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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sex in the sauna with their hands

floor Arrangement in bath - is one of the most important and complicated moments in the overall process its construction.The floor in the sauna with his hands can be performed in many ways and the choice of technology may depend on the preferences of the owner and the material from which essentially all of the structure is erected.

Sex in the sauna with their hands

floor in the steam room with his hands

, certain conditions must be taken into account when constructing floors to room functioned properly and was most comfortable for visitors, which include:

  • Having the opportunity easy independent drainage.
  • Sufficient stiffness surface, its anti-slip qualities, convenience to tread barefoot on a wet surface.
  • excellent heat storage.
  • Possibility light surface cleaning.

floor design in the steam room largely depends on the material from which it is made, so there are several types of its devices.


Article Contents

  • 1 Materials
  • 2 Otsnovnye types of construction of the bath floor
    • 2.1 first option
    • 2.2 second option
    • 2.3 The third option
    • 2.4 fourth option
  • 3 Warm wooden floors
    • 3.1 Video: sub-floor devices process in bath
  • 4 concrete floor in the bath
    • 4.1 Video:tiling with the creation of the necessary inclination for water collection
  • 5 draining
    • 5.1 Video: variant of the organization of water draining from the bath

for preparatory and main works on the device of any gender will be needed construction materials:

  • Cement , gravel-sand mixture and sand.
  • waterproofing material - polyethylene film and roofing material.
  • pipe to drain the used water.
  • reinforcing mesh and beacons.
  • Insulating material.
  • Wooden beams, the size of which will depend on the design suits.If you intend to make removable lattice , the timber needs of 30 × 50 mm.When the device is fully wooden floors and a log timber sizes should be about 70 × 100 and 50 × 80 mm.
  • massive decking with lock "thorn-groove" need for sex is not flowing and flowing coverage for necessary smooth, well-planed.
  • compositions for the treatment of wood that will make it waterproof.
  • will need asbestobetonnaya pipe or brick for the manufacture of certain sex options.
  • grille and a siphon to drain.

Otsnovnye types of construction of the bath floor

floors in the bath can be plank, concrete or a combination thereof.

Whichever option was chosen floor, first of all, preparing the foundation under it.At this stage the main task is to pre-install pipe to drain the used water and the correct calculation of the slope of the floor surface.

a drain hole in the middle of the room or in one of its corners.In the latter case a little more complicated to produce payment options, so often used option when made common gender bias towards one of the walls, along which groove is then arranged to drain.

especially difficult to set the angle of the wood floor.Therefore, most often used combined floor system, when the rough foundation is poured concrete solution to form the desired discharge angle, and the top set wooden flowing coat.

One of the best options - flowing wooden floor on top of the concrete and rough - bottom

One of the best options - flowing wooden floor on top of the concrete and rough - bottom

This option is optimal, as it provided all of the above conditions of comfort and reliability design.

first option

  • Work on this floor begins at the device of the foundation, as the diverter (drainage) pipe immediately build into, passing through one of its walls, and is discharged into the sump, or cuts into the sanitary sewer system.This pipe should immediately set the desired slope, and on the other, reception hand, it is part of a pit arranged.
  • Pit can be made of brick or concrete is arranged through a complex formwork systems.
  • After this system installed, the pipe completely, and pit outside, about half or two thirds of the height, covered with soil, which is carefully compacted.
  • Then, the desired angle is gravel backfill . its thickness near the wall should be about twice more than in the pit.Set metal reinforcing grille - it will help keep the generated bias.
  • Now you need to think about warming.On the grid is applied a layer of concrete, enriched insulating additives - it can be polystyrene chips.Such rough insulation screed must have a minimum thickness of 30 - 50 mm.If desired, this layer may be replaced insulating material having rigid structure - slabs of extruded polystyrene foam (Epps).
  • After hardening of concrete reinforcing mesh is placed and mounted beacons to fill the "finishing" screeds.If you are using a heater plate , then on top of them should be pre-lay a film waterproofing.
  • On warming layer is laid concrete screed, thickness of about 30 mm.It is best to that use special solutions or mixes with improved hydrophobic properties and the micro-in component composition which included microfiber.
  • After final readiness to tie it laid ceramic tile or high-quality surface waterproofing is done, for example, based on liquid rubber or liquid glass.Recent compositions preferably tiles, since they have no seams.
  • On hole to drain installed filter grille , it must stand firmly, be removable .
  • Wooden flooring, which will, in fact, serve as a floor in the steam room, done removable - is convenient because it can regularly raise and make out to dry, but this time to tidy tiled or damp-proof floor.

schematically a variant of the floor is as follows:

The scheme of the device on the ground floor

floor diagram of the device on the ground

1 and 2 - Wall bath with reliable thermal and waterproofing.

3 - Waterproofing at the junction of wall and floor.Usually, in such places it is persistent dampness, so the material is better to stack so that he rounded right angle.

4 - Concrete funda nt Article enes with trenazhnoy pipe passing through it.

5 - bedding under the bath floor, consisting of gravel and sand or sand and gravel mixture.

6 - A layer of concrete with insulation fillers or Epps plate.

7 - surface of subfloor - leveling screed.

8 - Ceramic tiles, toppingovoe hardening or water glass or rubber can be used for this layer.These materials will serve well long term, as they are not only excellent gidroizolyatoromi , but also create a completely smooth surface.

9 - drain pipe, which is installed on the pit - from it liquid flows into the sewer system.

10 - Wooden flowing removable flooring.

11 - Grille , through which the water drains into the sump.

12 - hitch , which restrains the flow of sewage smells in the bath room.

13 - Pit for collecting and draining water in the drain pipe.

second option

Steam with a flowing floor

Steam with flowing floor

In this embodiment, the floor is not in the structure of internal insulation - it can only insulate from the outside. In this case consists of a floor boards laid at a distance of 5 - 7 mm apart and the water has to flow under it.

