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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ventilation in the bath with his hands

Ventilation in the bath with your own hands can be made in various configurations, but that can not do, no doubt about it without in this structure.

Ventilation in the bath with his hands

Ventilation in the bath with his hands

The availability of the ventilation in the bath depends not only on the correct distribution of heat in the room, but also the safety of visitors, as well as the long duration service wooden bathhouse building.In the bath, especially - in the doubles indoors is always a large amount of water and steam, and wood surfaces absorb moisture and periodic drying room is a must.However, it is not efficient, if not organized constant ventilation in the premises, which significantly reduces the absorption effect of the wood moisture, because air is in continual motion.

The principle of ventilation in the bath

Article Contents

  • 1 ventilation Principle bath
  • 2 Important nuances ventilation system planning in the bath
  • 3 Types ventilation
    • 3.1 Video: basic principles and schemes of bath ventilation
  • 4 Common scheme of bath ventilation
    • 4.1 Video: example of self-arrangement of bath ventilation

ventilation system operation basis on to known laws of physics,and the principle of its everything is quite simple and straightforward.

  • Indoor baths are arranged two ventilation windows, one of which provides fresh air , the second gives the opportunity to enter the heated and waterlogging.
  • From the exact location of the ventilation windows will be affected, in what area of ​​the room will be more intense flow of heated air furnace, which moves under the pressure of a heavy cold coming from the outside. Therefore, sometimes instead of one outlet is arranged two - this is done in order to be able to direct the flow in the right direction, opening at certain value one or both of them simultaneously.

thus very important factor is the size of the windows, as well as the ability to adjust the opened their lumen.To do this, they set-gate door that can be covered completely or to leave open a small slit.

  • Another important task is the correct calculation of the total size of the ventilation window with view of particular area of ​​the room.

- If you set too large openings , steam room, or never be able to heat up to the desired temperature, or it will to the consumption of fuel or energy source, or to achieve a desired temperature, have a long time to adjust the distance that is necessaryopen each of the ventilation windows.

- When enough large size ventilation windows, the intensity of the air flow will be significantly reduced, and hence , overheating may occur premises or glut of moisture air.

So, the size of the ventilation openings , their location and from equipment system with additional elements of adjustment will depend on the soft flow, uniform mixing and removal of air from the room.That is, it is necessary to provide for all of these parameters to the room did not arise sharp thermal gradients for individual body parts washable human bath, for example, when the legs blowing cold air from the street, and the head at the same time is exposed to very hightemperatures.

difference in the temperatures of air flows will anyway , and that's fine, but visitors should not feel any of that whatsoever discomfort . Therefore, air must be mixed as uniformly as possible - it depends on the correct scheme of the ventilation system.

Important planning nuances of the ventilation system in the bath

Before the selection of the ventilation system and the most suitable design, it is necessary to understand some of the nuances that are applied when installing either of them:

  • ventilation system is laid in the construction processbath - laid the necessary channels and openings are arranged , in which they build into or Ktorov connected.Directly themselves adjustable windows installed after the decorative plating facilities.

order, to carry out these works seamlessly, it is necessary to include ventilation in the bath design, to conduct any further construction work to support him.

Ventilating window at the entrance to the bath

ventilating window at the entrance to the bath

  • Ventilation openings , ideally, should have the same size.If you want to speed up the outflow of exhaust air, the exhaust port make a little more fresh, but for security reasons, it is prohibited in any case, to do less of the latter.Sometimes, as mentioned above, instead of just one suit, two exhaust window , not only to adjust the flow distribution, but also in order to ensure the safety of .
  • Ventilation windows must necessarily have a door or gate.It is preferable to set the last as they close more tightly, leaving no gaps.
Variable valve to vent window

adjustable valve to vent window

  • -gate doors during the initial warming of steam close completely until it reaches the desired temperature.
  • Adjustable valves are necessary because the inflow of cold air depending on the season.Thus, when the negative temperature cold winter comes more intensively in warm room.Therefore, in this period of ventilation windows do not open fully, holding the cold stream.
  • Calculation of cross-sectional area of ​​the ventilating window of produce, based on the volume of of bath room.There is a rule that it one cubic meter box must be an area of ​​24 square
ventilation window size must match the volume of the bath room

ventilation window size must match the volume

  • bath room if improperly calculations with deviations in one or the other side, the room is not sufficiently ventilated, or vice versa , it will be too cold.
  • ventilation The windows never have opposite each other and on the same level as the hot air will not have a normal circulation and does not cover all the necessary warm-up area.Not going to happen, and its uniform mixing, so you need to carefully calculate the correct placement of elements of ventilation.
  • window for drawing is always located at a height slightly below the ceiling, because the superheated air mass rises .If it provided output, she rushes into the exhaust port, which contributes to timely cleaning the air in the room.Only under these conditions, the bath room will benefit, and it will create a favorable atmosphere and wellness.

Types ventilation

In different cases, depending on the design of the building and the total volume bath room arranged one type of ventilation.

Natural ventilation

This type of ventilation system is based on the difference in temperature and pressure in the street and indoors.The efficiency of this ventilation is achieved by the correct placement of supply and output windows.So, WMO qq To the outside air near a stove at a height of 250 ÷ 350 mm from the floor, and exhaust windows - usually on the opposite wall of the room below the ceiling of 150 ÷ ​​250 mm.

believed that this option is not particularly suitable for steam rooms as well as the most heated in the room - this upper its area and cold - this floor.Customize natural ventilation in such circumstances is difficult enough, but if you place it elements correctly, and thus the distribution of air flow can achieve the desired effect.

