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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to build a swimming pool with their hands

To date, developed several varieties of swimming pools, with the arrangement of the majority of which can be dealt with on its own.The best option - a complete monolithic concrete pool.This design is characterized by the high reliability and durability.

How to build a swimming pool with their hands

How to build a swimming pool with their hands

Read the terms presented by management and get to work.

Construction of the pool

Building pool

set for

Article Contents

    • 0.1 set for
  • 1 Preparations
    • 1.1 Definition pool parameters
    • 1.2 place everything for the pool
    • 1.3 marking and excavation
  • 2 Construction monolithic pool
  • 3 Other options private pools
    • 3.1 framing system
    • 3.2 pools PVC film
    • 3.3 Pools fiberglass
    • 3.4 Video - How to build a swimming pool with their hands
  1. level.
  2. Roulette.
  3. Stones.
  4. rope.
  5. Steel binding wires.
  6. reinforcing mesh.
  7. Small pegs.
  8. fittings.
  9. shut-off valve.
  10. Wooden planks or boards.
  11. anti-corrosion agents for metal.
  12. Self.
  13. Cement.
  14. sieved sand.
  15. material for waterproofing.
  16. Bar for compaction of layers of filling.
  17. Shovels.


Defining the parameters of the pool

Defining parameters

pool Defining parameters

pool Decide on the desired shape and dimensions necessary to equip the artificial pond.

In determining the optimal size of the pool, consider how many people will swim in the pond.For a large family better to build large capacity.

According to practical experience, the optimum depth of the reservoir is a measure 1.5-1.8 m in width and length often enough 4m.

the rest, guided by their own needs and requirements.For example, if you plan to use the pool for full training, take this into account when determining the required length and width of the pond.

place for arranging pool

Place everything for the pool

place for arranging pool

Place everything for the pool

place for everything

pool Choose a convenient place for the construction of the pool.

main thing is that the space was not closed trees.Because trees water in the pool will not be able to warm up properly and, in addition, will be permanently contaminated fallen leaves.

also for arranging of swimming pools do not fit the low-lying areas, aswith such an arrangement the water is constantly polluted by rain flows.

marking and excavation



Armed with a tape measure, stakes and cord proceed with the marking of the construction site.

pad dimensions for construction should exceed 0.5 m dimensions of the future pool on each side.To indicate the boundaries hammer pegs into the ground and pull the cord between them.

The pit under the pool

pit under the pool

Completely remove the upper fertile soil ball.

Dig a pit required dimensions, with the bottom of the hole should be about 25-30 cm below the desired depth of the pool.

Carefully align the pit wall.The bottom of the pit should be given a slight slope.

Construction monolithic pool

proceed directly to the construction of a monolithic basin.

Place on the bottom of the pit 20-30 santimetrvoy layer of sand.Carefully laid tamp material and cover its waterproofing.

In today's market is a fairly large assortment of effective waterproofing materials.To ensure the quality is good moisture protection roofing.This is a practical, reliable and inexpensive material.

Place the roofing felt.You can use the melted bitumen for fixing material.

waterproofed surface lay stones.On top lay a layer of stones finished reinforcing mesh or else do it independently of the metal bars.

Organize a drainage pit.Its depth should be more than the depth of the main reservoir.Set in a hole pipe to drain the water.The end of the tube is necessary to enter into the pond.Equip tube shut-off valve to drain the water.

Fill the drain hole is quite a thick layer of gravel.Install the overflow and skimmer systems for water treatment in the pool.

Set on the perimeter of the pit reinforcing rods in increments of 30 cm. Between the valve and the reservoir edge expose 50 mm gap.Fasten reinforcement bars using wire.

Metal carcass

Metal frame

Fold the shuttering of boards.Between the walls of the pit shell and expose the 15-centimeter gap.



At this stage contemplate the installation of pipes and equipment for pumping and water supply.Or you can use an external system of pumps and hoses - as you prefer.

Proceed to concreting the pool.The mixture can order or make your own.

Concrete pour gradually and slowly, horizontal layer.



Filled with concrete

poured concrete

voids between the boards and the walls of the pit formwork and fill solution.Give the mixture a month with the cure and start arranging of swimming pools.

Interior design perform at its discretion.You can oblitsevat tile bowl.Or you can lay out the bottom of the 10-centimeter layer of clean sand, and then the pool will be similar to the reservoir of natural origin.

Swimming pool at the house

pool at the house

Other options private pools

framing system

Similar designs are constructed of wood with tin plating finish or aluminum.Aluminum sheets have an attractive appearance and superior plate in terms of reliability and service life.

frame Harnesses are made from pine timber.The intermediate portion can be made of any high quality thick boards.braces of strong boards are used to provide additional rigidity.

Metal Pool

pool of metal

Among the main advantages of frame pools is necessary to note the absence of the need to perform large amounts of excavation work and the ability to dismantle the structure of the cold time of the year.

Replacement of water in such a basin is carried by a flexible garden hose, which can be conveniently fixed in the container bottom.The waste water from the pool can be used for watering the garden.

All joints of the carcass structure are subject to mandatory sealing.even an ordinary plastic film is well suited for imparting the desired tightness of the structure.

Wooden elements must be processed antiseptic.

On improvement of frame pools usually takes less money than the cost of construction of monolithic structures, with similar bodies of water have a pretty solid feel and fit well with the site design.

Pools PVC film

Pools made ​​of PVC film

Pools PVC film

for arranging of swimming pools if you wish, you can even use an ordinary polyvinyl chloride film.This stuff has a fairly attractive and acceptable performance.

film normally tolerate contact with water, ensure proper sealing and design saves on the pond waterproofing.

Even the appearance of cracks in the vessel, competently mounted PVC film will hold water.

PVC film can be used in the regeneration of a new reservoir, and in the old swimming pool repair.In addition, for the construction of such a structure is not necessary to perform bulk earthworks: film elements are simply held together by the method of thermal welding, resulting in a very strong cup.

pool is set on a pre-prepared base and fixed frame of the boards.

Pools fiberglass

Pools made ​​of fiberglass

Pools fiberglass

wide popularity today are swimming pools, the basis of which is made of fiberglass.This durable material endures even the most severe mechanical stresses and does not require any additional coating.

except that the need for mandatory summarizing all communications can be distinguished among the shortcomings considered design.

Bowl mounted on a solid concrete foundation.

Thus, a variety of options available pools to choose from the owner.After examining the features of each species considered artificial reservoirs, you will be able to come to an optimal solution and build a pool of their dreams without outside help.

Pools made ​​of fiberglass

Pools fiberglass

Successful work!

Video - How to build a swimming pool with their hands