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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to paint with latex paint walls

To know ka to to rasit latex paint wall, you need to get acquainted not only with the technology it application, but also to the procedure of preparation for her surface to be decorated.If you strictly follow all rules, it is possible to his example to make sure that nothing daunting is not in the process.

How to paint with latex paint walls

How to paint with latex paint walls

Despite the appearance on market numerous innovative finishing materials, paint the walls was also remains most relevant and modern office premises and for living rooms in apartments andprivate homes.

latex paint is attractive because manufac on to water-based and not emits odor during application.In this it differs excellent decorative effect - a result obtained by staining a pleasant soft matte surface texture.In addition, by using this type of paint on the walls can create various patterns, imitating the relief, or to come up with a special texture of , using the support elements.Typically such a method is used in cases wh

en the wall is uneven, and there is no possibility to correct.Perfect smooth coating is obtained if the wall is well cleared and leveled, so all the work and begins with the preparation of the walls.

Before embarking on any work associated with painting, you need to prepare a space for work, as well as tools and accessories, including protective funds.

Tools and materials for

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools and materials for
    • 1.1 Materials for painting walls
    • 1.2 paint selection options
  • 2 surface Preparation
    • 2.1 Cleaning walls
    • 2.2 Closing gaps
    • 2.3 Shpatlevanie walls
  • 3 Preparation of paint and selection of color schemes
    • 3.1 Video: for the tinting tips latex paint
  • 4 Painting of walls
    • 4.1 Video: interesting technique drawing textured pattern
    • 4.2 Video: how to paint the walls with latex paint

to carry out the work needed to prepare the following tools:

  • Buildingmixer, but this case, it may be sufficient with normal drills mixes showerheads.This will be enough for paint mixing.
Mixer for mixing paint and repair putty compositions

mixer for mixing paint and repair putty compositions

  • paint tray - for the convenience of dipping the roller in the paint and to maximize material savings.
Paint tray and roller

Paint tray and roller

  • roller with a nap length medium and long handle - for the convenience of the ceiling painting of walls without the use of ladders or goats.
Basic tools painter - rollers , brushes

Basic tools painter - rollers, brushes

  • brushes of different widths - inking of the reach of the roller.
Grater - a tool for leveling the surface of the wall

Grater - a tool for leveling the surface of the wall

  • Grater to clean the walls of the old pavement and carrying their grinding.
  • spatulas, brush or sponge tough - for cleaning surfaces.
  • Wide trowel for walls leveling putty.
Some tools and accessories are made independently

Some tools and accessories are made independently

  • If the paint is applied or relief pattern, or imitation, it will need additional tools or improvised elements that will help to create the desired texture.

Materials for painting walls

necessary to prepare in advance and materials without which it is impossible to do when painting:

The basic material - high-quality latex paint

basic material - high-quality latex paint

  • latex paint.It can immediately be specific color or be white.In the latter case, you will need a dye that will pick up the necessary otteno to to Raska.It is recommended to produce their own mix, since it is possible to paint the walls in a slightly different tone.For example, a wall, in which are installed window units, covered less than other surfaces in the room, so you can prepare the paint on the tone is lighter for them.
Colorants are available in a very wide range of tint

dyes are available in a very wide range of tint

  • dye selected color.
Quality painting is impossible without a thorough priming walls

quality painting is impossible without a thorough priming walls

  • Primer for walls that will prevent the occurrence of mold stains on the walls and create conditions for good adhesion of paint to surfaces.
  • Sandpaper for cleaning and polishing the surface.
  • Putty, coarse - for repair and finishing - for the final alignment of the walls.
  • polyethylene film - to protect surfaces that will not be painted from accidental drops of ink.
Very often at work required masking tape

Very often at work required masking tape

  • Masking tape, adhesive tape, for securing the protective film on the walls and floors, for fencing staining sections - when necessary.
  • addition, need to prepare the work clothes and skin protective equipment and respiratory - is suitable suit, a respirator or mask, rubber and cloth gloves.

on choosing colors and more precisely, on the criteria that determine when you buy it, you should stay a few more.

paint selection options

Vodoemulsionku not the same - it must be able to choose

vodoemulsionku not the same - it must be able to choose

Water-based and water-dispersion paints are probably the best option for the decorative painting of walls and ceilings in residential areas.This is due to a number of positive qualities of such compositions:

  • Such paint - environmentally friendly product that does not harm human health.
  • When working with these paints is not a sharp unpleasant smell in the room, so the work can be carried out even with the windows closed.
  • Water-based compositions provide smooth matte surface - opens a wide scope for the realization of a wide variety of design projects.
  • sufficiently high moisture permeability of paint allows it for decorating walls in rooms with high humidity, if properly prepare the surface.

most demanded water emulsions, which are made using acrylic resins.They provide maximum dye strength and elasticity, but such compositions have a relatively large value.Therefore, you can choose formulations that are affordable, but also include acrylic components - is vinilakrilovye and styrene acrylic paint.

If the composition includes a latex paint, after drying, the surface becomes water-repellent properties.Such a coating can withstand a thousand washing cycles.

