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August 12, 2017 18:06

How putty ceiling for painting

doing overhauls and planning with the new interior painted ceiling, have a lot to try to pre-make it perfectly flat.As a rule, almost all the ceilings in the apartments have separate defects and means , the surface must be put in order, before spending a decorative painting.As technology shpatlyuetsya first surface, thereby removes all irregularities and flaws.

How putty ceiling for painting

How putty ceiling for painting

To know how to putty for painting the ceiling, you need to study the whole process work since surface preparation.

After all the necessary procedures, you can hide not only small errors ceiling, but also ugly seams, that are usually present on ceilings in the apartments at the junction of slabs.

Putty also needed on the ceiling, made with the help of gypsum board, as they also have seams at the joints.They are sealed by a gluing grid-serpyanku, and the junction of the plates compared with the whole of the ceiling plane is also putty .

Types fillers and consistency of their application

Commercially fillings may be different basis , as the ceilings and can be arranged in various materials.In each case, we choose that mixture, which is closer to its composition to the material of which made subject to equalize the surface.

in specialized stores for sale are presented acrylic putty and glue-based and oil-adhesive, latex, cement and other substrates.

Fillers can be purchased ready-made ...

the filler can be purchased off the shelf ...

This finishing material is produced in the form of dry mixtures in paper bags and in paste form, packaged in a plastic container.

... Or in the form of dry mortar

... or in the form of dry construction mixtures

On each mixture packages necessarily contains information about compatibility of composition with different types of ceilings, so , buying material for the alignment, this parame tr cl eduet special attention.

addition to the basic framework, the mixture is divided into start, which are applied to the surface of the first layer, and finishing used in the final stages of the work.

  • Starting mixtures do enough and thick, thanks to the special constituent component, they are flexible and easy to lie on the surface.These fillers are used to seal small holes, cracks and leveling is quite significant differences, as well as to prepare the surface for better grip with the finishing material.

The starting putty , if necessary, applied in several layers , each of which must be thoroughly dried.

If cracks or potholes big enough, they are reinforced serpyanku over which is superimposed and aligned putty .

  • For the final finishing of the ceiling to the desired condition for painting works require finishing putty.If the starting material will be applied correctly, and the final layer is applied easily, making the surface perfectly smooth.

For better adhesion of the finish make the mixture more liquid in consistency and filler fraction it much smaller.Apply it with a thin coating, it can be said decorative layer.But if you do not use the starting mixture, the final layer will not give the desired result, as just repeat all surface defects.This once again shows how important it is most of the work on alignment and embedding defects make the starting lineup.

An important process in alignment ceiling surface is primed before application of a layer of the first starting and before each subsequent.

Tools for putty work

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools for putty works
  • 2 Preparing the surface of the ceiling to Shpatlevanie
    • 2.1 Cleaning the ceiling surface
    • 2.2 Eliminating significant flaws ceiling
    • 2.3 Removing mold stains and preventing the development of microflora
    • 2.4 Priming the surface of the ceiling
  • 3 Application homepage fillings
  • 4 Finishing Shpatlevanie ceiling
    • 4.1 Video: Shpatlevanie ceiling for painting
  • 5 Features works in plasterboard ceilings
    • 5.1 Video: sealing joints between sheets of drywall
    • 5.2 Video: finishing Shpatlevanie plasterboard ceiling
Pledge of successful work - a quality tool

key to successfulwork - a quality tool

To work need not only high-quality materials, but also some tools - not get a hold of them without the alignment process.If they are not in the home of apartment owner's arsenal, then have to buy, as no self-made replacements are not welcome in this matter, and the final quality of the work depends on the quality factor tool.

The main tool - certainly set spatulas of different widths

main tool - certainly set spatulas of different widths

  • spatulas of various sizes, from narrow to wide, up to 500 - 600 mm in length.They are used for applying and leveling the mix on the ceiling surface.
  • For convenience sampling prepared by a mixture of capacity and spreading it on spatula or trowel may need trowel.
  • capacity for mixing a solution, if it is bought as a dry mortar.It recommends to make it easier to carry out the process of kneading, choose containers volume of not less than 10 - 15 liters.
  • Building mixer or an electric drill with a special nozzle mixes. Conveniently, the drill has the ability to adjust the speed and reverse rotation - the quality of the batch from this raises.
Ironing board in some cases, can evenly distribute the solution on the surface of the ceiling

ironing board, in some cases to help evenly distribute the solution over the surface of the ceiling

  • trowel - the tools nt sl uzhit how to apply, and for leveling solution on the surface.Putty in tender amount to it is applied with a spatula.
Grater need for polishing the surface of the ceiling

grater need for polishing the surface of the ceiling

  • Grater - intended to wipe the surface in the event that the applied layer irregularities show up when dry .On grater set of abrasive mesh grit sandpaper desired or felt pad - to select the desired pad is made, depending on which phase of the work.
  • rubber spatula - it is necessary for embedding deep cracks and depressions, as well as the joints of plasterboard.
  • roller and brush for applying the primer, paint tray.
  • process of grouting and polishing the surface is usually accompanied by copious dusting.Therefore it recommended to provide funds face protection, especially to the eyes (goggles) and respiratory (mask).

Preparing the surface of the ceiling to Shpatlevanie

acquiring materials to work with and in the presence of all the necessary tools, you can proceed to the preparation of the ceiling for future work.

Cleaning the surface of the ceiling

If the ceiling had previously been applied several layers fillings and plaster, but they did not lead to leveling the surface, and, in addition, began their flaking, and sometimes even lossit is necessary to completely remove the old paint.

