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August 12, 2017 18:06

What kind of wood is best for baths

To Bath has become not only a place for normal washing, but also a kind of homemade "medical establishment", which gain strength and health, Since the dawn centuries to its protopki chosen wood, having scented tart forest aromaand various resins.

What kind of wood is best for baths

Which wood is best for baths

Which wood is best to choose a bath, so that they have created in the premises it is such an atmosphere, our ancestors were well known. And , from fuel procurement will never forget the various national signs and tried to clear follow their wisdom.

Signs and traditions associated with firewood for bath

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  • 1 Signs and traditions associated with the wood for the bath
  • 2 best firewood bathhouse stove
    • 2.1 Softwood firewood
    • 2.2 Soft wood for heating baths
  • 3 How to save firewood?
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Harvesting of wood for the bath has some folk traditions

firewood for the bath has some folk traditions

  • Firewood men only harve
    sted for the winter. Drovosechnym time a few months March-April, but only to a mass gathering of snow, although the best period is still possible to call the winter months, when the trees still not began sap flow .Hewers of wood, and in the summer, but such blanks required a longer drying.Traditionally
  • time firewood ended October 22 - this day woodcutters guardian of St. James .
  • cut firewood early in the morning.It was believed that life will be richer and warmer than the one who before others cut down the tree.
  • In some villages in the firewood for the stove and went for a bath collectively, fill the woodshed all the houses one by one, including those where there were no men.
  • It was impossible to deal with fuel harvesting in big holidays and Sundays, as well as after the sun go down .
  • In the old days it was considered bad luck to put wood on the brink of a bath or at home, as this can lead to various diseases and even death.
  • Firewood for sauna were procured only in growing moon, because it was seen - logs, sawn on a full moon, perishable and do not bring health.
  • on wood, especially for the bath, it was forbidden to cut aspen and mountain ash, cherry, elderberry and rose, as well as trees in which landed lightning or fallen during the storm.It was believed that this is a good sign for the tenants of the house, where the fuel is used, so all tried to gather firewood on their own, so as not to bring home misfortune.
  • woodshed considered the place where the usual evil, so to them, as in a bath, never go at night.
  • Bridal stove stoked with wood from cedar and pine, as this gives the wood favorable flavor and vigor, as well as add health.
  • bathhouse fire in the furnace is able to predict the weather in the near future.For example, if the wood smoke, hiss and flare up badly, it means , will soon come warming.Firewood is burning with a bang, talk about the approaching frost.

best wood for the stove bathhouse

Today, alas, few who keep the old traditions and rules, but one thing remains unchanged - firewood must provide good heat and long.Therefore, try to choose high-density wood, but to she quickly broke out, it added more light varieties.

Firewood for the bath should have an increased heat transfer

firewood for the bath should have an increased heat transfer

Besides wood, you need to pay attention to her quality, as the old rotten wood are unlikely to give a fragrant spirit and overheated steam room.Fumes from a timber even can be quite harmful to health.Therefore, for the bath are selected only fresh, well-dried wood that had lain in the woodshed no more than two years.

However, we must remember that all of the forest aromas can be felt only if fired oven « in black » or stove heated open fire .Such periodic heating stove is peculiar to the present Russian bath and to the maximum extent have a healing effect.Pro device such sauna stoves can be read in a special article of our portal.

But often stoves are designed so that the stones are not in contact with the heat from the burning wood, and natural wood flavors do not fall into the steam room.Therefore, in these cases, to apply healing reflux ravyanye teas harvested in advance tree branches with leaves or spruce spruce branches. From the wood in a bath need only a good heat for fast heating steam.

to heat the furnace was kept longer, it is recommended to open the door of the furnace less often, and then , just as much as you need to put in her wood as possible.

For baths, which is heated by steam from another room, and washing out only heater, heated indoor fire, you can use different types of wood, high-density fiber structure.

Such firewood, burning, transformed into embers that are smoldering for a long time give off heat.These include firewood deciduous tree species such as ash, oak, birch and alder, and light rocks are in the form of supplements for quick heating furnace.

To correctly determine the choice, you need to consider the characteristics of different types of wood.

Softwood firewood

coniferous trees can be used for bathhouse ovens, but we must remember that they contain a higher concentration of resins, which do not end up burning, creating layers of soot in the chimney.

Coniferous wood can not be attributed to the optimal choice for a bath

softwood can not be attributed to the optimal choice for a bath

If the stove is heated open fire , the conifers, not letting smoke into the room, it enrich the scent of pine needles.Fumes softwood able to cleanse the respiratory system of accumulated mucus, help in their healing, lead to normal nervous system and improve the overall condition of the person.

Due to the large number oils and resins, pine wood burned quickly, so if used for heating bath only them, have store the wood in large quantities .Basically, it refers to the pine and spruce wood.

Other varieties of conifers, such as larch and cedar, have a more compact structure and a smaller proce nt see olistosti.They burn a lot longer, but bad flare up, so you need to dry them Kindle light wood such as aspen or lime.

Soft wood for heating baths

Such wood for firing sauna stoves most commonly used, as some of them simply ideal for this process.

Birch firewood

firewood dry birch - is the traditional fuel for the baths.Besides, everyone knows that the pair used birch brooms.Using them in combination helps create a favorable atmosphere in the steam room - it birch gives for her easy healing steam.In addition, birch firewood having disinfectant properties, so it is recommended used to heat the stove open fire .

Traditional popular are always in birch firewood

traditionally popular are always in birch firewood

Birch logs retain their beneficial properties for use in the bath for two years, after which you can drown them, too, but the desired effect for the improvement of the wood does not give.

