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Furnaces And Heating Systems

August 12, 2017 18:06

Oven at working off their own hands

furnace at working off their own hands can be made in different ways.It is perfectly suited for heating technical facilities, such as shops or garage.With the right choice of the model and its proper assembly, the heater will not only be a good heater, but also help to warm water for tea, washing hands or other technical needs.

Oven at working off their own hands

furnace at working off their own hands

In these workplaces is not always have place to store firewood or other fuels, but spent POL , such as transmission and engine oil, are usually in excess.

Used oils often are sent for recycling, so it is always possible to get almost nothing, saving electricity or buying firewood.Heat transfer from the combustible mining is arguably equivalent heat of an electric heater, and fuel consumption is one-half to two liters per hour.

This heating method has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages.Information about them will help you understand what you need to pay special attention during manufacture and operation of t

he furnace.

Advantages and disadvantages of furnaces working out

Article Contents

  • 1 Advantages and furnaces disadvantages to working out
  • 2 Types of furnaces working at working out
    • 2.1 Video: improved oven onoil working out
    • 2.2 furnace at working out made from a gas cylinder
    • 2.3 Video: Oven at working out with an additional water circuit
    • 2.4 furnace at working out, made of sheet metal
  • 3 measuressafety in the operation of furnaces working out
    • 3.1 Video: manual stove with oil working out

The advantages furnace waste oil include the following points:

  • Such furnaces are well heated enclosed space, so they are suitablenot only for the technical premises, but also for heating greenhouses and small farm buildings, which contain livestock and poultry.
  • properly fitted oven smokes or not gives a large number of burning.
  • This heater is very easy to operate ;
  • Since testing of itself does not burn, and burn only its pair, oven be called enough fireproof, subject to the rules of its operation.

The disadvantages of this method include heating:

  • The oven can not be used practicing, having impurities - is explosive. At best , waste from the combustion of such fuels will quickly clog the filter and nozzle, so it should be filtered before use, but can be purchased and the filtered oil.
  • chimney, as well as the oven itself, often require cleaning combustion products;
  • During his intense burning stove hums strongly enough.

Types of furnaces working at working out

Furnace waste oil can be made independently, and can be adapted for this fuel pyrolysis unit or furnace turbo burners , as they operate on thesame principle allocated combustion fumes.

Pyrolysis furnace can easily be adapted to run on waste oil

pyrolysis furnace can easily be adapted to run on waste oil

In this case, in a vacuum chamber oven at working out a lack of oxygen is heated, and there is its decomposition.In the process of decay give off vapors that rise to another cell, where oxygen enters already intense.There evaporation burn, giving a lot of heat.

Ease of use of this type of kiln is that burning intensity can be changed by increasing or decreasing the supply of oxygen in pyrolysis chamber.

The general scheme of such a furnace

general scheme of such a furnace

disadvantage in the use of such pyrolysis units mining is the rapid contamination of the cameras and the chimney flue gases.In addition, at the same time as the heating temperature can not be maintained automatically, so you need to keep the oven under constant control.

Independently produced similar devices which operate on waste materials , from gas or oxygen cylinders large or small size pipes of different diameters or metal sheets.The design of the unit in the working out may be to drop the fuel system or blowing .

Video: improved oven for oil working out

furnace at working out, made of gas cylinder

cylinders out of oxygen or natural gas well suited to manufacture the stove on waste materials .They have desired shape and thickness of the metal allows the device to use very long time.

stove made from a standard-size container, allow to heat the room to 70 ÷ 85 sq.m., and in addition, more refined the design could be used and such a device for heating water circuit.Such oven does not require installation turbo-burner to force oxygen.Testing enters her gravity .

The total concept of work on waste oil stoves

total concept works stoves waste oil

To make such an oven, you must have the following materials:

  • gas bottle for 50 liters with wall thickness of not more than one and a half centimeters.If you take capacity with thicker walls, the rapid heating effect disappears and timely mining evaporation vapors.The oil boils at 280 ÷ 300 degrees Celsius, while the temperature in the combustion chamber rises to 550 - 600 degrees.
  • metal sheets for making fuel tanks
  • Chimney pipes with wall thickness two - three millimeter, certain diameter.
  • pipes intended for the burner device.
  • steel corners.

From tools required welder, drill, Angle machine - "Bulgarian", roulette, building level, other conventional bench tool.

General scheme of furnace -drawing in the working out of the gas tank

general scheme-drawing oven at working off of the gas cylinder

manufacturing process

process of making the machine begins with the preparation of the gas cylinder.This must be done to get rid of residual gas and odorantnogo smell.

  • From balloon merges accumulated condensate and capacity thoroughly washed with water several receptions.The whole process should be carried out on the street.
  • Next capacity is installed vertically and is filled to the top with water.For the stability of tank half buried in the ground or placed in a narrow pallet, having a lot of weight.
  • then put a mark for a smooth cut container top.
  • upper part of the tank cylinder grinder incision, and, naturally, it starts to flow out of the water.We must wait until it is drained desperately to level and then cut the top completely.

Cut part then becomes a lid fuel tanks, and the lower section of the cylinder will warm the room.Now the water from the tank can be drained completely.

  • better lift cylinder from the floor, so the lower part is necessary to weld the legs of the angle steel, they must be about 200 ÷ 250 mm.
  • Next cut cylinder mounted on legs, and at a distance of 70 ÷ 100 mm from the top of the weld is cut a circular hole for the chimney.The hole should have the same diameter as the pipe prepared for this length of about 400 mm.

This tube set and welded into the cut hole.Weld should be smooth and airtight.

