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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to fix a ceiling plinth

Without finishing the ceiling skirting any, even the most expensive wallpaper, conceived lose effect, and the wall will look unfinished.If the design elements are fixed sloppy, then the whole room design is flawed - it immediately catches the eye.Therefore, you need to know, ka to a repit ceiling moldings correctly.

How to fix a ceiling plinth

How to fix the ceiling moldings

Few people are aware that there is not only hard skirting different size, topography and shape section , but also flexible, can not do withoutwhen placing columns or rounded shapes of the ceiling, especially if created multilevel pendant design.

Forms ceiling plinths

Article Contents

  • 1 Forms ceiling plinths
  • 2 Calculation of the required amount of material
  • 3 necessary materials and tools
  • 4 Markup in the venuemounting
  • 5 Cutting ceiling plinths
    • 5.1 Video: fitting angles ceiling moldings
  • 6 Bonding ceiling plinths
    • 6.1 Video: master class by gluing ceiling moldings
    • 6.2 Video: one of the interesti
      ng ways of skirting mounting tension ceiling

This element of the interior design can be made of different materials, such as foam, plaster and polyurethane.

Ceiling plinth made ​​of natural gypsum - severe and even pose a danger

ceiling plinths made of natural gypsum - severe and even pose a danger

  • Once the plaster was probably the only material for the manufacture of ceiling moldings.For all its merits, it is at hardening becomes severe enough , but at the same time - fragile and can easily break if dropped even from a low altitude.In addition, poorly secured plaster ceiling plinth with a sume just dangerous for the residents home.Therefore, in recent years it is rarely used and is only installed by skilled craftsmen to the special glue on the basis of plaster.
Foam polystyrene skirting presented commercially in a wide variety

Foam polystyrene skirting presented commercially in a wide variety

  • Skirting boards made of expanded polystyrene, at first glance, even indistinguishable from plaster elements.And the benefits - there: the material from which they are made, easy , which greatly simplifies installation, making these decorations are absolutely safe.Styrofoam glued easily and securely kept at the ceiling.A variety of embossed patterns, width and thickness of decorative baseboards allowing them to pick up any decor.

foam - plastic material is not enough, so the installation of the skirting boards can be done only on a perfectly smooth surface of the wall and ceiling.If the plane is rough, the plinth may initially stick, but eventually fall behind the surface and will sag.Therefore , in this case it is better to use a flexible polyurethane moldings.

When at finding such material, you need to choose carefully glue on its components, as some of the components contained in the adhesive mass can melt the foam.

Flexible Polyurethane skirting help arrange the ceiling of complex configuration

Flexible Polyurethane skirting help arrange the ceiling of complex configuration

  • Flexible skirtings are ideal for curved design surfaces, as well as , thanks to its flexibility, good will shape on a surface having a small curvature.

flexible skirting has a small mass and enough easy to install.It looks very neat on the walls and ceiling.It is also very difficult to distinguish from natural gypsum stucco.

This material is produced in various forms, can have a raised pattern or be completely smooth, so you can pick up for finishing the interior, executed in any design style.

Externally, he does not differ from plaster

Outwardly, they will not differ from the gypsum

Polyurethane well sits on the glue, but more difficult to cut.To carve out a desired angle, need a very sharp knife building or good hacksaw .For fixing the plinth of this material well suited adhesives based on polyurethane, for example, the "liquid nails".

calculation of the required amount of material

selecting the desired decorative skirting boards, you need to spend calculation desired amount of material that was not the installation that it is not enough or too much purchased.

It is necessary to carry out detailed measurements of the perimeter , especially if it has a curved side

necessary to carry out detailed measurements of the perimeter, especially if it has a curved side

To accurately count need to know the length of the perimeter of the room.If the shape of the room has projections or recess, the distance from each of the external measured separately and added together in a total amount up to the inner corner.The result is divided by the length of the plank a plinth - this can be done in the store when selecting material as strips can be of various lengths - 1,5 or 2 meters.It is best to purchase one additional bar and, in the event of damage or other unforeseen circumstances.

Materials and tools

Tools for mounting ceiling moldings

Tools for mounting ceiling moldings

Except the skirting boards, for their installation must have certain tools and auxiliary materials: So work required:

  • Mitre - this tool will fit exactly the right size and angles with smooth inner edges.
No special device - Mitre , quality will not be easy to make installation

No special device - Mitre, quality will not be easy to make installation

  • Building knife and handsaw .
  • roulette, ruler, triangles Direct angle and angle 45 degrees, and may need a protractor.
  • Simple pencil for marking.
  • spatulas - rubber and narrow metal.
  • Building pistol for supplying the adhesive mass of tubes.
  • Containers for mixing putty mass.
  • Finishing putty .
  • White acrylic sealant.
  • mounting adhesive.
  • Emulsion water-based paint.

Markup at the place of installation

to yourself installation is not presented difficulties, plinth and with a motrel accurately, it is necessary to conduct a thorough layout of the ceiling and walls.

  • To do this, take one of the straps and attach skirting her to the wall and the ceiling, well-pressed in the two planes, and then put a pencil mark, not much pushing it.
Spacing of support lines for mounting plinth

Spacing reference lines for mounting plinth

  • When at Annex strips to the ceiling may show irregularities, and the bar will not lie on the plane smoothly.In this case, you can try to move the bar a bit to the side, and the joint between it and the next strip positioned on an uneven place.
  • better to check the evenness of the ceiling and walls in the ground and try to eliminate bonding defects using putty on a flat surface mounting plinth take place quickly and easily.
If the ceiling is made normal , the baseboard must be tightly pressed against the two planes

If issued ordinary ceiling, the baseboard must be tightly pressed against the two planes

  • It is important to make the correct markings on the inner and outer corners, because they are the most complex nodes during installation of plinths.