Often birch firewood kindle its same bark, containing in its composition birch tar , which promotes burning intensity. Birch torch used for ignition and dense heavy rocks. Birch without reason has become the most popular wood for baths - having all the above features, it is still and provides excellent heat dissipation, superior to many other wood on this indicator.

Oak firewood

Firewood made of oak - probably the best of all existing furnaces for baths.Although they are expensive, but nevertheless remain sufficiently economical.Oak logs should be much less than any other wood to heat the bath quality as they burn for a long time, due to its very dense structure of the fibers.When burning this fuel gives high heat that is higher even, than the birch.

Oak wood is good to all, but is not always available

Oak wood is good to all, but not always available

When choosing oak wood should pay attention to the age tree - too thick logs with many annual rings indicate old wood, which will not give the desired effect in termsbath.Not suitable for this young trees, so you need to choose the log of average thickness, which will give the highest heat.

Therapeutic steam having a pungent scent of burning oak, creates heals and strengthens the atmosphere, which is particularly useful for the child's body.

Linden wood

This ve d d trench too great for baths.Kindle lime falls for a long time, but if the flame is gone, the wood burns this smoothly and rapidly, helping to efficiently and quickly heat the heater bath.

Linden wood give a good health effect

Linden wood give a good health effect

Lime Blossom and its bark is used to treat colds and coughs, as well as those parts of the tree make teas with added honey to create a healing bathcouple.Using wood, bark color and in combination, can really create an atmosphere heals in the steam room.Besides colds and pulmonary diseases, Lime pairs well affects the damage or skin lesions that do not heal for a long time.

However, the lime can not be harvested in large quantities, as its store recommended no more than two years - further timber simply loses its therapeutic effect.

Alder firewood

Firewood from alder, not only will warm hot bath furnace, but also beautify your yard or views of the dressing room.They are recognizable by their coloring is on the cut, which ranges from bright red to rich ocher- and even blue.In total there are 20 to 25 alder species, each of which has its color tone.

Alder wood produces a very unusual color slice

Alder firewood produces a completely unusual color cut

advantage of this wood is its quick drying and that it does not require special conditions to dry.For firewood usually take alder trees that grow away from ponds and hills - just such trunks are not an overabundance of moisture and are ideal for heating.

Alder kept a limited period of time , no longer three years after logging.Only in this period alder logs have the totally unique aroma that fills the steam when heated stove.It is this type of wood previously used for smoke sauna , because it almost does not smoke when burning, but gives great heat.

have alder and another remarkable quality.When burned it with smoke it gives special evaporation , which cleans reflux rubu from sooty plaque.

The course always go and fragrant alder sawdust, which is poured into the BBQ with at prepara- barbecue, as well as used for smoking foods.

Firewood of aspen

This wood in their properties, seemingly close to alder and her smoke can also be carried out razryhlitelnuyu and cleansing work chimney pipes.Clean the smoke from aspen always promoted its use for heating « black » bath.However, this wood during burning has a very low heat, so it rarely used for heating even home furnaces, and even more so - to heat the bathhouse stove.

Aspen firewood for sauna use is unprofitable - small heat

aspen firewood for sauna use is unprofitable - small heat

Therefore, its use mainly for preventative cleaning of chimney pipes and in the form of torches to ignite firewood from heavy solid wood.

Wood from fruit trees

Wood some fruit species is similar in its properties to the oak, but, unfortunately, it is not available in large quantities. Therefore , it is mainly used for the preparation of dishes on an open fire and smoked meat and fish products.

Firewood Fruit trees are best left to cooking

Firewood Fruit trees are best left to cooking

If possible, store them for future use this wood in cutting gardens, which occupy large areas.However, it must be said that the old trees that already "started" the process of decomposition, often loses its flavor and give a little heat.

Firewood poplar and willow

Firewood these rocks is not recommended to buy for heating baths, as they have too much to reach the desired temperature in the room.They quickly burn out, have a low emissivity.The cost of wood from poplar and willow - quite low, but do not be tempted to lower the price.Save all will not get , because only a very large amount of wood can replace a much smaller volume oak or alder wood.In addition, pronounced therapeutic qualities also not detected.

Apply wood poplar or willow for a bath can be only when there is no other choice

Apply wood poplar or willow for a bath can be only when there is no other choice

So such firewood can be purchased only in those cases where they have no alternative.

How to save firewood?

Few buy quality wood - it is necessary to know how to save them in a suitable condition for use of the bath as long as possible.Any wood before laying on storage must be properly prepared, as well as a place for her .

Video: Which wood can be considered "correct»

  • place to bath the fuel must be placed in close proximity to bath , but better - even under the same roof with her.It is recommended to do to the wood at the furnace were at hand.
Conveniently, the woodshed is located directly in the bath

Conveniently, the woodshed is located right at the very bath

  • If a tree on qq rova ​​recently cut down, and then , still raw, you need to allow time for it to dry.Brought wood must lie in the free air circulation space in early spring throughout the summer, and only towards the autumn it is possible to saw and chop firewood on.
  • To dried out wood remained in this state all the time, you need to take the following steps:

- to build storage woodshed, which would be ventilated on all sides and had reliable wide roof;

- this structure is installed in a place where the water is not going and does not accumulate wet vapor, ie, on opportunities on the hill;

- woodshed if not built, can be folded Poleshko neat rows, but in such a way that they are well ventilated, and the top covered with slate or other waterproof material.

When laying the logs necessary to ensure the free passage of air between them

When laying the logs necessary to ensure the free passage of air between them

be taken into account and the fact that the winter firewood to dry much faster than spring or summer.