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August 12, 2017 18:06

As dry cellar

Sometimes, in spite of the cellar arranged in the ventilation system, there all the same there is dampness.It can appear as a result of insufficient reliable waterproofing the walls or when placed on shelves and in bins not fully Dried vegetables.In addition, the matter of increased humidity can become very ventilation when calculating and which mounts were admitted miscalculations.

As dry cellar

How dry cellar

How dry cellar alone and extend its functionality, as well as to prevent future occurrence of condensation forming on the walls, the ceiling and the floor?This question arises quite often the owners of private houses as well as the appearance of dampness in basements and cellars is by no means uncommon.

Preparation for the procedure dry

Article Contents

  • 1 Preparation for the procedure dry
  • 2 Methods forced drying cellar
    • 2.1 use braziers
    • 2.2 cellars Drying usingcandles
    • 2.3 Use dry alcohol
    • 2.4 use electrical appliances
    • 2.5 The use of forced ventilation
    • 2.6 Video: homemade channel fan to dry the cellar
    • 2.7 use of portable stoves, stoves
  • 3 cellar treatment after drying
    • 3.1 Video: how to win the dampness in the cellar - theory and practice

percent ss etc. drying with a cellar or basement, of course, carried out in the summer, whenthe outside air temperature contributes to the event.

  • First of all, at the time of drying the premises from it is necessary to dismantle and remove all facilities and structures for storing reserves - this box, boxes, shelves and racks.They will be easier to bring to the street to ventilate it in summer, because at this point in the cellar almost remains of last year's reserves, and new not yet procured, and the shelves are usually almost empty.
  • Then, you need to open a door or a hatch at the entrance to the cellar or basement and leave it in this position for two - three days, of course, if days be serene.During this time fresh air will begin the process of weathering moisture from the room.If the cellar is arranged normal ventilation, the pre-airing procedure will take place much faster.At the same time it will be possible to check how effective ventilation system - possible, it needs preventive cleaned yet.
  • is not excluded that in the ventilation system formed certain thermostatic equilibrium - heavy and moist air is very cold, "reluctantly" up the chimney.Hence, it is necessary to stimulate the initial natural attraction.This can be done if the torch to burn out of construction paper and bring briefly to the outlet nozzle.The hot smoke going into the hole, drags a heavy , and improve ventilation.
  • At high humidity, with abundant condensation on the walls and on the ceiling, can be put in the cellar box with the material, absorbs atmospheric moisture.This may be charcoal or dry lime.
  • While there is airing, you can come to grips handed down from the cellar with wooden structures.Beneficial their condition will affect direct sunlight - it will not only dried, but also the death of colonies of mold or fungus that can not withstand UV rays.Too raw parts can be burned in the flame of a blowtorch.

- All wooden details necessarily washed with soapy water with the addition of soda.One can use a formalin solution having good antiseptic properties.For greater effect, this solution can be "flavor" the addition of copper sulfate.

- After washing and drying, chests, drawers, shelves and other items made at the air can be covered with a layer of whitewash from the addition of a solution of copper sulfate (about 100 g on bucket finished lime).

  • will be superfluous to conduct fumigation space gray - it leads to the death of micro-organisms, insects and prevents the invasion of rodents.To do this, use special smoke bombs, which can be purchased in stores of agricultural tools.It is understood that during this fumigation is necessary to strictly comply with all safety precautions, as the smoke of these pieces is very harmful to the human respiratory.
Good results are obtained fumigation cellar with sulfuric smoke signal

good results fumigation cellar with sulfuric smoke signal

  • After the initial airing is necessary to clean the walls and floor of the cellar plaque and debris.All surfaces should be treated with "strong" solution of potassium permanganate.If the room cellar - ground floor, ie smy sl Wed ezat the top layer of soil, as he often struck putrid bacteria or mold.Instead, it is possible to make podsypku clean dry sand.

If the measures taken is not enough and the humidity in the cellar remains high, then you can proceed to the final drying room, which can be done in several ways.

forced drying methods cellar

use braziers

For a long time to apply the method cellars dry using a brazier, which can be made independently of an old metal bucket or other container .

Driving dry cellar with homemade braziers

scheme cellar dry using a makeshift brazier

Fire can be diluted directly in it , previously having done in the lower part of several openings for propulsion.You can set and cast iron or homemade, a metal rod, the grate and the bottom is completely cut.Be sure to provide for feet, a height of about 100 ÷ 150 mm.In addition, a hook with a rope or wire on which the roaster will go down into the cellar.

on the future site of the installation of the fryer should not be any flammable materials.If the floor in the cellar - wooden nonremovable , then in this way use is prohibited.

In the prepared roasting pan can be loaded charcoal or wood splinters kindled by a liquid or fireplace fire. Then roaster drops down on a rope.Will monitor the combustion and the need to enclose the fuel.Thanks blowing bottom, the hearth will create strong pull.The fire must burn continuously for 10 ÷ 12 hours.

Hot air quickly fills the room, warming it and eroding musty odors, smoke and disinfecting surfaces.The well dried and smelled smoke indoors must not develop a colony of micro-organisms or plant-injurious insects.

Brazier best to install, on opportunities in the middle cellars, then the smoke will be evenly cover the entire room, and go in the vent pipe.This method of drying is best to use dry birch Poleshko or lime, as this wood has disinfectant properties and is well remove odors.

go down to the cellar at the time of the fumigation is strictly forbidden - it is deadly dangerous.All actions are performed only with the broiler on the street after her raising to the surface on a rope .

cellars Drying using candles

Another one, a very popular way is drying cellar with an ordinary candle.Her set in an iron jar and place near the exhaust vent pipe and the door or hatch to keep the drying time in the open state.

