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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to grill their metal hands

Without kebab or other meat, fish, vegetable dishes , cooked on charcoal, can not do any holiday, organized at their summer cottage or when leaving the country, so in the arsenal of any host usually has a convenient tool,a BBQ. On sale are a lot of kinds of useful "field» kitchen equipment, but it is quite possible make it their own. Home - properly represent how to make barbecue with his own hands made of metal, have the necessary tools and materials possess certain skills plumbing skills.

How to grill their metal hands

How to grill their own hands metal

first thing to do is to decide on the most suitable model, as the grill can be fixed permanently standing on the site, or collapsible and mobile.

Stationary barbecue can be multifunctional, as in its manufacture by adding a few additional features, you can get not only a brazier for a shish kebab, but also grill, barbecue or even a smokehouse.In addition, a BBQ sometimes becomes a real gem of a landscape site design.

Mobile BBQ is good in its own way - it is compact and can fit in the trunk of a car.This option is ideal for those who like to travel frequently, not only to the country but also on the environment.This grill can be collapsible or folding.

Tools and materials for manufacturing barbecue

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools and materials for the manufacture of barbecue
  • 2 How to grill their own hands made of metal - some variants
    • 2.1 Barbecue from a metal barrel
    • 2.2 Video: what can be made from a metal barrel or gas cylinder
    • 2.3 collapsible brazier
    • 2.4 Video: variant homemade collapsible barbecue
    • 2.5 Video: BBQ frommetal sheet with their hands

Mangals may be different, but the materials and tools to make them, in principle, no different from each other.The only thing that may vary - this amount of material, so that if you plan to make a stationary brazier with the roof and additional decorative design, the various elements and metal will need much more.

So, for you will need:

- welding machine;

- angular grinding machine - "Bulgarian" with the necessary amount of cutting and grinding wheels;

- electric drill with a set of required diameter;

- jigsaw with cutting elements of metal;

- Roulette, square;

- screwdriver ;

bench tools - hammer, pliers, a core.

From the materials will need to purchase:

- metal fox reflux Thickness 2 ÷ 3 mm, an old gas tank or drum;

- metal corner, size 25 × 25 or 20 × 20mm ;

- pipe-square with sides of 20 × 20 mm;

- fixing elements;

- for some barbecues that have a cover, will need hinges and handle for opening;

- Mobile barbecues are planned to be moved around the site, for the convenience needed wheel .Their number will depend on the model chosen - two, three or four.

How to grill their own hands made of metal - some variants

Kinds of metal barbecues are many, and they are made in different ways, so it is worth considering some of them so that you can choose the most suitable.

Barbecue from a metal barrel

Barrel - an excellent raw material for the manufacture of barbecue

Barrel - an excellent raw material for the manufacture of barbecue

Model brazier made of barrels, can be performed in two variants - with cover and without it .The first one is made of two barrel halves, while the second one.

Whichever option is chosen, you must first draw drawing next barbecue.

The figure should be clearly visible and understandable to all the details and their size.As an example, it illustrates one embodiment of the drawing, but it is quite possible to make a change.Making plans is the most important tool in the process of manufacturing.

The circuit of one of the variants of the barbecue metal barrels

diagram of one embodiment of a metal barrel barbecue

second item in the work on barbecue is preparing all the elements of which it is composed.

  • Having read this process should be, of course, with the main element - barrels.Her be cut, and it can be done in two ways:

- half, in the height of the container - this method suitable for the first and for the second version of the barbecue.

Cutting in half barrels

Cutting in half barrels

- Another way - when it is cut only the upper part of the barrel.Subsequently cut ale nt Article Anet cover for barbecue.

Cut a window in the wall of the barrel

Cut window in the wall of the barrel

edges cut capacity necessarily need to be cleaned, freeing them from the metal burrs.