Water-dispersive variation nt cr asci somewhat different from the aqueous emulsion.This, above all, for the main components, which include styrene copolymers, polyacrylates , as well as polyvinyl .These component substances are not soluble in water.When applying paint to the surface as it drying occurs the evaporation of water, and on the wall of the polymerization takes place with the formation of insoluble components of the dye film.In both of

aqueous ink composition include pigments - the most commonly used as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide - administered for ideal white colors.The inexpensive formulations inks instead of dye pigments added chalky component, which also performs the function of a filler.

purchasing coloring compositions, it is necessary to pay attention to their characteristics, such as drying time, viscosity emulsion, its consumption, shelf life, storage conditions, specific gravity and other.

  • Drying time applied paint is from 2.5 to 24 hours, and this setting is dependent on the humidity and temperature in the room.Ideal conditions for painting works: the temperature of surface painted + 18 ÷ 20 degrees, relative humidity - 60 - 65%.The viscosity of the composition
  • - an indicator of the degree of dilution with water.Measured parameter similar viscometer.The easiest viskozime tr pr edstavlyaet a funnel strictly certain volume of wastewater with a calibrated opening.A viscosity index is measured in seconds - the time it takes all the paint is completely drained.Such a device is often available to professional painters, good, it is inexpensive.But on the viscosity of the data should be required to indicate on the packaging.Usually, for the application of paint with a roller or brush is required viscosity in 45 - 50 and under when Menen sprayer - not exceeding 20 - 25.
  • paint consumption per square IU mp mp oschadi covered with one layer of 170 ÷ 200 ml.This parameter depends on the surface to be coated paint - its looseness and absorbency .
  • Shelf life latex paint almost always is two years from the date of issue, subject to the conditions of its correct storage.Such conditions include temperature of the room, which is not to be negative, but can not avoid overheating LMC - paint should be stored in a cool room with a flat temperature
  • Specific weight of one liter of ink is about 1.3 kg.

main technical characteristics of aqueous emulsions, established by GOST, are shown in the following table.

Indicator VD-VA-224 VD-AK-111 VD-AK-111r WA-CN-183
pH paint 6,8- 8,2 8,0 - 9,0 7,5 - 9,5 from 8,0
Residual weight non-volatiles,% 53 - 59 52 - 57 47 - 52 52 - 57
Covering ability dried film, g / m 2 120 100 80 120
Frost composition, the number of cycles 5 5 5 5
Resistance to static action of water at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° C, hours 12 24 24 24
degree frayed, um 30 60 60 60
drying time (20 ± 2) ° C, hours 1 1 1 1
Conventional light resistance,% - 5 5 5

Water based compositions are easily applied to the prepared surface, but they can not be painted walls covered with oil before paint, or a glossy surface.On the same wall, previously coated with an aqueous emulsion, will lay down the paint made on any basis.

latex paint can, in principle, be applied to on any surface other than metal, because it can cause corrosion processes.

Surface Preparation

To paint lay down a well , the surface needs to careful preparation

, the surface needs to careful preparation

To paint lay down well, because almost never surface of the walls is not perfectly flat, but also , most often it is already present on kakoe-the old coating, it is first necessary to bring in the proper condition, suitable for painting.

Before starting work on the floors and other surfaces that are not cleaned and painted, plank polyethylene film. It needs to be fixed to the plinth using masking tape.Applying this method of protection, you can then save yourself a ton t rudoemkoy clean and maintained in original condition decorative flooring.

Cleaning walls

On the untreated wall paint applied pointless

on untreated wall paint applied pointless

  • First you need to remove from the walls of the old decorative coating.This process can be carried out using tight brushes or sponges, if the wall is, for example, was covered with whitewash.
Removing old layers of whitewash and paint

Removing old layers of whitewash and paint

surface is moistened with water, the remnants of whitewash brushes spatulas, brushes , and if it is easy to soak, then it simply wash, using a sponge and a soft cloth.

Wash old whitewash

Wash old whitewash

  • If same surface painted with oil paint, then its can be cleaned with a construction dryer - a long and consuming process, especially, if The walls are painted with a thin layer.You can go in other ways, for example, in this situation there are two ways - to sheathe the walls of plasterboard, or make them a notch and re-plaster, creating a smooth surface.
Sometimes the old paint will help to remove only the building dryer

Sometimes the old paint will help to remove only the building dryer

If on the wall a lot layers of paint , and she places began to move away, then have scrape its , heating hairdryer and podtseplen spatula or scraper.

Closing gaps

  • After cleaning the walls need to conduct their most thorough examination to detect cracks or unstable areas.If they are not repaired before the putty and paint, then they will show up on an already updated wall.
Slots certainly carefully closed up

Slots necessarily carefully sealed with

  • discovered cracks need to be expanded to a maximum repair mortar penetrated deeply into the thickness of the wall.
You can use ready-made polymeric repair compounds

You can use ready-made polymeric repair compounds

  • expanding cracks with a spatula or sander with a circle of stone.Then they thoroughly cleaned, covered with primer deep penetration and left to dry for agreed instruction time (usually - from 4 to 6 hours).
  • After drying cracks sealed with putty or using one of the polymeric materials, such as silicone sealant, or "liquid nails".
  • closing up the gap, you need to try to remove from the surface of the wall all excess material to "patch" is flush with wall surface.
  • After complete drying of the maintenance staff, all the walls progruntovyvayutsya and dried.If the wall is not smooth, then it align putty, which is available in paste form or in a dry mixture.

Shpatlevanie walls

Spackling the walls before painting

Shpatlevanie walls before painting

Whatever putty or used for leveling walls, it should be well prepared and bring to desired consistency.This will drill with paddle-mixer.The resulting mass should be completely homogeneous, otherwise it will not make the surface smooth.