As a sub-floor is a mound of gravel-sand bedding, which works as drainage. she put on on compacted clay layer, which does not give undermine the foundation structure.

In the middle of the underground space is arranged recess, also bombarded with a mixture of gravel and sand.Flowing between water boards, end account , concentrated in the pit.

Asbestobetonnye pipe, that are placed on compacted fill, serve not only to lag boardwalk, and vents, that help ventilate the underground space.

Paul baths relying on asbestos-cement pipes

baths Gender relying on asbestos-cement pipes

Scheme numerals indicate:

1 - Waterproofing, stacked on the upper section of the foundation wall under the wooden elements.For this purpose, commonly used roofing.

2 - The foundation baths.

3 - log buildings wall.

4 - Plinth, closing the angle from direct contact with water.

5 - bedding of gravel or gravel.

6 - Pit for the absorption of water used.

7 - flowing floor boards.

8 - Asbestos cement pipes, playing the role of beams and lag.

9 - compacted clay layer.

third option

This wooden floor arranged general without rough concrete floor directly on the strip foundation or columnar. space between the pillars or awnings can be concreted rough solution or covered with clay and compacted.

for water flow in this embodiment, the tray is set in the middle of the floor of the room, which is connected to the sewer drain pipe.The tray is made of boards and mounted on a support through the foundation waterproofing layer.

wooden flooring laid on an incline that is from the walls to the central floor, to the place of location of the drainage trays.Boards are placed close to each other, ie wooden floor in this case - not flowing.

Driving device does not proceeding wooden floor with water discharge into the trough

Driving device does not proceeding wooden floor with water collecting in the gutter

1, 2 and 3 - bath wall with hydro and vapor barrier and interior trim.

4 - Pristennye support beams, joists, which will set the required floor bias.

5 - compacted ground or concreted surface between the adjoining supports.

6 - Tray to collect water

7 - The walls of the tray, perform, in addition to this, the role of the lag in the center of the room.

8 - do not leak planked flooring.

fourth option

This version differs from the others in that the drain structure is set between the white and the sub-floor and the wood flooring is not installed sloped and horizontally, but over the funnel surface locatedbelow.

The horizontal flowing floor

horizontal flowing floor

addition, this case one drain system is used for two rooms baths - in the steam room and washing.Since in the washing bath room is used much more water than the steam room, the drain hole is located underneath.For a guy is good enough slope for drainage of underground construction.

Схема "пирога" из чернового и чистового деревянных полов в бане

scheme "pie" of the roughing and finishing of wooden floors in the bath

1 - Laghi.

2 - Boardwalk flowing floor.

3 - Rough wooden floor.

4 - The mound of gravel or crushed stone.Also, this form can be derived from concrete with insulating additives.If you use the second option, the logs have securely gidroizolirovat .

5 - thin concrete screed with waterproofing coating based on liquid rubber or glass.

6 - Waste funnel.

7 - Sewer.

considering the scheme of different constructions of sex, you should get more info on installing two versions of the most popular among the builders of the baths.

Warm wooden floors

The wooden frame is traditionally satisfied boardwalk insulated floor, no rough concrete base.Installation of this construction is rather complicated and begins still in the construction of the foundation.

Location of drainage pipes even considered in the construction of the foundation baths

Location culverts still considered in the construction of the foundation baths

  • If not flowing floor is arranged, it is necessary settlement sewage pipes, and this event is held in conjunction with the construction of the foundation.
  • Draft floor bath must be raised above the ground at 400 ÷ 600 mm.For this set of brick columns and walls, which will be laid floor joists.
Floor beams stuffed with cranial bars

beams overlap with stuffed cranial bars

  • After the erection of the walls of the structure are transferred to the waterproofing and foundation of compacted soil.This is usually used roofing material.
  • On waterproofed support laid wooden floor beams.Along the lower edge of skull nailed sticks for stacking boards sub-floor.
  • Next, work is by the present scheme.Pipe for drainage is carried through all the layers of the floor, and often hole under her middle a steam room.
Driving a two-layer wooden floor

scheme of the two-layer wooden floor

  • The next step in the cranial timber stacked boards sub-floor.
Laying boards sub-floor

Laying boards subfloor

  • top of the subfloor is laid film vapor barrier, on top of which a heating material, for example, mats of mineral wool or polystyrene foam plates.
The resulting cell is filled with slabs of insulation

The resulting cell is filled with slabs of insulation

  • Insulation top is covered with waterproofing material - thick polyethylene film .It is desirable to lay her single cloth.If this does not work, then do overlap between the strips at least 200 mm with seams sizing waterproof tape.

Video: sub-floor unit in the bath process

  • Next is complicated process of removing boards desired slope directed to the sewage.At this time, the water drain pipe must be raised slightly above the height level of the insulation layer.Around the pipe hole is a special crate , which are secured the ends of the boards.The thickness of the boards lathing should be 15 - 20 mm.
  • To achieve the desired bias in the form of a funnel, the walls of the floor boards should be slightly raised.To this end, the perimeter of the room bar is secured, height from 30 to 50 millimeters.
Providing slope wood floor surface

Providing slope surface of the wooden floor

There still two ways to bias the device to the drain is not into the hole of the pipe and in the catchment drain groove ( trough ), which can be installed in the middle of the room, so alongone of the walls.

- In the first case, the board raised the walls of the two sides, fixing them in the bars on parallel groove walls and the slope of the walls will go to the middle of the bath room.

- In a second embodiment the floor is raised only one hand , and the water drains into the gutter , located on the opposite wall.

  • When the basis for fixing the boards will be ready from top to lay wooden flooring.