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August 12, 2017 18:06

Remodelling of one-room apartment in a two-room

Remodelling of one-room apartment in a two-room possible in principle only if the room has a large area.The room is small or medium size divided into two tiny cubicles absolutely appropriate.

Remodelling of one-room apartment in a two-room

Remodelling of one-room apartment in a two-room

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the condition that each of the resulting as a result of reconstruction of the rooms can not do without at least one box, since it must be illuminated with natural light and efficiently ventilated.The conclusion suggests itself - this separation often becomes possible , if in the room, which is subjected to remodeling, there are several windows.

Rules redevelopment

it sets out a global overhaul, which includes, among other things, and re-planning, you need to get acquainted in advance with some prohibiting or requiring the consent of the certain moments organizations.Such procedures are related to the fact that design and communication each house designed certain way, with the obligatory considering strength properties of materials and construction parts and changing individual elements in an apartment, you can seriously harm throughout the structure.

So, it is strictly prohibited the following works and encompassing the following building parts:

  • absolutely "untouchables" are the external load-bearing walls, which are not allowed to dismantle the whole or even in part.
  • Prohibited expansion bathroom or toilet for through the kitchen or other rooms.
  • The same requirement applies in the opposite direction - it is inadmissible extension kitchen facilities for through rooms bathrooms ;
  • exclude the application of planning, in which will be closed access to the general communications.
  • security reasons operates a categorical ban on the dismantling or closure of the ventilation system in the room where gas appliances are installed.
  • The apartments with central heating is prohibited placement of a gas boiler in the living room - it often happens to combine the kitchen and the living room if desired.
  • inadmissible transfer of heating duct from the room to the balcony or loggia ;
  • property owner has no right to change the self-designated locations and gas pipes, especially , common risers.
  • not permitted weighting bearing structures, such as the construction of additional internal walls or partitions made of a material such as reinforced concrete slabs ;
  • should never plan any whatsoever alterations to residential homes , officially recognized the emergency.

To radically change the layout of the apartment, if it does not fall under the above situation, will require a permit, which may be given after full consultation with relevant organizations.Such changes may be:

  • Extension area of ​​the room for the expense of loggias, by their association.
  • agreed with the relevant gas suppliers and conducted exclusively by their experts work on the transfer of gas lines and appliances.
  • Partial dismantling of internal load-bearing walls, for example, a device in which the door openings .
  • Structural changes in the structure and type of flooring (except for decorative coatings).

basis of proposals from reasons before starting work necessarily requires the following preparation steps:

  • first - drawing own « bastings » project for future redevelopment.
  • this draft to be agreed at a local architectural body where experts will determine whether it is possible in principle, deviations from the standards established in the present landlord project.The result should be a finished project, based on the professional architectural calculations.
  • then goes submission of documents to legitimize the project.This will require the documents on ownership, technical passport of an apartment, a statement from the owner of the project and has agreed;
  • only after official permission is obtained, it is possible to carry out the reconstruction of the apartment.This unauthorized deviation from the institutionalized project is strictly prohibited.

It should be said about the possible negative consequences of unauthorized works:

  • First of all, a very high probability of damage to one element of the support structure, and later - even its collapse.
  • increases the risk of emergency or catastrophic situations related to natural gas, water and etc., Sharply reduced level of safety not only stay in a single apartment, but in all building.
  • If any illegal alterations, even if it did not lead to emergency situations, the owner of property faces very considerable in terms of money fine.
  • becomes impossible to deal with such real estate as well all have to go through all the instances to legitimize rework or return the apartment to its original state.

Thus, all may end costly repair walls or ceilings home. not only in his own apartment, and neighbors in the apartments or in the common areas of the building.

without the consent to carry out work can , which will not affect the design of buildings. It can be setup light partitions, glazing and insulation loggia and balconies, change the location of plumbing elements within the bathroom.

Video: draft redevelopment studio

Options replanning studio

So, if the desire to reschedule the apartment to your taste is, overall volumes works do not pass the borders of categorical prohibitions are not frightened by the prospect quite tedious andcostly design and harmonization of procedures, you should consider options.

If properly draft a redevelopment one-bedroom apartment and make it a reality, you can get a more convenient and comfortable for all members of the family room.

Typically, the need to have a one-bedroom apartment comes with the growth of the child , since it requires a separate room of the total space for games, activities and a relaxing holiday.The room for the baby to be warm , bright, on possible - maximum soundproofed and well-ventilated.

However, it should not forget the fact that adults, too, need a comfortable room.As usual one-room apartment divided into three when all desire does not, therefore, have common room to make feature-rich, including the functions and the living room and bedrooms.

Sometimes reschedule small apartment is only possible zoning of the premises

Sometimes reschedule a small apartment can only zoning premises

In this case shows only variation nt to I'm a small room with one window.To make the division more closed, like a separate room, you can use the sliding partitions.

area children's room will be separated not only by a partition, but the higher the floor, in the thickness of which can accommodate a soundproofed and insulated material.

In living-bedroom , of course, have abandon unnecessary furniture and decorative accessories, but at the same time it is possible to install everything you need to sleep and rest.

I must say that this division of space is no substitute for one-bedroom apartments as well as one of the rooms, anyway, will pass, and it's not exactly convenient option.However, we should not forget that in some two-bedroom apartments are initially combined room.

Sliding partition - this option does not require any approvals

sliding partition - this option would not require any approvals

Another option separating the bedroom from the common room can become a mobile partition that closes completely and separate relaxation room or nursery.