Cutting ceiling plinths

to two straps on the corners perfectly matched and form a straight angle without cracks and gaps, you need not hurry to cut skirting the edge angle.This process will help miter box.

Fit the plinth in the corner miter box

Fit skirting angles in Mitre

This is a special tool having the slots at different angles.Plinth placed between two flanges miter box, and the desired through the slot at an angle of 45 degrees to cut the excess fragment.The same is done with the other strip skirting to link them to the protruding corner.Be sure to carefully checked right direction cut - here often make mistakes that lead to unnecessary consumption of material.

The approximate scheme of adjustment angles

approximate right angles adjustment scheme

  • When combining well-fitted corners formed by the correct right angle.But you should know that this is not an light, and from the first time rare when get perfect evenness.Therefore before start cutting, you need a good all vymeryat and make markup.
  • If you have to cut the strip in half or one-third, it is not necessary to throw away the resulting segment - it can be used for mounting on the other wall.Mitre
  • skirting strip will be cut for mounting not only the angle but also smoothly, if needed, as it have guide slots for this purpose and arranged at right angles.To
  • angle was positioned correctly, the bar is placed to the bottom of the baseboard and wall miter box with the side on which the adhesive will be applied.
  • When two strips are ready, they need to try to combine into a corner if there is a small gap of 1,5 ÷ 2 mm, then there is nothing particularly wrong - it can then be repaired putty .
When the perpendicular walls of the problems should arise - get a neat angle

When problems occur perpendicular to the walls should not - get a neat angle

  • If suddenly at overlapping strips of the right angle does not work, you do not need to try to equalize the resulting angles.It is better to cut off the damaged piece at a right angle, and then reinstall the baseboard in the miter box and cut back through the gap at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • If the walls in the room are not arranged perpendicularly, the plinth have customized under the existing size of the angle, without the miter box.Usually it is held additional markup and made template.That is, for such purposes, and may need protractor.

Video: fitting angles ceiling moldings

Bonding ceiling plinths

Rods plinth (otherwise they still called fillets) paste on the wallpaper, plastered or painted surface in different ways.

1. If the installation is carried out on a plinth plaster walls, the it is necessary to prepare - at the maximum level the opportunities and cover with soil.Only when the primer is completely dry out, you can begin the installation of the plinth.

Для приклеивания потолочного плинтуса на неотделанные стены и потолок хорошо подойдут "жидкие гвозди"

For gluing ceiling moldings on unfinished walls and ceilings are well suited "liquid nails»

  • at the bar dot applied adhesive type "Liquid nails" through building a gun on the two sides to be glued to the ceiling andwall.
  • Next, adhesive should grab, ie . plinth with the glue necessary lie down for about a minute, and only after that it is applied and pressed against the wall and ceiling.It is best to carry out the clamp through a clean cloth .
Bonding skirting at the intended place

Bonding skirting at the intended place

  • If the sides made redundant to to lei, it immediately must be carefully removed, taking care not to smudge on on surface.
  • When the installation is completed baseboards, be careful to cover up all gaps and crevices.If formed large enough gap between the skirting and the ceiling or wall, they can be repaired after drying adhesive sealant.
The remaining slots neatly sealed with putty or sealant

remaining slots neatly sealed with putty or sealant

  • to seal the seats were flat and were not allocated to the baseboard, the sealant can be smoothed finger obmoknuv it in the water.On the hand should be wearing rubber gloves.
  • gaps at the corners joints carefully sealed with putty .Work carried out a narrow putty knife, wiped off the excess with a soft sponge or spatula removed, so as not to damage the surface of the moldings.
Removing excess putty or sealant

Removing excess putty or sealant

  • uncommon for fixing polystyrene ceiling moldings as an adhesive used diluted plaster finish putty.It copes well with this feature, but only if the walls and ceiling are not painted or covered with wallpaper - putty securely lie only on primed surfaces.The advantage of this approach - all the possible gap once filled with putty.

Video: Master Class by gluing ceiling moldings

2. When mounting the plinth at the wallpaper, the surface does not require special training, but in this case for sticking adhesives are applied on a polymer basis. adhesive also applied to the lower surface of the fillet is left for curing, and then pressed against the surface of the baseboard and the ceiling wall.

Клей на полимерной основе типа "Титан" или "Дракон"

adhesive polymer-based type "Titan" or "Dragon»

Sealing cracks and gaps made in the same manner as in the case with a sticker plastered on the decorative elements or Stopper primed surface.

3. In recent years, more and more often in apartments there are ceilings.Many refuse plinth, not knowing how to solve the problem of fixing it to the ceiling of this type.But this problem can be solved, and the ceiling of the room will be a crown of interior decoration.

  • In this case, should be selected as much as possible light weight baseboards with wider vertical area, which is glued to the wall, as in Stretch Ceilings upper bound is secured will not.
  • To plinth was more reliable fixed to the wall, it is better to glue wallpaper to the wall design.For gluing fillets in this case it is necessary to adhere to the technology, which is used for fastening on the plastered surface.
  • Next closed up cracks and gaps, and after drying, the plinth can be painted or putty, plaster making imitation version.
Fixed plinth can decorate with latex paint

installed baseboard can decorate latex paint

  • If you plan to put on pasted skirting paint, then apply the sealant for sealing defects should not be, in this case, you need to do just filler.But, especially burden the elements of additional material is not necessary, as it will only fixed to the wall.

Video: One of the interesting ways of skirting mounting tension ceiling

Having decided on their own to issue a plinth ceiling, can save a lot of .This work, made invited master, did not cost less than the cost of the material itself.If carefully carry out all measurements and markings, approach to work with great care, the installation of necessarily held successfully.