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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to build a shed with their hands

Shed is one of the most important and useful outbuildings.This structure can store all sorts of garden accessories, BBQ, means to care for the garden and home tools.With a strong desire in the barn, you can even build a toilet and a summer shower.

How to build a shed with their hands

How to build a shed with their hands

With proper preparation for the construction of the shed will not leave a lot of time and money.There are several varieties of outbuildings.For beginners it is recommended to give preference to the carcass structure - they are the most simple in construction.

Guide for the Development of the frame of the shed will be brought forth.Check out the provisions of the guidelines and get to work.

How to build a shed with their hands

How to build a shed with their hands

Selecting a location for the shed

Article Contents

  • 1 Selecting a location for the shed
    • 1.1 set for
  • 2 Foundation
  • 3 frame assembly of wooden beams
  • 4 Construction of the roof and wall cladding
    • 4.1 Video - How to build a shed with their hands

When selecting a location for the shed refer to personal preference.One owners like it better when the barn is in some cubbyhole area.Another more convenient when the barn is located next to the house.

most rational to build a shed in the territory of the least adapted for the cultivation of the garden and all kinds of crops.Almost any site you can find such a place.

At the stage of choosing a place for arranging a barn, consider the location of the other features of zones of land, take into account the dimensions of the buildings being built and its external data.Try to shed a good fit in their environment and in harmony with nearby buildings.

Building a shed with their hands

Building a shed with their hands

set for

  1. machine for wood processing.You can do without the machine, but the work will be faster and easier with him.
  2. electric jigsaw.
  3. Hand circular saw.
  4. Electric Planer.
  5. screwdriver.
  6. Electric drill.
  7. chain saw.
  8. boards.
  9. logs.
  10. fiberboard.
  11. Ruberoid.
  12. Fasteners.
  13. switches.
  14. PVA glue.
  15. Outlets.
  16. oilcloth.


Any building structure needs a reliable and solid foundation that can support its weight.

For barn arrangement suitable columnar base, monolithic, tape and pile-screw type.Pier foundation is suitable in most cases, so experts recommend to give preference to such a construction.

pier foundation

pier foundation

Mark the area for arranging the foundation.This will help any suitable pegs, cord and tape.

Roulette measure the side of the figure and its diagonals.The length of the elements must be the same.Dig

markup perimeter portion in the corners and at the intersections of the internal walls of the pit depth of 500-700 mm (sometimes deep, depending on the level of soil freezing) for mounting pillars.The optimal arrangement of pillars step -. 1.2-1.5 m

How to make a pier foundation

How to pier foundation

Organize the support of asbestos pipes, fittings and filled with concrete or brick columns - choose at its discretion.

Ensure evenness installation of pillars by means of the construction level, fill up the space around the supports in the pits of sand and gravel mixture of about 150 mm height deepen and fill the remaining space with concrete.

Creating a foundation of asbestos pipes

Creating a foundation of asbestos pipes

Pier foundation reinforced

pier foundation reinforced

Pier foundation reinforced

pier foundation reinforced

Leave foundation to gain strength for a few days.

can handle support posts special mastic before backfilling and concreting.It will contribute to improving the foundation waterproofing and prolong its life.

frame assembly of wooden beams

Proceed to assemble the frame of the future of the barn.Pre-soak all the wooden elements of the antiseptic.The best option - impregnation with a color scheme.That means simply more convenient to use - are not treated sites are clearly visible.

Place on the dried base of support beams.Dimension lumber is selected according to the dimensions of the shed erected.

The base - the foundation and the perimeter of the timber

Base - the foundation and the perimeter of the timber

Assembling the frame of wooden beams

assembly frame of wooden beams

Lay the lumber on the support posts, previously sheltered waterproofing materials (roofing material).Bundle the bars in any suitable manner in its sole discretion.

frame assembly


Put on a skeleton of wooden planks 3-4 cm thick. At this stage, the main work of the most carefully cut it out of the boards near the uprights.

Fastening boards to perform sexually lag "in p'o-t'ai."

In determining the required number of support legs, consider the availability of openings for the installation of windows and doors, as well as the number of design angles.

frame assembly

frame assembly

Bars expose strictly on the construction level.To align, use a stick-slopes.They allow you to provide temporary fixation of the boards in the desired position.For temporary fastening elements using nails.Clog them about half the length of that in the future there were no difficulties in removing the temporary props.

Assembling the frame of wooden beams

frame assembly of wooden beams

Attach the bottom plate frame vertical supports.The fixation is performed using parts, screws, and pins coming out of the ground.

frame can be constructed on brick piers.In this case, first on the perimeter of the foundation settling several rows of bricks, and thereafter they are installed on the wooden uprights.

On the set must be mounted rack rails with ready cantrail nests

installed on the rack rails must be mounted with the upper trim ready sockets

Process the three inner sides of the vertical beam electric plane.From the side, inward barn space, chamfer.Without treatment leave only parties which will later be covered with external boards.

Construction of roof and wall cladding

The roof of the garage pent

shed roof lean-

Attach the exposed top of the vertical supports of the shed frame component.Pre-prepare the cuts in a rod the size racks.The fixing brackets and screws.

Traditionally, barns equipped with pent roof structure.In this case, the length of the wooden racks on the one hand must be greater than the length of the opposite poles.

Lathing for soft roof laying on the roof

Lathing for soft roof laying the roof

This arrangement further contribute to effective retraction of sedimentary moisture from the surface of the roof.

Organize the rafters of the roof structure made of planks 4-5 cm thick. Along the length of the rafter should be about 50 cm higher than the frame length.

at the junction rafter beams with pre-made cuttings.Place the rafters on the frame and secure with screws.Step installation rafters -. 40-50 cm

Treat skeleton antiseptic.Attach to the frame batten boards.Optimally suited board sizes 2,5h15 see.


Pent roof

roof of boards requires a mandatory arrangement of the waterproofing layer.Traditionally used for proofing roofing material.If you are planning installation of a beautiful finishing coating, waterproofing equip polyethylene film.

Finish choose at its discretion.You can put metal roofing, trapezoidal sheet, etc. evroshifer.

The device pent roof

device pent roof

for plating the walls of the structure suitable lining, and can be mounted chipboard, board and similar materials.First obsheyte front side of the barn, and then perform the lining of the side and rear walls.Boards attach without gaps.

Option pent roof design

embodiment pent roof

treat the outside of the electrical boards a plane if necessary.Typically, such treatment is only required when the casing wall boards.This material will become more attractive in appearance, and the rain on the smooth surface is delayed much less.

can paint the walls of the barn if desired.For painting of buildings are best suited oil and water based formulations.

Painting shed

Painting shed

internal arrangement of the finished barn perform at its discretion.If the building is designed to store all sorts of tools and accessories, set convenient shelves and shelves on the perimeter.Shelves allow the best use of available space and unhindered access to the necessary things.

Racks and shelves can buy ready-made or make yourself as, for example, made of boards, fiberboard, furniture and other residues.

This barn ready.You just have to bring to it the wiring, if necessary, and install the required equipment.

Ready barn

Ready barn

Successful work!

Video - How to build a shed with their hands