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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to seal the joints between the panels on the ceiling

Such troubles as formation of cracks between the floor slabs on the ceiling, or simply a manifestation once not entirely successful embedded seams, are very common in prefabricated high-rise buildings.Therefore, at the first sign of these phenomena need to take action.But this requires to have information as to close up the seams between the panels on the ceiling alone, without recourse to a call-dressers professionals.

How to seal the joints between the panels on the ceiling

How to seal the joints between the panels on the ceiling

If the apartment is located on at last, the top floor and on the ceiling there was a gap between the plates, it is not excluded that veroyatnost¸ soon from her starts drip, and it means, that the rooms may appear persistent smell of damp and mold or mildew stains, and besides, the heat will quickly leave the room.These circumstances are especially troublesome in the colder months of the year.Therefore, in such case repairs need to start from the roof of the audit, because if you do not cope with the shortcomin

gs of roofing, then plug the gap within and align ceiling - is wasted effort.

If Osmo tr cr yshi suggests that the roof is OK, then you can safely proceed to the ceiling repair.In the case, when it is detected that the waterproofing roofing material is damaged, it is first necessary to take repair his footsteps, for example, to change the sheets of roofing material, which is usually covered with a roof in multi-storey buildings with a flat "soft" roof.

Perhaps , if the apartment is located on the top floor , will have to start with the roof repairs

possible if the apartment is located on the top floor, will have to start with the roof repairs

However, cracking the joints can not only on the upper floors, but also on any other.It - a common consequence of Processes home shrinkage.

So, making sure that no external factors will not spoil t t rudoemkuyu job of sealing of the ceiling joints, you can begin to repair the activities inside the apartment.

seam Closing ceiling

Article Contents

  • 1 seam Closing ceiling
    • 1.1 Materials and tools
    • 1.2 How to seal the joints between the panels on the ceiling - do yourself
    • 1.3 Video: repair the joints between floor slabs
  • 2 Closing holes in the ceiling
    • 2.1 Video: seal volume holes in the floor slabs

If there was a small crack between the plates, it is necessary to start with its expansion.Very often it happens that the process of cutting, even small cracks or crevices suddenly opens up "great horizon" of the work.Therefore , once got his hands before the repair activities, it is necessary to make immediately to the conscience, in full amount to more to this question does not come back for a long time.

If you wish to solve two problems - sealing seam and the alignment of the ceiling, the entire seam of the old concrete should be cleaned.Usually, it is not difficult to make, since the construction of houses, used for jointing too durable cement.

Materials and tools

order not to repeat the mistakes of craftsmen who worked in the construction of the house on ceilings without seams due diligence, you need to buy quality materials and all the necessary tools to work.To be not just cover up and carefully embroider seam and carefully sealed it when terminating.

So starting work you need to buy:

1. From the tools required medium, wide and narrow trowel, spray, brush narrow steel, wide paintbrush, a mixing solution, building a knife and a hammer drill.

2. You can close up the gap, using different materials and is to list all that can be useful.

  • primer for concrete deep penetration - need for better adhesion and surface material, which will be stopped junction between the slabs.
Primer for pre-treatment of the concrete surface

Primer for pre-treatment of the concrete surface

  • Cement NC , which is designed to seal deep joints.This material tends to expand during solidification, tightly filling the entire space of seams and joints.
Цемент "НЦ" - отлично подойдет для заделки швов

Cement "NC" - perfect for grouting

  • Upon detection of a wide seam that requires termination, you must purchase a dense insulation material made of polyurethane or foamed polyethylene .foam can be used instead of them.
  • take a latex elastic putty .
  • needed reinforcing mesh-serpyanka.Width it will depend on the width of the joint - tape should extend beyond its borders by 40 ÷ 50 mm on both sides.
  • for finishing require primary and finishing putty for the entire ceiling area.

How to seal the joints between the panels on the ceiling - do yourself

Remo nt Swiss s between the floor slabs necessarily drags along bringing entire ceiling in order, so you should start with a complete cleansing of the surface of the paint, whitewash andmay plaster.

  • ceiling with the spray sprayed with water.It is better to carry out spraying is not just the ceiling once, and parts.Good wetted portion is left for 10 ÷ 15 minutes to impregnate and then remove the old coating with a wide spatula and medium.You can then proceed to the next area, where you want to spend the whole procedure from the beginning.Such work is carried out to complete cleansing of the entire ceiling.
  • SAEs in to behold the old coating, once the owner sees volume of forthcoming works.Usually one has to room two or three joint slabs.Sometimes they are embedded very messy and ugly act humps.These bulges and eliminate the need to make a perfectly smooth ceiling.

To do this, take a hammer, install it at the desired attachment, switch the percussion mode without rotation, and step by step to liberate the junction of the old frozen solution.

The joints must be carefully made

joints must be carefully butchered

joints and around the stove should be thoroughly cleaned, and the gap itself is recessed not less than 50 mm.

