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August 12, 2017 18:06

As for the winter warm henhouse

to poultry is gaining weight well and bring a sufficient number of eggs for it requires not only proper and timely feeding, but also create optimal conditions.If you do not comply, then all the costs of the purchase of calves and feed will be wasted.In the case where you plan to not only summer, but the winter breeding hens to their living room must be warm.

As for the winter warm henhouse

How warm the chicken coop for winter

How warm the coop for the winter, if it was not done in its building? This process is simple , but it is better to provide it in advance and hold together with the erection of the structure.

Such measures will not only help keep the heat inside the chicken coop in the winter, but will help to maintain a cool, avoiding overheating on hot summer days.

Materials and place to build coop

Article Contents

  • 1 materials and a place to build a chicken coop
  • 2 construction parameters
  • 3 process of construction and insulation of the house
    • 3.1 Foundation
    • 3.2 Paul coop
    • 3.3 Construction frame
    • 3.4 decking roofing
    • 3.5 Walls coop
    • 3.6 warming ceiling
    • 3.7 additional insulation of the house
    • 3.8 Video: practical advice on construction and arrangement of the henhouse
    • 3.9 Windows and doors
    • 3.10 Video: an experienced master tips on arrangement of the henhouse

to the chicken coop to function properly, and not began disintegratenearest same year, you first need to choose a suitable place for its construction.This process does not require long and complex calculations - just aviary must be set on a hill, or at least on the flat area of ​​the yard, but not in the valley.The reason is simple - this place is always high humidity due to the accumulation of water during rain and melting snow, longer and thicker is morning fog.

also recommended to build a chicken coop distance from residential buildings to maximize protect hosts from quite unpleasant odors in the summer, when windows in the house are often open.

  • most popular material for the construction of a hen house is wood, because it - environmentally friendly material , and it is necessary to, and products derived from poultry, has been useful to humans.Furthermore, wood has its natural heat, unlike all other building materials.Therefore, most often bought for the construction of beams and planks.
  • But in the henhouse floor often make concrete, since they will last longer, and are easier to produce regular medical care.In addition, in order to lift the wall above land it is necessary to arrange a shallow foundation - it will help protect the structure from the strain, with the emergence of distortions slots, and it is also very important to maintain the desired indoor temperature.
  • Also for cladding boards, required for the construction of blocks of wood for the frame unit and the courtyard for walking, as well as for the construction of the base under the roof.
  • For patio will still need and mesh-netting from which do not just fencing, but also the so-called roof, not allowing the bird to leave the border certain for her territory.You can do another - instead grid roof on the chicken coop and qq vorikom make common.So even better - a place walking will get at least some protection from the rain.
The courtyard for walking , you can close with a common roof roost

Yard for walking can be closed with a total chicken coop roof

  • And, of course, will need to purchase a heater - it can be foam or mineral wool, as well as one of modern materials.A concrete floor for thermal insulation is best to use a large enough fraction expanded clay.
  • If the site already posted outbuildings with main walls, and close to one of them is enough space for an extension, you can significantly save on materials and time on the job.Here it is possible to note, that capital finished wall is easier to warm than the newly constructed, because, that she did not give shrinkage and deformation.
  • Another important point is the choice of roofing material as the roof structure have staged under it, will largely depend on the type of coverage. Anyway , and the need for roof heating material.

construction parameters

When calculations Square erected a chicken coop, you need to immediately determine where it will be located warmer.

If the heater is located outside or inside the walls, the effective area is calculated on the basis of the received optimal ratio - 1 square.meter five birds.In the case where you plan to fix it from within the overall area of ​​the building is necessary to increase the thickness of the insulation.

foundation must be wider than the wall at 120 ÷ 150 mm, and the wall has to be in the middle of the foundation width.Reinforced concrete foundation will not only help to preserve the structure of insulation, but also protects it:

  • from spoiling the structure of wooden elements that can occur under the influence of moisture coming from the ground.Concrete funda nt receptacle achitelno extend the functionality of the buildings.
  • against possible infiltration inside the hen house different animals that can be easily done to undermine the structure of the wooden base - it might be a fox, rats and other predators.Given this possibility, the foundations can be raised above the ground 250 ÷ 300 mm.

