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August 12, 2017 18:06

How do burzhujku garage

For most people, the word "garage" is associated with a storage box for the car.However, there is a fairly large category of car owners, whose garage is truly a "second home".They are willing to spend it in all their free time - the good, the work is likely there will always be.In addition, behind the garages fairly entrenched strong reputation kind of "men's club" where uninitiated , especially - women are not recommended to go.

How do burzhujku garage

How do burzhujku garage

But that's just the winter trying to make adjustments to the active life of a garage - in the frozen room and work extremely uncomfortable and just hang out with friends - very uncomfortable.However, the inventive master always find a way - establish makeshift stove, designing their own, or use the tips how to make friends burzhujku garage.

We insert and we contribute to this noble man's business.The publication will be considered a number of ways how to make your own hands burzhujku.

moveable wood stoves wood from scrap materials

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  • 1 moveable wood stoves wood from scrap materials
    • 1.1 Video: homemade oven garage sheet metal
  • 2 Makingburzhujku on working out
    • 2.1 Video: oven on working out with cameras box type
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages burzhuek on working out
    • 3.1 Video: oven on working out with water heat exchanger

Schematicsimple design stoves running on solid fuel - a very uncomplicated.In fact - this is a thick-walled metal container , divided into two main compartments.

In the upper - furnace laid the wood or other fuel, for which the loading door must be provided. grate grille separates from the bottom of the furnace chamber, much smaller - the ash, which is also often plays the role of the blower.It is also recommended to install the appropriate door, through which regular cleaning stoves made from ash.In addition, ajar the door to certain width adjusts the air flow into the combustion chamber, and therefore - and the intensity of the burning wood.At the top of the combustion chamber is welded pipe for the exhaust gas in flue pipe.

This scheme gives scope for independent design simple burzhuek, and in course as blanks are a variety of materials or end of life its items and accessories.Learn how to cook burzhujku in the garage, the real masters, perhaps, there is no need - probably better to just give a number of interesting ideas that can be taken as a basis and to supplement their modifications , based existing opportunities and preferences.

1. One of the easiest options - from the old stove metal barrels.

design shown in the figure, is simplified to the limit.Master the manufacturer decided to abandon two separate doors, combining them into a single. Top drums welded metal frame that allows you to lay on her metal sheet, which becomes a kind of "hob" - on it possible, for example, warm water.

Stove from the barrel - a simple design , but with a mass of flaws

stove from the barrel - a simple design, but with a mass of flaws

dignity in such a structure, perhaps the only one - the ease and speed of construction, affordable to almost everyone.The disadvantage - a lot more.

  • Firstly, the barrel itself is not the best option for stoves - walls are thin, heat capacity of their low, and they will last long - soon burn through.
  • Second, adjust the intensity of combustion - quite difficult.
  • Thirdly, the design is cumbersome, it takes a lot of space.You can, of course, consider the vertical arrangement, but the main problem - the walls of the subtleties of this all will not eliminate
  • And, fourth - this stove is very unsafe in the fire-protection context.

Such a stove is better to have no garage, but somewhere on the street, for the disposal of garbage.

2. Something similar, with the same major drawbacks, but is more compact can be made from standard 40-liter cans .

The simplest design of standard metal cans

simplest design of standard metal cans

scale works, including - welding, here even less.In fact, to the housing (1) are welded only leg (3) and flue pipe (2).The door is ready - it is full-time, only in it drilled two rows of holes (4) to the air.Inside is placed a homemade grill grate of a metal rod, conventionally divided into two compartments cans - and a mini-stove ready.

3. very wide possibilities in the manufacture of ovens, garage burzhuek provides the use of old gas cylinders .These vessels - thick greasy walls, which are easily weldable and themselves have good thermal capacity .

The main difficulty - to properly prepare the balloon for further work, as even when the neck is removed in it may be a pair of explosive concentrations.You can find advice fill the balloon with water at night, and then, after the liquid discharge, begin to cut it.However, as practice shows, this is not gives full guarantee work safety.In this light, the next best approach is seen:

  • vertically set in the ground tank prikopat with calculation , that he was firmly fixed to its cutting sander .
  • Fill it with water right up to the neck, let stand 2 - 3:00.
  • Apply line markings around the circumference of the future cut .
  • As planned line start cutting until the through-hole.Water begins to flow out.You must wait until its level drops to the cut-off level, and then gently continue working sander and remove the cover completely.
  • Now water can be disposed of and to continue further work - no danger of tank already represent will not.

options stoves-burzhuek of cylinders - a lot.

- Often it made in horizontal design.The very cylinder capacity is, in fact, finished the combustion chamber.Share it with this orientation in two - is irrational, it is best made of sheet metal and weld the box below ash pan-ash pit with its own door.

Bottom ash container welded box

bottom cylinder welded box ash

grate bars may be in this case the series drilled in the cylinder holes housing:

The role of the grate can complete series drilled holes

role grate can complete series drilled holes

If found true cast-iron grate grille appropriate size, you can do another thing - cut in the wall of the container window that provides a snug fit of the parts:

Another option - a window to install a conventional cast-iron grate

Another option - a window to install a conventional cast iron grate

flue door can make your own, using his cut by windowfirebox fragment, or weld the finished part, which can be purchased at a hardware store:

The door can be done by yourself or use a standard

door can do it yourself or use a standard

design installed on their welded tube or corner feet at a comfortable height for operation.At the rear of bumps for connection pipe to the chimney.