Removing old ceiling coating delaminated areas

Removal of loose particles of old coating ceiling

If the plaster layers held tightly, but they applied whitewash or paint, then clean off only last layers together with measurable irregularities.

In addition, during the operation of the premises on the ceiling darkening may appear from moisture, mold formation or tread rusty spots - they must also be sure to remove it.

whitewash removal can be carried out by flushing.This procedure is carried out several times - To do this, using a roller to apply whitewash water .After a good whitewash getting wet, she removed brush or sponge, and then the surface is wiped with a dry cloth.

Flushing old whitewash layer

Flushing old layer of whitewash

But it may also happen that the whitewash, even if it moisture, not amenable erase brush .In this case, in the course spatula is made of a sufficiently thick metal 2 - 3 mm .The wet coating is removed by this tool is easy enough, so that the work of its moisture will not be in vain anyway.To process cleaning old plaster was quickly and simply , lightly tapping on it with a hammer usual.

If the ceiling is applied emulsion paint, then clean off it harder, but it needs to be done, otherwise putty will not lay down smoothly and snugly to the surface safely .

When there is an old coat of latex paint, you can use popular method for its removal.For it should be diluted in a bucket of water a normal iodine - it takes only one vial .Next, this paint solution was impregnated and allowed to stand for a while.After this procedure vodoemulsionku can easily be brushed off.

There are modern compositions for washing different old coatings - they are used in the calculation of 0,5 liters per square meter.Apply solution with a normal roller and leave only 25 - 30 minutes and then removed together with the loose paint.Proce ss etc. ohodit fast enough without any pollution around.

The ceiling after cleaning

ceiling after cleaning

After ceiling will be cleared of layers of old coating, it is necessary to waive the remaining dust.First on the surface traversed by coarse sandpaper, fixed on grater , then swept brush , and then the ceiling is wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Eliminating significant flaws ceiling

After cleaning the ceiling of the old coating layers , necessarily show up various defects in the form of protrusions, indentations and cracks.Recent often open at the joints between the floor slabs and in corners of rooms.Above these problems also need to work as if they are not repaired capitally, then putty over time 'll go t t reschinami and osypletsya.To work was not done in vain, there should be some event.

  • detected slit is necessary to expand and deepen several with a spatula or a drill with a hammer.
  • Then one stiff brush scrubbed dust and small pieces. If necessary to clean the water is used.
  • The inner surfaces of the resulting holes, cracks and cavities before filling primer practiced.
  • If the gap is getting enough deep and wide, they are filled with foam.the average size of the gap can be repaired with sealant.
  • Small cracks or small holes obscure putty , which is then leveled and sanded after drying sandpaper.
  • If the ceiling projections found in more than 5 mm, they need to knock down, using a chisel with a hammer or punch.

Removing mold stains and preventing the development of microflora

If put in order ceiling in rooms with high humidity, it is most often in the it necessarily show up mildew stains.Well, if it appeared only in the surface layers of plaster, which all still removed, but sometimes even mold colonies penetrate into the material of the walls. Therefore, in places where the behavior px Article aryh coatings found mold, even if the ceiling stains after cleaning was not seen , it is necessary to carry out special treatment for the already cleaned surface.

Mould stains are subject to mandatory removal and antiseptic treatment

Mould stains are subject to mandatory removal and antiseptic treatment

There are several ways of dealing with mold, and all of them are quite affordable and method of use.

  • sale represented domestic and foreign compounds, which are very easy to use, since they are available in cans.Processing in this case is spraying damaged fungus ceiling area and it dry for 40 - 60 minutes.When applied to the surface of the tool, it begins to sputter in contact with organics.When the reaction is over, it can be regarded as the ceiling free of fungal manifestations.However, it should be noted that such compositions are well helps only in the initial stages of the emergence dark spots, so you never want to run this state - it is better at the first sign immediately undertake processing.When working with these agents made on the basis of chlorine-containing compounds, it is necessary to protect the respiratory tract, wearing a mask or respirator.
  • Another method of combating this scourge is the processing centers of copper sulfate or as his still called "blue stone".It is used as a preventive agent , adding inflicted on a wall decoration materials.
  • More one means, which is intended for bleaching linen (known all mistresses called "White┬╗), also helps in the fight against dark spots of mold.This liquid composition is applied to the cleaned surfaces with a brush and allowed to dry completely.
  • There are also special antiseptic primer that is applied to the ceiling before Shpatlevanie.In this case solved two problems at once - is opposition to the development of mold colonies and simultaneous preparation of the surface for its hardening and for better adhesion of the applied materials to each other.

Priming the surface of the ceiling

purified with seal cracks and gaps, as well as anti-fungal agents treated ceiling, it is necessary to be primed.The primer is spread on the surface using a roller, a brush angles are further processed as recommended not to miss even the slightest portion of the surface.

Priming should be solid , without any whatsoever passes

Priming should be solid, without any whatsoever passes

choose the best primer that has deep penetration properties into the material surface.It is this structure provides excellent grip overlap with the starting putty bed - ready solution to primed ceiling will lie down easily and smoothly.

As mentioned above, there are primers having antiseptic properties. Using them, we can safely abandon the other antifungal agents.

desirable to process the primer in two coats with a thorough drying of each - it will eliminate the risk of delamination starting fillings , and means , and the final layer is also reliably fixed on the surface.

Application Homepage fillings

Quality start applying a layer determines the success of the whole operation

-quality application layer will determine the success of the start of all the work

Dry prepared ceiling cover can begin starting putty .