pipes in the same manner, clearing individual segments.
  4. sure before gathering system, clean the threads from corrosion.

Buying Tips

  • Note that aluminum, Bimetallic radiators, convectors have a relatively small volume, in which the coolant circulation rate does not allow to stand draft.
  • Choose a closed system.Since in such a system does not change the amount of water, and then come the new volume of pollution remains unchanged.
  • Connect the bottom battery.As already mentioned, the deposits accumulate on horizontal lines, which means that the bulk will go away with the passage of coolant.
  • Install dirt filter.This is a relatively cheap device that will simplify your cleaning.It is much easier to remove the scales from one detail than clean the entire riser.

Video - how to clean radiator with your hands