- In order to save space garage balloon can be placed vertically.In this case, it is divided into two chambers, privarivaya inside the brackets, which fit homemade round grill grate , made of steel rod with a diameter of 10 - 12 mm. made two two Rtsy - Combustion and ash-pit .

upper part of the cut can drown metal sheet - a kind of cooking surface will appear in this case.Another option - to buy a cast iron cauldron desired diameter, which exactly fit as a "stub" and turn into capacity to heat water or to cook a variety of dishes .

The original solution - instead of the top cover using a well-fitting cauldron

original solution - instead of the top cover using a well-fitting cauldron

to exit the combustion products is welded behind a standard outlet at 90 degrees with a diameter of 100 or 110 mm, and to it then joins the vertical part of the chimney.

original construction still offers one craftsman.As the final details for stoves he used an air tank receiver of the braking system of the truck.

Master did not set the usual door.For the blower tube is welded, equipped with an adjustable valve that restricts air flow.Luc load on the side wall of the stoves as not - it uses the principle of top loading solid fuel.Top cover - hinged for convenience equipped with curved handle.

The hinged top cover stoves with top loading wood

hinged top cover stoves with top loading wood

inner space ballo on to firebox and ash pan separates homemade grate grille :

The space is divided into two compartments makeshift grate

The space is divided into two compartments makeshift grate

itself onStatement structure is simple to manufacture, but the operation requires caution during podkladyvaniem firewood.In addition, the process of purification of such stoves from the accumulated ash is also very convenient.

Similar in design stoves can be made from scraps of thick-walled pipes with a diameter of 300 - 500 mm.

4. Steel sheet - an excellent material from it may be made oven stove own hands drawings which easy to find on the Internet.

For example drawing effective in the stove on solid fuel, for which you will need a sheet metal thickness of not less than 4 mm (wall of a thinner simply burn through quickly).

Plans for the independent production of stoves for the garage made ​​of sheet steel

Plans for independent manufacturing stoves for the garage made of sheet steel

on the proposed drawing the attention of all sizes are specified, and any master would be easy to embed necessary for details.Home "highlight" of this design - there are two partitions (1).They create a kind of laby nt to I exit the combustion products that do not fly directly to flue pipe, and provide maximum heat transfer from the stoves.As

lattice grate is used a metal plate (2) with rows of bores 12 in diameter - 15 mm.

It is advisable to "dress" in burzhujku metal casing, using it for a sheet metal thickness of 2 mm.The plates (3) cut out in size of the side and back walls and attached to the body of the oven or on the threaded columns, or using hubs length of 50 mm (4).

This addition to the construction of stoves will solve three problems at once:

  • reduce the chance of accidental burns from scorching oven walls.
  • reduce the impact hard infrared radiation from her , it is not always pleasant and necessary.
  • resulting gap of 50 m m m ezhdu walls stoves and screens will create a strong convective flow of heated air, thanks to which will be fast and uniform heating of the garage premises.

This - not all options on the garage burzhuek solid fuel. with other interesting designs and more technology for their manufacture can be found on other pages of our portal, devoted to this issue.

Video: homemade oven garage sheet metal

Now, probably, has smy ff bl others like to get acquainted with the stove design, which is used as fuel so common garages, almost «worthless "material, such as used motor oil.

How do burzhujku on working out

In fact, to keep in the garage stock of firewood for heating stoves - not always convenient.But working out there almost constantly or it is easy to find.This becomes particularly relevant in the large garage associations, co-operatives, where, often , establish special capacity to drain the old oil, or in repair shops. So why not take the opportunity to apply for heating practically free fuel?

design of stoves and their arrangement can also be quite diverse - it is compact burzhuek designed for small room to large and bulky devices with high emissivity, capable of considerable areas already warm.

Ovens, working out can be large enough

Stove working out may be large enough

Nevertheless , working principle and the basic elements of design they all have similar them.They consist of two containers .The bottom is designed for filling the used oil - it made its surface ignition and bring to a boil condition.Couples oil climb up through a pipe having perforations for oxygen.Here begins the process of afterburning rising vapors, and their final oxidation and combustion takes place in the upper chamber, which is already associated with chimney system.

The photograph clearly visible basic stove heating zones on working out

The photograph clearly visible basic stove heating zones on working out

If you look at the photo working on working out stoves, stove, then the intensity of infrared radiation and stains very well see the temperature distribution in the heater.Lower capacity oil is heated it is not much: a bright spot - this is only the visible portion of an open flame on the surface of burning oil.The main afterburning begins in the upper third of vertical perforated pipe and a peak temperature is in the upper camera - even thick-walled her body is heated in the literal sense of the word hot.It is this part of the stoves gives the maximum thermal exchange with the air in the room.

The principle of this stove you must know.It will help to determine the needs for its manufacturing materials - it is clear that most have to be heat-resistant parts of the vertical pipe and the top of the camera.

Below furnace stoves with their hands drawings, working on such a scheme.They bear almost all sizes, but all the same for the manufacture of such a heater is required to give a number of explanations, examined this process in more detail.

Basic drawing for the manufacture of stoves on working out

Base drawing for the manufacture of stoves on working out

So, work on the production of such a stove begins with the selection of materials.First of all, you must have two segments of pipe for housing the lower and upper chambers (Pos. 2 and 8).The figure indicated the diameter of 352 mm and 344 mm, but such a standard does not exist.It is easier to change a bit of data and apply cutting pipe 355.6 × 325 × 6 or 6 mm.

The work begins with the selection of the necessary parts and materials

work begins with the selection of the necessary parts and materials

thickness of the steel plates used for the manufacture of other parts - 4 mm, with the exception of the top cover (pos. 10) and the partition (item 9).for which the required metal thickness of 6 mm.