There are other options that promote the conservation of the lower part of the henhouse "visits" unwanted guests.For example, you can pick it up from the ground floor up to 200 ÷ 250 mm by arranging a pier foundation.Another method of protection can serve as metal sheets, which sheathe the lower part of the building, pushing it into the land of 300 ÷ 350 mm.

process of construction and insulation of the house

Starting Build ku ku ryatnika first spend layout area for the foundation or base structure.Place is limited with the help of pegs driven into a tight and twine .Within this markup and will be installed funda nt for the room I chicken coop and placed patio.By installing fencing patio can also be made the foundation, combining it with the basis for the chicken coop.


  • Construction of foundations begins with the digging of the trench.Since the chicken coop is not heavy construction, for it suitable strip foundation or columnar.The second plays in that regard, that the hen house floor require more intensive insulation, as under the house will have a free space, and in the cold season there will be a breeze to walk, vyholazhivaya area for birds.
Too massive base for the chicken coop is not required

too massive base for the chicken coop is not required

width of the trench should be 100 ÷ 150 mm longer than the planned foundation width, depth - about 400 ÷ 450 mm.

  • At the bottom of the trench necessarily a pillow placed in the 70 ÷ 100 mm of sand and the same - of gravel .Material very carefully compacted.
  • Next, the prepared trench installed shuttering.It must have the height that is scheduled to lift off the ground walls of the chicken coop.In this case, the upper edge of the casing can serve as a beacon for leveling rasvora .
  • The formwork is placed and secured on it with staples thick polyethylene film which waterproofs concrete structure from soil and atmospheric moisture.
  • then into the prepared trench installed reinforcing is necessary to take it easy too - just two or three reinforcement bars with diameter 8 ÷ 10 mm, since large loads is not intended.
  • finished concrete solution ( cement + sand in the normal ratio - 1 : 3).You can apply and gravel fines.The solution is poured into the mold, leveled and left to mature.In the early days, it is desirable to humidify with water to the surface during solidification is not gone cracks.
  • After complete drying and curing of the foundation, it is laid over the waterproofing material.He will also retain the wooden structural elements and heating material from the capillary penetration of moisture, and then , extend their functionality.

Paul coop

space, framed by a foundation that is designed for the very structure of the house must be cleaned from the top layer of soil.Instead, it is filled with expanded clay, which is a perfect insulation for floors.Then on top of this insulation is laid reinforcing mesh, filled with concrete screed not thickness of less than 20 mm.Concrete leveled rule and allowed to dry and harden.It has sometimes smy ff sd elat easy , almost imperceptible slope one party - it facilitate conducting cleanups in the henhouse - the water will be discharged one place

Yard is one of the ownersHe prefers to equip their own way.Some believe that the soil is not necessary to cover the concrete screed, as the bird has to walk in the wild. Bird loves to dig the earth, searching for worms, small stones or seeds.It is believed that such conditions help chickens grow faster and make them more durable.

Other owners say, it is better to make a concrete yard and, of those considerations, that it is easier to clean, and it will last longer.On this floor periodically change the coverings of the chip, dry grass or straw.

Construction frame

frame begin to build, after putting the harness from a bar around the perimeter of the future of the chicken coop.Bruce taken about the size of 100 × 150 mm.It is attached to the foundation with anchor bolts.Among themselves at the corners of the bars are fastened to the binding rigidity metal corners.

From the strength of the frame depends on the reliability of the entire construction of the chicken coop

from the carcass strength depends on the reliability of the entire structure coop

necessary to consider what form will have a roof.Usually outbuildings choose single-slope variation nt cr ovli. To later to do additional add-ons, it is better to make the frame of the front wall above the rear and the side to fit under them, thus forming an angle of slope. rigidity of the side walls will give the crossbeam.