Ancient proved cellar drainage method with candles

Ancient proved cellar drainage method with candles

It is advisable to place a candle as close as possible to the floor surface.Chimney with increasing additional tinny link.

would seem quite small, candle flame creates intense cravings, so accelerating the air circulation inside the room.The faster out accumulated musty cellar air, the faster will be to get fresh warm air from outside.In this case, drying room is just not because of its warm, namely for through quick air replacement, ie, intensive airing.

candle, if desired, can be replaced by an alcohol burner.

Instead of candles can be used alcohol burner

Instead of candles can be used alcohol burner

Such proce ss etc. ovetrivaniya may take several days, depending on the moisture cellar.Burned candle replaced many times as necessary, as long as all surfaces will not be allowed to dry cellar.

Use dry alcohol

This method is virtually identical in its technology from the above - candles are used instead of dry pills sleep.However, he has a their advantage.

Chemical products that are emitted during the combustion of dry alcohol , have an antiseptic effect

Chemicals secreted by burning dry alcohol have antiseptic

residual alcohol products of combustion produced in that form, have disinfectant properties and negatively affect the parasitic microflora in the cellar. To provide antiseptic treatment facilities, as well as his well dry, you need to burn about 10 ÷ 15 tablets dry spirit.

use electrical appliances

cellar drying by means of various electric heaters can be attributed to the fourth the method.For this purpose can be used closed-type heater, such as oil, infrared or convector .It is set in the middle of the cellar with calculation that heat radiation is uniformly distributed over the entire area of ​​the premises.

You can use the oil radiator to dry the cellar , but it will be very expensive

oil cooler can be used to dry the cellar, but it is very expensive

Naturally, if the cellar ground floor, under the heater you need to prepare a rigid basis.

If it is decided to carry out dry electric heater, you need to be patient as this process may be delayed. also need to remember that the heaters, as a rule, have a high power consumption, and cost event expensive .Therefore, if you have the opportunity to use other means of drying, by a similar method should be abandoned.

Heat gun will speed up the drying process

Heat gun significantly accelerate the process of drying

should also be said about the heat generator (often called heat gun), which is very often used to dry various premises. And , it is used not only for dry rooms with high humidity, but also for the facilities that were flooded homes.Thanks to the power of thermal radiation and the fan built into a gun, drying cellar is fast enough.Although this heater also consume a lot of electricity, but the proce ss etc. drying can cost even cheaper a week using conventional heaters account for that procedure takes much less time.

The use of forced ventilation

Some owners of private houses with cellars not much scratching their heads over the issue than their dry pantry .They are several times during the summer season opened the door leading to the basement, and is set in the middle of the opening or stairs fan, which will enhance air movement.Drying surfaces in this case will not take place under the influence of heat, and weathering using excess moisture.

Often , conventional fans for forced air circulation in the cellar

often for forced air circulation in the cellar, conventional fans

This method of drying is best suitable to cellars, where arranged exhaust port and process takes from three to five days, depending on volume premises.

Folk artists are coming up with their own and design with large and small fan, for example, temporarily or even permanently embed them into the exhaust vent pipe.An example of such structures can be viewed by looking at the attached video clip:

Video: homemade channel fan to dry cellar

use of portable stoves, stoves

Many people used to spend drying their pantries with the help ofsmall-burzhuek ovens, heated with firewood.The pipe from the furnace is fed to the exhaust port and opens the front door or hatch.In order to achieve the desired success, the event was carried out for 3 - 4 days.Produced by rod promotes good air circulation.Furthermore, and plays the role of direct thermal radiation from the walls of the stoves.

In some cases, to dry the cellar you can use a small stove - burzhujku

In some cases, to dry the cellar you can use a small stove-burzhujku

This method of drying is sufficient pozharopasnym .Furthermore, it can not be applied when the exhaust vent is made of a plastic pipe which just begins to melt from high temperature exhaust smoke.You can certainly use a flexible fireproof sleeve or team metallic structure for temporary chimney, but it looks too complicated and costly.

cellar treatment after drying

After drying, before enter and install all treated wood structures should be carefully check the condition of the floor and walls.Perhaps moisture reason lies in the fact that they have not received sufficient waterproofing and dirt moisture penetrates freely into the cellar room.If so, you should take the appropriate measures.If

were dried concrete surface, they are encouraged to treat the waterproofing compounds, which are then not be allowed to re-emerge in the cellar excessive moisture.

  • today made a lot of materials for waterproofing, but for concrete surfaces perfectly fit impregnating option that is able to penetrate deeply into the concrete structure.
Waterproofing impregnation help cope with the penetration of moisture from the soil

Waterproofing impregnation help cope with the penetration of moisture from the soil

impregnation applied in several layers , each of which must penetrate certain depth, and dry well.The composition closes all the microscopic pores of the concrete and crystallize inside.He creates reliable moisture barrier, and at the same time leaves the possibility of a material to "breathe".

with the composition of the impregnating waterproofing is necessary to work very carefully, wearing protective clothing, gloves and a mask covering the respiratory organs, otherwise you can get burns to the skin and mucous membranes.After pvpityvaniya and curing such a composition does not represent absolutely no risk to human health or to the safety of products.

  • Another option, which is suitable for waterproofing cellars, is familiar to many roofing material.However, this material may also lay only on the concrete surface, which is pre-coated with putty.Then paste is heated by a burner on her adhered roofing and well pressed against the surface.Some canvases stacked vnahle Article other corner on the other and form a coherent surface, which is also good protection from the introduction of moisture from the soil.