This division suitable for a wide room where you can close the elegant one of the corners.Of course, also has its disadvantages in that the conversion of apartments.

Отделение "детского" пространства легкими перегородками

Branch "child" of the space light partitions

And one of them - is impossible to make a complete soundproofing.But such a problem can be to some extent solved if instead of thin wall cabinets used, up to the ceiling.They can be clad on the inside or from the bedroom with a thin sound-proof material, which will significantly reduce the sound waves from the inside.As shumoizolyatora recommended to use eco-friendly cork boards, which, apart from the characteristic sound-absorbing effect, perfectly zadekoriruyut the back wall of the cabinet. Especially because without cabinets in the house all will not do.

The comfortable room , the office , you can turn a loggia

in a comfortable room-office, you can turn a loggia

Subject to the availability of one-bedroom apartment in the wide balconies, the problem is solved very easily, because of it is possible to make a small, but completely separate room.Naturally, will have to work hard to become a cool loggia cozy parlor or a bedroom, but the result of these processes will be pleased and surprised by the originality.But important that the apartment will extend for a few precious square meters.

When quality insulated balcony can even turn into a bedroom

When quality insulated balcony can even turn into a bedroom

To make room balconies, install windows and insulate very well this room.On the floors are arranged crate , between the bars of which is laid two layers of insulation and vapor barrier film.All mounted system closes gipsovolokonnyh boards or plywood.On the plywood will be good to lay Infrared Heated film , which also can be mounted on the walls and, after warming them one of the chosen insulating materials.

addition such a warming system, today there are other options - benefit large assortime available in DIY stores nt etc. oduktsii this direction.

If the wall is not suitable version with infrared film , you can use electric heaters flat shape - they will quickly heat the room and not take up much space.

Еще один вариант перепланировки "однушки" с использованием площади лоджии

Another option redevelopment "odnushki" with loggia

area Balcony can do differently, combining her with room and removing the lower part of the wall, if this option is approved by an architectural organization.But if the project does not pass , you can simply delete windows and doors to the loggia, after its insulation and the wall portion remaining after the dismantling of the window, take the form of a decorative stone .

Further, it will be possible to install a partition with binding-door coupe, which can be opened or closed as needed.

advantage of this solution is that the heat from the room will be heated and the loggia, but radiators are definitely in this case have to increase in size.

One embodiment of the separation of the room into two - openwork wooden partition

One embodiment of the separation of the room into two - openwork wooden partition

With a wide room, the problem can be solved quite simply.The room is divided by a partition easy half or a smaller and larger rooms.

This wall can be quite quickly and simply constructed of two metal profiles and drywall layers between which is laid mineral wool or foam - these materials and create a good sound insulation for the room.In the finished bulkhead mounted door frame and the door, which should also be made of heavy materials.Of course, the room will have a large area, but the residents will be able to get a place to retire and relax.

Легкая стенка из металлических профилей и гипсокартона превратит однокомнатную квартиру в "двушку". Тесно, конечно, но ничего не поделаешь...

Easy wall of metal profiles and drywall will turn one-bedroom apartment in "kopeck piece."Closely, of course, but nothing can be done ...

Yet another embodiment of the separation of a large room with a window into two parts by a partition when bedroom allotted that portion of the room that has no windows.Such withdrawal - is acceptable, but not ideal, since this case remains room without natural light and open air access, so this variation nt sp poison if suitable for a child's room.If the apartment is located in a brick house, you can consult with designers houses of this series on possibilities device separated room has one, least small window.Independently carry out such renovation is unacceptable, especially if the apartment is located on on one of the lower floors.

If the room has two windows - a task easier.Lightweight frame walls divide it into two bright rooms

If the room has two windows - a task easier.Lightweight frame walls divide it into two bright rooms

If you choose to purchase one-room accommodation , should immediately provide for the possible re-planning and select option room with two separate windows, then the biggest problems with the reconstruction will not arise. Easy , not charging the ceiling wall mounted between the windows, turn one room into two isolated rooms.

This partition, if desired, can be easily dismantled - it will not damage the supporting walls and have no impact on neighboring apartments so it can not legislate.But if housing is decided to sell the have to return the apartment to the original project.

Some rooms can be combined with the kitchen , and the rest - to arrange a cozy corner

Some rooms can be combined with the kitchen, and the rest - to arrange a cozy corner

next possible project of redevelopment can be an option when on the large living room separated by plasterboard walls on metal profiles, small area, and the rest of the living space is combined with locationcuisine.But such a decision possible only, if wall between the bathroom and the kitchen is not a carrier, and if it leads to the original architectural layout, that is bordered by a wall kitchen with the living room.

In an embodiment, a living room for the expansion of open space shown in the diagram is also combined with a hallway, so the apartment is visually looks more spacious.

The wall between the kitchen and bathroom completely demolished even not necessarily - may be sufficient figured opening

wall between the kitchen and bathroom completely demolished even not necessarily - may be sufficient figured opening

union room with kitchen can be carried not complete demolition of the walls and the decorative design of passage.In this case, all still part of the living room and the kitchen will look unified space, which will separate the site premises for the device small, separate or combined room.In this case, you must also focus on the layout of the apartment.

In conclusion - useful advice on choosing an apartment.Any young family to think that it will sooner or later, but be sure the baby will be, which will need to organize your area and better - separate room.Well, if the birth of a child will be able to move into the housing larger area, but unfortunately, not always this dream come true so soon.