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August 12, 2017 18:06

closed heating system in a private home

If a country house is not just for periodic PRIE Bld St. oih hosts during the summer season, and for a long or permanent residence in their it, it can not do without heating.This question is always carefully thought out still at the design stage of construction or development, is taken into account when buying a ready housing.

closed heating system in a private home

closed heating system in a private home

question is - extremely serious , requiring meticulous accounting all existing conditions: periods of the future use of the building, climatic zone area, the presence of power lines, utilities, design features of the buildingtotal estimated realizable value of a project.Yet most owners housing come to the conclusion that the best solution would be a system of closed type water heating in a private home.

This publication will examine the basic principles closed system, its differences from covered by existing advantages and shortcomings.Will draw attention to the main elements of such a system with the recommend

ations of their choice, are typical wiring scheme intrahouse heating network.

closed heating system in a private home - the basic features

Article Contents

  • 1 closed heating system in a private home - the basic features
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of a closed type heating system
  • 3 Key elements of closed type heating system
    • 3.1 boiler
    • 3.2 Video: tips for choosing the boiler
    • 3.3 circulation pump
      • 3.3.1 calculator to calculate the performance of the circulation pump
      • 3.3.2 calculator to calculate the required pressure
    • 3.4 expansion tank
      • 3.4.1 calculator for calculating the required volume of the sealed expansion tank
    • 3.5 Video: Design and function expansion tank heating system
    • 3.6 Radiators
    • 3.7 Pipes for heating the house and the scheme of distributing
    • 3.8 Video: circuit layout private home heating system
    • 3.9 Group security closed heating system and additional equipment

Detached house can be heated in different ways.

  • has long been the main heat source is one or more stoves (fireplaces), each of which is heated by one or another section of the building.Disadvantages of this approach are obvious - the uneven warming, the need to hold regular furnace, monitor the process of burning and etc .
Печное отопление - это уже "вчерашний день"

stove heating - this is the "last day»

Currently, this type of heating is used less and less, and usually - at the absolute impossibility of full or inappropriate use of other, more effective system.

  • electric heating system with convector radiators or oil - is extremely expensive to operate because of the high prices of electricity and its great expense.
Heating electric convectors is hardly economical

Heating electric convectors is hardly economical

However, there are alternative ways , in the form of film infrared elements, but they are still not gained wide popularity.

  • Most private owners in domo in ce same stop at the water heating.This is - a proven effective system that, way, can work virtually GRT all energy sources - natural gas, liquid or solid fuel, electricity, which causes her complete versatility - the difference is only in the type of heating boiler.Properly calculated and correctly mounted water heating system provides even heat distribution over the whole house, easily lends itself adjustment.
A simple heating circuit open type

simplest heating circuit open type

Yet not so long ago the primary circuit water heating company in a private house has been open to the principle of gravity move coolant through the pipes and radiators. compensation of thermal expansion of water occurs at the expense of presence of leaking expansion tank, which is installed in highest point of the entire outline of the heating system. Openness tank certainly causes constant evaporation of water, so there is a need for constant monitoring its required level.

move coolant through the pipes is provided in this case, the density difference cold and heated water - denser cold as it pushes forward hot .To facilitate this process, a artificial slope pipe on all them over, otherwise may be the hydrostatic head effect.

The circulation pump increases the efficiency of any heating circuit

circulation pump increases the efficiency of any heating circuit

it is possible to embed and circulation pump in an open system - it will boost its efficiency.In this case, provide a system of valves to be able to shift with forced circulation and natural back on if necessary, for example, blackouts.

crane system allows the pump to switch from forced circulation to natural

system valves on the pump allows you to switch from forced circulation to natural

gated system is arranged somewhat differently.Instead, the expansion tank is installed on the tube sealed expansion tank diaphragm or balloon-type.All thermal fluctuations volume coolant he takes over, keeping in a closed system, one pressure level.

The main difference between a closed system - the existence of the sealed expansion tank

The main difference between a closed system - the existence of the sealed expansion tank

In currently this system is the most popular, as it has a lot of significant advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of a closed heating system type

  • First of all, there is no evaporation of the coolant.This gives one important advantage - you can use this as not only water, but also anti-freeze.Therefore, eliminating the possibility of freezing the system under forced interruptions its operation, such as the need to leave home for an extended period in winter.
  • Expansion Tank can be placed almost anywhere in the system.Usually neg provide a place directly in the boiler room in the vicinity of the heater.This provides a compact system.Expansion tank Open type often have to highest point - on an unheated attic, which would require mandatory its insulation.The system of closed type such a problem does not exist.
  • Forced circulation in a closed system ensures faster heating of premises since the start of the boiler.No unnecessary loss of heat in the area of ​​expansion tank.
  • system is flexible - you can regulate the heating temperature in each room to selectively disable some parts of the overall circuit.
  • No less significant difference in the temperature of the coolant inlet and outlet - and this considerably increases the life of trouble-free operation of the equipment.
  • for routing heating tubes can be used much smaller than in an open system with natural circulation, without any loss of heating efficiency it was.And this is - and a substantial simplification of installation work, and considerable savings of material resources.
  • sealed system, and with the right its filling and normal operation of the valve system it simply should not contain air.This will prevent the appearance of air pockets in pipes and radiators.Moreover, the lack of oxygen contained in the air is not actively gives develop corrosion processes.
В закрытую систему отопления можно включить и "теплые полы"

in a closed heating system can be turned on and the "warm floors»