  • prepared the barrel, you can navigate, what the size of the corner segments will need to frame opening . Therefore, the next step is cutting corners and pipes, which later become legs and stands under the grill.
  • Further, all prepared fixing elements - their best to buy with a small margin.

Making barbecue

1. Barbecue half of the barrel to make it easier than fixed on the back of her lid wall.To make it easier was to work on the upper part of the barrel, it is best to start work with the legs with stand.They are made from a square or circular tube.

The simplest grill of half barrels

simplest BBQ of half barrels

  • If you can not bend a pipe in a semicircle, the size of the barrel, is calculated correctly, it is possible to weld the angle of the two pipes, and then welded thereto two pipes welded in a T-shaped structure.Such legs with supports should be two.They are welded together with one or two jumpers, and can be fastened a peculiar basket or mesh, on which you can store firewood, if desired.
  • Next, half of the barrel is placed in the stand and welded.All welding seams and points better immediately clean up, to no longer return to the lower parts of the barbecue.
  • Next can safely work on half a barrel.First on her edge welded corner - he immediately give the product accuracy.In such « shelf, in addition, it will be convenient to lay the skewers.

If you planned to use the BBQ still and a grill, then stand for it can be fixed as shown in the diagram, to stand under the capacity or to the sides of the most Half rolls and on to the corners of her edges.

Barbecue can be equipped with a lid and handles for easy transport

Barbecue can be equipped with a lid and handles for easy carrying

If it is decided in the second part of the barrel to make the cover, its also scald area.Then halves welded loop - and cap ready.To make it comfortable to use cover, you need to fix it on the handle and a metal holder with mobile fastening.It is installed on one or both sides of the barbecue.

  • To BBQ served still and barbecue, on top of Half rolls can be placed mesh.For her edge in casks bolted-specific elements of the stand.
Brackets for laying wire mesh

Brackets for laying wire mesh

  • For ensure good traction in the grill, in the walls of the bottom Half rolls drilled round holes.

2. In the second case, the barrel is not cut in half, and from her cut a marked advance of the Meeting in respect of the rectangle shape.

Barrel with a cut opening for the manufacture of barbecue

barrel with the hole made for the manufacture of barbecue

In this model, the products being prepared on fire, will be protected from the rear wall of wind barrel.The photo clearly shows how to set lattice barbecue.

Removable barbecue grille

Removable lattice barbecue

  • If such an option is chosen, scald edge barrels do not need - they should only be cleaned very well and rounded.
  • rest of the work is carried out in the same sequence as in the first case, and hinges are bolted or welded to the top of the lid and barbecue.In this model, the holder for the cover is not needed - leaning, it will build on top of the barbecue.

should be noted that this brazier can we add the function of the smoker.For this purpose, the side of the stack is fixed.Every barrel is always a top neck with cork, which can be used to install the pipe.But it is necessary to think in advance before proceeding to the cutting drum, since the hole must be placed at the top of the barbecue.

Have the chimney transform BBQ even in oil-lamp

Have the chimney transform BBQ even in oil-lamp

If necessary, for the convenience of the sides of the barrel , like in the first and in the second embodiment, it is possible to arrange the shelves, tables .To this end, the barrel is welded metal brackets, which are subsequently secured to a wooden or metallic coating.

Likewise made of barbecues and gas or oxygen cylinders.But keep in mind that they will be more narrow and designed for short skewers.

The starting material for the barbecue can become a gas cylinder

starting material for the barbecue can become a gas cylinder

As mentioned above, any of the described barbecues can be fixed wheels for ease of movement on his site.But the described embodiments have mobility only within the territory of the suburban area - transport it over long distances is extremely inconvenient.

Barrel or bottle - a great material for making barbecue.There's always room for imagination - dostaochno see, for example, options, predstvalennye in the video:

Video: What can be made from a metal barrel or gas cylinder

Collapsible brazier

Collapsible or Folding BBQIt will not be superfluous in any house or apartment.It is compact, so do not takes a lot of space, as can easily fit on a shelf in a closet or a mezzanine.This grill can be used not only in the countryside away , but also in the courtyard of apartment buildings, of course, compliance with all fire regulations.