Forced ventilation

There are special electronic systems for saunas and steam baths Russian, whom he entrusted with the control of temperature and air intake.

On the control panel exhibited the required temperature and humidity levels, which should be maintained in the room, creating a comfortable atmosphere in the bath.Such systems are connected and held by experts, and these services are quite expensive.

Another variation nt etc. inuditelnoy ventilation - simple device and affordable.This method of venting the bath is probably the most common , as it will create the right atmosphere regardless of the weather conditions "overboard".

In this system, in addition to the correct location of the ventilation windows, you will need a device such as a fan running on the hood .Combined option is especially good for baths located inside the house, where the ventilation windows are not built into the outer wall, and to them of her laid long airbox.In this case, as required in the fan provides air intake and outflow.

Канальный вытяжной вентилятор должен соответствовать особым условиям "банной" эксплуатации

duct exhaust fan must comply with the special conditions "bathhouse" operation

should be noted that for the bath acquired special fans, who have reinforced waterproofing elements of the circuitry and mechanical parts.In addition, such devices must withstand high temperatures without losing performance.Working diameter and capacity of the device are selected according to the volume premises.

required kind of ventilation is adjusted individually for different types of rooms and baths, so selecting a scheme, you need to carefully think over and calculate.Very often there smy seq etc. edusmotret and combined scheme, and combines the natural circulation of air flows, and the possibility, if necessary, resort to forced.

Video: fundamentals and schemes of bath ventilation

Common scheme bathhouse ventilation

In the presented diagrams show different variants of the mutual arrangement of the stove and shelves in the steam room,and advises them to the distribution flow fresh, hot and mixed air.

The most common schemes of ventilation of bath

most common schemes of bathhouse ventilation

first scheme ( and )

most used ventilation system in the bath when the window for the incoming air is next to the oven, at a height from the floor is 250 ÷350 mm.

Scheme moving air streams

scheme of movement of air streams

During stove heating cold heavy air coming from the ventilation window, moves easy hot flow to the opposite wall, lifting it up to the exhaust port, which is located at a distancefrom the ceiling to 150 ÷ ​​250 cm.

going all the way , from the bottom to the top of the window, hot and mixed flows cover a whole room, maximum warming region of the upper shelf beneath the exhaust window.When there is insufficient air movement into the upper air vent mounted fan.

at the inlet can be embedded controller in the form of movable shutters , which helps to regulate the supply and air supply rate, and set in defined as the direction of flow in the right direction.

second scheme ( b )

Although it is not recommended to arrange the two holes on one wall, but such a scheme may be provided in the installation of exhaust fan hole.

Natural intensive blowing through the bottom window, arranged on the opposite wall of the furnace.The movement of air in this case is directed toward the heater, which is picked up by a hot stream coming from him, and rises in a wide arc, covering the entire scope of premises, rushes to the exhaust port.

This circuit is well suited for the bath room, set up in the house, and having one outer wall.To avoid stretching the ventilation duct on the opposite side of the bath, both the window set in the wall facing the street.

third scheme ( in )

This scheme is suitable for baths with flowing floor.for air intake window is located exactly at the same place as in the first scheme, about the stove-heater.Output is organized somewhat differently.

air, after heating the upper region of the steam room, goes down, passing through the slot floor, thus helping the evaporation of moisture gathered there, which greatly extends the life of the wooden floor.

Exhaust the air vent located in the next room or in an isolated channel, which has no longer access to the steam room.Usually, it is equipped with a fan, to provide a stable air flow on such a difficult track.

scheme can not be called very popular - it is not often used because of its difficulty in accurate calculations location of ventilation windows, quite laborious device flowing laminated floor ensuring movement in his oral air flow.However, it should be borne in mind that it is very effective, and helps maximize the uniform heating of steam and, while , helps to quickly evaporate moisture from the wood floor designs and drying.

fourth scheme ( g )

fourth option is designed to constantly work the oven - only in this case it ash-pit hole will perform drawing functions.The supply box is located under the shelf, mounted on the opposite wall of the furnace, at the level of its ash.

cold air is guided towards the heated furnace and raises it to the ceiling air.Cooling down, the air masses are displaced down the ash-pit, and go into the hole.

Location of temperature zones in the steam room and the movement of air currents

Location temperature zones in the steam room and the movement of air currents

There are also more complex patterns, which has two intake and two exhaust ventilation windows with forced air circulation.Such a scheme requires careful adjustment, allows for the most accurate exhibit the desired room temperature is steam.

Installation of all the elements of the ventilation system is best done in parallel with the construction of baths

Installation of ventilation system elements is best done in parallel with the construction of baths

As mentioned above, the ideal option would be to conduct the installation of the ventilation system at the same time with the construction of the bath. If a remodeled bath room already ready, or it is made arrangement in the basement of a private home , it is best to choose a room or a separate corner, having two external walls.In this case, the problem with the device of the ventilation system does not arise.

Exit the vent pipe on the street should be covered by falling snow , rainwater and debris.

Out vent pipe on the street should be covered by falling snow, rainwater and debris.

If this is not possible, and a bath in the middle of a private house, then there are two options to arrange ventilation premises - spend airbox, which will connect the room to the street, or to withdraw ventilation pipe through the ceiling and roof.In this case, the pipe must close the top protective umbrella, in order to avoid falling into the ventilation ducts rainfall and fallen leaves.

Video: example of self-arrangement of bath ventilation