  • Then, the pipe is welded to the horizontal section of the vertical height of 3,5 - 4 meters with the transition to the vertical by a tap. Chimney tube is then displayed on the street.
  • At the bottom of the container is cut a square hole, which will serve podduvalom.On the door it is established that will help to regulate the amount of air supplied.
  • next step is to make fuel container, which will be installed on on cylinder bottom.It is usually made of a piece of pipe, 70 ÷ 100 mm high and 140 mm in diameter.This tube airtight brewed below.
  • cover to capacity cut from sheet of metal, and it immediately top cut two holes:

- one in the center with a diameter of 100 - 110 mm - to it will be welded pipeof the same size;

- the second - closer to the edge of the circle.Its diameter will be 50 ÷ 70 mm, on her fixed movable cover.Through this hole in capacity will be added to the fuel and air supply is regulated.

  • Then in the pipe, the cylinder height equal height and diameter 100 - 110 mm, one end sealed circular metal workpiece, the diameter equal to the size of the container.The lower end of the tube is welded in fuel container.It turns out the design, reminiscent of the post.
  • drilled five rows of seven holes the size of 10 mm.They should be distributed on the height of 400 mm pipe bottom resulting "rod".
  • Next resulting structure is established inside prepared container.Top cover is welded to its walls.
  • Now you can fill the bottom container fuel and to test - this process is best done outdoors.If he held successfully, you can enter the furnace room and out the chimney outside.

the first circuit elements on the working out of the furnace are arranged a little differently, and installation its more complicated, but the effect of the use of the unit will be the same.

Another option for working off the stove of the cylinder - a water tank

Another version of the stove in the working out of the bottle - with a water tank

More one embodiment of the furnace at working out who will be able to heat the room to heat up the water, and when connecting the circuit to become a hot-water heating, well suitable for usein greenhouses and incubators.

Video: Oven at working out with an additional water circuit

works are carried out in the same sequence as in the production of the first model, but with some deviations, as in this case, it is necessary to make a sealed water tank.Her feature at the top of the cylinder, and a it will be heated pipe, according to the principle of the samovar, giving heat to the water that will be supplied to the heating system or the water pumping to points.

There are other models units operating on the spent fuel produced by using the gas cylinder.You can think of your own design, knowing the principle of operation of the furnace.

furnace at working out, made of sheet metal

more common and popular model unit at working out a structure made of metal sheets. It has a logical explanation: First, it is compact, and secondly, weight its is only 25 - 30 kg, and thirdly, the advantage is to have a kind of cooking stoves, which will not onlywarm water, but also allow to cook simple meals.

One of the options on working off the stove , made ​​of sheet metal

One of the options on the stove working out, made of sheet metal

should be noted that there are several types of furnaces that differ in appearance, but they work on the same principle.

To make these models of furnaces, need the same tools as for the assembly of the container, but several other materials:

- steel sheets having a thickness of four and six millimeters;

- segments of the steel pipe wall thickness of 4 mm, diameter 352 mm - length of 60 mm and 100 mm, and a diameter of 344 mm, length of 115 mm.

- 100 mm pipe diameter and a wall thickness of 4 ÷ 5 mm, length of 500 mm.

- Metal Area 30 × 30, 800 ÷ 900 mm;

- steel strip 3 ÷ 4 mm thick.

prepare materials and tools, you can proceed to the next stages of work.

The general scheme of the stove to working out with the use of scraps of sheet metal and pipes

total stove scheme working out with the use of scraps of sheet metal and pipes

process of the manufacture of parts and their assembly

first thing you need to do - make it drawing furnace design.It can develop independently, and you can use ready-made option, making the additions, if necessary,

Assembly drawing furnace at working out

stove assembly drawing on working out

Next necessary to make all the details, based on the data and drawing dimensions.

  • For capacity, which will be poured working out, using grinders cut piece of pipe (Ø 344), in this case - height 115 mm.

- For its bottom of sheet metal using welding machine, cut out a circle.

- From the corner parts cut legs.

- When all for making capacity will be ready, you need to immediately raise the fuser unit using welding.

  • Next need to do more one detail - this cover which will cover container for waste oil.

- For this purpose the pipe section Ø 352 mm, height 60 mm.For him, preparing to cover.For this purpose, the sheet metal is cut with a circle of the same diameter.

- In the center of the metal cap mark out and cut a hole of 100 mm in diameter - the diameter of the pipe to be welded on to it later.

- Closer to the edge you need to cut more one circular hole 60 mm in diameter.Through this neck of the container in will be poured working out, and carried out of the furnace ignition.

- This hole is closed sliding cover.Its also cut from sheet metal cover mounted on the surface, making the movable - for cranking axis.For the convenience of opening and closing the movable member is welded to a small handle.This cover helps to regulate the flow of air inside tank with fuel, and will depend on the intensity of burning.

Finished construction tightly fits over the previously prepared capacity for testing.Collapsible, this unit done in order to be able to regularly clean the heater.

  • Then cut a piece of pipe of 100 mm diameter and 360 mm high.In this series of six pipe drilled holes, eight pieces each, 10 mm in diameter.This pipe is welded into the finished cover bottom capacity.
  • next stage made the top of the stove.

For her required:

- Cut pipe Ø 352 mm, 100 mm in height;

- Two circular sheet metal blank of the same diameter;

- Metal plate for an internal partition, a height of 70 cm and a length of 330 mm.This item is set to delayed heat in the oven for a longer period, without going directly into flue pipe.

- In both circular blanks cut hole Ø 100 mm, to be welded pipe - one of them a pipe that goes from the bottom, with small holes, and the other - chimney.Holes are cut out eccentrically - their focus is spaced from the center of the workpiece 110 mm

- For the segment of the pipe - the body welded top cover.