When planning work should proceed from the fact that the folded BBQ was like a thin suitcase, which will house all the accessories for cooking meat.For example, hiking skewers have a length of not more than 600 mm, then the length of the barbecue may be only 630 ÷ 650 mm and the width of the unfolded form - 400 ÷ 450 mm.

Not difficult to manufacture folding BBQ

Easy to produce foldable grill

Presented at photo BBQ make yourself not so difficult.For its production need:

- steel foxes reflux Thickness 2 ÷ 3 mm - of it will be made large wall mounted barbecue and triangular side members;

- steel corners 10 × 10 mm - they will scald oneself the main plane.In addition, these corners are fixed on the internal walls of the barbecue and serve as supports for lattice , made of steel wire;

- hinges for folding and bonding the two halves of the barbecue;

- laterally fixed folding legs, which at dismantling barbecue fit exactly the height of its walls;

- Steel rod Ø 7 ÷ 8 mm - will need to handle the device halves on a brazier;

- finished stainless steel wire mesh or wire its manufacture.

manufacturing process

  • It is best to start making drawing and stamped on it all sizes, so you do not have to redo the work because the slightest inaccuracy.
  • Next need raschertit on metal, and then cut out all the necessary details:

- Two main wall barbecue, size 400 × 630 mm or 450 × 650 mm.

- size 400 square × 400 mm or 450 × 450 mm.Then, it is cut on a diagonal to yield two equilateral triangles that will fixedly keep the entire structure.

- cut blank from a corner need 4 pcs.630 ÷ 650 mm and 4 pieces .400 ÷ 450 mm to frame walls and barbecue stands for grille .

  • Next need to do two elements on the movable fixtures by type of furniture - it will be barbecue folding legs.For this cut four lanes, width of 10 mm made of thick metal, or same used corner segments.Their length may be from 400 to 600 mm, but the higher will be the legs, the more unstable the design.

When all the elements, you can begin to assemble the barbecue will be prepared.That it could not be distinguished from manufactured in the factory, it is necessary to carry out work very carefully.

  • first thing you need to do - it elevate the front and rear walls of the barbecue, thoroughly cleaned and scalded them with three sides area.
  • further by marking the location of placing the mesh in the grill, welded or bolted angles-coasters her .
  • The next step must be mark and welded loops on the wall, with their long, not scalded hand corner.
Hinges, sliding walls barbecue

hinges, sliding walls barbecue

  • Then, on the sides of the assembled structure fixed folding legs so that they can be separated at a certain wide and easy to fold when assembling the barbecue. angle Open the barbecue should be 45 degrees to either side as he prepared easily inserted metal triangles - the side walls.
  • The upper part webs are drilled by two openings therein and establish and welded from a steel rod bent handles.If desired, you can set a hook to the assembled grill has not been opened.

In completion, the entire structure can be assembled completely, put on her bottom of a metal grid and try to cook barbecue.

addition, if desired , the nozzle is manufactured to help barbecue.In this case, the BBQ will be multifunctional.For this item you will need to cut and weld together the five elements.This side of the nozzle, with the bottom of the angle of 45 degrees - they will be installed instead of the side triangles, two long front grille cloth and , installed from above.You can make this part of also collapsible - cut in side parts large canvases holes and welded to the side parts narrow webs special hooks that should easily enter them.

Another interesting option barbecue presented in the proposed video:

Video: collapsible version of homemade barbecue

How to make barbecue Barbecue - it's good, and a barbecue is better!

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stationary grill sheet metal

If you plan to use the grill only in the country, not to carry it from place to place, it is possible, without complicating tasks focus on the simplest form that can "roam" onlyon the site and installed on a flat, solid surface.