  • system is highly versatile: besides the usual radiators it is possible to connect water « warm floors" or hidden in the surface of the floor convectors.By this heating system can be easily connected hot water circuit for domestic use - through boiler of indirect heating.

drawbacks in a closed heating system a bit:

  • Expansion expansion tank must have volume greater than in an open system - this is due to feature of its internal structure.
  • take mandatory installation so-called "security groups» - safety valve system.
  • Correct operation closed heating systems with circulation pump depends on the continuity of electricity supply.You can, of course, be provided, as well as at the open type, switching to the natural circulation, but that would require a completely different arrangement of pipes that can reduce a number of key benefits of the system to zero (for example, completely eliminated the use of « warm sexes").In addition, it will fall sharply and the efficiency of heating.Therefore, if the natural circulation and can be seen, only as "emergency", but more often a closed system plan and mount it under the use of a circulation pump.

main heating elements are closed type

So, in the general system of closed type heating for private homes includes:

Overall concept closed a private home heating system

total concept closed a private home heating system

- heater - boiler;

- the circulation pump;

- distributing pipe system for the transfer of coolant;

- expansion expansion tank sealed type;

- radiators installed in the premises home or other heat transfer devices ( « warm floors" or convectors);

- Security group - a system of valves and air vent ;

- necessary valves;

- in some cases - Additional automatic control device, optimizing system performance.

Heating boiler

  • most common are gas-fired boilers.If the house held gas pipeline or have a real opportunity to build her, most owners prefer it has no alternative to this method of heating the coolant.
Gas boilers - the optimal solution , if there is a possibility of their installation

Gas boilers - the optimal solution, if there is the possibility of installing

Gas boilers distinguished by high efficiency, ease of use, reliability and efficiency in terms of an energy payment.The disadvantage of these is the need for coordination of the project installations with relevant organizations, such as by heating the system presents a very special requirements ensure safety.

Variety of gas boilers is very large - you can pick up a floor or wall model with one or two circuits, easy-to-device or saturated electronics requiring connection to a stationary chimney or equipped with a coaxial flue gas exhaust system.

  • Electric boilers.They are usually placed in those conditions where the gas supply houses for any reason is impossible.Approvals such installation does not require - important to comply with the requirements of electrical safety and compliance with the boiler output capabilities mains.Such heaters are compact, simple and convenient adjustment.
Compact electric boiler

Compact electric boiler

For heating systems with electric boilers firmly established reputation as "uneconomical" because of the relatively high cost of electricity.This is true only in part - modern electric heaters, thanks to new technologies of water heating, have a very high efficiency, reliable and house warming should not overly burden the budget.

In addition to all the familiar boilers with heating elements ( are really not very economical ) , actively apply modern development.

"Батарея" из трех электродных котлов

«Battery" of the three electrode boilers

example, widespread receive electrode boilers, which heat is carried out through flow of alternating current directly through the heat transfer fluid (though this will require a specially selected chemical composition of the water in the system).By themselves, these boilers are inexpensive, but there are some problems with adjustment.

Induction boiler - unpretentious and very economical

Induction boiler - unpretentious and very economical

Another option - boilers induction-type action, which heating elements are the all metal construction surface on which induction induced eddy currents.The efficiency of such plants is committed to 100%, and automation units allow you to easily customize the system to the desired operating mode for maximum efficiency. So modern electric heating type of closed system - a worthy alternative to gas, and in many respects - even has advantages.

  • Boilers for solid fuels, too, can not be discounted.In some regions, it will even be the best option organization of the heating system - for example, in the absence of gas supply and power supply instability.
Boilers for solid fuels early to write off

Boilers for solid fuel too early to write

accounts These heaters - not those old "stove", and modern installations, the device which minimizes human intervention in their work.For many long burning boilers with pyrolysis dozhigom capable of firewood on one tab, ensure that the heating system for 10 - 15 hours, and for some models, this figure reaches even days.Many boilers are equipped with an electronic monitoring and control system operating modes.

long burning boiler

long burning boiler

So, if in the area of ​​residence there is no problem with preparation of necessary stocks of wood or other solid fuel, it may be the optimal solution.

  • zealous owner in certain circumstances, it may consider the issue of installation and combination boiler, for example, "wood - gas", "wood - electric", "electricity - gas", thereby providing the versatility of their heating system.
The versatility of the heating system gives the combi boiler , operating on different fuels

versatility of the heating system will give a combi boiler, operating on different fuels

Whatever boiler nor chosen, it is necessary to calculate its power correctly.By and large account , it should carry out an expert with regard characteristics of a particular house, its heat loss, depending on the number and area of ​​windows and doors, material and thickness of the walls of the building, climatic conditions and other factors.Not always, however, the owners resorted to the help of professionals, focusing on simplified scheme for calculating .

with some assumption for the conditions of Central Russia, provided a quality building insulation, can Priya value of 1 kW to 10 m² heated area, if the ceiling height in the range of 2,5 ÷ 3 m .So, for buildings with a total area of ​​150 m² is required boiler capacity not less than 15 kW.