Deciding the issue with the height of the house and the angle of slope of the roof, you can proceed to the construction of the frame.

  • to start at the corners raised vertical bar, which is also screwed to the bottom plate massive areas, able to hold the rack in a perfectly vertical position.
  • Further, angular uprights connected on top strapping, also made from a bar of the same section.Then, taking into account the width of mats or roll insulation, made signs, and it established the interim bars crates .They are also the best fixed to the harness using a special metal parts.
  • making framework is necessary to remember about the fact that the room coop should be not only the front door for the person, but also a small window for natural light, as well as the small door to the birds, leading to the courtyard for walking.Therefore, these elements need to further consolidate the bars, which will draw the appropriate openings .
  • Having Karka with a ten, you need to immediately put them rafters for the roof of the future.Between the rafters should be a distance equal to the width of the applied insulation.

decking roofing

The roof can be a complex shape , but are usually limited pent

roof can be a complex shape, but are usually limited pent

  • On stacked and fixed rafters lay film waterproofing that keep the insulation from getting wet and condensate, gathered under the roof due to temperature changes.Waterproofing secure the straps using the building stepplera . Its role may well perform the usual thick plastic film (not less than 200 microns thick).The strips are laid overlapping , not less than 200 mm, and between them a waterproof seal tape need to create a tight web.
  • Top film is crate to the roof deck.The distance between the rails and direction will depend on the type and length of the sheet of roofing material.If the intended use for the soft roof covering, the crate on have fasten sheets of plywood.
  • After preparing the foundations laid by the appropriate, roofing technology.

When the above structure will be installed complete roof, it is possible to carry out the work on the final installation of the walls and insulation.

Walls coop

Before starting the installation of plywood or boards to Karka with a ten, you need to decide on the outside or the inside of the insulation will be laid.More efficient insulation laid on the outside of buildings hand, since it will delay the cold immediately and not allow its penetration into the thickness of the wall.

Sheathing panels inside the frame OSB

Sheathing OSB panels inside the frame

  • If you decide to lay the insulation outside the plywood to the frame fixed inside the chicken coop, do not forget to leave openings for doors and windows.
  • From the outside, between the frame rails installed heating material.Most often used for thermal insulation of poultry houses mineral wool or polystyrene.Using the latter, you need to be left between the frame bars and sheets of foam seal the cracks with foam, thereby foreclosing « cold bridges".
Optimal insulation for walls - mineral wool

Optimum insulation for walls - mineral wool

Mineral wool also has some elasticity that allows it to tightly close all gaps formed.Typically step crates in this case makes 40 ÷ 50 m m m enshe than the width of the roll or the mat - it will take the place of a heater with a maximum density.

There are other types of insulating materials, such as polyurethane foam.However, they insulate yourself outbuildings will not succeed, as it requires special spray equipment and a master who knows how to work with it.This process will be expensive enough, but the insulation in a similar way not takes a lot of time and make the most reliably protects the wall, as the foam penetrates into all the large and small cracks.

Sprayed polyurethane foam - a good method of warming the walls , but the chicken coop , he might be too expensive

Sprayable polyurethane foam - a good method of warming the walls, but the chicken coop it may be too expensive

  • In that case, when the insulation keeps the traditional for henhouses mineral wool, the top its necessary to close vapor barrier and windproof film.It is also attached straps to the frame bars.
Insulation closes the top insulation film

Insulation top closed vapor barrier film

  • a vapor barrier on top of the frame bars stuffed wooden slats, they will create the necessary ventilation distance between the vapor barrier and decorative trim.
Wall cladding boards are usually carried out , but if you want to enter a chicken coop in a general view of the court , you can apply and siding

wall cladding boards are usually carried out, but if you want to enter a chicken coop in a general view of the court, you can apply and siding

  • Most often the walls are sheathed well fitted boards.