  • Next need to take a narrow iron brush or wide brush and thoroughly clean the slot from dust and small pieces of concrete.
Scraping the joint from dust and fragments of the old solution

Cleaning seam from dust and fragments of the old solution

  • next step - the gap primer treatment in several layers , each of which must be dry.The primer will make stronger the remaining frozen in the joint solution will not let it form in dampness and fungus, will provide a good contact with the repair composition that will be applied later.
  • If the gap between the joints sufficiently wide and is more than 30 ÷ 35 mm, means you must first fill it with foam.It is well-entrenched in the primed surface and expands and fills the opening .

Congealing, foam comes out of the seam, and when it is completely dry, its carefully cut so that in the joint plates in the foam turned groove , depth 30 ÷ 50 mm, tapering inside , ontriangle type.

  • if detected at the junction deep cleaning, but at the same time narrow, you should proceed as follows.
Sealing rolls of polyethylene foam

Sealing rolls of polyethylene foam

selecting seal of polyethylene foam desired thickness, it one hand coated strip and sealant is charged into the cleaned and primed the joint with a spatula, leaving room to fill with concrete.

  • Next, joint solution is embedded expanding concrete, but it is necessary to leave a small depression in junction to expand the solution and plaster.
Заделка шва бетонным раствором "НЦ"

Closing seam concrete solution "NC»

  • After drying the solution or preparation in dry mounting groove the foam is applied to the junction of elastic putty Latex.The work is best done using two spatula - wide and narrow or medium.On gaining a spatula solution of capacity and narrow it is applied to the joint between the plates, in the sealing seam and leveling to level the surface of the ceiling, while removing any excess putty.
Joint boards after sealing the concrete repair mortar

Joint boards after sealing the concrete repair mortar

  • ÷ After 2 days, which will be required for drying, start reinforcement stitches.To this end, the seam with a spatula and the ceiling next to him in the band 50 ÷ 60 mm thin layer of putty , fixed on him grid-serpyanku, pressing her the solution and removing its excess with a spatula.
Application of a primer on the surface of the ceiling

application of a primer to the surface of the ceiling

  • After drying joints, the entire ceiling is treated with primer, causing it with a roller.It is better to cover the surface of the composition of the two layers.
  • When the ceiling is dry, you can start plastering it.First, a thin layer of the primary plaster and after drying its impose finish the final smooth layer.It is applied at the same time a wide spatula and leveled to the ideal.
Finishing - puttying ceiling

finishing - Shpatlevanie ceiling

  • After drying topcoat, the ceiling can be painted, whitewash or wallpaper paste over it.

Video: repair the joints between floor slabs

Closing holes in the ceiling

Sometimes it happens and so that opens not just narrow slit, and a large hole at the weld clean-up of the old solution- DEF kt Square Ita overlap.In this case, the hole can be repaired in two ways.

Иногда на потолке при разделке швов может появиться и такой "сюрприз"

Sometimes the ceiling while cutting sutures may appear and a "surprise»

Anyway , the first thing to do - it thoroughly clean the inside of the hole formed.This process is best done using a narrow brush .

1. Freeing of dirt inside of the hole, its need a good spray primer.After waiting for when it is dry first layer, apply the second.

  • Further, the hole is filled with foam.
  • Then, it after drying and expansion, excess cut off, and the inside taper hole is cut at the base of the size of the hole, and a height of 40 ÷ 50 mm.
  • This cut is needed to secure it in cement mortar, which is applied in the following stage.He leveled a spatula and allowed to complete drying.
  • then to the place where there was a hole and around 50 ÷ 70 mm is applied putty, and it glued mesh-serpyanka, which is pressed into caused layer of mortar, smoothed and allowed to dry.
  • Next work is the same as when grouting.

2. Another way to seal different from the first, and it is applied in the case was found in the ceiling of large void.

  • In this case, the required piece of plywood (you can use scraps laminate) measuring approximately 100 mm longer than the hole size.
  • then, needs to be strengthened in an aperture grille wire that needs to be secured to the sealer or grout inside holes.After drying, the solution needs to be wire firmly secured within the opening . Grille will serve as reinforcement for repair mortar, with which they create a kind of plate.
Closing volume holes in the ceiling - an exemplary diagram

Closing volume holes in the ceiling - an exemplary diagram

  • plywood laid on the prepared concrete mixed solution, it should be uniform and not too thick.
  • plywood platform with a solution raised and tightly pressed to the hole, so that the solution is completely filled the rest of the cavity. Have come up with for this kind of formwork reliable backup, which will hold its to dry completely repair structure.For this approach thick branch block or pyramid from a table and chairs.
  • After drying solution opening get perfectly smooth surface of the ceiling.
  • Then you can begin to work on putting in order the entire surface of the ceiling.

Video: seal holes in the plate volume overlap

should be noted that the joint between the slabs it is possible to upgrade yourself.But complete plastering of the ceiling - it is quite a difficult job, so it is better to entrust an experienced master-finishers.However, if you have the desire and self-confidence, and it is quite feasible task.